Brit/pol/ #2925: Meowschwitz Edition

At last the country is run by Leavers
Boris Johnson’s Cabinet is more in tune with public opinion than May or Corbyn could ever be

V&A to display collection of Extinction Rebellion artefacts
London art and design museum praises environmental group’s distinctive visual identity

Marmite, Pot Noodles and Magnums face being sold by Unilever if they can't prove they make 'meaningful' impact on the planet
Chief executive Alan Jope, 54, said that the British classics could be axed if they do not 'contribute meaningfully to the world or society'

Over 1,400 Jewish clergy sign letter supporting asylum seekers
HIAS, an immigrant advocacy and aid group formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, organized the petition. It calls on elected officials to “act immediately to provide a just and humane asylum process for those seeking safety in our country, wherever they come from and however they arrive.”

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Unironically like her

what the fuck. The article hardly mentions right at all and the text doesn't have far-right at all aside from the headline for fuck's sake

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I don't understand, crime's been going down forever everywhere

Woman dies trying to reach bus made famous by Into the Wild
Veramika Maikamava, 24, was swept away in a river while trying to reach the abandoned bus in Alaska, US, made famous by Jon Krakauer's 1996 book and Sean Penn's movie Into the Wild. Veramika’s husband says he pulled her out of the water downstream but she had already died.

Where will they ruin next?

Ruin it with their liberal lefty politics and then run away?
I’d have them in clean up gangs and dispatched to the banlieus tbh

Somewhere untouched where they will call for open borders then run away to the next place when reality hits them

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They know Jamal is imminent. Jamal is no longer staying in his cage and they fear their women may succumb to Jamal’s charms

isn't that what cucks want?

Can hear churchbells rn


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tbh there is something so lovely about it

Remember ringing them backwards is the signal to rebel

Darwin award nominee

Fucksake Ngubu!

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Not in reality. Social points are going down rapidly for this activity. When you get no more fb like it’s time to run for the hills

how do you ring a bell backwards?

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Bell a ring?

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I mean literal cucks lad

saw a review on a hotel near a cathedral and one of the negative reviews was complaining about the bell ringing, what the fuck did they fucking expect

Fresh LARPing Norgeboomer

Most of them are pretend cucks is what I meant

I don't know I'm not a bell ringer, but, there is a way to do it and it was the way to signal rebellion, it's how the people of Louth signalled it.

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Depending on the church there may be multiple bells that can be rung, where you'd normally ring in a clockwise direction you'd reverse it.
just making a guess tbh

i support executing pedos, and imprisoning pedo enthusiasts. however, pedo enthusiasts are no more pedos than any other enthusiasts are by merely being enthusiasts participants.

Mornin lads

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If you want to use analogies KFDF, at least use ones that involve a hobby that has a good risk of screwing up the lives of children then.

There's no fucking analogies for it, noncery is noncery, simple as.

fear is the mind-killer.

Everything is nonce

you're confusing paedophile with child molester
if someone has a cp collection he's a paedo

These fucking nonces

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has anything good come of removing the death penalty at all? no clue why people act like living 6 gorrilion years in prison isn't essentially an extended death sentence

I'm smeeling a Jew. I aren't scared of 'you nonce, show your face.
We both well know that (lets play by your terms) a person placed interested in mountaineering placed at the base of a mountain will more than likely have a crack at it, even if not fully ascend he's gunna be tempted. The fact is if people didn't produce mountaineering videos and provide it as an option in life to pursue then there would be a lot less mountaineers in the world. Your shit and a nonce ==FUCK OFF AND DIE== simple as

US Supreme Court gives go-ahead for Trump wall funding
The Supreme Court has blocked a ruling by a judge in California barring the president from using the funds on a border wall

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I wonder if Blumpf will save these drug addicts?

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dont get this lads point tbh

No. Bring back the death penalty for most crimes tbh. It's probably one of the reasons west-Europeans are less impulsive as those genes was culled over hundreds of years.

ain't it funny how none of the options under twatter's report function fit the category of "it's noncery"

He doesn't have one, nonces will look for any and all excuses and justification

Hooray, now he can put a chicken wire fence around select parts of the border.

Nonces, people in possession of CP, and anyone who supports or sympathises with noncery will get the fucking rope.

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libs totally owned, good job dump

why do so many Arabs just openly thirst over little girls on their mains?

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They're retarded

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raping children is a tradition of the saracens


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I saw them too

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Zinc removes aggression as well
Lots of people are zinc deficient


Wish I could crack this nonce's head open tbh

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How can people be low in zinc? Who doesn'teat meat?


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Nice try Priti

Priti Patel is an absolute mummy tbf


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wew, very smart thinking

if you watch isis beheading videos are you a jihadi?

keeek, they hate it when they are called out

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not but if you move to japan you are

>"someone who watches mountaineering videos is a mountaineer"
>"someone who watches CP is a paedo"

>someone who watches CP likes CP those are called nonces

that's rough.

my tits are bigger

This lad is making such a retarded analogy


acting like wanking over cp and wanting to nonce children is a sport or hobby


It's fucking retarded.

Sorry to go wignat but Jews are such vile fucking creatures.

absolute whore, kill her

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that's not wignat tbh

More evidence that some Zig Forums lads have awful taste in women.

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I bet Kim-Joy doesn't have pierced nipples, she's too good of a lass to mutilate her body like that

She reminds me of my sisters friend who liked me growing up tbh

only acceptable type of women is a pure Catholic lass tbh

Only me and Steiner have good taste in women.

Poor lad, noticed she's smoking a grimy rollup when I zoomed in to look at her soft nipples

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I bet it's cannabis

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shes smoking a big fat blunt with raw rizzla lad

this lad must be like 16

think this lad is shitposting tbh

It is.

Just refresh tbh lads.

I think I know who this is…

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Is it some /newbrit/ lad?

Or a /newbrit/ tranny? Trannies are usually nonces tbf


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