Record Number of Women Women Elected to Congress in Historic Midterms

"The future isn't fem-"

Since the polls closed the number has gone over 100 women elected. RIP America

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What's a good country to move to, lads?

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Women enter public service and leave their homes pretending they can be men just before any empire crumbles. See: Rome and Arabic Empire.

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Well then, stockpile ammo and silver

Not surprised. Democrats went out of their way to run women (especially white women). They're the coalition-group with the biggest population to appeal to (albeit with weak solidarity) and the least offensive of the bunch (outside of majority-minority districts anyway). Expect the 2020 presidential Democrat nomination-seeker with the biggest establishment push to be some kind of slightly off-white woman.

"They're pozzing themselves harder than we are. We need to do better!"

See fucking Sweden as well


dumb cunts ruining everything

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Modernity is a lie to make you pretend that history won't repeat.

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what the fuck

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Why are you surprised exactly? You know that strong women is a lie and that standards have to be lowered for them to make the cut.

It's just the next era. Modernity as a concept is corrupted with this idea that it's breaking new ground.
In reality, it's just following the same rail line.

HFW that's what's the successor of the Wehrmacht looks like…

It's been going downhill since the French Revolution…

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Yeah I know. The eras have seen humanity live in a worse environment largely due to population issues and the chaos of our universe.

You will now intimately experience the fall from garden of eden in real time, of which man and woman will plunge into an ultimate level of suffering. The snake has layed out the apple of feminism with the temptation of a greater awakening, only to cause us all to be cast from this earth into a lesser one still.

Oh we have such wonderful things to show you

I've never ridden a motorcycle in my life and I was never mountainbiking offroad (i am more the wandering guy) but I believe I could best those dumb cunts….

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Heaven is the delusion that you are not in hell.
Learn to Valhalla, Samsara, Nirvana.

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Heaven is not in the sky. Heaven will be on earth when Jesus returns.
Earth will turn to heaven and all dead will rise again.

And figuratively that makes perfect sense.
But it's not literal user.
Apart from maybe the "rise again" part but only because your universe is on play/repeat.
"Jesus returning" means that his want for his ideal society is enforced as the ruling ideology.

Personally, I just think he was trying to get us off this rock…

It is. We and our fotrefathers will live eternally and happy.

But only after we destroy this rock in a long war against Satan (Baal/Jewhowa) and his demons.

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Perhaps if we can develop the tech to resurrect the dead, otherwise no it's not literal.
So kill ourselves?
But that will just make us go back to the start user.
Have you ever heard about the Nordic god "Loki"?

It's a nature of our universe user.

If your curious as to what this will lead to, just look at Sweden.

dead rising is jewish version of tanakh

250 years was a good run

As predicted

Loki is not evil. He represents danger as well as opportunity. Ignore him and he will do harm, control him and he will bring bounty, just as fire can both warm you in wintertime and burn down your house if you do not handle it properly. The old norse religion was far more subtle and deeper than the bipolar semitic horseshit the christcucks proclaim to be the Only Truth.

I'm sure survivors of the next war will have a grand time debating whether it was lack of gun control or anti-semitism that truly was the downfall of our empire.

I'm sure whatever Empire eventually comes after America will come to the same conclusion we did early on and try to prevent it from happening again

Poland, Hungary, maybe Austria

America is probably the final empire, and don't be surprised if it lasts a while. The fact that voter count is high proves that people want it.

Not good.

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113. His disciples said to him, "When is the kingdom going to come?" , "It is not by being waited for that it is going to come. They are not going to say, 'Here it is' or 'There it is.' Rather, the kingdom of the father is spread out over the earth, and people do not see it."

Good. Most Americans did not want an Empire. For most of us it only caused problems and handed far to much power to you know who.

I agree

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Exploit this. You think that voting machines don't work in your favor? Either they are patriarchical typical white IT-machine and we all know they oppress or because they are machines they work in favor of men etc.
They can be steered. Steer them.

That's a man, baby. just kidding, or am i?

Also, did you ever notice when you're driving alongside a highway and there's a construction crew fixing roads or powerlines, the orange hazard signs on the road always read, "MEN WORKING," not "WOMEN WORKING." Rarely will you ever see a woman in these construction crews unless she's in a supervisor position which allows her to bark orders at real hard working men. The signs always say MEN WORKING because most women don't do a damn thing to benefit society and never will. The more women there are in politics will increase the rate at which America declines. More women = more shitskins and dieversity. We're almost there. I predict mid 2020's the shit will get worse and worse.

Oh boy! women have such great ideas, surely we'll all be better off having them signed into law!

How do get a successful civilization to remember what made it successful and not slide into degeneracy? As technology improves, every time great men make great civilizations it becomes more dangerous to relinquish it to women like always happens. Even with the current level of tech there's a fear it may be so powerful as to enslave humanity forever.

Chinas 2025 & 2030 plans are right on track.