8pol is under raid

To anyone who may not have noticed. We mainly got leftists spewing antifa propaganda, some normies, and a metric ton of shills "exposing people who support us for being kikes".

I proclaim this a bunker until they go away.

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I think people are just coming here looking for narratives on how to cope with the loss of the house

I find it hilarious tbh and laugh heartily when anyone brings it up
Hail Chaos

Why not 4cucks Zig Forums instead?
This Zig Forums tends to be more anti gop and anti trump and that is a growing sentiment here. They are not going to find it here.

What did he mean by this?

That was always the sentiment until the board got astroturfed by JIDF and GOP shills from 2016 onwards and all of the National Socialists got banned for calling Trump a kike.

Embrace National Socialism. It's a rigged game anyways, but it is fun to expose their kikery.

they are not going to go away, the new "mods" let them in

polvol6 killing threads

He just killed a thread on election theft in AZ and FL senate races. For anyone who wants a read.

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nothing's going to happen anyway. a little theater, then poof - disappear and everyone forgets.


I thought there was a leftypol raid going on and that's why threads are being deleted…

Go fuck yourself you shitty fucking pilpul faggot mod everyone here can see what you're doing. I'm going to spam Codemonkey for as long as it takes to get you removed :)

There's certainly a Zig Forumssmoker raid going on, but the users could simply be IP banned rather than nuking entire threads of mostly legitimate discussion.

Meant to reply to

Not to mention fantastic propaganda for our side to prove that elections are rigged.

Still is and blame kikey for that.
Also mention loving or liking trump 95% of the time you will end up getting into an argument. I seen more anti trump posts than I see for trump, this is only going to grow as anons get more frustrated on trump not delivering one of his promises. Some of which are still in a denial stage, this board has huge admiration for leaders like Hitler, caesar or what ever fascist and natsoc figure Zig Forums likes.

they aren't being banned you faggot he's deleting threads related to the AZ elections

How and where?

Not their best at all.

No, they’re allowed to post here now. All content is allowed under codemonkey’s new authority.

Give one reason to like Trump. If you say “leftist tears” go back to reddit and never post here again.

I'm aware of that. I'm refuting the idea that the thread deletions is raid-related. It's not, the vol is working for (((them))).

Oh well in that case I agree with you. I'm currently emailing codemonkey and spamming his twitter account to make sure he does something about this faggot vol.

Give me one legit reason why I should continue supporting him? The overton window shift is nice.
What has he done anything worth asides from the paris agreement.

Today we learn that our mods are the Awan brothers. I guess Debbie gave the order to pull it.


The list goes on…

eh tbh Zig Forums is leaning towards accelerationism

It's the natural course of things user

based dog empberor

Again, not their best.

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God damn you type like a faggot.

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Yep, we're getting hit again. Business as usual. Have some music.

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There's something odd going on with moderation. They just bumplocked a perfectly decent thread:

So someone who supports white genocide and says that all guns “not in common use” can be banned. Got it.
Which he allowed to be shut down, despite what US law says.
Which doesn’t exist, despite his job literally being to build it unilaterally, and also he has all funding for it and all legal processes in place, and yet he’s not doing it.
How about listing them, then.
Literally meaningless. He refused to name them a currency manipulator. We could destroy China and end communism overnight by doing that. HE. REFUSED. HE LIED TO US.
Call me when the war is officially over. Nothing has happened yet.
Every part of it has been signed into law separately.
He’s letting all spics into the country. There are zero net deportations.

Global report.

Keep crying TORpedo.

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based zion don drumpfstein

Still waiting on the wall.
Don't trust Kavanguh
Everything else you said is accurate the only thing I want trump to stop doing is giving israel money which can be spent on the wall or sucking it up to them also hopefully he doesn't let the caravan, but I am doubtful due to them stopping militias from protecting the border.

Took 5 months of spam to get rid of you before should take a week now enjoy it while it lasts sweetie

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Are you talking about 4chan?

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From the way the catalog is and posting they are slowly.
Just hope Zig Forums doesn't get flooded by siegefags for this.

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Spamming codemonkey's board sweetie
Yes, it was worth it to get rid of Kushner's bitch, Imkikey

Q bridiktid dis

4Cucks is long gone the amount of disinformation they fall for makes me laugh at their low tier intelligence even if they are still against jews and pissireal.

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remember when that was the Zig Forumsacks motto and warcry?

MAGA the niggers, drumpfstein now


Also, here:


This is a list of everything the Trump administration has done through the eyes of a leftist.

The money was apart of a deal signed into law by a previous administration (Bush, I think), and is one that isn't able to be overturned by an EO. And is there a reason not to trust Kavanaugh?

Here's a few more just for you.

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Zig Forums still say it…
At least the real Zig Forums
Go to a nigger hate thread or any thread talking about race there is high chance you will see it.

8chode == 4cucks

Rabbis literally nibbled Trumps grandchildrens dicks away while he was praying to false gods in a church of Satan

Reminder to hang fags on the day of the rope.

It still is kike. Keep crying about how Zig Forums used your redditfags against you. That's why you keep crying about it. Just like with everything else, your own toy was used against you, and now you're crying foul because how dare the uppity goyim think they can outjew the jew.

So go on kike, say it one more time. Say reddit again.

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Link for the law.
Also is the u.s able to get away with it by not paying kikes billions of shekels?

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tactical use of redditfags to flood the board with MAGApede civic nationalist zio-cons
fucking based and redpilled now this is really screwing over the jews
you sure jewed the jew hard there you badboy

Also call me if there is fascistchan.

Sure thing. He says the NFA is constitutional, first of all (this is known as sedition), and predicated his “support” of semi-automatics on the fact that “people own them” and not on the constitutionally recognized right of life and protection of that life.
>Kavanaugh wrote that the Supreme Court in Heller determined that guns in “common use” and not “dangerous and unusual” cannot be banned, but those that have been traditionally banned, such as short-barreled shotguns or automatic M-16s, can remain prohibited.

Nigger no Zig Forumsack wants them here.

National Socialism is just socialism you stupid fucking kike

You can't seriously be this stupid.

"Keep your plans dark, as black as night. When you strike, fall like lightening!"

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Lurk 2 moar years.

Lurk moar, you outed yourself.

This is the kind of post allowed on codemonkey’s Zig Forums.

Go back to reddit, you subhuman pile of kike shit. No one is falling for your Q-LARP narrative.

national socialism is socialism. autistic gay communist materialism isnt the only form of socialism to exist.


May they, at a minimum, get RP'd on the JQ; and if they aren't outraged beyond all other outrage, then fuck 'em. There are commonalities between the two seemingly opposing ideologies (or a lack thereof), that apllaying pressure from both sides could benefit the entire fucking planet

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It's mostly the same anti trump leftist shills larping as fellow natsocs.

4D chess, doofus

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Easy answer:
Shills have won.
After losing the Great Meme War Of ‘15-‘16 they have redoubled their efforts, used their resources to purge /ourguys/ off of other Social Media Platforms ( ….Berg, Twatter, Jew Tube) amongst other wrongthinkers including cuckservatives, lolibertarians, Christians and comedians. Now that opens direct shilling to /us/ in our own language for the more experienced Shareblue Shills to D&C , Bkackpill along with the old fashioned obfuscation and Zig Forums stylized new faggotry.
The winning of the House Of Representatives has validated all of their efforts, there are bonuses to be had and a lot more shilling to be done whereas they would’ve probably would’ve quit and have gone back to the drawing board if not for this minor victory for them.
So buckle up Zig Forums the next 2 years every thread will be inundated with the same shit we’ve seen over the past few months.

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They came here immediately following the midterms and they'll probably stay for about a week.

I find that hard to believe as I did not see anyone expecting the Republicans to win the house to begin with.

So no reason, then.

In a way yes, since hitler inflitrated the party and then redefined the ideology as the volk or the people. The ones who say it's socialsim or marxist socialism are obvious newfags and should be called out on it.

Will you GOPniggers please fuck off?

This thread is about mods abusing their powers not leftyniggers

Did Zig Forums enable posting via tor again?

They will only win after they shut down sites like this and make the internet centralized. Most of their focus is on 4cucks due to how influential that board is compared to here. Were going to be (((shut down))) and it will go down quietly.

Or it could be actual anons that are being frustrated.

This. Our defeat is inevitable.
There is literally no reason not to take the blackpill and surrender now. Our side will die with a whimper as kikes gain more and more influence on bigger platforms. No matter what happens, we lose forever. It's over.

you know you've struck a chord with the shills when you get all these assmad replies trying to reinforce the false board consensus as being "anti-trump".

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its all back and white with you fellows

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National socialism is still socialism. Socialism =/= communism, socialism =/= marxism. Commies don't have dibs on socialism.

get yeeted on


I just said h8/pol/ will be the most likely to be shut down. Then they will shut down the end, next, new, lynx, 3 /mlpol/ and almost every other bunker you can think of.
That doesn't mean I am giving up faggot and since kikes aren't long term thinkers most will go back to 4/pol/ which will cause problems then they will shut down 4chan as paranoia not knowing they just opened pandora's box.

the enemy of my enemy is my friend so I keep my friends close and my enemies closer

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Maybe, but national socialism just means the volk and if you want to go in depth is about the natural order and stuff about it the ideology.

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Fuck off Trumptard.

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You are out in an open waiting to be backstabbed.

its happening

Is fascistchan still active? Wondering if that place exist, also most likely jews will illegalize the deepweb then shoa'd tje bunkers hidden in there as well.

30 million illegal spics don't get to determine the president in a republic sorry nigger

the volk is the people, the people are the society; that's what socialism is
marxist socialism is the perversion
Just like their calling of their cancerous materialist globalism "socialism" - when to "socialize" an industry is simply to NATIONalize it.


Blow your brains out immediately.