(((Pro-Trump Media))) Advising Trump to Start "Softening" & Slowly Ditch Whites for Spics & Niggers

They never advise him to stop the demographic change, but their strategy is hoping that cucking will win them spic votes. The republican party is gonna be done even sooner than I thought.

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After a complete failure at courting niggers, think he'll try his luck with spics?


So he'll trade amnesty for dodging impeachment?

If he does, then 2020 will be the year the democrats took over, forever.

So what will Trump do with the caravan people?

I want every last one of these war parasites murdered along with their children. Not even memeing.

You've just moved to Mexico, almost. Rather, Mexico moved to you. Thread:

I agree that he should adjust to shifting demographics in key states by making them the targets of aggressive deportation efforts

I'm laughing at the idiots who through Tucker and Fox were any different than CNN.

He's not going to win 2020, period. Texas is very, very nearly lost, and Florida is permanently blue at this point. The only possible way Trump (or the right at all) comes back from this is to begin aggressively defending the border, de-funding spics, and actively deporting spics. He needs to double-down on not just his rhetoric, but his physical and financial actions. Those things which he can't stop, he needs to control. For instance, he needs to stop allowing the Democrats and NGO's control the flow of spics, and instead funnel them into upper-class white areas. There can be no Californian flight into Washington, Nevada, Wyoming, etc. These signally liberal whites need to be beaten into seeing that they are voting for their own demise by continuing to support (((Globalism))).

There are paths forward, but he needs a kickass cabinet and he needs to recruit the military-minded from his base. Build a militia by dipping into Zig Forums and rural communities to recruit men willing to go kill Mexicans on the border with extreme prejudice. He needs to go full literally-Hitler or the U.S. will be absolutely lost to anything other than a violent revolution.

Wake up. White people weren't going along with Trump's jew wars. That was his job and he couldn't make it happen. Now it is time to kill White people off and try to use their loot to bribe spics to rinse and repeat the last 30+ years of military policy.

Why is a 2 minute piece by Laura Ingram a fucking thread again? Tucker says the exact opposite anyways, that the Left can't be bargined with, it can't be reasoned with. And calls Republicans out on war mongering with Iran.

I'll tell you why. Because some Alt-RighTIFA made it to demoralize from the Tucker attacks at home. They want to play Zig Forums at both ends, mouth to ass.

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Both went to Republicans and most people dont vote in midterms, you black pill kike.

I didn't even say anything blackpilling or otherwise not blatantly obvious.

And I can't even tell what you are trying to shill for.

Yeah it was extremely obvious and now they've killed any true right wing movement in America so that they can steamroll whitey in the next 5 years. If you have dual citizenship now's the time to leave folks.


Coming from a career woman turned old hag who likely drug her pussy around her entire hometown so that she can't ever live there I think I know her agenda. Considering her she's a cuck for Hondurans working to undermine and destroy her own people is it any wonder why those who race mix can't be trusted to ever defend their own? No, they'll be secretly ashamed and subversive because the dominant genetics always suppresses itself to the lowest common denominator in these cases. Nearly 100% of the time. Prove me wrong. They'll never do what is necessary when push comes to shove to save their people, especially if violence is involved or sacrificing their comfort comes with the cost.

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I'm not shilling for anyone. Trump is a kike puppet who was supposed to get White people back on team schmuel enthusiastically and he failed at that.

Laura sells war. That's her job on TV. Shoot the shit with the mischling talking head general of the day telling us who in what ass end of bumfuckistan we need to bomb because muh holocaust.

No, funnel them into homogeneous Jewish neighborhoods in New Jersey and new York. Then listen to the kvetching

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Trump is a literal Jew-lover, but he isn't a puppet. Hillary was a puppet, Obongo was a puppet, Bush was a puppet, etc. If Trump was a puppet he wouldn't have media executives and think-tanks working around the clock to resist everything and anything he attempts to do while actively attempting to prevent him from generating any more of a cultural impact than he already has. He has plenty of problems, and I won't apologize for his actual kikery, but if he had a good cabinet, which it looks like he is now working towards, and the Republicans weren't the single most ineffective and retarded party on the planet, we may still be back where we were in 2016. The kikes are the ones fighting most desperately against him, not for him.

Watch the Jews all shapeshift. Suddenly Moishe will be wearing a greasy mustache and a swarthy tan and call him self Rodriguez Hershelberg. It's what they do.

He'll trade amnesty for a Big Mac.

What caravan?
Stop making up stuff just to D&C the good people in Zig Forums.

What we really need to focus on is the (((Israeli Lobby))) taking our money (billions on and under the table) and our people (human trafficking).

at the end of the day man if trump spend his whole life gearing up to actually do something and then some fox whore tells him nah, just sell out and suck dick >>>> and then he does

I mean what the fuck can you say ? He'd be the problem then. You can't call the guy a genius and then not blame him when he's a cunt or a retard

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((( )))
fuck off kike, at least get the lolis to DACApedes. So while we take their women, they don't take ours.

Traitor needs a bullet.



This is absolutely ridiculous considering how much Trump has backed down from his most controversial campaign promises. No wall, not as much avoidance of middle eastern war, not much deportations, etc.

If Trump realizes he can't win, he should either cuck out completely or move further right until he gets himself impeached. If he doesn't ASAP do what would decisively redpill the white Americans on the falsehood of their democracy, nothing will.

If there is anyone here that believes there is a difference between (((media))) this place has gone past the point of no return.

he was never on our side to begin with

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He's still a traitor. A race traitor.

(((Youtube))) is going after everyone

Oh he'll keep sucking nigger dick, too.

Hilarious how blue-pilled he is. It's always the kikes putting in false claims, and the kikes who work for the organizations siding with their kike bros.


But maybe the red pill never reaches the boomer.

It's all so tiresome lads…
I just wish we had a President Buchanan instead of the mad for jew trump

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This. Declare ANTIFA terrorist organization. Arrest Soros. Arrest SPLC and ADL leaders. Launch investigations against democrats. Deport all fucking illegals. Tax the shit out of google and all other anti-white corporations and use the money to build the wall.

this is unfucking believable what the fuck she is saying.

Literally no one can get elected in the US without getting Israeli money, and that means filling out the AIPAC questionnaire that includes the exact ideas he has in that press release. He's reciting almost verbatim what AIPAC wants.

Literally no one?

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As an Irish Nazi I felt abandoned by Trump when he said he was going to "destroy" me. I ended up not voting in the mid-terms. If Trump would have courted Nazi's like myself, he would have held the Congress and maintained his most intelligent and active demographic. Instead, he knifed them in the back and sucked up to the very kikes that want him dead.

*shrug* is what it is.

Moral of the story… don't abandon Irish Nazi's.

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Modern usage of literally. Meaning figuratively. Essentially all.

He needs to go further, goyim.

It's called fucking reality, it's pretty fucking grim.

This. It is literally statistically impossible for us to win anymore. Surrender and suicide are our last remaining oprions, and everyone on this board can see that.
God I need a fucking rope so badly. I just wanna fucking end it all. We fucking lost bros.

We literally meme'd #MAGAwithDACA… meme magiks is a monkey's paw


Little do they know mny whites have passports to go to Latin America: The Real Living Space!

Nicaragua is 65% Aryan


He has been doing this since the election are you just now catching on?

You're delusional if you thought this could be solved politically.

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What the fuck
This would NOT work because no matter what Trump does it's seen as racist to the left, all it would do is shift the overton window so far to the left that supporting even Hillary Clinton Policies would be radical

Depends if he has the ability to make that gamble.
Chances are, he doesn't make the choice.

Also this.
Going left IN ANY WAY is utterly pointless at this stage.
But I reckon the powers that be will force this to happen anyway. If that is the case, it will be the final proof of the situation with Trump.

David Duke for president. :^)

Someone needs to blast a hole in his head.

No it won't. It will be the end of American democracy, potentially imploding the planet. Not that I care about the latter much anymore.

the earth is fucked either way, too much pollution that will catch us all up one day
Kinda funny in the end what fucked Humanity up was the lefties, who also were enviromentalists, giving niggers food

She was pushing this shit the day after he was elected. I remember because I started to listen to her show because she was supporting Trump and not counter signaling his racism. I thought she was “Based Laura with a Trump hat”…then a day after the election this little snake lawyer started giving Trump “advise”. That advise was: stack your administration with kosher establishment cucks so “we can start the healing process”. Alot of good that did him. Laura Inhraham is a snake in the grass that needs to try to appease her audience that went wild for Trump. Same with Limbaugh. Limbaugh and Ingraham would have been full throated supporters of Jeb! If he had gotten the nod. Jews like Mark Levin couldn’t bring themselves to even pretend to support Trump untill the waning days of the campaign against Clinton.

It's never fucking over. Now this is a blackpilled kike post. Who the hell knows what the future will bring? Abso-fucking-lutely nobody. Best you can do is make money and move some place nice and live life the way you want to and around other white people. If the Empire dies, so be it, but you've still got your life and those around you.

She's a woman so she has no spine.

Frankly it's hilarious, they keep trying to do the same shit for what's it been, 30 or 40 years. Try to appeal to the left and minorities, and despite decades of voter turnout showing nonwhites will never vote for them in any real numbers, they keep doing it anyway. Either they are traitors,controlled opposition or criminally incompetent (who are we kidding here, it's all three).
In the specific case of Trump, he pulls shit take the guns first in Florida, as if he'll get good boy points from the left that despises him. All he's ever done is further alienate his voter base by trying to haggle with his executioner.
This logic is the fundamental flaw that the whole right of this country is based on. They call them selves conservatives but always do too little too late, then concede while the left's goals become the new status quo.

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No it was the Jews user.

pandering to them doesnt work. he would have to actually be a negro himself to get their vote, which is impossible. thus, by process of elimination, this lady is actually suggesting he remove all nonwhites, as there is no other successful way of "adapting to the changing demographics". /ourgirl/ confirmed
implying women know what they want
shoulda stopped after five second of watching this nagging tbh

i watched his recent segment. at the end he very strongly stated the importance of families. thank you, tucker. very cool!

what even is the purpose of this thread? why does it exist?

Step away from whatever q/the_donald sources you're watching. There's jews jewing, not the "left" that you speak of.

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There won't by any impeachment. Just like he will never lock her up. It's empty rhetoric to rally the lemmings and nothing more. Politicians know they are in this together and won't really do anything too radical. They serve the same masters after all.

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You haven't even started the fucking war and you want to kill yourself? Pathetic.

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Don't forget both parties hosted a field of CIA agent candidates, including that eye patch dude or so it seems to me. The CIA wants to run the entire show.


1. The rendition program since 911 has kidnapped and tortured 80,000 people. It tortures children in front of their parents.

2. The USA is spending 13 Billion a year on the rendition program

3. The program is totally corrupt; CIA agents are flying all over the world in expensive rented and leased executive private jets to ferry prisoners around, and staying in the finest hotels running up huge tabs of $150k for 3 weeks in Milan for example. They're drinking the finest wine, ordering the finest crystal glasses.

4. The world has been divided into commands, Southcom, Northcom, Centcom and so on. These are run by generals who are for all intents and purposes viceroys of an empire. They don't take orders from the JCOS. They may not even be taking orders from the President.

We are going into a very weird time now. Please, think different.

I keep telling you all; they're Rockefeller Republicans, and so the scum of the earth.

Rockefellers are evil.

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Republicans gave niggers their freedom.

In fact the party was started as an anti slavery party.

Briefly fooled by the illusion of victory?


If the Rockefellers aren't jews then they are the ultimate shabbos goyim of all history, drinking pints of Rothschild jism for breakfast.

Or the ultimate blackmail target to have successfully been co-opted

As Attorney General Jeff Sessions departs President Trump’s administration, New York Times best-selling author and populist conservative columnist Ann Coulter says there is “obviously no one” left to enforce immigration law in the president’s cabinet.
In exclusive comments to Breitbart News, Coulter said Sessions’ departure leaves a gap for who will be the chief enforcer of Trump’s pro-American immigration reforms, which the Attorney General had taken the lead on since his confirmation to the post.

“Obviously no one,” Coulter says of who is left to champion Trump’s immigration agenda. “Is Stephen Miller a potted plant? Was Trump patting him on the head every time he’d insult and humiliate Miller’s former boss?”

Coulter told Breitbart News that out-going Kansas Secretary of States Kris Kobach ought to replace Sessions as attorney general, saying Kobach would “fulfill Trump’s immigration promises.”

As for Sessions’ tenure at DOJ, Coulter says she gives Sessions an A+ grade while giving every other member of Trump’s administration a “D to F” grade, except for trade advisers Peter Navarro and Wilbur Ross, both of whom she gives an A grade.

As Breitbart News has chronicled, Sessions has been at the forefront of enacting Trump’s “America First” immigration agenda. Session ended the DACA amnesty program, enacted major asylum reforms to curb illegal immigration, and remained steadfast in fining businesses that hired foreign workers over American citizens.



No, you don't. If you did, you would. People kill themselves every day; you're nothing special.

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The only demographic that needs to change is the amount of shit skins and kikes in this country through mass deportation.

It fucking is not, you lying sack of crap. I go to Nicaragua every three months. Shit-tons of Indios, lots of mestizo merchants and their brats trying to push their tchotchkes on me, even a few blacks in Nicaragua. I have never seen a single White person at any point in Nicaragua, ever. Not even using the Latin American definition of "white."

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The reps have been trying to court spic votes since the fucking eighties. This is nothing new. It's worked completely and totally against them, much like Don's constant sucking black cock for the past two years, but snatching defeat from the jaws of victory really emperically is what the republicans do best, every single motherfucking time.

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It would appear someone already tried, hence the eyepatch.

Trump never intended to build a wall. He was telling the public to make Mexico to pay for it, while gloating about how much MORE he spends on the military.


Would you like to immolate yourself or die in an explosion?

Like getting bullied by a kike teen and going off air for a week?
Fuck off, Laura

All that 'muh record-breaking groid employment'/ kanye shitshow circus got him was a measly 8%


Did he want to have sex with child but settled for a woman who is as big as a child?

Hasn't this what he has been doing? Trump has never even refereed to whites collectively

I don't expect Texas to flip by 2020, but he will be fucked in the rust belt and Midwest states he took in 2016. He will have a very hard time getting them again because he has not delivered on any of his populist rhetoric. He won Pennsylvania and Wisconsin because he ran on economic populism and benefit for working class. As president, he threw them under the bus and went on to ramp up standard republican supply-side bullshit. Florida is probably flipped.

Dem judges applied some judaism to PA's voting districts.

Would it be good for us to have Trump impeached?

Yes. he's better (for us) against the ropes

He's already doing this though.