Facebook requires your surrender

I have a facebook account solely to network my business to the general public in the local area and naturally I haven't uploaded any identifying photos or information at all besides my email address.

Apparently it's the norm now for media monopolies to require photo identification of you before you can use their internet forum because reasons.

How the fuck is this legally justifiable? If it wasn't a monopoly, they'd never be able to force you to upload personal information because people would just go to a competitor. But I HAVE to use facebook in this case. It's the only site middle aged or older normies use, who are my target market.

Fuck them if they think I'm going to trust them to delete my photo.

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China already has AI that now trains self controlled guns to identify faces of local convicts.

I bet you have a credit card and a mortgage as well, its already too late for you.

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No I don't, it's just for advertising my business which I need to do. We're at a point where you can't take part in society without giving your personal details to facebook for fucks sake.

I've always used weird photos of dogs and never had a problem.

The government has everything on you ever since your birth certificate was issued anyway, and facebook is just an arm of the CIA.

Sorta related, twitter just asked for me to confirm my cell phone number.

But hey, if you want to prank them, just send a photo of your asshole. Somebody there will see it anyway.

Just crop and mirror a porn screenshot OP


Take an screenshot of a game character (one of those with the detailed character editors, like the Sims or what have you) and upload that.
Optionally contact support and say you can't have photographs taken because of religious reasons.

A facebook page is pretty weak advertising, quite frankly. The better value is to buy targeted ads, and they don't require you to have a FB page for that.

At least now you know a way to get your facebook page deleted: just start posting that you are a Nazi, and how whites are great and everyone else is animals that should be slaves, make jokes about minorities and SJW's doing stupid tricks and dying, ect ect. Posting child porn won't get you kicked off facebook, but posting pro-white-superiority material does,,,, for some odd reason.

Optionally, use an image of a gorilla.

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upload a photo of your company's face, then faggot.

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1. Go on soc.
2. Steal a picture from a rate thread.
3. Crop it so they can't reverse image search.

You now have a Facebook picture.

You can't take part in their society. All slaves must be clearly identifiable, that's obvious.
So you sent them a picture of yourself in a headscarf, and sunglasses?

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Why don't you just try uploading a random person's photo?

i know it would be a real tragedy if some people went to silicon valley and started killing employees of.. well any company there

Dude, just man the fuck up and take a picture of your feet. Click continue. Profit.

It's a corporation.
Operating in corporation-heaven.
It doesn't care about justifying shit.
Delete your facebook.

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the thing is:
it's probably true, they will delete the photo
they will keep the facemapping matrix values extracted from the photo, however, the data they use to identify you on surveillance cameras
this will never be deleted

(((Zuckerberg))) is mossad and facebook is an Israeli intelligence tool.

oh look an OP that literally no one here would ever see unless they don't belong here

More ID required to shit post than vote
Okay, that's kinda funny… that OP still uses facebook.
Business? Okay I guess.
Pay your Zuckerberg tax.

Try a fake photo, fuck them.

What "society" are you taking part in that requires facebook?

What alternatives are you using for online purchases? As far as cc go, if you pay them off every month there is no interest.

They don't know how you look, OP.
Just upload a fake selfie photo and fuck'em

Paypal is fine for most things if you absolutely must purchase something online. It does require you to have a bank account which is not ideal but certain concessions must be made just to survive.


I'll confirm those digits

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Kikebooks done this for years, back in 2012 I got locked out of my account for no reason at all and they demanded to see a photo of me + state ID because I couldn't verify my old cell number.

kikebook doesn't have call support, your only option is giving in or getting out.

back around then 2011-2012 i had a throwaway to shill redpills on syria/arab spring
that was before it had gotten to the surveillance level that its at now
still, it only took em a few months to start demanding personal info from me
didnt give it to em, and got locked out
so ended my little dance with mainstream social media

I think its strange that you would pay a third party to make all your purchases for you when you could do it yourself instead. The only reason its an accepted practice seems to be because it is impossible to get a loan or a mortgage without a good credit score, so why are you doing it at all unless you plan on paying interest in the future? Screening the goodest goy for further exploitation, this is the credit industry.

The society of homeowning boomers/gen xers in my area that exclusively use facebook. I'm a landscaper.

You're a slave to cattle. This is the harsh reality settling upon you, fakebook is there to make the cattle happy like you are. They need to know with whom their cattle are associating; what if you're an 8chad m9, they will need to send you updates about where you've that the google earth camera network detected using facial recognition from the photo you are going to provide, and by updates that is constant advertisements intended to destabilize your mental health with their strange pertinence and foresight.

They've had that for years for personal accounts in certain situations, OP. I used to hack thousands of the shits.

Don't worry. My Republican friends assured me that the red market equilibrium wave of personal property and competition will fix everything.

debit cards work fine for online purchases, are you underage or something?

Not sure if trust fund kid or retard that rents

z o g g e d


hivemind fellow torbro

you should open up 5 profiles an hour for a month and spam them with gore everytime you get photo trolled

If you start your account from a college they have way, way less verification shit like this.

Use your own email domain? They want a licence.


They've done this for 10 years. You just got chosen by a mod. Sometimes they want you to upload your license. Fuck off with your dumb ass life troubles.


If you cant afford a house in the broken economy, dont buy a house. People like this are why things can get as bad as they have, it is complacency, there is no excuse.

I deleted my fb. :^)

Rent is just as jewish as credit and renting is a worse financial decision.


Literally "do you have a license for that, mate?"

Fuck it, we're doomed.


Remember anons;
Report D&C threads.
Sage D&C threads.
Filter D&C threads.

Remember anons;
Report slide threads.
Sage slide threads.
Filter slide threads.


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Live in a fucking van then if youre so poor that its somehow unreasonable to pay a million dollars for a one bedroom condo.

Omg I hate this corrupt monopoly let's defeat them by using their service and spreading fear about switching to alternatives!!!

One step fucking process you people are just weak

You can use Google to sign into Facebook. Make new sites, make executive order where anyone can use Facebook account to sign into MySpace for example because this is the same as Verizon being only place you are allowed to call or text people, if 8ch social network is scary , one step process, someone who needs a safe space can ban interaction with anyone on there. Jews keep their billion person head start but have to compete in free market . An 8ch user can possibly get a pass to travel to face cuck land under the condition that they don't swear. At that point yeah sure you can control speech since it's your business and not a fucking monopoly on something people rely on to survive.

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I am just like you, user. I like interest-free loans. Can you spare some money? I promise to pay you back.

>just follow (((our))) rules goy. credit cards aren’t bad! you’re just a bad goy!

Checked. If any of you dumb fucks still has a kikebook page, just kill yourself now, because you’re a faggot traitor with no principles.

Look, just pretend like you're a nigger from nigger land and use a proxy vpn to make it seem legit. They let niggers do ANYTHING.

Upload a picture of Hitler. Get all your friends to do the same. There should be thousands of users uploading pictures of Hitler. Turn it into a meme or something. People are ditching facebook, so might as well do it with style.

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Yes, let's be pragmatic and put on the shackels.

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really good point, this is the kind of semantical bullshit the tribe would use.

I literally sended them this and they unlocked my account again.

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Why don't you just do it like in the old days and go outside for a change and get your business across that way

As someone who owns my own business, I use credit cards to cover routine monthly online purchases which I then immediately pay off. I keep the business' debit card only for withdrawing or depositing money into the local bank branch. I do this for security reasons. The credit cards have limits. No purchases over X dollars. I have three cc accounts. Each covers a different reoccurring set of monthly preplanned expenses. I HAVE had one of the credit card numbers designated for vehicle fuel stolen because the gas station I stopped at didn't properly secure their machines. It was easy to trace precisely where and when the number was compromised and the number was changed. I lost zero dollars and zero cents. I lost nothing on operating expenses due to an account getting temporarily frozen until I could sort the matter. Furthermore, nothing from my business' checking or savings compromised or impacted.

THIS is why business owners typically use credit cards. I have never paid interest on any of them and actually do accrue whatever bullshit points they acquire towards shit like booking airfare or hotel rooms.

Then wouldn't you want people to see and know your face…

Does anyone know how to delete their Facebook account if it's been locked and they're asking for ID to prove my identity? I haven't even tried logging back in for almost a year, but would rather have it "deleted" than still accessible to any goy that looks my name up.

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Add this to your hosts file. ct-m-fbx.fbsbx.com0.0.0.0 facebook-web-clients.appspot.com0.0.0.0 fb.me0.0.0.0 fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net0.0.0.0 h-ct-m-fbx.fbsbx.com.online-metrix.net0.0.0.0 sac-h-ct-m-fbx.fbsbx.com.online-metrix.net0.0.0.0 fb.com0.0.0.0 newsroom.fb.com0.0.0.0 investor.fb.com

Requiring ID to vote is racist.
Therefore, requiring ID to Facebook is also racist.

She never moves her eyes once.

Thank you for this. Do you happen to have a list to avoid google tracking as well?

I trade in chicken tendies, chicken tendies derivatives and good boy points.
I obtain a large yield on my portfolio of chicken tendies derivatives especially.

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Coinbase and other faggot companies have started demanding selfies. It has to be used as a weapon against them or it'll be a big loss for anyone that isn't a sodomite bottom.

Kill yourself faggot OP. You bending the knee makes you my enemy. If you were a smart white you'd farm the selfie out and if you had courage you wouldn't use Nosebook at all.


I think they actually do. I've submitted the same photo a number of times on different accounts and never had an issue. I was apprehensive at first but decided to do it anyway because I don't give a shit what they try to do me.

I've tried a fake photo before and was locked out. I think they reverse image search it to make sure it's a real photo.

That's hot tbh

pic unrelated

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Credit/debit cards allow (((them))) to track your purchases.

Found the transqueer niggerfaggot. Alcoholism will plague you your entire life. You already know the only way out for you, suicide. Do it now, manifest your purpose.

If you had to summarize the message of this video in three words, what would it be.


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That doesn't work, normie.
Do a horizontal flip instead, then you don't even need to crop it.

wew laddie


Screw your optics. Hollow points turn Jews into good people.

I uploaded this.

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When I saw this, I used a warped and skewed and flipped version of my fake profile picture, and it worked.

such insight

twatter does that if it thinks you're being a bad goy or doing ops.
I just refuse to give it to them and not use their site. Fuck that noise.

Kek, if they do that I'll just make another burner.
I basically have a biz account i nearly never use and an old personal account i deleted which is now re-made with same email to buy gun parts.
They have not bothered me for an image as they know i will delete it at a hat drop.
Just delete your account and make another one, they will get the idea that you don't give a fuck and have nothing to lose by being on there.