Dems are trying to steal a Senate Seat

We recounts again
Facing national microscope again, Florida braces for several recounts

Unsurprisingly, a lot of the focus is on Broward county, which anons will recall is the site of both the Parkland and MAGAbomber hoaxes. Little Marco is going bezerk so I'll dump his twitter posts. Also keep in mind that one of the Republican senators is Mitt Romney, who is the embodiment of John McCain.

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Florida sure is in good hands.

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florida can get nuked right along with california and washington

Holy shit, Rubio. You're on fire.

Reminder that it's in DWS's neighborhood!

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(((pure coincidence)))


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The same county that let that spic run amok without a criminal record, so they could collect Bush and Onigger good boy school bucks, and then he went and shoot up a school, right?

yes, the same county where the police stood down and the school rent-a-cop ran away while the spic shot up the high school

Are we sure this isn't a stock photo of some obscure election in Somalia?

Just to clarify, I included that because every vote counts, and you can consider a Romney vote for the democrats on many key issues relevant to Zig Forums.

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Looks just like detroit except all the shit would be locked in another room the person with the key would be unable to be located so the nogs would be on their self fones while getting paid

You could literally slip new boxes of ballots under their noses and they wouldn't be aware. Ayo I dun have to count dis box no mo' aaiiiiighhhh…

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The jew cries that you steal elections as it steals the election from you

Good. Fuck Rick Scrote. He'd be just another Mcstain on the Senate.

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The fuck, there is a law that states they have less than an hour to recount.
Its been over 48 hours.

Little Marco puts up a fight for his $174,000 per year + benefits. Too bad he doesn't put up a fight for his constituents, or I would be more inclined to support him.

Laws don't apply to (((them))) please wait while they fabricate and then count a few thousand more votes. This is Broward County after all. The Jewish suburb of Miami.

If he's worked up about it, that's all I need to know.

Rubio is a nevertrumper like the majority of the gop. The only reason I voted (R) is because it is the opposite of (D).

Romney is the worst kind of RINO. He might as well be king of his state, so he's impossible to primary or even defeat in a general, he has tremendous influence over who gets to rise in the state party, and he's got a long life ahead of him. Any of you who live in Utah in 2024, for the love of God vote Democrat for the Senate. Lilburn Boggs should have had the Mormons exterminated instead of just expelling them from Missouri.

The same county who's sheriff was acting like he was campaigning to be reelected in the aftermath of a school shooting…

Or just reshuffle ballots that you've already looked through. We need our federal elections to actually be overseen and audited by federal officials enforcing rules that don't change in close proximity to the votes.

(((Scott Israel))) the Coward of Broward.


Reminds me of what they did to Ron Paul in 2012. In that case, I believe certain trucks carrying votes around college campuses went (((missing))).


Arizona senate and Georgia governor still hasn't been decided either. Pray for Georgia because even if you dislike both parties its not just a matter of parties, the nigress running for governor has close ties to the black panthers and you can expect all sorts of we wuz anti-white shit to happen, it'd be close to South Africa tier.

I can't seem to find a source backing up what I'm talking about, so it was either memory holed, or I'm repeating a rumor.

You mean seats as in multiple. (((They've))) already succeeded in Montana with Tester via voter intimidation with the lolbertarian candidate and now (((they're))) trying the exact same method in Arizona as we speak to get the porn queen Sinema (((magically))) elected over McSally. This is the exact playbook (((they))) followed to a T in that Austrian presidential election just over a year ago. Some of you remember what happened back then. Now (((they)) want to apply that strategy here in the States.

I was born and raised in Broward and I can testify that it is the most Jewish county in all of the country. You might think Brooklyn or LA, but the types of kikes that fester in Broward are the most slimy, despicable sort. That's where Mossad agents go to retire and where Chabad recruits for…whatever it is they need them for.

>>>Zig Forums

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That's what separates the ultra high IQ chosen flock from everyone else that isn't them. They only hire experienced people with sketchy, somewhat dodgy pasts that are unlikely to get caught at something as easy as stealing elections; amirite tho?

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Remember, the same country as the ((schoolshooting))

And we know as much about Lakeland Park as we do about Vegas

And what exactly are you going to do about it?

Keep trying. Your semitic cult has was it coming for it. Communism wishes it had the destructive power that Christianity had. Antiquity destroyed at the hands of those infected by the Pauline mind virus.

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For autisms's sake, here's a list of alleged things they did do against Paul.

>On caucus day, the media was denied access to most caucus sites and the few that were permitted were not allowed to take photos. Others were even ejected from sites. This CNN clip shows GOP staff preventing a Paul supporter from entering the premises to vote at a special caucus that was set up at the last minute for Newt Gingrich backer, (((Sheldon Adelson))). Here, participants were asked to sign an affidavit (under penalty of perjury) stating they were Jewish and couldn’t vote earlier in the day due to “religious reasons”. CNN showed live coverage of votes being counted at this event, with Paul amassing nearly 60% of the votes. In some precincts in Clark County, the largest in Nevada, the number of ballots did not match the number of voters signed in at the caucus. Though votes were to be counted publicly, they were largely counted in private. The vote count was also inexplicably dragged out for several days, leading to a victory for Romney. Nevada State GOP Chairwoman, Amy Tarkanian resigned the day after the caucuses.

Pray to whichever god you believe in then, things will be really bad if she wins.

Romney is Utah

Here a pic of all posts together

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Look at this

I don't get it
It is so blatant
Even fucking Rubio is calling it the election fraud it is
But nothing is happening
what the fuck
What the fuck?!

Fucking (((Gnostics))) destroying Egyptian artifacts!

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Is Newt Gingrinch as Anti-semite as Ron Paul, more or less?

It didn't really turn out the way they wanted. Ron Pauls legacy is better than Newts, innit?

So maybe (((they))) conspired to keep Ron Paul out of office… for his own good?

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Someone go pay them a visit with 1000rds of real lead

These people are fucking insane. They aren't even going to gain a majority by doing this. It's just going to make them look awful. The fact the same thing keeps happening in the same place, and only in the same place, for the same people, is setting off alarms



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Not yet

They'll get the Florida Senate, Florida Governorship, Florida Agriculture, and Arizona Senate all flipped Dem with this shit and nobody is going to stop them. And all the while, they'll be screaming about how a reporter losing White House access is a threat to democracy that can't stand.

NYT is slower to report though, look at vote tallies.

it's unbelievable how lax the security over ballots is. wtf. those pieces of paper control the fate of this country. they need fucking 24/7 armed security and instead they are just sitting there.


original poster of video
facebook blocks archive services, so i did a screenshot

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This. I'm not American but it's strange how easy it is to rig the elections of the most powerful country in the world


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What do you expect? We've been jew owned for around a century now.


Jews are hacking elections and the only thing you can think of is Trump kike.

inb4 dnc has magic comeback to run the table in all elections

original video ripped from facebook

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Keek sweetie this is a natsoc board fuck off back to T_D. I just wanted to make sure you faggots realize that it's MUCH MUCH worse than the analysts predict and they're purposefully lying to you because they know the truth will propel you to action. Texas will be blue by 2020, it's the sad truth.

second part

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literally stolen. rigged election.

Yes, I know it's the sad truth, but remember, Any piece of evidence we have against the kikes (like this) is evidence. Or do you only want to discuss on here how based it was that Hitler smashed the kikes 70 years ago

If there is a valid election in Florida, IT WILL BE THE FIRST TIME

more like

Look at this

ya i know, that's why i made these posts

Watch the republicans just let them get away with this shit.


True, Trump will do nothing, or he will just tweet about it or some judge will do nothing. If Trump does not act now he is 1000% kike (he already is)

giving to voting machines to atlanta niggers to service 10,000 people was pretty good

*giving 2 voting machines to atlanta niggers*

Two too many.

Allow me to educate you…

what the fuck
no seriously what the fuck
Isn't this supposed to be a nation of laws?

This shit is gonna make me fucking beserk. Illegal shit just goes on and on without any punishment. WTF.

REMINDER. AL FRAKEN won in this exact fucking manner. Fucking mysterious boxes of votes in the trunk of a car puts him in the Senate. and no one even knows about that shit.

It really is getting to minute man territory.

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No, this is a nation of jewish slaves and anarcho tyranny.

Do you have any evidence for that for my fraud folder

If fucking Rubio is pubicly raging against this shit there is zero chance that law enforcment of every level isn't aware.

But no response, nothing, as if it is completely normal and ethical.

Google it lazy nigger. That is literally the official story that was reported on. Not some fringe fucking insider information.

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i have an extremely hard time believing any election comes this fucking close and that the numbers aren't just pulled out of bullshit land to give the impression that it was a tight race.
elections coming this close, within 1-2% should be a 1 in 100,000 event. maybe it's all the gerrymandering between both parties that make 90% of elections between two people 1% apart in votes.

Nuke Broward county already.

the point isn't the voting machines the point is that they made niggers stand in line all day by giving only two machines to a nigger area with 10,000 nigger voters.

too many niggers for my liking, stuff boxes for sure

Okay, what is being done?

rubio is crying about it but broward county and florida in general is such a corrupt shithole zero will be done about it.


Who the fuck has a good idea for secure communications between like minded individuals? I am trying to figure out a secure and anonymous way of communicating using old fashioned physical mail. I can't figure out anyway to prevent it from being centralized.

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I just worded it poorly, and clarified above. The point is that the senate margin is smaller than it appears.

Its about 2020, they need Florida to win the 2020 election, so they want to control as much of the Florida apparatus as possible.

Al Franken finally got fucked by the tit grab photos, he finally got his.

Best part he only pretended to grab tits but made sure he self necked hisself by taking a picture to torture the poor girl with later.

Is that a fucking delorian?

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you're years late to the game and you should never speak outside your trust network and only in person. But here's the real thing, you don't need to coordinate anything, do you think Antifa is all top-down and coordinated through secret networks? No. They get their targets through public media and open sources and self-organize from there. Sure (((NGOs))) assist, but they don't need to give many specific orders because Antifa already knows what to do.

The whole terrorist cell thing is a compartmentalized with most members only knowing their direct collaborators, cells can't rat on each other because they don't know each other. Read up on COIN learn how real terrorists do it, learn how the government identifies and catches them. Here's a big hint, get rid of the cell phone.

shut up fag, war is more likely if they do this