Happening: Borderline Shooting Thread Two

Crazy Vets Edition

Tattooed ex-Marine who killed 12 people in country music bar massacre had PTSD: Gunman, 28, 'terrified' his mother and neighbors after returning from Afghanistan tour before he opened fire on student night


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We already have one (((mod))). I'm not dumping info twice because you like this one better


We have to ban military service.

This is actually a huge problem. I live in a military town. Every time a big wave of troops would return, murders would go thru the roof. Police officers admitted it in private, they knew that the increases were all vets, and the small blurbs in the paper about the crimes would neglect to mention that info. Lots of wives and lovers shot by returning servicemen; also lots of just random temper tantrum rage shootings by mentally fucked up vets. Probably the number of deaths related to this, not including the suicides, is in the 1,000's or 10,000's nationwide, post iraq and post afghanistan.


This is post is good. But
Not really crazy vets when they got dear johned or cheated on


Who was this mental health crisis team that chose not to send him into evaluation process?

Blow your brains out.

I was talking to a friend about guns in America the other night. I'm a member of the NRA, but he had me stumped on one point. Banning all guns we agreed is totally unreasonable. Shotguns and rifles for sports and hunting, fine. Handguns for self defense, fine. Who cares if most homicides in America are done my gangs, let them kill each other. The thing that got me was the semi automatic assault weapons. No, we agreed, those shouldn't be banned either, but clearly mass shootings are more of a pattern in the USA than any other developed country. How is putting restrictions on them unreasonable to save the lives of school children and every day pedestrians? Maybe making the magazine capacity lower, like here in Canada. The only 2 reasons people own them are A. sports and B. to protect against a tyrannical government. Is it really worth all these deaths so you can continue to unload 30 rounds on plastic bottles and watermelons? And I seriously can't see the well regulated militia taking on an army which has machine guns, tanks, bombs, etc, which are already banned for civilians. The Swiss force all males to own guns to protect themselves against tyrannical government yet, they never have mass shootings. I know there's a fear of if you give an inch, they take a mile, but is it really realistic that America of all places would get to a point where all guns are banned? I don't know what to think on this one.

This is an ADL-Mossad post:

Could be CIA, though. Probably ADL-Mossad, because they have a certain gene.

fake and gay:

100% guarantee you this: It was a false flag, nobody died. And we know for sure, because of all of these (((CIA))) shills.

Shut the fuck up shill kike. Rag heads with aks and homemade efps detonated by garage door sensors absolutely mauled the most powerful military on earth. Guns work.

You're a shill. Classic over amplification dnc. Kill yourself.

you fucking retards in leafland make """5""" round magazines that can easily be fixed to hold more than 5. You literally just have to take a pin out. Obviously magazine capacity bans do nothing and you know it. It's nothing more than a government waving their dick in the peoples faces.

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Weird, can't possibly have anything to do with the population.
I bet.

Taliban and Chechens laugh at you.

Where the fuck do you think you are you kike faggot?


Checks out. Definite (((CIA))) shill right there.

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This can't be real

The militia is not for fighting against the army. It is for killing politicians. Google the Sword of Damocles.

It also makes it impossible for foreign armies to invade when every house has 3-4 guns. Every American is a potential guerilla soldier.

Switzerland = 8 million people
USA = 326 million

The Los Angeles Area alone has 18 million people.

The US has also been driven crazy by the destruction of religion, family, community, morality, marriage in the name of (((unfettered Capitalism and deliberately demoralizing Cultural Marxism))).

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This is why waiting for ZOGbots to wake up is retarded. The chance is low and when they do they are just as autistic as any fuck going rampage on low-level pawns.

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Ok but fake or not, a mass shooting is in the news again so I wanted to bring it up. Not every mass shooting was a false flag.

I'm not a kike asshole. I love guns. I WANT everyone to own guns. More guns the better.
Fair enough. That's what I wanted to hear and I totally agree.

Ok but people here clearly DON'T fix them and shoot up places.

Touche. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, etc, have the highest gun ownership rates yet no mass shootings. Comparing Switzerland to America was wrong of me.

I probably don't even disagree with whatever your opinions on guns are, don't just call anyone you disagree with a kike. A kike is in my opinion the epitome of evil. If you keep throwing around that word it'll lose it's meaning, kinda like how people these days call everything and anything racist.

Got it

ZOGbots performing self eugenics. Baste.

(((CIA))) shill identified.

You are weak minded and swayed by retarded talking point. How the fuck would making the tard carrying 10 magazines instead of 5 prevent hims from killing people in the first place?
Eat shit, retard.

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Yet no mention of him being a Trump supporter or a Republican, but instead multiple references to his honorable discharge.


Oceanside is such a shithole man. Its basically just a den of scum where the Marines can go to empty their balls and their wallets.

Hahahaha fucking sauce on that?

I agree with this user

You should kill yourself

CIA or ADL-Mossad:

Sorry, I agree, he should kill himself.

The us military is a moral meatgrinder that takes in vulnerable impressionable white men and produces demoralized degenerate filth.
t. Reformed vet

Trips don't lie

It might make him think twice considering he knows it'll be difficult killing more than 5 people

The 2nd Amendment wasn't for meager personal self defense, nor for hunting.
It was for defense against an oppressive and tyrannical government.

Problem is, so long as the government keeps people's bread and circuses - more like soda and Netflix - going, they aren't willing to use those weapons.

Yeah, because they live in a largely cohesive country full of White people. What a surprise, amirite?

1000% yes. Pic related, you utter faggot.

Come back to me when you've completely your effort to make cigarettes illegal. Then we can talk about the guns.

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fake but funny.

"But the sheriff said the gun had an extended magazine that is illegal in California."

AHAHAHAHAHAA HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE IF IT WAS ILLEGAL?!!!!! 9 out of 10 californians get this answer wrong!!!

So you are a nogun subhuman who have never shot an AR under 50 m.
It is literally impossible not to kill every single unarmored human with M193 at that range with each torso shot. Double tap for safe measure.
Eat shit, shill.

I'll offer a solution. Mandate that magazines only hold 5 bullets. The shooter had illegal gazillion round magazines. This will solve the problem, because, if clips that have greater than 5 bullets in them are banned, then it will limit the killy power of them boomsticks.

You can just 3D print magazines.

Checkmate, commifornia


Shills are so weird. I think lefties don't know that they won't get banned for just having a different opinion, but should clearly identify their position. It makes everything weird. They're sure they're gonna get tossed, when they don't they think they're geniuses.

That doesn't jive with your past commentary.
Pic related, leaf.

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Mass shootings, every woman's secret aphrodesiac


Dox his parents and local anons (me included) will find his therapist.

They have a victim complex in their mind while being 100% state approved.
Just like their kike masters.

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His /tv/ post history

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i hate Zogbot soldiers. you treacherous piece of shit welfare queens. you go risk your life fighting wars for Zion then you come back as cry baby's demanding even more gibsmedats and shell shock pity and then you completely fuck up by throwing your life away pulling a mass shooting against worthless NPCs. don't be a lil bitch and shoot up a college bar. apply your fucking skills and expierence to deliver death to the actual domestic enemies of America. ring the fucking Bilderberg forest with IEDs and strafe the elites from the tree tops. Houdini ghillie suit your ass into the (((Aspen))) conference and open up a minigun on the Neocon bosses of the Deep State on the dais. fire a goddamn homebrew missile through the ceiling of AIPAC's keynote opening.

you military faggots are pathetic. in a way, i hope you all really do get shot by Spesnaz in WW3.

I was more looking for stuff to argue him next time I see him but all I fucking get from you people is
I know there's been mass shootings here. There's simply way more of them in America, even when adjusted for population size.


Are they suggesting he willingly violated California law in order to enhance his murderdeath machine? We must ban such advanced fully semiautomatic baby killer tools immediately!

What do you mean all you need is a screwdriver?



Lad, this was a fake shooting. Nobody died. They were all crisis actors.

Lot more non-Whites too, so, again, your argumentation is completely invalid, leaf.
See: you worthless treehat.

Act like a duck, get called a duck, faggot.

Sometimes the onion spergs out. You can sometimes post forever without a capcha, on the onion now, because it's half broken.

nice copypasta jew

You got sloppy and started with the

nice cuckchan pasta faggot also

It's apparently oc. We're definitely seeing a widescale (((CIA))) shilling attempt over this latest fake shooting.

le reddit meme

reddit doesn't even exist anymore, retard.

Can't razzle with dazzle, so you baffle with bullshit. Adorable.

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Which provide credibility to this

A combat arm ex ZOGbot certainly retains enough skill to be proficient. A single mag of m855 at 50 from a 20" barrel can kill several unarmored ZOG, consider that most security never wear overt armor, and there is no actual concealable lvl III+ armor ANYWHERE. If it does exist, the it probably is steel and therefore won't be worn by physically weak
elites, like kikes and good liberal goyim. Steel armor would make the toughest jarhead slow like a snail too. So being armored is null at that point.

Indeed, most of these "mass shootings" are so poorly PLANNED and executed it is difficult not to see them as kike spiel.

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Guy looks like a shitskin in that second pic btw

He was a jew.
Investigate for parents pics and info.

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Yes. I appreciate that other user. You however, are an asshole. I'm not ignoring what he said. America's non-white population explains the higher homicide rate, not the higher mass shooting rate. Nice try though. Maybe you should take some pointers from


and come up with solid arguments that ACTUALLY rip my argument to shreds instead of relying on name calling.


Marines are cretins anyway. In Afghanistan they were hyperactive and were constantly dying through stupidity.
For example, a marine patrol got up one morning and forgot to turn on their anti-bomb jamming equipment on their vehicle.
What the fuck?
How do you forget this stuff?
3 dead marines resulted.
This happened all the time.
Marines=useless in anti-insurgency.

*can kill several armored ZOGbots

< adorable
Found the kike fag.

Of course.


The crayon eating and window licking meme exist for a reason.

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It's also baffling that the targets are just random fucks. That makes no sense. Breivik made some sense. And even niggers would have this sense. Something big, not something shitty and small. The Isla Vista thing was comprehensible as well. Dude was pissed at women not putting out. Well, women are retarded, of course they don't put out sensibly, we all know that.

It's like how we lead to believe some guy's going to go out in a hail of glory in Vegas - but his target is just random fucks who just filled their stomachs with BBQ & beer? Like random fucks, literal nobodies?


And another thing, about that Vegas guy. He's supposed to be so smart, but he didn't think to check to make certain that the rounds he selected would penetrate the tanks he was targeting? Madness.

< adorable
Yep. It's a fag.


I just destroyed that shill.


The sound of shill destruction!


You obviously don't know about the crayon eating saga. People don't make meme about their teamates being retarded for no reason.

Remember that the CIA literally said their goal was completed when the average mutt doesn't even know what is real and what isn't anymore.

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Faggot, just stop

Honestly in the US that would be a good thing for those jarheads to do should kinetics go live. Using an two stage trigger in your roadside funs is easy if you are going to make em anyway, nearly every electronic device can be used. Magnetic sensors work great as detonation sensors when you can control it from going off when not wanted (like when semi's roll by) and can be made from microwaves easily. Have an shitty sensor which just detects the overload from an jammer and it primes the fun, heavy vehicle rolls by and magnetic sensor kicks off the funs. Without such handy help from your enemy you would have to actually manage and direct the fucking things like savages and keep eyes on for decisions on when to engage. With such help from said enemy you can just drop it and walk away without a care in the world as you go find some tendies for lunch in the post shtf world of fallout 6.

Just an example of how stupid fucks often survive despite themselves btw. War is hell like that.

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"I'm so proud of my slut!"
Father, overheard fapping to his slut whore daughter who almost died in a fake shooting, as a crisis actor.

< adorable
Who peed up your butt, faggot?

Hey, they call themselves window lickers. I only learnt about it, mutt.

Some people are psychopaths and yes, will kill random people. Shoo shoo back to T_D now kikeboi.

< shoo shoo
< adorable

All mass shootings were quite obviously false flags. Why else would these faggot whores of the (((CIA))) be here shilling?


I got banned for "spam". The vols are doing a poor job.

He spotted commies and did his patriotic duty. I salute this man.


All zogbots are the same, tbh.

He did it as well as anyone could have expected from window lickers.

It's best to just ban all firearms, and confiscate guns; especially right before the coming anarchy and civil wars, that way Whitey can't fight back at all. He will be easier to genocide; amirite tho?

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Low-profile targets get forgotten and lost in the noise. High-profile targets become martyrs. I'll take 12 of the former over 1 of the latter most of the time. High-profile targets should be spared for desperate situations (i.e. ones where one commie in the wrong place is going to fuck a lot of shit up).

いびつ な しゅうは すう の なか

Typical tricks.

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Also missing from the conversation are his ethnicity and motive

Aside: It's difficult to fault the "It's all fake because False Flag"-crew when we have a seriously fucked up, kike'd up lying jewmedia machine covering their own evil actions with 24/7/365 damage control

The "Not All" argument applies heavily here. And we could do so much better after generations of homogeneity

Jesus Christ you're a fucking failure, you god damn leaf.

Go ahead and take a moment to look up the crime stats in Chicago this year alone. Prioritize "mass shootings" - aka, where 4+ people get shot.

Fuck it, you're a leaf, so I'll spoonfeed you: In 2018, in Chicago alone, there have been 29 mass shootings.
In 2017, in Chicago alone, there were 33 mass shootings.
In 2016, there were 40 mass shootings.

IOW: You're fucking stupid, treehat.

Should I really just kill myself? I give up trying to make sense of the world. I always just feel stupid even if I do my best to learn. There's so much information out there on everything. I feel so small. I'm only 19, do I have a chance to become as smart as the people on here? Or should I just kill myself right now?