FLORIDA VOTER Films Broward County Election Officials Transferring Ballots in Rented Truck on Electi

Remember this is the same country the famous school shooting was in, Something is wrong here:



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There's already a thread for the Florida cheating, nigger.
Post in there.

It's also one of the counties Rubio pointed to in his twitter posts about counting being slow for (((reasons))).

sage for double post
Completely different topic. Same state, different topic. Related, but different topic.

Nice attempt at control

Probably how all the seats go flipped anyway for the house

I was attempting control by linking directly to the other thread and suggesting to post there, rather than see this one deleted for duplication. Fucken brainlet.

Easy people, I have already posted there

We wouldn't have to have so many mass shootings if you goyim could just stop noticing things had didn't happen. I don't know about you guys but I'm feeling awfully sleepy. Let's all just call it a night. This doesn't seem so important.

Is this why jews were kicked out of so many countries?

Can't the AG of Florida suspend the recount in light of this?

That thread just got deleted with everything in it.

So is this what'll happen? They'll convince their base that republicans cheated then when people start paying attention we'll find jewery at work?

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What the fuck!?

Oh shit! We better go back to based 4chan where they at least don't hand out bans for threads like that!


I don't even care at this point. Im getting a few acres of land out in the sticks. Gonna grow some vegetables and hunt and fish. I'll wait for Zog to confiscate my weapons and then i'll fight and die.

That's our future now because the faggot cowards in the white house would not do what was necessary to restore the rule of law to this God forsaken country.


For any parties curious about the deleted thread, a shittily formatted and ugly .pdf of the thread with all pictures in for ants versions was posted by me here.

We have degenerate ads like that? I've been blocking softserve.Zig Forums.net for so long I didn't know

Yeah, pretty much all of our advertising as a site is porn, sex toys, or play asia.

What was the mod thinking??? Explain yourself immediately. Kikes rigging elections is a gift from the gods for propaganda purposes.

He is deleting any posts relating to AZ, Georgia, or Florida elections and blaming it on muh /leftykike/



I haven't even looked at 4chan since the migration.

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mods trying to shut it down
reposting what I posted in the other thread

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original poster of this

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I'm getting too sad for this

Thanks for explaining how the internet works, thanks for that. Use a VPN you stupid fuck

doxx me if you can

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Ditto for me. Don't care about opsec right now. This matters more.

Agreed. These events have left me and many other Zig Forums users suicidal. We can do nothing but throw in the towel, nothing will ever get better ever again and that's a fact.

Will never happen now. We lost and the kikes won forever. All we can do is an hero. Better luck next life guys.

May you go into the next world peacefully. I don't intend to follow you.

See you guys in the bunkers, I'm done with this pile of trash.

the 3rd worlders that are getting in on the democrat banner hate them, that is a far far cry from having won forever.

maybe it was an accident polvol6 has been busy

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Damn, halfchan is better than this shithole.. I was hoping that wasn't the case. Hey slowtards, Florida is flipping and Arizona has already flipped by thousands of votes. Sinema is winning Arizona now and there's not a single thread about it.

When Americans were truly based.

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Welp, at least this traitor's good for something…

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found the problem, user. you've gotten suicidal and homicidal mixed up. you need to remove any footwear/socks and start running through the house until you catch your little toe on something unmovable.

I'm at the point where I say might as well let the dems move on with their plans so people finally realize that we're in a world of shit. The change in demographics is sealed even if we stop immigration. We're just delaying the inevitable.

we had that in the previous thread that was deleted 4norasin

that's surprising

Civilians used to have shootouts with local government over this shit. This is fucking unbelievable.

Is there a particular reason why you're hopping IPs to post about how "we" have lost?

at least something happened

what should have happened is a shitload of black suburbans driving up and confiscating everything, and warrants for all of their email, phonecalls and texts. There is no way they're communicating all of this ballot fraud only by word of mouth.

We've raised too many generations with cucked out "violence never solves anything", even a lot of the anons here think that violence is something that just shouldn't be done.


just filter that poster.

If that isn't a sign of the times, I don't know what is. When everyone's too inundated with creature comforts, why would they fight at all if it means losing everything? At the same time, I'm hearing talk in right-wing groups about protests if things go south, but we'll see. Talk's cheap.

And nothing will be done.

America is a communist playground where the rule of law doesn't apply.

In 3 days no one will remember about this.

You know if anyone tries anything they'll be rounded up in a heartbeat. No one can form any kind of uprising against the government. It has been something impossible to accomplish for a very long time even though it's supposed to be the only way out of a terrible situation as it was upheld by our founders. There's literally no way out of this situation but to submit to our fate. They've been giving us this "YOUR VOTE MATTERS" placebo for a long time, and it really works. "Oh no we lost this time let's vote the other way next time! No need for any rioting!" Trump was the final hope for many people, and I have a really bad feeling that a lot of people are about to go off the deep end.

The only place I could see this actually happening at(this time around anyways) is Georgia. If that sheboon wins something might kick off.

announcing an future illegal activity on the internet is unintellegent.

This. The biggest constant here is that we will never get our way ever again.

At this point we have all taken the blackpill. It's over for all of us. Civil war and uprising will never happen,we are literally fighting a losing battle. May as well hang.

We die, and kikes prosper. That is destiny, and we will never be able to change it.

Many others will.

Why do you try to get others to kill themselves instead of just doing it yourself?

I'm not hanging myself for this country just because it wants to become a white minority socialist shit hole that eventually gets overrun by China. I'll just move my ass to another country and think fondly of the 80s and 90s before things turned to total shit.

You realize that once the US and Western Europe gets shit up they're going to false flag Eastern Europe 9/11 style and then give them the same treatment that Germany got after WW2 right?

Literally a cuck. kys.

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To be fair protest is literally impossible at this point. We can do nothing but lose now. It's over.

Fuck, how'd you know I was going to East Europe? There's still Japan at least.. They're letting in shit tons of immigrants to fill job postings. If white people have given up on themselves why should we stand for them? No one can do anything alone. Even a group of 1,000 can't. It has to be a national movement and people are just too comfy to do anything anymore. Plus, we have 10 years after Trump to save up and get out. Socialism and communism with demographic shift will completely destroy the USA, but we have enough fight in us to prop up the country for a few years before people start really starving. Gotta move though, because I see exactly where this is going and I refuse to be a part of it. They're going to destroy the middle and upper middle class making a huge lower class where everyone will be forced to intermingle.. It will be majority non-white soon and the whites are going to get completely shit on in the process. I don't want any part of that terror.

Also it's going to be sad as fuck to see little white kids being sold to do bad stuff or used and abused on the street wearing rags. Whites in the USA have no fucking clue what they're in for. Not even a fucking clue how bad this shit is going to get. They can't even imagine it.

Hi, asses and elbows. Reported.

Because its the most obvious place
This would be accepting the death of your race. Better to just go out swinging in my opinion. Maybe enough homeruns would be hit that we'd achieve the unlikely.

Oh shit, is Xemnas back?

He seems attracted to threads about Florida. It is the void, after all.

You're in the right mindset. There is unironically no fucking hope left anywhere in the world. We will have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.
Whites as a race are fucking done for. It's time we accept that and let the kike invasion finish us off.

Literally nothing wrong with this. Might as well kill ourselves.

Not him. Sorry hopecuck.

Honestly half or more of our race isn't worth saving anymore. Thinking back, most of my friends have been non-whites. I love what white people have accomplished on this earth, but we've lost our way. Also, I'm fine mixing with a half white Asian or a white slav. Western European women just aren't traditional enough for my liking anymore. I might even just stay single on principal. The tide is against us and I'm afraid there's not much we can do for the west at this point. I'm not much of a fighter anyway, and even if you try you'll just be labeled a white supremacist and taken out with no fanfare.


You're not a single bit better than
I hope you realize this.

I unironically have a lot of hope. I'm incapable of giving up hope. When I lose hope in the USA and the West, I see hope in other places. There's a lot of hope in the world outside of Western countries. It's not all doom and gloom.

Funny how you know who he is, isn’t it? Reported for being ashes and echoes.

o fug, there's a lot of them
Shills going all-in on the blackpill.

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The difference is that I know a losing battle when I see one. I'll give Trump his chance as I've said before, but I'm not giving up at all. My ancestors came from Europe anyway, so technically I should be over there helping if anything. If Trump proves himself I might stick around, who knows.

70% of whites would cheer merrily while your killed also

It is far better to fight a losing battle than accept extinction without a fight.
Is this supposed to be a joke?

Totally true. Recently went to college. What a shitshow the college whites are.

I'm not a shill, I just came to see if doublechan had anything I haven't seen posted in the shithole that is halfchan.. Where half the posts are shill posts and the other half are blacked posts.

I never said I had high hopes.

This is not 2016. This is 2018. Trump lied. Every single thing he said which matters to whites he lied about, in spades.

>all these tight races (((cohencidentally))) go to Dems with 6 gorillion uncounted ballots found in a broom closet.
So what happens when they blatantly steal elections in GA, AZ, and FL? In FL they aren't even pretending to adhere to the state statutes.

What choice do we have but to give him a chance until the end of his turn? If he doesn't do shit and no one goes to prison I'll vote for his opponent to spite him. I mean we're just another brick in the wall man, we can't do shit. And I'm not violent nor will I ever be.

at this point you are a jew and should be filtered. fight until death you payrolled pajeet shill.

Shit would get interesting in Georgia as the vast majority of the whites are racially aware and she's got open connections with the black panthers. Even if she doesn't win this cycle one will soon because the state is very nearly majority non-white.

You’re not even fucking HUMAN, you goddamn NPC.

Are you a woman? Pacifism is abhorrent weakness in a man.

This. The world fucking hates us and that will never change. If all of us died tomorrow then there would be mass celebration in America and the world.

Kill yoirself nigger.

Doesn't matter. We lost anyway.

You can't, retard. Nobody will fight back.

Wasted trips. See above.

Holy edgelord. Are you larping as CIA or something?

I'm sick and broken. Hitler would probably put me into an oven.

What I'm asking is why even have fucking "cycles" if they're just going to cook the books until they get the result they want? Why have elections, or worse yet accept the results of them?

Nice LARP retard.

That's true; I'm a GAnon and there isn't a doubt that the elections here soon, will turn into an effective race war. North GA is probably one of the most right-wing chunks of the country east of the Mississippi, while ATL and the like are full on kiked and blacked shitholes.

Checked trips. It's just hypothetical though, that's for sure.

I can still tell it's you, (1). I was blackpilled in 2014 and you won't get me again, nor will you fags get anyone else.

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What I'm answering is that each state's environment varies and that you shouldn't be surprised that people in an entirely separate state aren't doing anything serious about something in Florida, it doesn't strike close enough to home emotionally. Meanwhile you could see a rejection of the results if they attempted to give the Georgia governor's race to her.


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