Trump to get a third Supreme Court Appointee?

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He’ll appoint a jew to replace her.

Big if true

I hope she fucking dies.
I hope she dies or at least "decides" to retire so I can hear my fucktarded sister-in-law screech about it at thanksgiving.

Are there any Jews on the list of Supreme Court nominees he was going by?

rolling for KEK

Hopefully he replaces her with someone like BASED Kavanaugh, protector of the BASED Patriot Act and BASED nigger babies

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This week just keeps getting better and better!

RBG can die either now or within the next year with the slightly larger senate majority. I'm sure dems are upset that they failed in the midterms and won't be able to block a nominee in January.


Cunt for sure, jew is possible.

here's hoping she dies and is replaced with someone that actually knows what the phrase "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED" means.

probably gonna nominate that catholic woman who also loves based black babies.

Unless you want to go full Qtard in which case next justice is Nikki Haley. Who is a based Sikhbro and also a based jew-loving protestant.

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Rolling for a painful death!

Oh no that is terrible news. Press P to pray for a speedy recovery for /ourgirl/ RBG. Thoughts and prayers.

There needs to be as much effort done to go against this… the fact that 1/3 of the supreme court is filled by a 2% minority is such a huge redpill. If you are American, you ought to talk to as many people about the Jewish over-representation in the supreme court, and oppose any kosher mother-fucker that Trump might want to put in to court.

source, whore?

Oh shit, didn't someone get quads while predicting her death on 11/9?

what's the point of checking on a slow board where sequential posts are common in the active threads?

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You know that he supports the ban of all guns “not in common use” right? Kill yourself.


Remember when the NPCs, jews, faggots and freemasons were marching down the streets saying "jews will not replace us", Trump was saying "That's were you;re wrong kiddo.

Entirely jewish legal apparatus is based and best served under a fashy based NeoCohen government headed by an orange order kike puppet

Freedom fries and Levi's jeans is what we all live for in our jewish democracy, that and killing all of isreal's enemies that is

She fell because she was no longer able to support the weight of her own nose.

ever hear her speak? she sounds like an old stiff in a nursing home rambling while she struggles to keep her chin from touching her chest and lowering her blood/oxygen levels to sub-80 numbers.

Rumor, as Zig Forums knows, is that her cancer is back and is very ill. She didn't retire before 2016 elections because the cancer was in remission and Clinton was certain to be installed in a corrupt election.
She's been hanging on in the hope that the "Blue Wave" would take the Senate.
Nothing left for her to do now but die in office. Sad, in a "the devil can take her" sort of way. Her concept of logic and the rule of law was the same as the devil's.

Good riddance, she'll die tonight in agony if dubs

Because Jews built America
Because Jews gravitate towards high iq and verbally skilled jobs such as lawyer and judge.
Because you're just a jealous antisemite.

Std responses, pick one or amalgamate the 3 for what you are going to hear… forever.

Yeah I've always wondered how she is still able to serve on the Supreme Court considering she is basically a walking corpse

I very much doubt he'll do anything to curtail his jewish girlfriend Feinstein's best laid plans

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Actually theres a really conservative based black guy.
Being black he may have raped a few women for real. But they cant call him racist at least.

1. Instantly refuted, since no jews founded the country.
2. Also instantly refuted, since no IQ tests of jews exist.
3. Also instantly refuted.
It’s going to be really easy to bring that up.

sure sure, trump is a kike etc. this is terribad news, oy vey

If simple refutation worked we wouldn't be in this situation. They just return the next:
election cycle
to spout the same easily refuted nonsense.
And gradually you begin to hate them, so I read.

You don't know about Haym Solomon?

i still see youre waiting for him to follow through on that lip service, ay kike?

Rolling for a 2fer:

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Careful with what you wish for…

rolling for pneumonia



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Pimmel Kimmel
probably not going to Himmel.

Nobody gets out alive, nigger

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RE: "Trump wants to take your guns without due process"

Can you imagine the riots in rural America if Obama ever said such a thing… That's why deep state waited until they secured their orange kike in office before daring to do that.
Kabuki theatre designed to quell the NPC masses by believing their guy is in power as their guy introduces policies they would never tolerate had the other side attempted it




checked they both will die kek wills it.

You wouldn't trust a kike, so never trust their puppets.


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That's just not going to happen, yid.

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She broke ribs. There's a 19% chance she could die from complications.

She was drunk off her ass from despair. She was hoping for Dems to take the Senate so she could retire. Now she knows shes fucked. Her replacement will probably be that nog adopting woman, which though not nearly conservative enough, isn't RBG liberal.


Take your guns first and then let you fight for your right to keep them in a (tyrannical government) court later. Seems fair and perfectly in line with the constitu…
Oh no wait.

Too bad it wasn't a hip.

She's dead already, women are made from rib.

Supported Heller vs DC
Opposed semi-auto ban
Pro large capacity magazines
Hostile to bullshit terminology like "assault weapon"
Strong supporter of second amendment

But yeah, aside from all that, he's obviously not a good supporter of our right to bear arms… :3

Is it possible to fracture 3 ribs from laughing too hard? I think I may have just done it. Talk about irony…

The day after the mid-terms. I thought it would be at least 3 weeks, or maybe in time for Christmas.

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You're probably correct. She knows she should have retired with Obama still in power and before Scalia got wetworked.

big wing jews have better medicine/medical procedures and doctors available to them than what the "peasants" get


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why not?
there's people who survived all of the Nazi death camps, they were literally at all of them.
surviving two hoax shootings is nothing.

Doc-user here. Fingers crossed she goes into respiratory distress and gets put on a ventilator. If (((they))) report she is having “breathing problems” or say she is on a “breathing machine” (ventilator), she is fucked. 85 year olds are rarely strong enough to breathe without a vent after being intubated and placed on one. She could get a ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and die.

kek wills what kek wills

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Good thing this didn't before the midterms (I guess). Dems would go into a fucking frenzy.

what you don't believe RBG's beastmode workout routine will save her?

Holy shit! I remember that!

Anybody have the caps?

Doesn't seem life threatening. I'd be more confident if she waited a week to go to the hospital.

Live coverage from her hospital room:



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The 2A is nothing more than a line the government shall not cross. And if they do, up the ante. In 2018, we have something far more effective than a Musket. It's time to take personal protection to a new level anyway.
Two things to bear in mind:

Isn't Kimmel the one with the sickly child that has a surgery every other week?

isn't this the picture where the nog sc justice laughs, and rbg's claimed tumor pointed out on her neck. do anyone knows the context? what was the nog laughing at?


Serves him right for trying to breed with a woman whose eggs are all dried up.

Yeah. His child shouldn't be subjected to that sort of imbalance. He should keep his mouth shut because he only brings his own child bad karma. Kimmel is the one that deserves punishment

The child doesn't deserve it, but Kimmel chose to be an asshole and made the kid, and now the kid will suffer for the rest of its life.

In more civilized times the thing would die as an infant and they'd make another nine months later.

rolling for pneumonia

The problem is that Kimmel's wife is way too old to reproduce. I don't care about how good modern medical technology is, it's not going to save her rotting eggs.


Sepsis is so much better.

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I forget what announcement this was, but the pic shows her fell asleep. She probably just got done with her workout and need a light nap to recharge.

Is it over for her after this?

Kek, those 2.5 lbs weights can’t reverse pneumonia

Anymore links to confirm?

oh for sure man, old crones don't recover from shit like this
she is done

Rolling for pneumonia leading to florid sepsis

midterms did her in

You can’t just say
For every point you want to piggy-back.
That said, good point.

Oh my, the salt will be delicious, its about time to mine anons!

Whites will never rise against the government. All the subversives and crazies enlist with the left.

The biggest problem with larping as nazis even if Hitler did nothing wrong is that you end up believing in RWDS. Nope: your group is comprised of hard workers, normal guys, good church people who get EXPLOITED by others. They don't do the looting.