California mass shooting. Suspect middle eastern
somebody greentext this for me.

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gun contorl could have prevened this

As could Muslim control.

as could a single armed person in the venue.
self defence is a human right

Don't tease me user. The dems told me a mass shooting in california was impossible since guns are banned, and that middle easterners are always peaceful. Tell me they shot some kikes

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Why did the muslim shoot up the bar?
Because it wasn't a snack bar

6 dead. Meh, coulda been better.

Don't see anything about middle eastern.
Uzi has gangland written all over it
not bad
Multi-streaming for everyones viewing pleasure

RT say it was a 'Middle Eastern'
Fucking lazy op faggot, and its a nothing burger, but the smoke gernades are new, and I could not tell you if they are legal to get as a civie or not.

Yep. Shooting a uzi in a busy bar and only injuring ~6? Smells like niggers.


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Seems legit. Run with it.

Digits confirm he got away with it again.

one witness said the shooter "really knew what he was doing", could reload really fast and had "perfect form".

I live near Thousand Oaks. Why would someone shoot that place up? let alone go through the whole effort of smoke grenades. There is nothing even there besides some restaurants, houses and strip malls.

It's being claimed that people from the Vegas shooting just happened to be here.

Restaurant critic perhaps?






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Fucking Yelpers dishing out 1 star ratings to the head.


From the story:

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jews are at war with us and jews use muslim assets to wage said war to maintain deception
This was revenge for the synagogue shooting
an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

He can't keep getting away with it…

what a shit fucking thread

The other one isn't any better.

bumping this post

well if they wanna take out califags they can be my guest tbh

Uzi is literally an Israeli special forces sub machine gun

You meant: sandnigger.

At this point I have no sympathy for that state. Hope a good quake finally happens and sinks it into the Pacific.

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Why use smoke grenades? This limits abilty - why does the Police etc use smoke grenades?
'Big Ass! 30 rounds - 10 mins…….

I need to point something out.
This bar that was attacked was having a college country night. The victims were thus mostly White and were much more likely to be "conservative" leaning.
And worse, this attack mostly killed younger people.
So this attack took out up to a dozen of our future comrades in the race war.

Contemplate this; This attack was more negative for our cause than Bowers attack on HAIS.
Neither attack killed anyone important. But this Mexican was able to kill up to a dozen young White conservative leaning males while Bowers only killed 11 aging kikes.
What Bowers did was not immoral or wrong. However, his target selection was about as poor as James Von Brunn's

Jews want it to be muslim though

Could it be?

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Why is no one talking about the FEMA "drill" at that location? Why is nobody talking about the alleged shooter's known relationship with the FBI? This whole thing seems like a giant fucking coverup.

So Zig Forumss time has finally come

Judes false flag more

Lipka 33
Oh borderline, feels like I'm going to lose my mind.
You just keep on pushing me over the borderline.

Fuck all subliminal about this event.

i thought CA had abnormally strict gun laws. Explain this CA fags.

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When will you dumb mutts finally ban guns?

I live near here. This is one of the few white areas of the greater LA area left. This particular bar is one of the few white places to dance left. This was targeted specifically to get at the rich white conservatives still clinging to their little patch of earth (Pepperdine, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and Simi Valley). They can only maintain their white enclave because it's expensive af to live there. Anyhow, someone clearly wanted to get at their kids. I expect gun control measures in California to follow.

This will never reported as a hate crime even though it obviously is from a geographic analysis. Search for "places to dance" in thousand oaks. Then look at demographics of thousand oaks and westlake compared to the surrounding cities. This is a white enclave.

It's such a white area, white bar, white themed night, with white colleges nearby this might as well be semitic revenge for the synagogue shooting.

David Ian Long is suspect name

Given California is 40% white this could easily be a mutt. There are MANY


It's Birdfag from /tv/ lol

Tell me more about the area. Are they really that conservative? How far is it from the rest of LA?

That is assuming these are not staged events

Either you're a lying kike or that thread got scrubbed off the archive

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It's 30min to LA basin

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ucking best map I've ever seen that actually answers demographics questions.

The 'mind' of a Trumpnigger NPC

California needs to be removed from the union. Seriously! They are a nation unto themselves. They seem to be prepared to secede the state to default Mexican territory. There are entire groups of people that can leave middle America and go to California, solving their problems and the problems they create for others when they decide to change everything to the way they think things should be.

Apparently several victims of this attack were also 'survivors' of the Las vegas jewish false flag

Which makes it a legit super serial terror attack, got that goys!


Trump want's all the retarded NPCs to die in some God forsaken shithole in the middle east for isreal
NPCs be like

So, the problem is that he went to a desert shit hole to die for Israel but made the mistake of coming back alive.

honestly what are the odds of that happening? I think theres been only one other case a suvivor of a previous shooting surviving another.

Around 6 million to 1 by my reckoning


These posts were brought to you by Kushner productions in association with Pam Geller

It's absolutely normal in every terror attack since the war of terror began. Must be in the high 90% that there will be a survivor of another attack, a relative of a celebrity will die or just barely survive. Also there will have been a recent drill for exactly this kind of event which is how the emergency services were able to deal with it so efficiently.
90% probability of this. And if you are in the slightest bit suspicious about that, you need medicating. Go back to sleep.

I see the muslim internet defense force is still strong on this board.

The other strange occurance common with all these legit MSM highlighted terror attacks is that the wealth of hi-res cameras that the public hold all turn into Potato-cam mode the moment anything like this happens, from sketchy Lorry driving cartoon jihadists to the Manchester Arianna Grande concert bombing to every other attack.

Modern devices will switch to Potato mode automatically in such events to enable the viewer to see the whole incident with a degree of clarity as such that will prove all beyond doubt some blobs moved about vaguely.

I don't believe your jewish lies about internet nazis shooting up synagogues [if only] or your cartoon jihadists driving lorries in restricted zones that would remove a shopping trolley in 10 seconds should it ever veer even near these controlled zones.

I simply don't believe in your jewish fables, sorry to tell you that

Apple actually has patented technology which can turn off cameras and internet connection in its devices within a certain area. In the patent it gives an example of a tragic accident or attack where the government asks them to shut off all cameras.

But they wont be pushing any government stuff in to their products until the Democrats are back in office.

On balance I agree with you on the synagogue thing.

But on balance I think that this bar attack was a mad muslim.
Im guessing you are American. If you had mad muslims in your area you would know that they can be a big problem because they hate the west. But they also live in the west and like western technology. Which makes them confused and dangerous.

I'm from the UK, we've been getting Tavistock institute false flags shoved down our throats for decades since the IRA stopped actually killing MPs, something not one supposedly anti-zionist cartoon jihadi has ever attempted to do, only everyday goy shoppers who no zionist MP would ever give a shit about, dead goys means we must fight for isreal to produce more dead goys and even more refugees, the plan is so perfect it cannot be faulted, the goys want to kill all of isreal's enemies each time the BBC presents one of the latest events to your screens

youre literally talking out of your ass. reminder that the old Zig Forums had lots of muslims, reminder that muslims in the west vote for christian parties because they at least seemed not to be cucked by the jews. muslims are far more red pilled than youre. yet you pretend that a person with a certain specific faith will enable them to attack you. if there are a kind of npc that will attack you because their npc overlord told them so, i think the white people shine the most in that area. 50% of your women are being controlled by jews, yet you talk about the 0.0001% that gets raped by unstable war victims. you guys really need to get your shit together.
because initiating a war against muslims, will backfire on you. real life isnt like shitposting on a forum.
oh and btw, you "redpilled" guys are getting lured into satanism (aka judaism), just a warning. Some more things are, dont hate Turkey or Erdogan. because the reason for his hate is that he literally cleared the country of the jews and now is fighting jews outside of the country. wasnt this Zig Forumss wet dream?
as last, in the fight against the bad(all kinds of bad, anything that god has forbidden AKA degeneracy) muslims are your best friends, because they believe in the cause and are ready to give up their lives for it. Muslims are waiting for the day that the war is gonna start against the wrongs of this world. And then you guys are gonna see the power of the muslims, all the 'terores' attacks are bullshit jewish attacks. ISIS got cleaned by Turkey in a couple weeks. Literally no power can get in the way, but make sure youre against the degeneracy and not for it

Poor California has been absorbing the dreamers and faggots from the rest of the country for decades. Half of the faggots in LA have mid-west accents. White, gun owning conservatives outside of the major cities helplessly watch as the tidal wave of human excrement you export sweeps away their political representation.


dont forget about the mentally ill.

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Is Taqiyya anything like your Kol Nidre?

Just letting you know, this didn't work on old Zig Forums, and it sure as fuck wont work here.

Lotta good points here, friend. However, the zionists have stated very clearly that they would prefer to have Muslims as neighbors than Christians, and so your people are being lured into swarming our lands and replacing us. We would love to ally with you against world jewry, by from a distance. Please go home.

i swear to God i learned about taqqiya on Zig Forums. im sure like me 80% of the muslims dont even know what taqqiya is.
my (and all muslims') stance on taqqiya: who ever exploits a human for their own egoistical cravings is a scum/is on the same level as a non believer aka a person with animalistic behavior what you call niggers, and what we call kafir

Literally no one cares. You tried to do the same shit in the "why haven't you converted to islam yet" threads on here and /b/.
You need to get the fuck out of white countries and be based jew fighters there.

*there in the desert

Samir Al-Hayed up to his tricks again…

you might be right, wasn't the death toll the same? 12 goys dead, the muslim NPC killed himself/was killed on top of it. Classic satanic revenge move, can't reject it.

That being said, islamic radical terror cells are almost as active in the USA as in europe, only they are much more isolated because they can buy cheap land rurally and keep people far away.


Then it was just cultural enrichment of commiefornia.

you ever heard of MKULTRA? you ever figured out that not all Jews co-operate and work for the same side? that there are multiple factions with many circles of influence and information right?

Can you use some common sense and realise, regardless of whether or not the synagogue shooting was commited by some beaner burnout who fell into some red pills, or a Zogbot doing his masters bidding, or just a total hoax, that other kike NGOs wouldn't believe it anyway and go for revenge with their own tools of destruction? retarded inbred muzzie suicide terrorists?