Hypothetically speaking: Poisoning water supplies with rabies

Let's assume someone was to insert a diluted amount of rabies-infected blood into water bottles or any local water supply. From what I've heard, you can get it either through bites, sexual intercourse or an organ transplant. But I know that you can get it through saliva, right?
With enough exposure, would it be possible for a human to get the symptoms if he drinks enough water?
Such an interesting disease. I wouldn't want to help with its transmission or anything, but this just went through my head.

It has to get through to your bloodstream somehow, that's good enough to know. Now, hmm. I can't think of the next step after that.
Maybe if there was some way to produce small cuts or something? Thoughts?

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Actually it does. The only problem is that the process is rare.

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Rabies make people insane right? I wonder if you would combine rabies with other diseases, viruses, you could make a super virus.

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No, it doesn't.
source: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/3125654

Thanks for the link. I guess that means it has a limited survival which would kill most of the possibilities out there. Though to be fair about it, there has been only one study done in 1987.
But what if we poisoned a well in a poor area? Could we possibly contain the virus under low temperatures?Or even better, what if we threw a bunch of animal bodies that had recently died and still carry rabies? Would that be possible?

So far:
-Enveloped viruses.
-Limited survival.
-In need of fresh specimens.

Could I possibly infect a bunch of animals and throw them in a bunch of wells while they're alive? Drowning shouldn't take that long.

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Not only does it act slower but there's no cure for Rabies. It could lay dormant between a week and a few months, after which the symptoms kick in.
This is what happens after that.

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Bats die in water supplies all the time, no rabies transmission. You're fucking retarded if you think throwing a raccoon over the fence into the pond will help.

Not all bats have rabies. What if I cut the raccoon so blood spills in the pond?

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I'll double down on your idea and come up with one of my own:
What if I break into a hospital, with a Rabies-filled syringe and inject their blood supplies with it?

I'm a veterinary surgeon and can confirm that we've had to deal with rabies in the tap water, most of our pets had become infected and had to be put down.

It depends on concentrations. You would have to

1. google search rabies concentration necessary for infection
2. determine total water flow per day for the area
3. simple ratio calculation for determine the quantity of a certain concentration of the infected water being added to achieve the necessary concentration for the entire water supply

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Beyond that the answer is irradiation and anything that can cause pelvic inflammatory syndrome

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You can't poison water supplies with viruses. Most of them have very short and fragile lifespans outside of a host.

Fucking shit, thank you for the good news for once. At least now I know that I need to find a way, even if I'm time constrained and go balls deep with it. (There's a chance to fucking go on with it!)

I thought the rabbies were already poisoning the water supply?


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