YouTube Refuses To Address Pedo Problem

There isnt a single news article on this. Lets get #PedoTube trending on twitter. Shut YouTube down. -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -vlogs -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -gb -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -playing -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins

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how about you delete your thread and try again

Let me start this thread off by saying you picked the WORST time to make it. No streams are up because American kids are sleep at this hour, but after school is over there are HUNDREDS of this streams up at one time which are a problem for us and a gain for pedos. But listen up, we just need to #PedoTube trending and we can get YouTube livestreaming either age-restricted or monitored better.

To everyone else unaware of this situation let me fill you in. I came to this conclusion when every other request was to twerk. To the uninitiated, if you see [message retracted], you got a pedo to report. Good luck to all who wants to monitor these streams but I've noticed to evade YouTube mods they ask girls to change stream name to obscure shit. Be aware of these strategy monkeys. Emojis are literally unsearchable on youtube when you filter to livestreams. So you're either subbed to the girl to get notification of that new stream or you'll never even know. Not saying you should subscribe to every kid, just any who are approached by pedos.

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Forgot to mention the jewish tricks they will pull on the kids. A common one is offering to make them featured on their "savage dare" blogs or a chance to make money. Not only do the pedos get what they wanted but they crush kid's dreams about being social media stars. Kid-fuckers are already scummy but they sink lower to get their "rewards"

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Thats about it. If federal investigators see this thread and want to bust hundreds of pedos then halfchan has a list of names to check out. YouTube Patrol does their best to ruin pedo's fun and they even doxxed and italian guy.

If you want to join in on the fun, wait till school's over and keep streams safe for kids by browsing those links. You'll be surprised how many kid-fuckers abuse the system. It's up to us to stop it. Good luck to you all.

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This shit should be pushed on all channels. The same faggots at Jewgle who will ban anyone who makes fun of lefties somehow have zero issues with actual pedophiles grooming kids.

I mean yeah, but it won't really help
Hopefully you will one day, waking the fuck up is important.

What conclusion?

My bad, i didnt even write my thoughts out.

I came to the conclusion that most of the pedos were niggers.

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Why did you switch your IP?

I spam halfchan /v/ with porn. Hey, we all have our bad side. I like forcing my thicc waifu folder on people who dont want it but I protect kids. Go figure.

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you have to go back

no one cares, fuck off

Soon as #PedoTube gets trending on twitter and YouTube, who censors godfearing Jones over honest opinions, is tortured with this revelation winning Jones his pride back. That and pedos should be skinned.

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not gonna happen, fuck off you boomer cuck

Up yours too kidfucker.

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Kill yourself.

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you seem to watch these channels a lot, fuck off crypto-pedo

Lol stay mad.

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no thanks, fbi

I would like to believe that you are only baiting and I'd find some dumb mudkip or zoomer meme at the end, but I don't know, CIA-kun.

Good work OP
Wonder why all the silence surrounding Ian Rylett and him being charged with child abuse crimes for the child actors he exploited on his massive channel, seven super girls.

Notify the FBI and DOJ and other LE agencies too. Send anonymous tip offs if you have to.

They are NPC the fact that these children are born with lilith in 1st/4th house. It is inevitable fate for them to do it.

Keep up the good work. and offc. all other anons who are involved.
It looks like it's getting worse by the day new videos keep popping up about this lets expose youtube for what they aren't doing.

heres a playlist of vids on this topic:

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holy shit.

Absolutly disgusting Im fucking stunned
its simply not enough to just flag these streams there just to fucking many of them and more so pedos
youtube need to start collecting chat data and handing their details over to law enforcment and just start slapping these guys
kids cant help being dumb there fucking kids
Im disgusted brings back all the rage i had when these cunts where doing it on uknow or w/e that streaming site is
cant even think straight im gutted

Whatcha slidin', Moishe?

My cock up pedo asses tbh

Pedos run our nations. They'd be happy to throw some of the lower class pedos under the bus but they'd never risk totally getting rid of their home masturbation material. Since these streams are transient compared to having terabytes of child porn on their computer, I'm sure there's plenty of these retarded non-humans that think they're more secure.

not your army.

It's probably pajeets doing this. Reporting them won't do any good because they're pajeets on smart phones on a shitting street.

This has been happening on Twitch for years. It's nothing new and reporting it does little to change it. I used to chase these faggots and report them and tech support on Justin tv (now Twitch) just threw a tantrum over emergency reporting CP streams.

I would recommend skipping the middle man entirely and taking this info to the media. Brietbart, The Sun, those type of conservative places will report on this and nail youtube to a cross. Hashtags just aren't going to work so cause a public outrage.

fuck kikebart just email it to local fox channels in major cities. more normalfags think fauxnews is credible.

Why would you pick only one? E-mail every place you can. Even shitlib places like The Guardian. It only takes 1 article to start the shit storm off.


true, the more coverage the better at this point.

t. Pedophile

If anyone is wondering why those links seem empty its because most American kids are in school right now. -cam -children -church -cod -duos -fortnite -game -gamer -games -gaming -god -gta -http -https -jesus -kids -minecraft -news -ops -overwatch -play -player -ps4 -psn -radio -roblox -solo -squad -tv -win -wins

An interesting video for research purposes. Nothing happens fortunately but the video if blurred to protect identity. It is sad what the world is coming to.

if anything this does it shows that usa is a nation of mongrels, all the kids are fucking black or hispanic

she looks like she smokes crack at age 12.

Man, this is Indian levels of terrible. "Show bobs plz"-shit.
You sure these aren't Pajeets living in bumfuckistan trying to groom children?

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how easy would it be for chads to message this low iq subhuman vaginas and meet up with them by promising a new iphone?

You're not from here.

I'm quite happy to volunteer.


this would make a good waifu for 1488

holy fuck

You would do well to kill yourself. It will hurt less than letting us do it for you.


fuck you im 9 years old

fuck off creep

What is this shit?

youtube live, kids having some fun

op is a boomer cuck creep

Not going to lie, would become a based Muslim with tbh

yep I want to thank OP for introducing me to this future waifus

private messaged her, she gave me her snapchat lol

Reminds me of the 'Zig Forums is a weird place/people' cap.

A good strategy would be to compare this being allowed on YT while 'conservative' and alternate voices are being censored and banned. Compare especially demonetization or entire dramas for saying a bad word on a stream. Then share this with all that might listen.

No it isn't. That's an extremely bad idea. It will turn into "conversations whine about censorship" instead of "youtube is a pedo heaven"

I guess when your enemies control the media they can turn anything you do into an evil act. A while ago there was a donation drive for kids suffering cancer and of course it got shut down.

I guess being a youtube child porn publisher is a legit job if i have to believe what i read here.

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What a scumbag

If YouTube puts a stop to this, what's to stop the kids and pedos from using a different service for the same thing?

..yeah but, nah
Fuck these kiddie diddlers. Fuck em all to hell and back. Peel their fingers, slit their throats, rape them with pine branches.
This YouTube shit has got to stop.

op is a boomer cuck that just discovered the internet, periscope is full of nude kids

Bump for a sensible post

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Fucking kid is doing their sick shit as we speak sadly. Nothing I could do. YouTube should do their fucking job

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Noticed they found an easier way to get them to switch the stream name to emojis..

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t. pedo

sure, Dare Girl. sure

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If any of these people were actually kids they wouldnt be covering their tracks every fucking second.

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Needless to say I want to cave these parasites skulls in. I want these comments read to them in court like Hansen does for TCAP. I just want to feel their embarrassment as their integrity crumbles to dust in front of their eyes. Wouldn't that be something.

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Nice try FBI it ain't going to work on us

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What the fuck

Parents actually being in their lives

School is out. Those links are filled to hundreds. YouTube will need a fuckload more mods if they don't want pedos taking over the damn place.



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Hell I say we roleplay as officers from now on when we join these streams

YTPD, YouTube Police Department. Calling for backup in those "slime" streams someone send a squad car.

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I wouldn't do that. You don't want your IP associated with any of that shit. Write up a report and circulated it to the vice cops in various jurisdictions.

Bump for the public execution of pedos.

I too would like this

Me too. Make it public executions that we can livestream for the pedos viewing pleasure

Needs more exposure.

i made three threads about this and the (((mods))) keep deleting them and then banned me xD they really want to keep users away from the website that posts daily news stories about niggers committing crimes. silly kikes, so easy to evade. now put in the work faggots and delete all my posts


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting in St. Petersburg. St. Pete police arrested Marco Nicholas Murray, 37, and charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm for the shooting death of Christina Veronica Rush. Rush was found shot in the backyard of a St. Petersburg home early Thursday morning. Detectives say the 27-year-old woman was found just before 1:00 a.m. in the 1000 block of 15th Avenue S. Investigators believe the victim knew her attacker

Ive been checking some of the streams.
Some are kids fucking around in a classroom, while chatting with some random child. Some are different, as was posted here. In the ones I entered, there was ALWAYS a user called YT Patrol asking the kids to check with an adult.
They are kids, they are hard wired to obey auritah.
One harmless way would be LARPing as JewTube staff and require the presence of an adult, just to check and give the thumbs up.
These faggots are sweet talkers. They get the kids to expose themselves. The same these faggots are talking insanity into them, we can talk responsibility. An unraped minor is a healthy minor.
Check on these little people often. If JewTube wont do the policing, we gotta do it ourselves, unfortunately.

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This. Throw pedos/pornographers into a swamp of man-eating alligators and show their live recording to next in line of pedos before their execution.

There should be a way to report the predators to news and cyber-crime authorities? Makes my blood boil seeing this societal decline.

this is a bad idea

This would be so satisfying to watch

Jewgle is well aware that their site is full of pedophiles they embrace it, hell they promote it. Why? One to promote jewish degeneracy in general, two, fuckloads of page views. These men spend innumerable hours trawling for videos relevant to their interest. Have you noticed that Judetube doesn't allow basic users to pick their own thumbnails for their videos ? That's because Judetube would rather do it for them to make sure if there's one frame where the girls crotch is pointed at the camera or one second where it looks like their nip might slip out of their shirt that's the frame they use to promote the video.

And they'll never be prosecuted for allowing ,promoting cp because they're billionaire kikes.