Looks like there's a new social media site that's a cross between facebook and Twitter called FreeZoxee:

What's great about it is that it tells communists and national socialists to fuck off. Both groups are a detriment to our chances of mobilizing if we want to defeat the left. It also actually looks pretty nice.


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Fuck off faggot.


neck yourself before your thread is removed


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Nothing wrong with censorship, dumbass. The Talmud should be censored from public viewing. This isn't r/libertarian.

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name sounds jewy zioy.

*Any viewing. And all Jewish and marixst document should be burned, except as proof of how horrible Jews are.

what's with all the bad names all social media alternatives pick? god damn it

Gas yourself kike

Gab was actually a pretty good name. It was just chock-full of natsocs. Because of their inability to moderate the natsocs off the platform, it's name is sullied for all time.

boohoo muh optics
Alt right are just as bad as kikes at this point. Just sage if you gotta post and report for spamming/advertising their kike shit.

They always were kikes

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They're always going to call you a Nazi dude, get over it. Hell, I remember them comparing Ted Cruz to Hitler

What a terrible, forgettable name.

What a terrible, forgettable post.

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Where do you think you are right now? Spam this shit on the Donald and 4pol

Maybe you need to go there yourself.

Is this connected to Infowars? That would explain the "muh extremism is bad" angle.



We know youre the owner you transparent shill.

I don't believe in "reddit spacing" as an actual thing because I've always formatted for readability or aesthetics and what have you myself, but this is clearly a slide thread or a shill thread by someone who doesn't belong here.

Fuck off kike, shill your shit elsewhere.

The second fucking pic censors discussion about several topics.

the only way to make a viable alternative to facebook/twatter is if it has some killer feature. or is vastly better to use.

This is why shit like pinterest and instagram took off, but gab did nothing as a replacement for reddit. If facebook was literally just a copypasted myspace, it never would've done well.

i meant voat in reference to leddit, gab in reference to twitter

myspace was created by a white man, so naturally the Jewish msm shilled for facebook to displace myspace.

What, by all the gods, did you expect from shilling your shitty website here? I hope you aren't getting paid for this.

OP is a neocon retard
Neocons are the most totalitarian out of all people