Military Issues Warning to Army Commanders to Watch Out for Militiamen at the Border

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Military was mobilized to prevent citizens from stopping illegals from getting in. They're there to roll out the red carpet just like we said. Zig Forums is always right.

Expect a false flag at the border.

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us vs mexico war when

My bet is the military was deployed to do the "least minimum effort" tactic Trump has been doing (like how he warned Russia of impending air strikes a whole ago)

My money is on a (((paid militia))) going there to "support" the troops. I don't fucking know anymore, false flag is guaranteed

It's true, the military is there to facilitate the invasion not prevent it.

Some (((armed militia))) will gun down some caravan spics and they'll use it as an excuse to ban them or worse.

ZOGbots and (((militias))) literally glow in the dark ffs

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Yeah, that sounds extremely likely. Sounds like a fake ass report IMO. Anyways it isn't like the fucking Nasty Girls are going to do fuck all about stopping the problem. Military has been entirely useless for border protection of our so-called "Homeland" for 70 years.

Also contain a lot of non-whites, as well as jews in the desk jobs. Its no joke, the US military is more and more jewish leadership leading dumb goys.

muh based zogbots at it again

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Daily reminder that support the troops is code for support greater Israel. Every military member ever is a douchebag faggot meathead who is so stupid they can be hypnotized to go increase the BP share price through one of those cringey BE A HERO AND DIE ALONE WITH PTSD AND PHYSICAL DISABLITIES DUMB GOYIM ads

inb4 false flag, pics of dead mexican mothers and children, and kike legislation banning militias, semi-autos, and white men

deep state influencing dot mil is very heavily jew at the top, also, because kikes pay politicians to appoint kikes. america is truly occupied

btw notice how they use the term "unregulated militia." That opens a legal pathway to arrest or shoot the militias since they are not "well-regulated" but classified as illegal

I truly despise people such as the three of you. You talk about how we need to keep our guns and yet the very prospect of others actually using those guns to defend against tyranny causes you to quake in fear and shriek false flag.

"wE wAnT tO lEt ThEm In BeCaUsE wE nEeD tHe PeOpLe"

Good point and its such a kike play too. They know damned well that "well regulated" back then did not mean "regulated by the government".

jews pretending to be militia and gunning down spics for their friends in the media to kvetch about is not "using those guns to defend against tyranny"

It truly is pathetic how you call white men defending their country from invaders jews.

kill yourself

Please tell me, when was it that you got your balls chopped off exactly?

Oh, I'm not quaking in fear or shrieking false flag. I AM saying they will 100% use this opportunity for a false flag. I'm sure there are plenty of honest militiamen down there, but they WON'T shoot, precisely because they've been informed that the military will shoot them if they do. The good guys will obey the rules. The false flaggers will cause mayhem.

There is NOTHING good or honorable in following rules that demand your people's extinction.

"The military report provided no further details about the alleged thefts" is the most important part of this story. I'll bet anyone in this thread fifty bucks that no milita anywhere has stolen anything from the National Guard, and if anything has gone missing, it was taco goblins that stole it.

This is a groundless accusation they invented out of nothing to serve as a pretext for removing militas from the area. They're literally rolling out the red carpet to the invaders, and inventing reasons to stop anyone who might record them, witness them, or photograph them doing it. Trump is staging a show to look tough for voters while doing everything he can to bend over backwards and let these people in. Anyone rejected, if anyone is rejected, will almost certainly go on the list to legally immigrate, meaning 100% of them will get in, it's just a matter of when. That will be the "amazing compromise" the GOP will make with the Democrats. They're all in bed together, and incidents like this prove it.

Zig Forums was, and remains, right about everything. Anyone who worships the cops or the military is a bluepilled faggot. ZOG is not your friend, and the very best servants of ZOG are still going to do what ZOG tells them to do because they like eating food and having a roof over their heads. Federal agents shot an unarmed woman and a toddler who were trying to surrender in the head at Ruby Ridge. A white woman and infant, trying to surrender, executed in cold blood, all over a shotgun barrel being a few centimeters shorter than Uncle Sam says it should be. If you think they're secretly on your side, you're beyond delusional and well into the realm of the self-brainwashing Stockholm Syndrome described in The Matrix. An NPC who fights to defend the system that enslaves it.

Trumptards will try to defend this. To everyone here that's still Zig Forums, I'll remind you all that the best thing we can do is to push the Jew rhetoric as hard as we possibly can over the next few years, to force Trump and the GOP to engage in openly philosemitic and openly antiwhite behavior. We all know that the establishment is a puppet for Israel and the Jews, and our best move is doing what we can to make that as obvious as possible to the average person. The Jew will name itself when provoked into kvetching, that's how most of us got here to start with: Ron Paul says smash the fed, the entire system calls Ron Paul an antisemite, and a bunch of dumbass Libertarians go "wait what." Then it happened again with Trump, Trump says America First, the entire system calls Trump an antisemite, and a bunch of dumbass patriots go "wait what."

It's a proven formula. We can make it happen again if we try. Force the issue, and a statistical majority of whites will side with their own interests when pressed.

The US military will not tolerate hateful, White Supremacist outdated border policies and bigoted Nationalistic nor Patriotic sentiment

Shoot patriots on-sight

Militias are already banned in most states because of "muh racist whyte peepole" and OKC you stupid cuckold.

Hopefully these events will help wake up the slower members of the board who still think ZOGbots are our friends. They are the military arm of the enemy, there may be some friendlies on the inside but they still serve the sworn enemy of our Volk.

problem glasses

Everyone in that crowd was protesting white children being forced to go to school with niggers, show a bit of respect.

INB4 MUH support our troops damage control


Don't apologize it's a sign of weakness.

Fashion changes. Lipstick and makeup used to be exclusively the providence of whores and prostitutes, decent women didn't wear either. Women in old black and white films often protested being asked to wear makeup or lipstick to help make their faces pop a little more through the camera filter, because they thought it made them whores to wear it. It was seen as a big deal when Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, wore lipstick. Now every woman won't leave the house without layering on five or six levels of what used to be considered a whore's uniform.

I'm not even old, and I remember when flannel was quaint rural fashion for men who worked outdoors or lived in cold weather, and not something faggots and hipsters stole to make themselves feel manly and "hip by being square."

Like said, every single white person in those pictures was protesting desegregation as a violation of their constitutional right to Freedom of Association, and they did so when their opposition was a literal army with rifles, tanks, and jeeps with gun emplacements. That woman with problem glasses on was more pro-white and more on our side than any slutty e-celebrity out jiggling her tits in front of a camera and shilling for her digital tip jar.

The white pill is that we're going to win in the end, but the black pill is that the war for White Nationalism was already fought in this country and lost before any of us were ever born, and the heroes and martyrs of that struggle have been erased from all memory and will go unhonored for standing for their people when the whole world was arrayed against them. We wanted White Nationalism, and they said no. We wanted Paleoconservatism, and they said no. We wanted Libertarianism, and they said no. Now we're going to have National Socialism, come hell or high water. We're done asking.

We are still here out, numbered maybe, but still here.

sometime in 2028…

after Trump' abolished all borders and told the world "c'mon in", the US military needed a new border to protect. now the National Guard and the 83rd Infantry of Who Gives A Shit Goy come to you house to house and block by block to open the border of your asshole and to hold your anus open while the bug chasers gift you with injections of hot poz up your boipucci.

love it or leave it.

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they did invent the english language though

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OP is a fag by the source posted:
>“Once they get on U.S. soil, they need to be stopped and detained. We don’t have enough Border Patrol, ICE and Highway Patrol to handle them. If we get 2,000 or 3,000 people, we will need the militia,” Kleberg said.
> we will need the militia
What does we will need the militia mean, OP?


Kleberg has nothing to do with the government's position, he's just a ranch owner voicing his mind.

not exactly, a lot of todays enlisted soldiery joined to fulfill the minimum requirements to get some free college and preferential loan rates to start small businesses.
t. disenfranchised former Army desk jockey working wage slave job.


The military is forbidden by law from interfering with the actions of citizens, even if they've formed into a militia.
The warning is more of a "hands off and call the cops" sort of thing, and the cops don't have a case either until a land owner files a trespassing complaint, which is unlikely.

A Great Time to Be Alive
That was a time when race mixing was against the law in most states, if you associated with a negro on anything other than a work basis you were shunned by the rest of white society as a "negro lover", people of color were not allowed to move into white neighborhoods, gays were thrown in prison, communist were driven from society with tar and feathers, atheists were treated like communist, and Jews were treated like niggers.

Haha I told you fucking trumpcucks. Zognald sent them their to protect his little dreamers from the evil white men.

but a false flag is good. If the Military shoots Miltias to protect the illegals, then it won't look good for the military.

They don't want my picture to happen again.

I even want the military to take it to the next level. Physically escorting them into the country, the way they did for the blacks at little rock. Just imagine.

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Told you the army is only deployed to keep bloodshed from happening. They are not there to protect the border, or the country. Only to let these people move freely. Too bad goyim :^))))))

agreed 1000%

hey militia members reading this.. it would be damn shame if you guys shot mexicans IN mexico from the US side and started an international incident… please dont do it

We love our troops don't we folks?

But you bet your ass that they'll be flown 6000+ miles to defend the borders and walls of Israel were Iran, Syria, Russia etc to attack.

Only if they can censor it. BRING CAMERAS AND FILM/STREAM THE BORDER CROSSINGS. It goes without saying that you should adhere to any laws.

Yep. All military are scum

I fucking called this shit. They arent there to stop the spics, they are there to escort them.

There is not a single militia group in the country that has a hundred men or more, and actually drills regularly and maintains fitness. They dont exist.

Good point. I spotted that odd turn of phrase myself but failed to ponder it.

yeah well i called it first. well maybe i did, who knows.

When Arms Speak, The Law Falls Silent.

What a coincidence this news pops up the same day a bar called "Borderline" gets shot up by a disgruntled exmilitary pawn.

fuck off kike shill.

Yet they still ruled over your society, even then, slowly eroding it, the fact that laws were passed in favor of segregation alone, proves it. Although the racial setup in the USA in the 50s was far from perfect and agitation and conflict was always inevitable, you can't split up cities and towns into racial sections it just doesnt work, you either give them a few states and wall it off, or you deport them all, there is no middle ground that is feasible elsewhere.

You are misinformed. There are hundreds of militia groups with three digit membership numbers. Wargame activities vary, but they're all preparing as best as they can for day x and if they joined forces and formed a military, it would be one of the most well-equipped best-trained militaries in the world. Every state has dozens of large militia groups, they just don't like to draw attention to themselves for obvious reasons.

California alone has over 40.000 militia men

Zig Forums is always right. There were many anons calling this out, some I suspect were just employing dark humor, but sure enough, the worst case will come to pass.

I suspect we might even see the army build the migrants a massive tent city. The women and children will be sent to the cities with welfare cards, and the gangbangers will probably be dropped into Syria or Iran as cannon fodder for the next war.

Chinatown comes to mind.

Also little italy

Yep fucking called it.


Get out.

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Zig Forums always was and remains a hivemind. You dont seem to fit in.

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Funny considering people still shilling for Trump said spics would be shot for throwing rocks, only to be wrong as they wouldn't even be near them. People in those thread were stating they would be there to prevent people from shooting shitskins only to be shown as correct. BASED posters have been fucking wrong at every turn when it comes to Trump actually doing anything that he alluded to when it came to the caravan. I get that one should use we to speak for the board, but you can't really defend the administration at all.

There goes my last bit of support for the military.

They're putting up razor wire to let the invaders move freely? Nice try, Schlomo.


Cry more, ban evading paid jewish shill. Trump himself said they’re all getting in.

nah military is full of BASED DACApedes and even more BASED black men

This is a new shibboleth for Five Eyes. They used to uniformly use the word "Torfag" which made reliable identification easy. "Ban-evading" is the new shibboleth. Dead giveaway that you're dealing with Eglin, GCHQ, Mossad, or some variation.

He did not. This is poor form. You're supposed to mix truth with the lie, not tell bald-faced, easily discredited lies.

we called it

You fuck off you absolute disgrace, jews are trying to wipe out your people and the thought of anyone attempting to fight back instead of just laying down to die sends you into a fit.

We don’t care. Nothing you say is relevant.
He did. The tents are already up. They are all getting in. You have absolutely nothing left, reddit.

Just like Zig Forums said is the we he is referring to.
The_Donald retards not included.

No. They're building the razor wire to help block off areas where the shitskins might cross illegally. That's because the military is there to corral the spics across legal checkpoints and bring them to their taxpayer-paid housing in order to give food, water, medical care, and to allow ICE to begin the asylum process.

Video of Trump saying that every single member of these caravans will all be let in. You have ten minutes. Any response other than proof will be reported for shilling.

They run a lot of traffic through Canada, also.

Maybe I should go down there to get some of that free stuff. Could use a vacation

Yep, it has already been posted. The tent cities are built. Every single person in the last caravan was allowed in. Every single person in this caravan will be allowed in. His own twitter shows this. You don’t set the rules, ban evading paid jewish shill.

Dude. He already put up the tents to house them. General Dunford stated the military will not be allowed to interact at all with the caravan except supported ICE/CBP. And then the military issued this warning internally about militias.

You don't get to set the bar of proof, because that means you can just set any bar of proof you want and make it impossible. Trump is not going to make a statement like that and he wouldn't. The evidence is already overwhelming what's going on. Again, you do not get to set the burden of proof, and not meeting your impossible burden doesn't prove something false.

Reported for shilling.

Reported for being employed by Five Eyes.

MAGAspastics who thought that Daddy Drumpf was sending the military to do anything other than safely escort the shitskin invaders epicly BTFO

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Everybody look at this kike argumentation technique. He sets a standard of proof that is impossible, and then when the impossible standard cannot be met, he will claim (incorrectly) that failing to meet the impossible burden of proof that HE set means an assertion is false.

The "you have 10 minutes" is really the icing on the cake.

This is extremely jewish. Having argued with many a jew in my life, I've seen this kind of garbage, bullshit, illogical argumentation used.

He already did it, he didn't even give the 10 minutes that he set himself.

Nice proxies faggot.

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When I say that technique is jewish, I really mean that unironically from many real-life encounters arguing with kikes (professionally and personally). That particular tactic of setting an impossible standard of proof and then claiming that failing to meet that impossible standard means an assertion is disproven is notoriously kikey.

The tents are built. The tweets are public. They are all being let in. Every single last one of them.
Go back to reddit. Now.

If proven true they must be stopped by the citizens.

That's an idea.
>Require all fighting age male spics (see: vast majority of immigrants) complete a tour of duty in the armed forces before they can enter the country. Replace whites on the front line with beans. More whites stay alive, fewer beans survive and make it into the country, jews have trouble winning (((wars))) with subhuman intelligence spic troops.

It’s already proven. Reminder that no one will ever do anything about this.

Actual proof?

Did they send in the supervisor because your other guy was getting so thoroughly humiliated? Feel free to provide your proof that the caravans will be "let in", rather than incarcerated while awaiting an asylum hearing with a roughly 1% success rate which most won't even wait around for.