Raping Jews

What is your opinion on raping jews? Is this race mixing unacceptable? What if I kill her afterwards?

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The idea of putting my dick in a Jew disgusts me

Blow your brains out.

jews are not human and as long as you kill it afterward, your free to have your fun. only White women deserve to be treated with respect

I mean if you choke her to death with your dick, that's two for one deal.

why would you rape a corpse?

Only niggers rape.

Best learn arabic, boi. You are on the same level as a goatfucker.

Do you think you're immune to propaganda?

You're a braver man than I am OP. I guess the FBI selects for insanity.

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Jewish women are hot, who doesnt want to rape them? We all know that if a jewess would ask all of us would say yes to having our time with her.

I mean even German soldiers in ww2 did it.

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I doubt it.
Jews were also raped by nazi dogs.

Dont be a fag, user

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Raping is subhuman behavior. Kill them and burn the bodies.

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I like them for their looks not their subhuman behaviour incel

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That still happens.

What the fuck is wrong with you.

Only acceptable if you use a hair curler to sterilize all of their filthy holes. Eyes, ears, mouth, and so on.

HAHAHA NONE OF THESE TROPHY KIKES ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN THE AVERAGE SWEDISH WOMAN HAHAHA JDIF PROPAGANDA FAIL-TOP KEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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some fap material for you then yid

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Here we have a dailystormer tard who not only is stupid enough to read that site, he's so low IQ he takes it literally.

Raping women is not in accordance with the National Socialist lifestyle.

your dick is too small to rape anyone.

It's fine to rape them. The rule is never breed them.

agreed, jew women should be shot and buried.

yid whores are fucking ugly compared to our women, heres proof

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Nice whoreposting, also not all of them are swedish, second from left is MENA qt, the middle one too maybe, the left squatting, try again incel.

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Eye bleach for this otherwise vomit inducing thread

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Great variety dude. What most spanish, italians and greeks are shitskins again now, dumb nordicists.

Ps: You nordfags would be the first ones to racemix, it's scientifically proven that you're the most prone to fuck other races, like niggermonkeys.

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lol this fuckin kike is TRIGGERED
god damn, what a fuckin loser xD

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you think he cares?

your classic Jewish insecurity is showing again

Says the guy who's afraid of Jewish women.

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Your kikels can't hold a candle to the the White women in this thread, Avi. The point of raping jewesses is to degrade and humiliate them, not because they're attractive. That's why a man would never drop seed in one. If she can get you to finish, there's a part of her that feels validated. Instead, if you rape her without finishing, she can only feel violated and used.


kek, afraid would be implying that we would be unwilling to punch one of these creatures in the face. since they are subhuman, its ok to hit them. after all, they are not real women but instead are mutants. are a yid dyke? hahah you sound like one. your creatures are disgusting and only fir for zyklon b

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t. coolest kid in the block

That's objectively wrong. Jewish women were always renowned in tge West for their beauty, especially in arts (see "Le belle juive"). Many white men, including myself and Mussolini just to name one big guy, have enjoyed their conpany. You need to try before you judge, man.

There is also nothing wrong in having children with them since they are a similar race (caucasian), especially if you are gonna raise the kids traditionally. Mixing with niggers or chinks is way worse.

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I remember one case of this in Deutschland. A group of soldiers had been prosecuted for the rape of a Jewish family in Busko-ZdrΓ³j, Poland. The defiling of the Jews and their torture is not what matters, for their crimes over the last two millennia can never be fully accounted for.
The real crime in raping jews, which the group of soldiers had been punished for, was that of,
To stick your reproductive organs into a jew is to commit the greatest possible sin against your volk: that of tarnishing your own race.

Although, if you happen to be a kike, I suppose there is no problem in raping another jew with a means of birth control.

You degenerates are no better than the white women making BBC porn.

lol says the yid. "trust me goy, the jews never push narratives"
le LULZ, not the same, pic related
you will never be White hahahah keep posting pics of your nasty traps
you lose :)

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kike IDF whores are disgusting I would execute them all before the men and make their flabby cucked men watch

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It's a bad idea

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Stop lusting after kikesses or it is you we'll gas first

Off topic but wtf is wrong with swedish men? If I had women like that to fight for the race war would've started already.

sage for shit thread.
Stop being a slave to your dick, save it for your woman you virgin.
These fantasies are terrible.

op ,no one cares about your fetish, we dont want to rape your women

notice the projection in this post…

There seem to be two distinct types of people that come to Zig Forums

One group comes here broken by the modern world, seeks cameraderie, seeks to understand the world and develop themselves.They see the coming conflict maybe as a chance for adventure, maybe as a tragic inevitability, but they prepare for it by developing themselves.

The other comes here, broken by the modern world and, unable to live up to this, fall far short of it. Instead these people seek affirmation of their brokeness and deranged state of living. They can accomplish nothing but destroying themselves. They see the coming conflict as opportunity to unleash their brokenness on the world, and prepare for it by dwelling on this brokeness.

Take a break from Zig Forums. Stop reading about politics altogether. Start back at the beginning with philosophy and self-development. In your broken state you are of no use to anyone, and are a massive liability. I know Zig Forums has edgy fun and games but if you're seriously asking this question you need to just log off and do something else before you lose your mind completely.

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Study the Jew, folks! Learn your enemy!

It is obvious that the greasy kike who started this thread had two motives, as Jews always act with multiple motives.

(1) Obvious: Make Zig Forums look like a pack of rapefugee niggers. Jews love those optics!

(2) Subtle: Get the tumescent manlets thinking sexually about Jewesses, by any means necessary. Throughout history, the Jewess has been one of the Jew's most potent strategic weapons. They have a whole book in their (((Bible))), Esther, and a whole holiday, Purim, to teach Jewesses their solemn duty to the Jewish people of manipulating besotted goyim with their bodies – when that is deemed expedient for the purpose of killing Aunt-Eye Seemites (i.e. normal humans who defend themselves from Jewish depredations).

It doesn't matter how. One way or another, you are to be made to want (((them))). I have noticed some other threads lately, attempting to depict Jewesses as sexually appealing in a more normal sense. (Stay away, lads: Some look appetizing, but that meal is poisoned!) But if that fails because you hate them too much, then perhaps your hatred can be exploited, too. The Jew gets you coming and going!

This whole thread is disgusting on some many levels, words fail me in attempting to describe it.