HAPPENING. (((Mass shooting))) at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California

Mass shooting reported at Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks

tl;dr The worshippers of Moloch celebrated gaining the House on Tuesday by holding a blood ritual in Commiefornia among hundreds of NPCs who were at the restaurant on "College Night". The "muh think of the children, goy!" kvetching is yet to get into full swing, and you should definitely support gun control, by using both hands when you next go to the range. Many of the attendees were there from an anniversary event at the previous Blood ritual in Las Vegas in Oct 2017. Any suggestion that glow-niggers were mopping up witnesses from the previous event is as yet unconfirmed.
Unconfirmed anonymous source says the shooter was shouting "Open Borderline for all!" at the Borderline Grill, however CNN cannot confirm this at the present time because Jim Acosta is crying into an empty whiskey bottle in his room
Ensure ammo and a 80% lower is on your Christmas list because an evil "44 hand gun with a good ring to it" (said one crisis actor Tim) threw smoke grenades and forced the Middle eastern looking gunman (according to an actual witness) to pull it's trigger.
The love and feels were unable to bring the gunman to heel.
How could a gun-free zone fail so badly?
Goblina & Hogg will be making their way to NPC screens as soon as they finish rubbing their hands.

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Kike free.


That entire paragraph you wrote below the links was the among the most schizo shit I've read

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Hey look, and user who actually knows how to make a thread. I thought it was all cuckchanners here.


You still didn't get to kike the first post, though.

the falsest of flags

ty brother

Kvetching is really winding up on this one, since the last one at Mandalay Bay with Paddock was a proven false flag full of contradictions like 3 women in Paddocks room when police entered. on the police transcript that needed legal pressure to get released, and goes against the (((official))) story.

tall 6'2" - 6'3" dark figure, in hood, bandana - according to one.
medium height according to another
"I wish I had something better than a bar stool"
"light or laser attached"

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Don't worry newfag glownigger there's plenty more you'll come across after your first day.
Try not to out yourself so quickly.

It's sounding a lot like a nigger or a mallninja from the live broadcast. Also
Kek. This guy speaking live now is pretty cool.

"…but it was not in use"

light or laser attached on hangun, but not in use when shooting?

If it was a nigger that would make sense.

Multiple Streams
Cant embed that as a file because it already exists in the comment I left in the shit thread. Simi Valley user here btw. I can hear the helicopters from here


he lived streamed it here: stream.me/somefxckingjerk


This is your Zig Forums in a post-Kikey world and the new mods don't seem to give a shit about the wasteland he left behind.

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it seems like a bot designed to make Zig Forums posts

As if you'd know what a thread should look like newfag.

"we made it up the hill"
Why is she holding back laughter?

"I'm not sure what gun he had, but it looked like a 40"
WTF?? Bitch measured the chamber with her eyeball?

"he had two rounds and he changed them in 6 seconds"
"with my dad being in the military he prepared me for this"
"two rounds" = 2 magazines?
"taller white man"

Shut up you muttnigger. Just because you've got only "some" jew dna in you doesn't mean you get to rant about "everything but the problem simply being jews. Piss off, curly.

glow nigger triggered
too easy when they're so fresh.

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Shut up you muttnigger. Just because you've got only "some" jew dna in you doesn't mean you get to rant about "everything but the problem simply being jews. Piss off, curly.

Haha, saw you post this twice, retard. Eat shit bitch niggerenabler

People react to stress in all sorts of ways.

Or she's been exposed to handguns before and knows what they sound like. Are you nogunz? You sound nogunz.

Magazines, obviously.

Is is really unthinkable for a parent to educate their children on what to expect and what to do in emergency situations? God damn son. My parents covered fires, home invasion, bears, power outages, flooding, etc.

The amount of reddit in this post.

No deaths. Yawn.


So a grill whose father is military and prepared her for mass shootings didn't teach her the difference between a round and a magazine?

Seriously GTFO. I've seen AI bots do better.

Fuck off back to Reddit please. Fuckoff backed to r/the_donald you fucking scumfuck redditor, jesus christ I have had it with these reddit posts trying to usurp hatechan. Take your low-IQ ass back to reddit. Every three or four posts having reddit spacing during the past week is incredibly suspect at the very least. Its fascinating how looking up 'reddit spacing' on any search engine all yield a description, and usually examples.
Feel free to strangle this faggot.
You are not welcome here, reddit.
Who let you in? You are from reddit. Am I on fullchan or reddit? It is reddit already. And it will be so from now on. No one believes a word you say. Another deformed kike, impotent as all deformed kikes are. There's one of you in every thread. I get it, you've browsed reddit your entire life, you have a tugging in your soul that says "none of this is true." But you're still a fucking moron. You deserve to be shot to death for this post. You clearly do not belong here, and will not for at least another two years, if ever. Lurk two years. You are not intelligent enough to post here. End of story. You fundamentally do not understand what this place is. Go back to reddit. Reported. >>>/reddit/. Viral marketers and redditors came in and turned the thread into India. That fucking reddit styling. Reddit spacing denounces a subhuman. I expect nothing less from a redditor like you. Literal fucking redditors. Tired of faggots like you fucking up every thread reeing about some shit from cuck chan. You fuck up more threads than any new faggot does with your constant bullshit. Look at these pathetic faggots. Why are you butt fuckers even here? You should be on reddit. The easiest way to tell someone here is a total basement dweller from cuckchan, a newfag from reddit, or just a kike shill, is by comparing their posts to yours. I feel like t_d has moved in, a hundred excited magapedes all descending upon us like a plague, patting each other in the back and being 'outraged' when we tell them to kill themselves. The moment your lardass waddled your way into the thread I knew you were gonna say some retarded shit. Great job admitting you support jew paid shills, you dumb fuck redditor. There, that's it. That's the entirety of this meme website that isn't reddit low IQs slapping faces on random photographs. We lost, congrats, you stupid faggots. I'm pretty sure I'm not even on the smartest chan/imageboard anymore. Holy fucking christ, YOU are the problem. Only redditors and paid jewish shills have a problem with this. Why do you have a problem with it? Mcfucking kill yourself on your way back to reddit.
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Imagine being so goddamn insecure that you have to shit up your own thread.

Or she just flubbed the object of that sentence because she was stressed and had a camera in her face.

t. never had a near-death experience

this is what we get for letting meth smoking boomer trumpniggers shit up the board.

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So it's eleven DEAD. Wew.

is this copypasta?

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best way to stop these happening is to expose that they are staged

you're still new faggot, not as fresh as them, but it's still noticeable.

t for the laugh.
There's a suspicious lack of anons in this thread. Dial down your glow.

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Agreed. OP is a schizofaggot.

Suspect is Middle Eastern.

I remember you, your narrative is always kekworthy

They're not sending their best today.
Anyone with issue over the thread summary is outing themselves as arriving in the last few months. Like I said, dial down your glow.

I'm not that user, but did it in his honor. yw

Thanks validating my post you schizo fuck.

"listen guys i dno if we should comment about the race of the guy"
Confirmed Mud????
also only used a hand gun smoke grenades

"in perhaps a trench coat with a semi-automatic handgun *if it was an AR I'd have an orgasm voice tremor* and reloaded several times, at least!"
Is anyone retarded enough to buy this? Yes, I know the answer
How do you reload "several times at least"? Either you reload several times or you don't.

so far I've heard
"white guy"
"trench coat"
"medium" height
"middle eastern"
"baseball cap"

good for you kid, have a cookie with milk on me. You still outed yourself already.

If you disagree with them and make your first post, you're a disgusting (1)
If you disagree with them and make multiple posts you're a faggot tryhard (x)

It's obvious pilpul tactics

lurk moar then, faggot - until you figure out how it works

Smoke grenades make me think mossad or arab with ties.

Noidea smoke grenades are readily available like could be one for smoking bees for all we know rather then military grade
but what gets me is the FBI arrived instantly on the scene

So a jew then?

The Daily Fail says 12 dead.

Twelve dead as trenchcoat-wearing gunman storms 'student night' at country bar: Suspect kills himself after hurling smoke grenades onto dance floor and killing cop in California


Another obvious anti-white act by a genocidal occupying government.

They are trying to do a 9/11 type event for a wide-ranging gun grab. Las Vegas and Paddock 2.0.

"30s-40s in a trench coat"
"lighter skin"
"facial hair"
"brown hair"

dead count:
11 victims
1 suspect
13 total - according to police earlier


Is trump going to make as big of a deal about this as he did with bowers? is he going to destroy those who want to destroy white people?

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crisis actor is on now

Crying Tim earlier said he was sorry he didn't go back in because they're just young kids and he's 56 and lived a long life.

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I'm calling it - cap this.
Tim Dominguez will be on CNN & Ellen crying

There are many white presenting people in the pictures, one chink, but they are alive, they matter less, I want to know the races of the dead. If you go into a mostly white club, but only kill niggers and other shitskins you do a public service, does not matter if a few whites get scared in the process.

Completely unconvincing interview.

I hope someone recorded his first interview.
It was acting 101.



feels good man

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While I do think that this is a false flag, he's not incorrect. Mixing up related terminology while your brain is recovering from a massive flight or flight chem dump isn't that strange. Rounds belong in magazines, brain associates them, makes some degree of sense.

As for laughing, my stress response during my first firefight was a massive erection, and my reaponse to physical pain has been strained laughter ever since I grew past the crying phase as a wee babby.

his nose looks weird

Las Vegas shooting survivors were inside Thousand Oak bar, friends say


This is why are posting here user, not on facebook

cia beanie gives it away

>the synagogue shooting scheme seemed alright. Let’s keep going and just have shootings all around. Completely (((organic))) so we can push more gun control
It’s laughably transparent what this is.


Since higher education in Cali is pozzed to hell isn't that no big loss?
Too bad it's a false flag.

>>the synagogue shooting scheme seemed alright. Let’s keep going and just have shootings all around. Completely (((organic))) so we can push more gun control
Yes it is user. Pic related

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synagogue shooting only seemed "alright" because everyone sane want kikes dead, and hoping for heroes to start killing them. Some suspicion was thrown away there, because wanting it to be real, plus all the "victims" there were kikes, so no loss at all even if real. In cases like this, we don't get clear info on victims, it's is a waste (in most cases) if whites, and we never get a clear understandable motive (so we naturally go for thinking it is probably fake because kikes want gun control).

Any glownigger that say that Pale Horse quote is "just a book user", it is from Bill Cooper who had top level security clearance, and correctly predicted 9/11 the month before, and he died when SWATted the month after it happened.

Wasn't it only the one fat chick in the white shirt who said she saw them? I heard three other people mention that they heard someone mention smoke bombs but didn't see one.

This happened right on the doorstep of one of a fuckhuge field office. Assuming that the FBIniggers hustled it was a drive of 25 or so minutes from the LA field office according to google maps; if it took the FBIniggers 10 minutes to roll out it's not unreasonable that they could be on-scene a little more than half a hour after the first reports and ~10 minutes after the police took the door for the second time. Then again I'm not sure how these things work so my timeline might be wrong.

I can't tell if he's retarded, has a screw loose or is just a teenager.

Why Kevin Nash why?

Does anyone really give a shit about mass shootings anymore? Do they really think this will change anything?

Expect (((mass shootings))) to go through the roof over the next 2 years. Dems are going to use this to paint Cuckservatives in a negative light when they block gun confiscation bills in the senate. Its going to be the "big issue" in 2020 and Trump will sign gun confiscation bills into law. They are already taking them in Florida, expect confiscations to start in California, New York, and Nevada.

fuck jannies

Huh, current interviewee mentioned smoke bombs. Said you couldn't see anything.

Hi Shareblue! Kill youself.


pretty much this.



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Downplay shit security, push for gun control, and scrub all mentions of his shitskin ethnicity while pushing for the Virgin with Rage angle.

You are a disgusting animal, that's completely unnatural.

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I've heard a few say they saw him. One girl said she saw his face, then was asked what he looked like, and she said it was a silhouette and he wore black so she wasn't so certain, but he had facial hair.

Better off dressing people as Super villains and false flag watchmen into existence

emotional news reporter on with voice tremor about to breakdown.

This is a Unit 8200 bot

So a (((fellow white))) shooter? That actually fits the profile from the witnesses pretty well, user.

I should also note that this reeks of a 2 for 1 ploy.
Yids are still paranoid as fuck that their voter fraud and other shit will be investigated and called out, dug into, etc. so the easier option is for the. To distract the public eye as much as possible. Hence early staged shooting in scene 3. Now with how sloppily and hasty this was put together, they’re bound to have shit still laying around that they fucked up on, much like the fake mailbomb ploy. At the same time they can give an attempt at “this is why we need more gun control. Ban this little bit, ban that little bit, etc.”
they’re trying to wrench back control of the narrative and eye of the public.

No they aren't. They control the police force. They control the courts. They control the legislative branches. They aren't scare for shit. They are the on the offensive and the best you can do is call them a yid on an Anonymous message board. Whites are finished because they won't fight back.

An armed public is always the enemy of the ruling class. He never tells his enemies what he's going to do.
And that's what I don't get about so called lefties, if you ban guns, how is anyone ever going to attempt a credible assassination like the one they have been calling for since 2016?

is this him? stream.me/somefxckingjerk

Why use smoke grenades? This limits abilty - why does the Police etc use smoke grenades?

'Big Ass! 30 rounds - 10 mins……."

Checked. They target whites so whites say ermagerd pls disarm us. muh baby died!!! etc. All they have to do is keep doing these shootings indefinitely to soften whitey up for total confiscation

Wonder if local College GOP clubs were having a celebratory event there, headquarters is is in T.O.?
Borderline is a very large Venue for a "bar" (prob has tons of events to stay in business with clientele it is marketing to verses just over the hill in Oxnard) no way security is anywhere close to a concert venue with same numbers, seeing as it is CAL, almost guarantee security was not armed, maybe one off-duty in the group, maybe. Note 18+

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