Our Guy Tucker Carlson is Under Antifa Attack Right Now

Our Guy Tucker Carlson is Under Antifa Attack Right Now



Our Guy Tucker Carlson is Under Antifa Attack Right Now




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Yeah, fuck Tucker.

no , fuck you

He made his bed. You don't like it, you go help him.

@SmashRacismDC account is suspended.

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are these the same faggots that complain about regimes where journalists are targeted for persecution?

Legally, these people are completely in the wrong. Tucker has the right to get them arrested for trespassing. He can sue the organizers. If he's threatened on his own property, he can probably use proportionate force (unlikely any set of facts would warrant deadly force without a deadly attack, or at least one Tucker can provide evidence of). Unclear why the fuck all these shitbags aren't jailed now.

Temporary until the noise clears.


And anti-fa will take it as a sign about how the 'system is oppressing them'

Honestly I thought he made enough money to live somewhere you can't see from the street.

I meant like behind a gate with a guard on duty.

In DC there are laws preventing developers from building bigger than the Washington Monument.

Confirmed overt threats. Breddy sure this is domestic terrorism, fam

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That's the Idea behind the whole of DC. Buncha Police and cameras everywhere.
Doesn't really work as a deterrent when the city is full of left wing nutjobs.

Just so you know, "you guy" thinks race has nothing to do with Nationalism. Having said that, the only thing he has to do is get Newscorp to pay all expenses and move elsewhere. If I recall correctly, he has four kids. "Antifa", Anti-Whites have some very mentally unstable people willing to do anything if given the order. tl;dr the kids will never be safe in that house again.

Are people in America just gonna take this crap from the left?

You think we'll have an actual brawl in the streets again, like with those Proud Boys?

How is the weather in Moscow, Ivan? Did you earn enough rubles for your daily vodka ration yet?

Please let them kill each other. Gavin and his faggotry needs to be punished just as much as the cummies.

Okay Zig Forums

Checked. Whites been taking shit non-stop for 50 years, so there's no indication it's going to stop at this point short of actual civil war, because the other side is now emboldened to completely genocide all whites.

Bots are programmed to "muh Russia." Didn't realize they used those on Zig Forums as well. Tbqh it would be nice if Russia would actually take over and handle all you leftist pieces of shit

The guy speaking sounds like such a faggot, wouldn't last 5 minutes in a third world country but that's exactly what he's inviting in. I don't like faggots, I think they can be cured or should just be quiet about it but remind me why they hate us again? Is it just because we're against degeneracy and they want to rape little boys? Everyone else I know on the left secretely hates them 10x more than me, I do genuinely feel bad for some of them, I think a lot of them were victims of molestation, others of hormones in our food when they were in Utero, and others are just pedos/insane. As long as they aren't molesters I just want them to STFU and don't adopt kids and say that Christian marriage can become globo-homo marriage. All their allies want them dead though and will kill them. It makes no sense.

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This has to be the most boring genocide in history.

Why does the right always try to claim speech is violence when they are so allegedly pro-free speech?

Satan, it's effective because it's slow and systematic. It's slow poison. They just happen to be escalating now because they feel close to victory.

Threatening a private individual at his home is not free speech. Saying niggers are dumber than whites is. I understand this is difficult for you.

Antifa will probably regret shit talking at some point. Just saying.

His home is private property. If they held it a block away in a park it would be Free Speech. His home's lawn is not the public square either irl or online, it's an attempt to intimidate/harass/threaten him to shutup. It's the literal opposite of free speech.


most people suffer from a lack of information AND a cognitive block to accept information per Yuri Bezimov.

link him saying these things? I hate Blumpf but Tucker actually seems pretty legit, seems every time I see him, he's pushing normals in a baste direction as hard as he can given his position

did I hear 'mail bomb' at 00:40?

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muh Russia

Rofl. Fuck off back to /lefycuck/.

What is the threat of holding a peaceful protest outside his house?

Ivan, you already used that one. Switch to the 3rd script in the stack and blame this protest on Soros now.



Because the right isn't afforded such first amendment rights as the left is coddled with by the socialist states of America.
You fucking know that too.
You saw it too during the '16 primaries whites were assaulted physically in front of line of police who just stood there and watched. If they raised a hand in defense the police swooped in to protect the leftists who claim to hate the police.

The police are your best fucking friends. The police protect you and have for over half a century.

looks a lot younger there

I'd say people discussing mail bombs when they're outside your home at night is a threat that I know how to deal with

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This is what they hate.

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Because they use violent rhetoric like "smash (my enemies)," and claim that their enemy is doing exactly what they are doing. They make threats like "you are not safe here," etc. Basically they threaten violence but do it in a limp wristed way, and then screech their "rights" are being oppressed even though everybody knows threatening violence is a crime, not "free speech." Why does the left think only they have rights and everyone else can be attacked and harassed?

Yeah and? Maybe you can link up his formal apology and I'll shut the fuck up about it. Otherwise, get filtered.


True, but (((they))) also like when you have it but don't defend it so those without it might feel hopelessness.

You'd think they would at least hide their anti-Americanism a bit.

you night shift shills are pretty sub par. did you not get the memo that you were supposed to stop using the "call everyone a russian bot" tactic because it makes you glow in the dark?

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What is 'the peaceful enjoyment of private property' you feckless douche-canoe?

they all work for the same company

Tucker can just point an AR15 at them and see what happens

They were also chanting:
No Border
No Wall
No U.S.A. at all

These people just won the house.

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I'm totally not a breitbart shill xd so do my work for me xd bannon needs more shekels for takeout I mean I'm not a k*kebart shill phew if I put the I there netanayu would be PISSED! XD the post

Error 1: the left doesnt think. They parrot

Because thats exactly what they WANT. They have been striving for years now to see everyone who disagrees with them either silenced, imprisoned, or both.

For a good many years this has slowly been happening. "Hate speech" laws became a thing, they were expanded and expanded, the government upheld that garbage, and allowed it to basically become "anyone who hurts my feelings is guilty of hate speech." People get arrested for shouting nigger, people get massive fines for not baking cakes for faggots, people get harassed and fired for ook'ing at a bunch of leftists and niggers. People who don't willingly suck nigger or jewish or faggot dicks get calls to have them disarmed and forced into re-education. People at college who don't follow the far leftist dogma get effectively sentenced to re-education classes to brainwash them. And hell, if the government wont do it, then THEY will get their "justice" and mob and assault people, including but not limited to smashing them in the head with bike locks, and even if one person gets in trouble for it, that doesnt undo the countless others who faced zero consequences for it.

Of course thats not even getting into how the entire social and media landscape is controlled by these leftists, who will openly dox you and threaten to expose you to harassment and violence if you "ever post another CNN meme" (and nothing happens to that business at all for this act), shut down all access you have to social communities, and even in some cases shutdown those who associate with you because "remember, only a racist would associate with a racist, therefore BOTH GUILTY!"

Its been getting worse, and the worse it gets, the more the left feels emboldened because they're getting their way time and time again. Showing them that, yup, the only people with rights are the ones who follow the dogma, everyone else is "guilty" by default and will face punishment.

And now they're openly calling for the execution of those people, its not happening on a national political level yet, no, (though I suspect you could certainly find examples of local or state politicians openly supporting it) but it IS happening more and more on social media, and now its happening in "real life" with these people showing up and doing it. In their little commie "utopia" only their approved dogma would be allowed, just like in every other commie shithole thats ever come into being, they relentlessly use the power of the state and military to silence all opposition. At first this is through laws that impose fines or sentences on people who disagree with them, but eventually devolves into out right murder of anyone who doesnt follow the dogma

That is not just the future they want, but its the future we're headed towards. The ONLY thing that stopped this from already happening under Obama, was a well armed civilian population. Its why that is constantly their biggest target. Because if they can strip that away, then all bets are off, the SECOND a fully left wing government takes office, its gone, its over, say goodbye to our nation. No it wont happen over night, but it will happen pretty fast from there on forward. The national borders will basically be removed, we'll see mass immigration and eventually voting rights extended to them, we'll see the silencing and arresting of dissenting voices, eventually we'll see entire areas where the population is rounded up and put into prison that will make the modern prison system look like paradise, or simply executed, for the crime of not being a rabid leftist communist.

That is the future they want. They WANT entire states like AL or TN or Montana wiped off the map because they're not communist. And if they get their hands on gun rights, thats exactly what will happen. Hell they'll probably declare the "right wing" to be un-people and remove the voting rights of anyone NOT registered as a democrat eventually.

In cases of events like this, someone should go there and kill all antifa /protestors. If you don't start killing the enemy, the USA dies.

A couple of our guys go shitkick some faggots on Tucker's lawn, next thing you know he loves us and starts shilling for us on TV.

Fast-forward 3 days, he hasn't slept and he's hopped up on energy drinks telling the American population about dancing Israelis and the USS liberty calling for pogroms and dotr.

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You think I'm being dramatic, but I'm really not, this is the course this shit takes time and time and time again. The left wing in all its stupidity wants more and more control given to the state because they control the state, and want that power to never be taken away, so they start stripping rights and freedom away from anyone who opposes them, eventually devolving into out right executing of "subversive elements who threaten our nation from the inside."

That is the future they desire. And if history is any indicator, that is the future they'll eventually get. Everything between now and then is just stalling it as long as possible. But IMO we should be rushing towards it instead, so that we CAN actually stand up and fight now while WE are here to do so, rather than trying to pass it off to our progeny so we can enjoy a little bit more peace right now. I mean what are we if not the eternal boomer ourselves if we're just delaying the inevitable just so we can enjoy our hedonism now?

I know I sound like a blackpill faggot, and I agree, its a huge downer to think about these things. But this is the future we face. We didnt start it, and we cant stop it from happening, but we CAN fight the war and win it, but only if it happens when we're alive and kicking to deal with it.

The other option is we just keep doing what we're doing, memeing and trying to talk people into voting against the left .. but do you see how well that worked this week? It didnt. The left took a huge victory, if all senators had been up for re-election, they'd control the house and senate by a wide margin and we'd be looking at president pelosi for 2 years as they swiftly removed trump and pence from office at the same time. They would absolutely march him out of the white house in fucking chains as a message to never oppose them again. And the left would CHEER and throw parties and wreck shit in their unbridled glee, never once thinking about what just happened in any rational context.

But the point is that despite KNOWING what would happen, the right did not shit stomp the left back into place. They didnt show up and overwhelm them. They just let it happen. Because despite everything we've spread, all the info we've given them, all the realities we've shown them to be true.. they STILL are complacent apathetic fucktards who are more worried about being called racist than they are with protecting their god damn lives.

SO yeah.. thats what the left wants, its what the left is getting, its why they fully believe "racists dont have rights" and racist means anyone who disagrees with them.. because thats exactly whats happening more and more. And it WILL eventually end with our nation collapsing one way or another, and it WILL fuck all of us in the ass harder the longer we wait.

Fucking post this shit everywhere you can bro. The left fucking won and everyone on this board is starting to see that. Your wall of truth serves as the final nail in the hopecucks' coffin.
We have literally no choice but to write a surrender note and suicide pact. It's all over for us.

There was a counter currents article about the phenomenon you're describing. The point the author made was that he used to laugh at the pussy hat outrage mob, or whatever term was in vogue when the article was written. He thought they were ridiculous, but they made him uneasy for a reason he couldn't quite determine. Then he had a conversation with a friend who said that he didn't find liberals funny at all, he found them terrifying, and that every single one of those screeching genderfluid harpies would have gladly been an agent in the NKVD and shot every single one of us in the back of the head without a second's remorse.

That's stuck with me, and when you meet these people in real life, particularly if both of you know what the other is, the depth of hate and inhumanity there is shocking.

unless someone like Trump calls them out properly. It doesn't technically have to be Trump though but Trump is literally in the box seat and was elected for that specific purpose

There's literally nothing we can do about it. Those people WILL win no matter what we fucking do. Once again, it's all over for us.

Rational analysis of the situation and the enemy is not verboten. You can go back to Zig Forums now.

His eldest daughter looks like she could fuck like a Puma.

your posting style is too obvious imkamphy

Not everyone who sees the truth is imkikey, schizo. We lost. Re-read these posts

But it won't do shit since this fight is so obviously unwinnable on our side that we would make better use of our time by hanging ourselves.

Looks like they took your Twitter account down for making threats.

Like I said, I'm fairly sure, at some point down the road, you're probably going to regret the aggressive stance you took towards the "right" and whites.

Zig Forums pls

Zionist Occupied Board deserves it.



They won't. They won.
See these posts

It should be blindingly fucking obvious to see that we will literally never win again. Suicide is the only answer. Join us in death, or conform to the new leftist overlords. Your choice.

Will whites become non fags in the future because the way things are evolving we are getting gayer and gayer. Back in the 1950's we used to be manly. I know white fags today that can't even change a tire. I legit would like to know how many white fags are out there like me who never grew up with a dad but have been in more than 5 first fights and properly gotten beat up and still went to school the next day not giving a fuck who laughed at you for having to walk around with black eyes.

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We don't deserve this guy. Good luck finding any better on (((Cable News))) in this climate.

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Notice how he says young people cannot afford to have children. He doesn't mean niggers, and he doesn't mean spics because these groups don't think in such terms.

And that does WHAT exactly? Gets a bunch of people to go "das rite!" and then immediately forget about it afterward, while the left continues onward with its march. Trump was a pressure release for a bunch of angry people, nothing more, and continues to be so. "calling them out" accomplishes very little on its own.

Exactly. I've always watched this shit with unease. Others laugh and mock and ridicule them, and I've chuckled sometimes at some of the absurdities. But always felt sick to the pit of my stomach watching them, and playing out the future in my head if they get control of anything, and its always a stomach turning thought.

Because like you read, if they ever had power, everyone one of us on our knees and nothing but the sound of a hammer falling will be the last thing we hear. Its not a joke, its not funny, its not amusing when you realize the horrible reality of it all. Your life, your kids lives, your wifes decency (because she'll just be handed over to a nog rape gang for "social justice"), itll all be gone in a blink if these people have their way.

Yeah sure, give up and die, if you're a faggot. I never said not to fight, I said theres no stopping the inevitable, but that doesnt mean the inevitable is the END. Everything marches onward, and communism rapidly collapses in on itself and dies a horrible death.

If anything I view it was a purging fire. Capitalism has enabled globalism, globalism has enabled communism, communism will eventually self destruct and we'll start again from the beginning. Its like a phoenix, its born, it grows, it burns out, it dies, its reborn from the ashes, and then it starts all over again.

Its all only a matter of how long each step lasts, but it never just stands still

this guy fucks pumas

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Damn. I hope he gets fired from FOX so he can make it big as a freelance political speaker. What a commanding but honest tone he has, and everything was broken down to it's simplest terms. What a guy

Back in my day, people knew how to read posts.

This is just payback for all the shit he's pulled.

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Actual retard, everyone should filter you.
Tucker is helping the Republican party move towards being quasi white nationalist.
Even PragerU (with Tucker) are finally touching talking points that only white nationalists would've touched twenty or even forty years ago.
No u.

t. some kike, somewhere, about your clip
It's also telling how far back you had to go to find something incriminating from Zig Forums's perspective.


Yeah, no. He's your typical good goy ultar pro-israel kike puppet, and while he's responsible for some moderately entertaining clips, never forget that he's not explicitly pro-white, which means he's anti-white.

You first faggot. Do a barrel roll and so on and so forth.

Our reigns over….that's what it must have felt when Rome was doing it's last gasps.

And all that was left are ruins…

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They always have those gay ass tambourines. I wonder if it is a mental cue inside their social circles.

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I think it's a cultural thing


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Warning: asses and eggos is in this thread. If in doubt, look for the schizophrenic red text spam. Be sure to filter his IPs as they pop up and don't give him any (you)s. He comes here during elections and stays for as long as you give him the attention he so desperately craves. Ignore his shitposts and he will eventually go away again.

They regret it all the time, they fantasize about the purge without realizing that police protection is the only reason they're alive to keep "protesting".

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Kill yourself, kike. He's done more for the White race than you ever will. If I was in DC I gladly would.

Imagine being so retarded that you look at 50s magazine advertisements and Hollywood pictures and believe that those idealized images to get men to buy grills and cigars were actually reality.

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By that logic, Pajama boy is fake too.

And more than you've ever done too, kike.

Nah, you're retarded. The point is that there were guys like pajama boy back then too, and men were just as fucking stupid and gullible then as well. American men have always been retarded trash, how else do you explain them going to kill Europeans in WW2?

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And you're well below even that.

Stop jacking off so much.

Too obvious, Chaim.

I'm not the one with the low T problem.

Going to defend their country after Pearl Harbor
In an age without internet and slow movement of information how exactly do you expect the public to have realized anything other than that their nation was attacked by another country?