The ongoing cultural war and my weak mind

While I am not a nihilist and am currently doing my best to live my life free from ignorance and weakness, I think that Youtube creators who are producing content to the right are not necessarily doing a good enough job at counteracting leftist globalist influences.

Per chance I have encountered a channel called ThreeArrows that makes inaccurate critiques to the alt right yet is gaining a lot of (((traction))) and (((popularity))). My question are there anything we can do to rebut his claims? Because so far, not many channels are doing anything to criticize his points, my concern is that without a critical analysis this problem will fester into something even worse.

I understand that some of his historical points are interesting, so let's start with that, but I believe that the bubble that he has created can change the minds of the moderate for the worst, and the bubble of personality that he has garnered with the influence from (((YouTube))) can be dangerous, and better to de intellectually prepared than to let it grow out of control.

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This isn't your blog. Reported for slide

It's not a blog, it's a discussion on preparing for future left-leaning pseudo-intellectuals.
(((They))) are becoming much more sophisticated in their rhetoric, and if we do not prepare for it, then the situation will worsen.

youtube banned some hispanic cuck zoomer with 500k subs because he made videos of killing feminist npcs in red dead redemption

youtube is done

I personally have no hope for Youtube, but what is important is to continue to understand (((their))) playbook of pseudointellectualism and their next step in creating the new (((mainstream))).
The current problem is that while there are redpill media on (((youtube))), their intention to disguise the truth neuters their own argument, and while I disagree with these supposed alt-right youtubers, it was a start and the left has started adapting to similar form of rhetoric and video format that will influence the general public.
Not that I am hopeful for change, but it's important to know and counter the mental trickery of the subversive, even if it seems bleak.

have a look at youtube trending, you'll see daily mongrel degeneracy getting over 1 million views per video. the anti-right leftist videos reach only the anti-right left. the videos are really low energy and only reinforce whatever leftist cucks thought about the alt-right/right/nazis/trump … those videos are not a problem

the problem is that if you make a right video on youtube, if you would speak about what the anti-right videos cry about, youtube would delete your account. like it or not, the right should make it's own youtube and if the content will be good people will watch.

Yeah thanks for that reassurance, I thought I was taking crazy pills for a while to see that anti-right left are getting so much engagements on youtube, it really is too bad that people are so afraid of speaking out about it. I thought the Alternative Hypothesis was a pretty decent channel about it though, any thoughts on that?

Look up "The Alternative Hypothesis" on Youkike.

I did, I'm more surprised that he wasn't banned on the (((platform))), though I wish he would do more to counter anti-right left media.

Didn't read the whole thread, I'm dumb. It is, he has some great whitepills and is the perfect balance of optics and practicality to break through to normies. His video on black reparations is hilarious, if not a bit absurd. The greatest thing about his channel is that he is completely unapologetic.

I'm more astounded that YouTube didn't take it down, the dude must have some verbal wizardry with him.

Fuck it, I'll give a bump. It's only at around 60,000 I think, any channel under 100,000 seems to fly under the radar. He'll get shoah'd at some point if he keeps growing, but I doubt he can be stopped.

I think his method is better. Instead of feeding into the left's delusions and being forced to play by their rules, he just says "fuck it" and speaks to anyone who will listen. He doesn't find a need to prove himself to people calling him racist and anti-semitic.

Also when you get into calling out leftist media you end up talking about what they want to talk about, instead of purist ideas.

I think the problem when the left media argues back, they would claim that all of the information are just (((conspiracy theories))) and just leave it at that, but the problem is that this to me seems like a fallacious argument on their part in handwaving and discrediting a theory, how would one argue against the conspiracy argument.
I think Alt Hypothesis is a great resource, but I wonder if there will be more people who will stand up to bat, to light a path to the truth, but current right media on (((youtube))) is too much of a coward to discuss it, not hopeful in any case, but the slow dissemination of ideas is a good start.

and I agree that calling out the left will just make us play their own game of identity politics, and it would not push the truth to the general public to digest, if not slowly.

We need to gather all sorts of banned videos and do an upload-/int/ifada, similar to that time /b/ uploaded pron with normal, trending titles and thumbnails.

We have a video service already? Whereabouts? It would be good if we can curate a lot of video literature to add to our compendium, it will make it so that people can easily absorb the information.

There was a recent 2TB dump.
That said, no, we don't have a repository, perhaps pewtube and cheekyvideos and stuff like that.
But in reality, I think we should start uploading all sorts of videos to bitchute, fuck youtube.

OP isn't a blog and sliding is a myth.

I think it's not just important to create writings and literatures about this, but to also consider making media video discussion about this. It would be good if there are people who are able to write arguments together, and then somebody compile it into video format for posterity's sake, in a sense, it gives a more accessible version of disseminating information. We may laugh at the notion that people who don't read should not be joining this side, but I think it's more to seed ideas so they will start questioning their own conditioning.
If anybody is ambitious enough to do it, it'll be good to start compiling lot of common (((left))) argument forms and disseminate why it is logically fallacious. I think having common groundwork and irrefutable foundations and basis for arguments is ultimately going to be the real way of breaking the foundation. Perhaps a good guide of refutations to common (((them))) arguments would be a good way to start.
I think while this board has a lot of people who have similar ideas on what they want, it is not focused enough to create concise, irrefutable arguments against (((their))) agenda, we are just streaking everything with a broad stroke calling (((them))) out and while (((they))) hide under the guise of racism/conspiracy theory, which makes their arguments seems a lot more appealing to the masses. While we have threads against counter forum spies and disinformation, I think we can go further and crystallize our learnings into a more focused points we can agree on with data and facts that cannot be refuted and dismissed by (((them))) without implicating their own fallacies and failings in consideration to data.
I am not saying that we should dilute what we think to make it palatable, but to make strong, detailed argumentative basis to which we can agree on to debunk their over-generalized debunking of ideas. Perhaps we can also use their logic against them to prove by contradiction.
And in retrospect with the Alternative Hypothesis, while it is good, it is still under the guise of slippery language that sounds indecisive.
I think, by producing a focused work and compilation of resources that are condensed, it will eventually reach broader audiences. I'm not saying to make it mainstream, but to make our position more pronounced and irrefutable.
I'm not sure if that is a good idea, but it would take a lot of time and discussion to compile thoughts and rationale together into something that will be supremely influential for the future generations who are going down the rabbit hole instead of taking a very long time to de-condition themselves like what I had personally experienced.

To add to my point, I think creating a core treatise would be interesting, and would allow a less scattered way for newcomers to free themselves from thought slavery.
The treatise should be made in a way so that (((they))) cannot refute it without exposing their own hypocrisy.
I don't necessarily think that this will happen overnight, but it's something that as a board, we should really think about it thoroughly, lest our discussions is forever lost in time, scattered like tears in the rain.

For further consideration, it is entirely possibly if a core treatise and axioms were to be made, it will give (((them))) a point to try to do intellectual gymnastics to discredit these points, and this is why I am asking if it is at all possible to actually make them in the first place?
The axioms/treatise do not need to be political in nature, but rather a statement of facts that are backed up by solid scientific theories and observations/articles.

Yeah, it's done. Nothing is safe.

The reason why I ask of this is that while many philosophers spent their entire lifetime to create their own works, I think that this board has a lot of very useful and interesting crystallizations that should be made in a shorter time with rigorous philosophical discussions. By having more anonymous thinkers who have come to similar conclusion and with the same agenda on this board, I think there is great potential to really influence the future, despite how bleak our current circumstances are.
By leaving traces of truth in our wake, do we offer hope for a better future.

Despite our proclivity to be bellicose and shitpost, I do think that we have aligned interest, or maybe not, but it would be good exercise in introspection and discovery of well-made suggestions and tools that the normal populace cannot refute against if we were to present them.

To add to this, while we do have a lot of resources, a lot of the valuable information are in screencaps, and while it is useful, people don't necessarily have all the screencaps, and I think it is necessary to have some basis for understanding with selected citations that would be a good start for the initiate to slowly break their conditioning.
That is just my two cents, sorry if it became too long, but I do hope that this would provide valuable discourse for future's sake.

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Also "The Red Elephants" on Kiketube.

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Remember during the election when hold back the night had a few million views and was trending? Youtube made sure that never happened again. This all started a long time ago nigger. It's almost impossible for anyone with even mildy right leaning views to keep their videos up. If you're going to make a thread about it at least give some ideas you massive nigger-faggot. Better yet actually DO something and then make a thread afterwords, instead of trying to get anons to solve your problems.

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The only things 3Arr0ws does is make Reductio ad Hitlerum and guilt association arguments all day. It would not be productive to engage these fingerpointers because they will keep screaming HITLER! If we did engage these low T cucks like 3arrow it would only put us on the defensive and losing in the face of the wider audience. The only way to wake people up is wake them up to the reality that life is not fair, nor equal. If we ever engage with such actors in debate, it should leave aside emotion, and only be to correct their fallacies, errors, and lies.

The best way, in which I have discovered, to wake the most people would be to explain to them that crisis comes and is coming when their world view is dominant in society. We must then explain that multiracial societies can't be trusted, especially in times of crisis. They have already been brainwashed when they were young, and that triumphs reason. I've seen many fallacious and emotions arguments, some that I even fell for under libertarianism. "Diversity is our Strength" "If (((they))) get abused what is stopping me from being next" "Denial of Race and Human Evolution" "Muh 6 gorillion, and only muh 6 gazillion" If you don't break down the emotional barrier, you won't convince anyone. They will believe any lie if they think it will stop the next Hitler.

"The ongoing cultural war and my weak mind "
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There are far to many newfags and sjw cucks compared to the old days and you have to creatively say nigger, e.g. infractions, but dindus sometimes cops a ban etc
LL started the dindu nuffin meme into mainstream use. Pretty sure it was cuckchan originally but LL was what got it moving. So it's a very important part of the global media circuit that's still ripe for redpilling and operations.
It is increasing in volume ove rth years though so lots more signal to noise.
Was about 1-2 pages of videos, quite a few oldfags there too and you could easily steer reporting of international headlines if you posted the right shit in the right way
harder now though but better base of operations than jewtube. Moderation there is tiny.

you must never weaken, or falter in the face of this eternal struggle we are in

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All of the decent right wing youtube accounts have been banished.

The only good ones are ones that do metapolitical philosophy and stuff.

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