Pol (((mods))) just deleted this thread, reposting - 1,400 White Dutch Girls Sex-Trafficked Every Ye

Source: dailyarchives.org/index.php/news/1827-1-400-white-dutch-girls-sex-trafficked-every-year-by-nonwhite-invaders-police-admit

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nationaalrapporteur.nl/binaries/Slachtoffermonitor mensenhandel_Nationaal Rapporteur_ex bijlagen_tcm23-285357.pdf

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thats all right, let them. there are other chans. posted it up here as well.


if these kikes want to poison their own propaganda machine, let them. the sooner this place falls, the better

kikes basically live on the chans now

Is it just me, or do a good chunk of these females land THEMSELVES into these situations? Like what am I supposed to do? The Netherlands is particularly fucked, almost as bad as the UK. So what am I supposed to do? Get stressed over some dumb sluts getting raped and the most lowly beta race of men on Earth watching? It's sad, yeah, but places like the Netherlands is past tense shit hole. They deserve it.

we will remember you said that yid when another synagogue gets shot up "they deserved it" xD

oy vey get gassed JIDF femsoy

Yeah, fuck the Netherlands. More important matters to deal with. Germany has more hope for fucks sake.

Why the fuck would I stress myself over The Netherlands? Half their population, at best, wants everyone on this board imprisoned, with the other half wanting public hanging. There's a fight to be had in Italy, Poland, Denmark,and even Germany all have bigger spine than this meek little shitpit.

The men doing it are also drug dealers. They get the girls hooked on pills and then make them start to fuck for more pills or suffer with drawl. They target girls with single parents or in orphanages (who are often part of the prostitution scene and use the girls themselves).

this is not a troll, people over there are this black pilled by jewish media and big pharma.
get your shit together faggot

Didn't mean to respond to myself but the point stands.

I get there are some genuine victims, and they should be cared for, but 1,400 a year? Come on now. The ones who actually seek this shit out, and believe me, PLENTY do, should be thrown into the street where they belong. They wanted it, so let them have it.

I'm actually not blackpilled about Europe at all. I think Europeans will win for the most part, but as for this, they serve more or less as martyrs. I can guarantee, at the lowest of half the time, these girls seek this shit out in some form or another. I don't have much sympathy unless the were physically snatched.

1,400 isn't a very big number when you consider how many children there are in the country.

Did you post it for 4/pol/

Well then there you go. I'm not stressing over the low genes doing themselves in. That's the great thing about evolution. Bring attention to it by all means, for the simple sake of inflaming nationalism among Europeans, but don't expect any change from these disgusting Dutch.

Utterly ridiculous. Dutch people haven't been happy about the state of affairs for a very long time. They, much like many other European people, are waiting for the summons of a leader, a hero. It also wouldn't hurt if a certain superpower's boots would stop stomping on them.

They have no self-responsibility?

Throughout history, many peoples had to suffer under the authority of foreign powers and survived by being patient and waiting for the right time, when the empire is weak enough, to rebel. Think of how the Seleucid Empire collapsed, for example. (Western) Europe is waiting for the American Empire to weaken and, as mentioned for a great leader to arrive.

If Codemonkey isn't going to wipe these faggot mods then anons need to crash this board with no survivors.

i made three threads about this and the (((mods))) keep deleting them and then banned me xD they really want to keep users away from the newnation.org website that posts daily news stories about niggers committing crimes. silly kikes, so easy to evade. now put in the work faggots and delete all my posts


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting in St. Petersburg. St. Pete police arrested Marco Nicholas Murray, 37, and charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm for the shooting death of Christina Veronica Rush. Rush was found shot in the backyard of a St. Petersburg home early Thursday morning. Detectives say the 27-year-old woman was found just before 1:00 a.m. in the 1000 block of 15th Avenue S. Investigators believe the victim knew her attacker archive.is/sbSjv

Codemonkey wants this. This is exactly the sort of thing he wants. That’s why he created the rules of the board as they are now. Remember how there wasn’t any of this shit between May and August? That’s because the mods we had then surreptitiously IGNORED codemonkey’s rules and got rid of anti-white, anti-natsoc spam. Then the democrats paid for a new group of shills and told reddit to come here. They flooded codemonkey’s inbox because their non-Zig Forums spam was banned and codemonkey removed the mods. The board has been worse than when imkikey was in charge ever since, because codemonkey removed anyone who was openly natsoc.

Bump. Normies need to know about things like this. It’s horrific shit like this that will send them over to us if anything will.

yeah probably just regular old kikes user

Who cares women are cancer and are the direct reason for evil existing. Women could refuse to pay attention to shitty people but they don't give a fuck where money or power comes from. You obviously haven't dealt with these beasts in their true form. They literally murder people's lives and then go tee hee GOSH! And billions of retarded white nights beg to lick their feet. I ain't raping becuse there's a government gun pointed at my head twenty four seven , I don't want herpes, and I am not attracted to any woman on the planet , but if dumb faggots wanna fuck up dumb fuck whores then who cares. Why interupt my enemies when they are making mistakes?

No, they literally hired a new version of “shareblue” and EXACTLY THE SAME WEEK we were flooded with HUNDREDS of reddit and leftist shills, and the natsoc mods were removed.

Up until like twenty years ago rape was an allowed weapon in war, because women are just as responsible as men and you are allowed to punish enemies to demoralize them in conquest. There isn't anyone who gives a fuck about the lives of anyone outside their tribe so the favor should be returned. Segregation is the answer, not this fake ass prison world "peace". Us government "don't murder! Murder is bad! Now do our work for us while we murder people for their resources!

Your life is a fucking lie you are brainwashed nothing ever changed the rules are the same survival of the fittest and there are no rules nigger faggot kike

meh, same shit as GOP shilling, kikes are kikes

the Netherlands have been so kiked and pozzed up for so many decades that they are hopeless to rescue at this point.
which is a tragedy that angers me on a personal level, because i have been there and seen them. seeing beautiful 6ft tall Nordic Dutch women who look like Greek Amazonian statues was an indescribable experience for me. they truly are the children of the Vikings in body, but in spirit they are cucks and race traitors and simpleton pastoral bumpkins who are naive and easily brainwashed by the kikes and the niggers and the Commies. the best thing that could happen to save the lost Dutch people would be for the tanks and the boots of the 4th Reich to march through their streets and clean out all of the pests and mongrel garbage.

which brings me to pedophiles. Netherlands is probably the 3rd biggest den of pedophile gangs, with America being #2 and the UK being #1. if you really want to see this thread get nuked, just wait for the shit i'm about to poast. i'm not talking the odd stray pedophile in Amsterdam. no, i'm talking some of the most organizaed pedo gangs in the world called the Netherlands as their home base. and they have some of the most blackmailed and infiltrated Judiciary, police and government–who are all pedos. and the Dutch give harbor to the worst of the worst pedos–baby rape gangs who produce millions of photos and thousands of films. Snuff, murder, torture and imprisonment of kids recorded on video and then sold via Tor hidden services. if you're beyond blackpilled like i am, and if you research the history of pedo gangs and if you keep tabs on these vile degenerates, then you already know one of the most infamous pedo gangs called the Pedophile Information Network, which was an open political group in the UK in the late 1970's, and which flew under the coat tails of the Faggot Liberation Movement to sneak into Parliament and Westminster, and after a few years of being untouchable then the tides turned and people began asking "WTF?" then many of the leaders of PIE fled to Amsterdam. the Dutch have been complicit in one of the longest running and biggest global spanning pedo movement in history. it will be very hard to forgive the weak willed Dutch for this, no matter how beautiful their women are, because the Dutch have enabled (((forces)) which have erode traditional White Christian families in all EU nations.

but i am willing for forgive any Dutch who renounce their Bolshevik faggotry and swear allegiance to National Socialism and who work extra hard to make up for their mistakes in the past.

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in conclusion, i will say that anytime i see some FAKE NEWS about the great skill of Dutch intelligence and a long con tale about how they helped (((NSA))) and (((GCHQ))) foil some plot, i just laugh at how shitty they are at their jobs and how moled up and how compromised and infiltrated the Dutch glowniggers really are. for all intents and purposes, the Dutch are an honorary member of the FVEYs for all of the Epstein-esque pizzagate pedo elites they have unwittingly assisted by not rolling up the pedo gangs in their own back yard and not throwing the book at all of the pedos who have sought safety in escaping to the Netherlands. someday the Dutch glowniggers are going to pay a very heavy price for their treason. when the 4th Reich marches through their streets someday soon, at the very least all of the spies and intelligence officers will swing from the lamp poles.

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>pol (((mods))) just deleted this thread
No worries. Kushnermods are getting their boi pussies rekt very soon. Have a bump.


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Where can said women be bought?

Youd be surprised. Anti-nigger doesnt get (((coverage))) because its racist to do so. Its sad that we need it, but we have groups cleaning streets and stations of shitskins at night. That all being said.
The country is lost without a purge. In the last ten years the Dutch became minorities in their own cities and now (((refugee relocation))) puts the niggers in rural villages. Maximum enforced diversity.

Boo fucking hoo. You get what you want. Europeans voted for this after all.

Whites going out with a wimper I guess. Was nice knowing you all. I mean shit, it's happening in the UK, netherlands, belgium, france, germany, ireland, scotland, sweden, finnland, basically any major european city that took in "migrants" over the last 10 years has had massive drug and human trafficking happen there, the EU wants it to happen and local governments excuse(if they even attemptted to do anything to begin with) is "the national government ties our hands we cant do anything", if a white man does indeed do something about it, they go to jail to get killed by the same muslims, africans and "new diverse europeans" that fill up the jails.

Nothing I said is "black pill", it's objective fact. You can't vote against human trafficking and mass child rape.

Shut the fuck up

What are you sliding?

probably a thread on page 15 which no one bothered to keep alive, much less you of all people.

Yep. this is fucked up
Here’s a real natsoc pill for you guys though. This shit isn’t just related to immigration it’s is a part and parcel affect of INTERNATIONAL CAPITALISM and the internationalist financial canal. It goes like this
This shit is a direct symptom of what the natsocs described as internationalism. Basically then you can have some rich pervert murder people in his country because his laws are 3rd world tier. Then with that money he had taken through crime and atrocity he can now go to a completely different country and buy these women. Literally buy them. The prostitution movements largely facilitate this time of financial slavery as well. Essentially what this allows is for cock suckers who are really just vile bugs that need to be stomped to profit off of he misery of their country and then use that misery to financially enslave people in another. It’s basically cheating the game

At no other point in history has a man said that. You fucking pathetic, weak spineless cunt.

Thank you for this article. Finally something to investigate close to home.

I'm only seeing this article being sourced to one website, which in itself seems to be Breitbart-tier bullshittery. But this plays into Amerifat White-Nationalist quasi-doom porn fantasies about huwhite wimmin fuking browncels en masse, Zig Forums will obviously act hysterical over it.

Is this better?

Cope more, nigger.


That is why there are so many other sources presented to your bird brain.

Cope more, nigger.

Something needs to be done about these fucking antiwhite mods.

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Imkikey was no better, stop making excuses for his forced trump dicksucking

He, if you don't fear replacement, your a sociopath.

Right, that's why we have two right-wing parties, because we are cucked…..

Of course you are natsoc, all the nutjobs are.

bet it's from new woman/trans mod

They are not "Dutch Girls" they are mostly they're own Girls.
Either Turkish or Eastern Euro

The Netherlands is still the whitest cleanest country in western Europe.

I believe kikes are blowing the "loverboy" phenomenon out of proportion to profit from getting non profit shekels that they use for their own gain by funneling it through dozens of charities that they own until nothing is left after "operational expenses". Kike scam 101.

Lot of these girls are black girls with black boys, then they get pregnant, need dem moneys from da state and claim they where raped.

But still, it's a big problem if only a few white girls get pimped.

Not for long, we are already a minority in our four biggest city's: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Haque and Utrecht.

The telegraph said it but snopes debunked it ofcourse rofl. telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/netherlands/6022588/Mohammed-is-most-popular-boys-name-in-four-biggest-Dutch-cities.html

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Outside the Randstad, yes. And many Dutch are disgusted at the transformation of their cities into crime-ridden shitholes. They don't understand that it's a jewish project, however, and I'm not sure they ever will, so fighting back effectively will be difficult. Conditions under the NS occupation were awful, people starved, and all the postwar propaganda drilled it into their heads that patriotism, racialism, trad values, jew-naming,etc lead to mass starvation.

Being an awakened Dutch man is hell.
My own countrymen are more resistant to red pills than any other group of people I've ever encountered.
De puurste kanker.

jews traffic white dutch teens its the jews and their paid gangsters

You may get your wish with this blatant voter fraud debacle, when civil war breaks out in the US it’s timr for Europa to rise from the ashes as well

Nah Zig Forums just needs proper NS mods back, mostly hands off modding and without the trigger happy kamfy horseshit.

It's true. You faggots are cucked beyond oblivion, worse than any other country I've dealt with.
Funny story for you, about 4-5 years ago fams visited (pre-EU invasion). One morning I woke them up with the snackbar call to prayer and they were quite pissed.
I said

It's true. You faggots are cucked beyond oblivion, worse than any other country I've dealt with.
Funny story for you, about 4-5 years ago fams visited (pre-EU invasion). One morning I woke them up with the snackbar call to prayer and they were quite pissed.
I said

That is the law not just mere propaganda. If you disagree government pigs would happily lock you in jail.


I wish you normal niggers at least tried to fit in.

Chan is sort for channels, what do you call it, imageboard?

fuck off yid

it's what user have called it for over a decade now newfag

Girls or women?
If just women, this is just a blackpill really.


Post examples before accusing. Seriously, this needs to be bannable.

What, chan or imageboard?

Reddit niggers call imageboards chans, user knows it's imageboard

It's this board who started call 4chan cuckchan in the first place.

Not any leddit.

Or do we call it cuckimageboard?

> link is nationaalrapporteur.nl/binaries/Slachtoffermonitor mensenhandel_Nationaal Rapporteur_ex bijlagen_tcm23-285357.pdf

>nationaalrapporteur.nl/binaries/Slachtoffermonitor mensenhandel_Nationaal Rapporteur_ex bijlagen_tcm23-285357.pdf


Anyway, here's the actual fucking report none of these news sources linked properly : dutchrapporteur.nl/Publications/VictimsofHumanTraffickingPeriodicalReport20122016Summary/victims-of-human-trafficking-periodical-report-2012-2016-summary.aspx
OP should make a new thread with this link.

Jesus christ are you baiting or are you really this retarded. And quit cycling IPs you faggot.

According to the estimate, domestic sex trafficking is the most common form of human trafficking in the Netherlands, accounting for 46% of all human trafficking victims. Domestic sex trafficking (the bottom-left quadrant in (Figure 1) accounts for by far the largest number of victims: almost 3,000 a year. This form of trafficking is also the least visible (with only 15% of victims identified), as is apparent from the large number of victims that have not been identified (the figures in grey in (Figure 1) compared with the small number that have been identified (the figures in red). This discrepancy is possibly even greater at the present time, given that significantly fewer victims of domestic sex trafficking were identified (reported to CoMensha) in the most recent year (2016), and (Figure 1) is based on the average of the two preceding years (2014 and 2015), both in terms of the number of identified victims and the number of unidentified, invisible, victims.

Naturally, all cases of domestic sex trafficking concern Dutch victims and – it appears – they include practically no male victims (2%) {user note: smaller than I thought}, who are therefore not shown in the figure{???}.

Minors are most often victims of this form of trafficking, accounting for almost half of all victims of domestic sex trafficking (47%). Thus, it is clear from the estimate that roughly the same number of girls (approximately 1,320) as women (approximately 1,500) are victims of domestic sex trafficking. Further-more, minor victims of domestic sex trafficking appear to be even less visible (only 11% are identified) than the adult victims (19%).

I'm sorry but what are you saying?

Necklace yourself.

Useless insult, no content, kike confirmed.

Can any dutchfag translate?

Apparently this is the interview with police that discovered this news.
I can't identify the source of that interview however.
That said, 1,320 children a year being abused by any person of any background is still disturbing.
Those figures may be low too - apparently things like "internet" exploitation is increasingly becoming more hidden.

While I doubt these are shooped, I would like to see more links posted in the images as text. Otherwise, they're virtually dead as evidence of anything (although they seem to be mainly hearsay regardless).
Obviously not talking about the screenshot report either.

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Stop chimping.
Start digging.

Endless bitching is nothing

Ultimately, figures of abused are not going to solve this issue. People need to fix their apathy to this, beasts that contribute need to see the mistake they are creating for themselves because let's face it, they're not going to stop based on "feels" or "stats" or "people calling them a bad man" - you need to make it obvious that this impacts them inadvertently and negatively.
Or just gas them. Either will do.

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Here's the worst google translation ever:

Obviously it's inaccurate as a translation.




i don't even.


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I see nothing wrong with this pic user

Sure you do

fucking kek

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I'm getting the feeling this thread is being slid. As soon as the translation was posted, heaps of "nothing" threads were bumped.

Oh and my computer randomly shat itself, that's not the first time that has happened after any pedo dig.

I am by no means belittling this shit but let's face it; t'was ever thus.

Look at Victorian London; a city of 6 million with 600,000 prostitutes and 10% of those were underage children. The Thames river was a thick muddy slow flowing soup of human excrement. Imagine all the evil things that took place in those narrow twisting little lanes and dark foetid slums.

And you just know in your hearts that Fagin buried his circumcized dirty dick in little Oliver's butthole then pimped him out to all his filthy semite friends..

It's pretty bad now, but it's still a vast improvement over the Victorian era.

And don't bother saying they had higher morals. I think if there's one adjective of the Victorian era that's even more telling than it's "morality" then it must be it's "hypocrisy".

no one cares

Dude, what?

Not even a little bit, Britain has been executing rapist soldiers for like three hundred years.

Bad soldiers rape. Good soldiers perform an objective. Same goes for looting.

Where in the fuck did you learn that? Shaka Zulu's school of war?