JP Morgan Manipulating The Price of Silver Down and Has Acquired over 95 Million Ounces

An ex-J.P. Morgan Chase trader has admitted to manipulating the U.S. markets of an array of precious metals for about seven years – and he has implicated his supervisors at the bank.

John Edmonds, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of commodities fraud and one count each of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, price manipulation and spoofing, according to a Tuesday release from the U.S. Department of Justice. Edmonds spent 13 years at New York-based J.P. Morgan until leaving last year, according to his LinkedIn account.

As part of his plea, Edmonds said that from 2009 through 2015 he conspired with other J.P. Morgan traders to manipulate the prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures contracts on exchanges run by the CME Group. He and others routinely placed orders that were quickly cancelled before the trades were executed, a price-distorting practice known as spoofing.

“For years, John Edmonds engaged in a sophisticated scheme to manipulate the market for precious metals futures contracts for his own gain by placing orders that were never intended to be executed,” Assistant Attorney General Brian Benczkowski said in the release.

Around the same time silver bullion was hitting its near $50 high in late April 2011, JPMorgan began stockpiling silver bullion in its COMEX warehouse.

Although the commercial bank has occasionally allowed registered silver stocks to be withdrawn, the near 6 year trend from nothing to now over 95 million ounces of silver has been steady.

No other silver warehouses on the COMEX have stockpiled silver like JPMorgan. Overall the other five silver warehouses combined have dropped their silver inventories over the same near six year timeframe.

This data has led many silver industry commentators to publicly speculate over JPMorgan’s motivations as their silver warehouse now holds close to 50% of all deliverable silver bullion on the COMEX (the largest silver price influencing commodity exchange in the world).

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Didn't click. But I can tell you who: Jews

Andrew Maguire is a British commodities trader and whistleblower. He presented evidence to United States regulators alleging that fraud had been committed, and that prices in the international gold and silver markets had been manipulated. No regulatory or legal action has been taken as a result of his accusations.

In an interview with CBC aired in April 2013 Andrew Maguire described how mysterious traders, allegedly working for bullion banks JPMorgan and to a lesser extent HSBC, waited for most of the major markets from Shanghai to London to be closed then concentrated their dealing on COMEX. He explained how traders were trading virtual or electronic silver anonymously using algorithmic trading systems "moving in and out of the futures markets in the blink of an eye. Four hundred contracts a second, each contract represents 5,000 troy ounces of silver." Maguire described a sudden and massive wave of selling of up to 45,000 contracts which drove the price of silver down. "Investors big and small try to cut their losses and sell as the price drops." People who had invested heavily lost everything. Then the mysterious seller just as suddenly started buying the electronic silver again. The price of silver soared as did profits for the seller. 45,000 contracts with a profit of $80,000 per contract totaled $3,600,000,000 for the mystery seller.

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Bank of Nova Scotia charged by CFTC with spoofing in gold, silver futures

The Bank of Nova Scotia BNS, -0.09% was charged by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission with multiple acts of spoofing in gold and silver futures between June 2013 and June 2016. Traders placed orders to buy or sell precious metals futures contracts with the intent to cancel the orders before execution, the CFTC said. The CFTC fine was $800,000, as the CFTC said the penalty was substantially reduced because it reported the conduct to the agency.

Deutsche Bank

The CFTC today issued an Order filing and settling charges against Deutsche Bank AG (DB AG) and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. (DBSI) (collectively, DB), requiring DB to pay a $30 million civil monetary penalty and to undertake remedial relief. The Order finds that from at least February 2008 and continuing through at least September 2014, DB AG, by and through certain precious metals traders (Traders), engaged in a scheme to manipulate the price of precious metals futures contracts by utilizing a variety of manual spoofing techniques with respect to precious metals futures contracts traded on the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX), and by trading in a manner to trigger customer stop-loss orders.


The CFTC today issued an Order filing and settling charges against UBS AG (UBS), requiring UBS to pay a $15 million civil monetary penalty and to undertake remedial relief. The Order finds that from January 2008 through at least December 2013, UBS, by and through the acts of certain precious metals traders on the spot desk (Traders), attempted to manipulate the price of precious metals futures contracts by utilizing a variety of manual spoofing techniques with respect to precious metals futures contracts traded on the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX), including gold and silver, and by trading in a manner to trigger customer stop-loss orders.


The CFTC today issued an Order filing and settling charges against HSBC Securities (USA) Inc. (HSBC) for engaging in numerous acts of spoofing with respect to certain futures products in gold and other precious metals traded on the Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX). The Order finds that HSBC engaged in this activity through one of its traders based in HSBC’s New York office. The Order requires HSBC to pay a civil monetary penalty of $1.6 million, to cease and desist from violating the Commodity Exchange Act’s prohibition against spoofing, and to take specified steps to implement and strengthen their training, systems, and controls to detect and deter spoofing by HSBC personnel in the futures markets. In accepting HSBC’s offer of settlement, the CFTC recognizes the bank’s cooperation during the Division of Enforcement’s investigation of this matter.

Krishna Mohan

The CFTC today announced the filing of a federal court enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas against Krishna Mohan of New York City, New York, charging him with spoofing (bidding or offering with the intent to cancel before execution) and engaging in a manipulative and deceptive scheme in the E-mini Dow ($5) futures contract market on the Chicago Board of Trade and the E-mini NASDAQ 100 futures contract market on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Jitesh Thakkar & Edge Financial Technologies

The CFTC today announced the filing of a federal court enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, charging Jitesh Thakkar of Naperville, Illinois, and his company, Edge Financial Technologies, Inc. (Edge), with aiding and abetting spoofing and a manipulative and deceptive scheme in the E-mini S&P futures contract market on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (E-mini S&P).

Jiongsheng Zhao

The CFTC today announced the filing of a federal court enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against Defendant Jiongsheng Zhao, of Australia, charging him with spoofing and engaging in a manipulative and deceptive scheme in the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract market on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

James Vorley & Cedric Chanu

The CFTC announced the filing of a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois against James Vorley, a U.K. resident, and Cedric Chanu, a United Arab Emirates resident, charging them with spoofing and engaging in a manipulative and deceptive scheme in the precious metals futures markets.

Andre Flotron

The CFTC announced the filing of a civil enforcement action in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut against Andre Flotron, of Switzerland, charging him with engaging in a manipulative and deceptive scheme and spoofing in the precious metals futures markets on a registered entity.

Yes the jews are behind it all. They are manipulating the price of the ETF so they can buy physical at a cheaper price and also discourage the goyim from acquiring their own supply. The Fact that the jews do not want you to own precious metals is a good reason to. They want you broke and poor when they cause hyperinflation and pull the plug on the economy so they can further enslave you. Weimar is our future if we don't do something about it.

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t. guy who gets shot while lugging around a 100lb box of silver when SHTF

The chart shows a deep drop in price but the dip only represents 0.13 cents/oz

t. guy who has to wheelbarrow 100,000,000 million dollars across town to buy a loaf of bread.

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should i buy silver?

Are you blind? The price was like 50 dollars now its down to 14

an economic collapse will be a depression, not a fucking mad max movie

Watch these videos then decide. Every fiat currency has failed and went into hyperinflation throughout history.

Short answer yes.

Long answer: don't expect any return on investment till inflation takes off. You wont profit as much off trading stocks, currency, options, etc… It's more of a long term wealth protection.

… back in 2012.
t. bought at $8/oz.; sold for $26/oz.

i have money, so maybe i should just buy $1000-$3000 or so in silver? whats the best way to do that? just 1oz coins so they could be used? or buy a block since its better per oz.

Reminder to get you money out of the banks.

when you buy coins, you're paying for the minting+metal. Better to buy small bars, but tbh, always check spot price vs sale price. Sometimes people will sell at or near spot price for coins/jewelry in places like pawn shops just to get it to move.

I've used apmex and jmbullion. but personally prefer apmex.

Yes one ounce coins are more usable but larger bars are also cheaper. It really depends on your strategy. If SHTF you obviously don't want something too big where it wouldn't make sense for you to trade it because you would loose out.

I personally have a mix of bars, one ounce coins, and junk silver ie pre 1964 coins that have silver in them.

I would personally buy some tubes of ASE or buffalo rounds. Just don't buy some meme shit coins with guardians of the galaxy or some crap on them. You can buy bags of junk silver for small transactions as well.

i always see it around me for $2-3 above spot nomatter the quantity so ive always been hesitant. i feel like bars could not be used easily and are more for an investment while coins are better for a shtf situation.

when buying a bar its still like above spot by $2, which is only slightly better than coins…. but still better especially if youre spending 2-3k

dont those buffalo/etc coins contain a mix of silver and still cost way above spot for the amount of silver? why get these kind?

yes, but know that precious metals actually have less value during the middle of crash. some people will trade with them, but goods are needed more. however, once stabilization or recovery starts, then their value is best and they are sought after.

coins are easily usable, and easier to get if you don't have much money, but you pay a small premium. Bars, and the more you buy in bulk, you get discount.

No they are .999 silver. They are actually much closer to spot than the ASE. Current price for a buffalo round is 16.30 compared to 18.21 for an ASE. Both contain the exact same amount and purity of silver. The buffalo round is almost 2 dollars an ounce cheaper. With the ASE you are paying numismatic value for the design / fact it is minted by the us mint. Rounds are closer in comparison to bars because they do not have a face value. The ASE actually has a face value of 1 dollar.

but dont buffolo rounds weigh significantly less than 1oz?

the example I was talking about both are one ounce so it is the exact same amount of silver you are just paying more for the design and face value of the ASE other than that they are exactly the same

However, for coins and rounds they come 1/10 , 1/4 , 1/2 and 1 ounce. There are even some larger ones like 2oz 5oz 10oz.

Bars can go down to grams all the way up to kilograms it all depends on what weight you want to buy.

It's a bump from me, Jack

also lrn2archive OP

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Holy shit I had an intuition to buy a bunch of silver a while back. It's super cheap and any time you talk about precious metals on the Internet our friendly shills appear to poo-poo them. Makes you think.

This shit happens all the time, and nothing gets done about it.

its because the derivatives/futures market is where the big boys play
with enough money, you can push any commodity/index/whatever any which way you need via pure volume of futures contracts. its essentially fingerpainting with pure money.
manipulation of price is a crime, however these guys have ways of signaling to one another (often with specific orders that they flash to each other on the orderflow, similar to what MMs do in other markets). since two different parties are involved, it goes un-persecuted. also theyre all getting paid so no one rats obviously.

there are sites that you can whistleblow to, but like i said, these guys are pro, and they leave very little evidence that can be used against them also its very likely that these whistlblower guys are on the payroll too

these types of manipulations also end up being coordinated with the options market, where even more money is suckered out of gambling retail traders. derivatives is a dog eat dog world. basically banks mugging other banks while all of them are mugging retail. fascinating stuff to watch with the right kind of eyes

traditionally platinum has a larger run for the first pump. then all of them crash out again on a massive stock market crash (causing a spike in USD price) thus forming the beartrap, and thats when you wanna buy silver or gold. silver being the more volatile one

the problem is that metals, due to their inverse correlation with USD price, tend to crash alongside the markets. you buy metals at the bottom of the first crash, and hold for the recession/depression/inflation, or until the FED starts to rapidly change monetary policy. but again, these are some of the most manipulated commodities on the street, so buyer beware. i suppose if youre a doomer looking to hold metals forever, this should be of no concern, but even still, there are many rather mundane things that become massively more valuable in end-of-fiat type scenarios ie toilet paper, toothpaste, bullets etc… ask a venezuelan for more specifics. shiny rocks do retain value, but they are heavy, unwieldy, and draw a lot of attention that you may or may not want in the total economic collapse scenario

regardless, while silver has been obviously manipulated down after 08, the one that has been absolutely hammered is platinum, which has been bearish for a number of years while gold/silver have ranged. thats my bet for the ultimate metals run for this recession/depression. to say nothing of the fact that south africa is one of the major producers of platinum if they go full zim, i expect platinum spot to skyrocket

your archive link doesn't work

I'd much rather hold metal than worthless pieces of paper that the jews can print an infinite number of. Sure growing your own food and supplies will be important too. I don't plan to sell any shiny during a recession the goal just being not having your wealth wiped out to pass it onto future generations.

I thought platinum was more of an industrial metal the main use being catalytic converters and the price tended to rise and fall with car production? Not that I have anything against one metal or another. I've heard people say silver is more of an industrial now due to its need in solar panels and coating of medical equipment for its antimicrobial properties.

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I personally like the canadian predator series coins and the birds of prey series. My only theoretical problems with the pms is the government could have found a huge undisclosed stash say in the western US making my small amount worthless & pms might not even be needed as money is a credit on the future labor of the nation backed by the sovereign.

yea dont take the doomer thing the wrong way
i believe a healthy distrust of the fiat debt currency system is just that: healthy

but even then, diversification is important.
metals prices themselves are some of the most manipulated things in all of wall st, let alone all of history. and its important to remember that the FED/BIS/world bank mafia hold the lions share of the precious metals supplies. so even in the event of metals skyrocketing in demand, they can always just sell some, and short it back to where it hardly moves in value (or even goes down).

it is
its also the rarest of the so called precious metals, more so than gold or silver. and it also has more industrial applications than gold and silver. up until several years ago, platinum spot was almost ALWAYS worth more than gold spot. then it was manipulated downward. some of this could be due to as you say, falling auto production, but this is far from its only industrial use.

i just find the way platinum has been acting to be even more suspect than the manipulation in silver that this article talks about. theres also substantially less "goldbugs" a la schiff and the other cunts who sucker boomers into buying the top via fox news commercials involved in platinum. less shills and activity generally means more opportunity to partake without being scammed imo

Can't have free markets if jews are allowed to participate.

We used to have things called "governments" that enforced laws to protect their citizens,.. anti-trust / anti-monopoly type laws, for example, laws designed to protect the working individual from the criminal schemes of oligarchs and corporations.

Now with jews we lose.

No arrests of Wall Street kikes happened after the 2008 financial debacle either.

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Works well for bribes. We're heading for turdworld corruption, so familiarize yourself with the customs.
or have your tailing vehicle light him up if he chooses the "lead" option

They were too big to fail goy ;) it’s okay the government will just take out a loan from the federal reserve to help them out that you’re responsible to pay for. Hope you don’t mind goy ;)

they nabbed one credit-suisse fag and that was it
he mustve pissed someone off

td;dr buy silver

A group of large institutional investors including BlackRock Inc and Allianz SE’s Pacific Investment Management Co has sued 16 major banks, accusing them of rigging prices in the roughly $5.1 trillion-a-day foreign exchange market.

They should be forced to drink molten silver as punishment for their greed.

Actually its a reminder to use worthless fiat to buy items before its deemed worthless from run away inflation.

Yes, 1oz coins from your governmint's mint as they're legal tender which in one scenario could make a difference. Also buyers prefer them. Some 10oz bars from any of the major foundries is fine as well.

Silver is a strong buy here at this price. Everyone should have 10-20% of their savings in PM's. Just makes sense.

The Hunt brothers did the same thing back in the 80'sI think They manipulated the silver market and ALMOST FUCKING CORNERED IT. It was huge news at the time but they got caught and slapped down for their efforts. I remember reporting that they had an ungodly amount of actual physical fine silver in their possesion.

Give me a fuckin break, guy.
Commodity money has been getting suppressed for like 30 years. Obviously, they set up china to be the opfor to the US/global empire in ww3. Moving huge ass amounts of gold overseas for like two decades straight, and your just now noticing?
Here, let me help you out. I will give you some Nostradamus-tier shit compared to the revelation here.
The dollar is going to hyper-inflate.
So hard that the banks are going to replace with blockchain ledger currency.
Gold/silver will gain heavy value upon dollar collapse which will strengthen china, but then that value will be supplanted into the new global currency.
Then, youll all finally have your world government and be slaves forever.
Happy hunting.

bartering didn't and bitcoin didn't idiot.

Silver has just as many uses as platinum, and possibly more.
Something that's not talked about much is that silver kills everything.
Silver is 100% effective against all known microbial infections.
Silver is also effective against viral infections.
It's used in brazing, soldering, high performance wire, etc.

Platinum's primary use is in catalysts ranging from silicone to fuel cells.

I'm waiting for someone to create a way to dope teeth with silver to prevent all cavities.

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Archive didn't work, none of the referrers work, so you get a screenshot.

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Are you stacking for before or after the collapse? Very important distinction

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Do you get why this was important anons?
Follow along for a bit. Morgan Stanley was allowed to manipulate the market for almost 10 years mostly during the Obama admin. Now they not only made profits but turned them into physical. Why?
They did very little with gold. Makes you wonder. Now follow along. They were given control of Bear Sterns who IS the largest shorter of silver. Why take these profits in physical? It gets better. Not only did they suck the physical backing the paper off the market, they also bought every single ounce worldwide from refineries for a year. 2015/16. Every shop dealing in Bullion worldwide was suddenly instead of a week out due to shipping, further out. At the end it became 4+ months. The market dropped in value at this time…..strange.
So Morgan Stanley has 4x the amount of physical silver the Hunt brothers ever controlled (and they were hedging to get that much).
So who is Morgan Stanley hooked into really hard as a business partner? Glencore.
You guys know those fuckheads.
Who fronted for them because their (((founder))) Marc Rich taught them the commodities hustle?
Bill and fucking Hillary Clinton. You guys have no idea how close they were to fucking over the world. The controlling interest in Glencore is owned by the Qatar investment group with the next big chunk belonging to the Saudis. Hence the shakeup last year and all the whackings. Qatar is declared a bitch state of the new Saudi in charge. It averted what could still have happened even though HIllary didn't get the presidency. This is really tinfoil part.
The US has relatively little reserves of silver on federal land. Our dollar is backed by shit that isnt even dug out of the ground yet along with the general belief in our economy. Tank gold hard while jacking silver to 50 to 100 an ounce. Gold at 250 fucks us hard. Hence why they tried to replace Europes population. We are already half and half. Any major Bosnia/Serbia type shit would break along racial lines also. It's gotterdamerung (sp). Here and Europe. They didnt move enough wogs into Europe but they would still be fuckerood.

All brought to you by the same (((people))) who shorted most of the blue chips back in 08/09 and brought you new senate laws. You didnt believ the crash was about people not making house payments did you? They withdrew somewhere between .5 and 2 trillion that time. This time was cashing out of the US for good. Europe also probably. Dunno their new destination but it would probably be the most malleable and useful population left.

Thanks for pushing Trump into the oval office. It was close. They were going to make the crash of 29 look like a blip. They will try a new play. Europe has backed away from the mass immigration disaster partially at least. The EU army is probably their new fuckery. What else I dont know. Again thank you incels for what you did. We would all be starving right now if you hadnt helped push the bad orange man into office. Even the clowns and alphabets didnt see this coming. Those fucks wouldnt take them, so they couldnt have known.

I was going to rage at that response. I'm glad I restrained myself. Your replies are much better. Thanks for the sensible chuckle!

Very interesting take on the state of things, user…
I am saddened, but not surprised that this topic is getting as little attention here as it is. Would you be so kind as to point me in the direction of a discussion board or other resource where the kind of information that you present is more well received?
I am doing my best to prepare my body, mind, spirit, and family for the eventual happening - whatever form it may take. The information on this site is helpful, but it is rare to find in depth discussion of world economic power plays like the one you allude to.
Any advise will be very much appreciated. I have asked God to bless you and watch over you for caring enough to share what you have already.
Thank you.

Some people consider that this game is still on. This economy is just not growing anymore, even after the infinite debt cheat code. No growth, no profits, no point in letting this one live. Different players (dynasties) in the West have different strategies to profit from the inevitable (but potentially controllable), you just uncovered one (a nice one though!). 2019 seems to be the agreed moment. Exciting!

Not the original author, but ping me at [email protected] during the next half hour and I'll point you somewhere.

The depression happened when America and Europe was white. We live in Mudtopias now. When the SHTF this time and muh EBT bix noods, it will be a chimpout like you have never seen before.

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Hopefully I caught you in time. If not, I'll be back on tonight after 8 EST.

You should have mail.

Confirmed. Thanks.

Precious metals hoarders BTFO as silver prices will drop. Just imagine being so much of a brainlet that you think storing wealth in commodities that are being price gauged is more viable the jew money. I wonder if the hoarding shilling was sponsored by that guy.

more viable than the jew money*

Hmm, precious metal prices are probably kept down behind the scenes (as you've just read, the world has found out how it was done for silver a few days ago). So they were bad investments so far… and that situation will likely reverse if fiat money has its next (final?) hyperinflation. I'm willing to entertain the idea that it's going to happen soon (remember "Phoenix", the NWO money, was supposed to happen about right now, predicted 30 years ago). Just keep your eyes open.

For what? Anybody who's not an idiot can figure out that the best way to store wealth is in anything that has its price dictated by the amount of work put into it. Think about WW2 Germany's man-hours measurement of everything that was used instead of jewish banks.

Yes, Germany did finance saner and healthier and got nice results. We don't get that option today, not before something bad happens anyway. Everybody's addicted to free shit, the whole West. Resources and energy cannot be printed, though, so that will have to stop (or only continue for a few places while everybody else provides). You need to be ready for the moment it happens, so you can dump taxable stuff (real estate) and fiat if you're not in the next Elysium, if there's even going to be any.

I looked around and found this:
Silver diammine fluoride

And the real kicker is that every major brand changed their mouthwash formulas to eliminate xylitol and replace it with sorbitol.
For anons who don't know, xylitol cannot be digested by bacteria which cause cavities, but sorbitol can be fermented and digested by those bacteria.
Xylitol actually killed the bacteria by causing the bacteria to absorb the xylitol as they would a sugar, even though they can't digest it.

Necrobumping for interest.

Shit that post made my fucking day. Life is good.

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He's a regular on, really solid

Kill yourself jew.


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Good thread OP.

Who else /stackingsilver/ here? Historically it's never been cheaper if you account for inflation.

They should turn all that silver into coins and replace the paper dollar with actual money.

2008 was caused by not enough white people being born since 1979 and the fact they inflated housing prices then also gas prices.

I converted all my bitcoins into silver at around the top of the market, I made money on turning in the bitcoins but still lost money by buying silver.

I don't know if I did the right thing, even $40 silver seems like a far off impossibility.

The spread of market makers on physical gold is smaller than on physical silver. Europe-side, only Estonia and Norway sell silver VAT-free, gold is VAT-free everywhere. The Chinese seem to consider gold is money, but not silver. Gold is lighter and smaller per unit of value, easier to hide or transport in a hurry.

this post dosen't make any sense. tl;dr?

The "free market" is being manipulated as fuck by a small set of big players. The next financial crisis will decided upon when a powerful player finds it convenient, not an accident as will be told to the dumbfucks (us). Zig Forumsacks predicting it based on believing it's a natural system moving according to its own rules have not gone deep enough into the financial rabbit hole.


I'm glad NPR spent a third of the day screaming about how Trump is the Dev Ull, a third crying over what it's like to be a refugee, and a third asking for money while verbosely insisting how unbiased they are.

The price is comparable to when I bought in summer of 2015. I have better things to use my cash for, tech stocks are down all around.

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This reminds me of the LIBOR scandal that got blown open because that one guy printed an article and his children got murdered for it. Months later the same sort of thing happened, HSBC got caught actively laundering money for drug cartels and al ciada and shit. James Holmes's dad was the guy that created the algorithm that detected it and adam lanza's dad was the head of GE Capital's fraud detection department and was working with the feds. In the end HSBC got hit with a pittance of a fine and a small handful of lower management got short term prison sentences.

Silver is a garbage asset, that's why Fat Buffet dumped it. Meanwhile Ron Paul was right, buy gold. The Russians and Chinese are doing it.

You will have a hard time subdividing large bars for smaller transactions. Buy Silver Eagles. You're paying a premium for them, but far more people will trust them than some random hunk of metal with .999 stamped on it.

There can be some good advice here, but it was a huge stink many years ago when it was found the guy who wrote that site was 100% LARP to try and sell his SHTF book.

that's just a frantic bid to save their money from being burned when those fucking shitty countries collapse due to US civic nationalism (no more world police, globalists getting bled)

He didn't dump it, he sold it to a bank in which he's a major share holder, JP Morgan. I'm sure you know it, they employ you to shill against silver.

Bump for silver and against JP Morgan.

Well dayum, I was thinking about buying his book. Do you remember where you saw that?

If I won the lotto I would convert most of it into silver coinage and fill work site tool chests like this. large silver bars are a bad investment because they can be milled out and filled.

I like silver because you get more bullion for your buck than you would with gold.

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After The Fall the US silver dime, pre-1967, will be the currency by default. I laugh at the plebs with their big chunky bars even though I was once one of them.