Doxing paid shills (again)

It's been fairly obvious that the board is being sat on by paid d&c shills that are here to distract and promote apathy/inaction.
Previously we've found it to be CTR/Sharia blue or whatever these paid shitposter retards are going by these days, their presence has increased exponentially since our moderation was wiped out.
The constant sliding, the topic derailment, dogpiling to gaslight, and obvious ddos whenever something happens.
It's only gotten worse as we've moved closer to major events, they apparently jump on the site or cripple it to prevent or reduce organized responses that hurt leftists within an initial short time window.
They're obviously using slightly better opsec this time but each time their location and info gets dropped they go dead silent for a WHILE.

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Hey, reddit. You don’t belong here. Fucking kill yourselves.
Zig Forums does not support zionists, neoconservatives, civic nationalists, shabbos goyim, or the continuation of the ZOG.
Only people who don’t belong here have a problem with this.

Trump cucks delusional until the bitter end

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Found a shill.

Global report.

How new and (((obvious))) can you be.
We've driven them out before, if you weren't an invasive parasite you would fucking know this.

I still have the list of the last time we found their info but I bet it's common practice to drop paid golems with a new batch for each wave of kvetching.

The whole god damn board has already been shilled to death by the moderation team years ago, you reddit faggots are just here defiling a grave trying to attain some sort of cult relevance.

Anons when you see posts like this JUST FILTER

The "just vote republican, goyim" shills?

man you cucks sure are pathetic af

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Yes they are also posting old outdated and incorrect info from previous hoax events.

the constant calling literally everybody a jew/shill whatever does far more harm to this board than any "shill" could. I have probably been called a jew over 1000 times here just for expressing my own opinions on matters and I agree with Zig Forums on basically fucking everything, I am sick of this shit

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t.kike shill

this poster is honestly right, shill/kike etc is thrown around too much. And I don't mean that there aren't shills but the newfags here are terrible at identifing the real ones. I remember we had a thread specifically for this a month or so ago with guides on identifing forum agents but it got slid off.

What's wrong with that post?

I catch these fucking interlopers breaking every unspoken rule which clearly outs you as a newfaggot shill, and honestly it pisses me off. They come here acting like they own the fucking place, but can't format properly or use board-specific jargon at all. I'd love to beat them to death with a baseball bat, maybe someday I'll get that chance.

Remember, shills, the day is coming when the lights go out and don't come back on. There will be no ZOGbot to protect you, no phones to call for help, no food on the shelves, no watef you can drink. When that day comes, and it IS coming, you will have left your comfort zone and entered mine. You better start being afraid of the dark, because I was born in it, molded by it. When the chaos starts, that's when the acolytes of Nun turn on the juice for the first time ever. You can't imagine it, and don't bothef trying.

When the lights go out, you should just kill yourself, and save yourself the terror and the pain of enduring the wrath of the Saxon whom you so foolishly awakened.

And by the way, every day the board gets shitted up I go create a brand new White nationalist out IRL from whole cloth. You cannot stop a Zig Forumsack. Ever.

This is accurate, but it's almost funny now and has become part of the culture. The downside is newfags have a harder time learning to identify real shills.

Yeah I agree if someone throws around the words 'reddit' or 'shill' in every single one of their posts or calls people kikes or JIDF I just filter them.

Been here since the exodus and not been called a jew once. Shill, sure, but this is not some safe space for kikes like you ;)

I see right through your bullshit, kike.

I keep telling your faggots it's the Alt-Right crew. The same people who promoted:

All of this shit is mind control to create either terrorists, tinfoilers, confused betas, or both. And they speak our langauge.


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How do you stay in shape? Do you know how RBG stays in shape?

Couldn't be more right, thread is packed with panicking noses encouraging everyone to do nothing.
I don't know, you tell me mister neurotic kosher keyboard warrior, the clear worry to disregard such action is palpable.
If you watch the (((news))) I'm sure you can see we live in interesting times who knows what a bad goy is capable of.

imagine thinking even remotely trump is good, eat shit magatard

That explanation works if it is merely the diaspora coming here trying to keep the US from dropping identity pols and returning to (Zionist) civnats. But what of Kushner Season and the MAGApedes? Thought we had evidence that both groups are taking a shit on /po/?

exhibit A

waste of trips

eh tbh I'm filtering you for being a T_D shithead

Bit of a newfriend I'd love to see evidence supporting this claim because I can see that, just need confirmation. Are you speculating or do you have evidence? I don't know what else to ask so have a gondola

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As long you know that Hitler did nothing wrong.

==You do not belong on Zig Forums=

If 'literally everything' is mind control, is the same thing true about Hitler and NatSoc?

The only thing he did wrong was that he didn't actually kill the kikes desu~

Well in all fairness, what can we do? Even if we were to make a new non-kosher platform its only a matter of time until it gets infested by the same parasite. I suppose we just have to be ever diligent and on guard? No more running to the hills I say! We take back our board and then we take back our cities

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My suggestion would be a private board that requires a certain IQ percentage, and an essay on any literature on the Zig Forums reading list before posting.

Excellence should always be the barrier to entry.

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I suppose? Although, I would say the difference is that NatSoc doesn't care to interfere with the little man nor project it's groupthink onto everyone. There's a lot of elbow room with NatSoc!

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Hmmm, having a secure place to discuss things with people that have IQ above room temperature seems too good to be true, quite a good idea nonetheless. Now if only I had any idea of how to make a webpages and the like

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Really? Still? When has that shit ever worked? haha. Shitposts just piss people off and as such, have the opposite effect. These faggots really need to take our advice regarding their necking themselves.

You don't waste your time doxing nobody cum guzzlers. You go after the jew assholes who employ them.

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you've made the most sense out of everything here. however, another exodus is due

you know what kicked a lot of ass? trump wasting his first 2 years as president on tax cuts and THE LOWEST AFRICAN AMERICAN UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA

You are a mental infant

Well I'm ready and willing to take one for the team if I was put in the same vicinity as someone like (((Soros))) or (((Merkle))) and do as much damage as I could, I know that anyone here, if given the chance would do the same. The issue is that they're painted as martyrs or innocents to anyone who still believes their lies.

I agree wholeheartedly, I just have no idea who that would be. is probably right when he says its the Alt-Kikes, they suck Trumps dick like he's a messiah or some shit

Fuck me that should say Somewhere_we_Gondola why do I even live damnit

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wasted trips

If you ask it if its paid per hour or post, it often resorts to the auto-reply 'I'm paid every time you beat your wife'. It also sages pinned threads

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a few days ago I found a person selling gift cards and I just used the one I bought and it worked! cww3ggjgpw56wter.onion

Come now user, you don't think the reclaiming of our great nation wouldn't be without it's growing pains did you? I understand how frustrating it's been waiting for him to start moving but you can't only look at what is being shown to the public, you should know better than that! As soon as the bubbles burst he'll point his finger to the Fed and say look at what they did, once that happens only god knows what'll happen next, im hoping for christylnacht US-edition but hey, what do I know?

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I'll be honest I don't think people like that are paid, why would the kikes bother paying for a service Zig Forums et al will provide for free? As long as actual anons and lurkers understand how to recognize unnatural posters, then their influence is limited.

Sweet merciful God take us to better times, what has this board devolved into

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Sheeeeit I'd be down for that fam

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For what its worth, this thread has been helpful since the NPC threads started falling apart in real time due to derailment and topic dilution. bonus points for shill salt when its pointed out how they make the same mistakes over and over to the point its like clockwork BingoCard.jpg

At this point, it has to be a bot.

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Fuck off smug anime spammer, you retarded spammer get into every thread or what?


Where do you think you are? if you didn't want Philippine finger-paintings you should have stayed at /reddit/

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I will just filter you faggot every thread
You are shill spammer

Like clockwork
lol classic

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Dubs check out
Imma need that bingo card fam

fuck off you colossal water muddying (1) kike retard
Reported for disgraceful disinfo shilling.

Stop promoting your shitty (((thread))) imkikefy you spamming little nigger, you've already been banned multiple times.

reported for being an israeli

Your agenda is obvious, you proxy changing kike spammer

Never could make one, cause the speed of some of these shills is impressive. Hell, it just took three minutes for to go REEEEEEE REEEEEE at
Just the thought of it brings out the best in them.
Watch the Imkamfy hate-boner club in action:

Here is a compilation of Imkamfy posts. Point out how my posts are like his. You can't and you won't :^)

Going for the quantity over quality approach here. Not bad

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Go on, here. Show us on the Imkamfy posts where the smug anime girls touched you.

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some shills are doing it for free. chipping in for the tribe…

Nice try kikey
Yeah nobody calls kikey that except kikey. Who do you think you're kidding, you roach?

Opposing this thread = Exposing (((you)))

Best thread in a long time, loving every moment.

see here
You still can't, and you still won't.

We should be greatful for shills outing themselves so fast, its like show and tell for the whole board to see. Man, they sure hate that thread where the OP is essentially

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Like pottery. You need to step up your insult generator though, shameful display.

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Get under my boot, little roach

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As I've already stated, that's a compilation of people telling YOU, kikey, to fuck off. That isn't a compilation of YOUR posts, kikey.

Who do you think you're kidding withh this ludicrous shill image, Moishe?
The TL;DR of that is

Can't point to a single post that resembles

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That's better friend, earn that nickel.

Because they're OTHER PEOPLES' POSTS you utter faggot. This isn't a compilation of imkikey.

Prove it, the burden of proof is on you shill-kun
Interesting, because many of the posts such as 'drown yourself in semen' have popped up since before the mid-terms. Your projection is as bad as your deflection, and you keep using sage as a downvote.

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I basically agree in that if there is an obvious shill or bot the mods should just publish their IP address when they ban them

The burden of proof is with the person who makes the claim faggot, there's zero evidence that that's posts made by imkikey and all evidence is that they are posts opposed to imkikey since they're telling him to fuck off

what are you some lind of anti-milker shill?

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Global report.

They can start with the Imkamfy hate-boner club. Like SJWs bringing up Gamergate for everything - everyone and anything that remotely pulls them from their hugbox is Imkamfy's fault. Just look at them sperg out ITT.

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Hi, imkikey.

Case in fucking point.

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lmao at this seething incel

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Nice, its the vice-president of the Imkamfy hate-boner club. Glad you came as backup for your friend sperging out here.

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Hi, imkikey.

Its like you leveled up and started using sage as a downvote. How do you bypass flood detection to post the same thing over and over?

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Hi, imkikey.

Check into the roach motel immediately. This is unbearable to watch.

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you are a good example of someone that should be banned and ip addresses added to a pinned thread somewhere. Perhaps /polmeta

He was banned. That’s imkikey, the board owner who completely destroyed Zig Forums.

For a one trick pony, you've got moxie. Are you paid per hour or per post?

Your pic does most of the heavy lifting for you, but at least your shift key isn't broken like this champ:

Then report me, it won't un-butthurt you.

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If its destroyed, how are we posting here? You shills need better english comprehension.

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Hi, imkikey.

Yes, we know, imkikey.

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I've been saying this for a little while. It's a technique that shills use to try to fit in, and to deflect any criticism of themselves. Just look take the poster in this thread who accuses OP of being a ZOG kike.

Basic rules is to not call other users Kikes even if they are, because it forces shills to either not use it or stand out more. We can still call 3rd party people like politicians or anyone outside of Zig Forums a kike, Jew, zog, or shill. ZOG is the biggest one they like to use. Anyway glad other anons seem to have noticed this.

Hi, imkikey.

Replace 'kike' with 'imkamfy' and it fits like hand in glove.

No u

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I disagree, most shills are obvious, the only real problem with the board is the mods appear to actually support them when they should be banning them and publishing their IPs to deter them

This is OP bumping his own thread.
These redditpede niggers always (1) and ip hop.

Hi, imkikey.

Imagine trying to deny being kikey after posting this unironically.

You're either a faggot impersonator, or kikey.