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ITT we share better ways to spend our spare time rather then spending it all in front of the screen Jew. I'll start by contributing a few.


Weight lifting:

>great way to escape (((reality))) and be with nature

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But I live in England :(

Survival, camping, hunting, wood working, metal working, working on mechanical equipment, taxidermy, yard work


For idle hands.

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I'm not well versed on British gun law but don't most European countries have at least gun clubs where you can do some target shooting/skeet shooting kind of stuff?

Fucking board, didn't mean to tag OP

Bro, just get a loicense. Gun use for hunting is 100% legal and hunting rifles and shotguns are pretty easy to get. Yes we'd all love a proper "high-capacity machine scary black semi-automatic killing machine" but there are ways to use guns, just not for self defense or fighting tyranny.

Whoa, is everything okay Norman?

you can get air guns without a loisense
then if you want the pigs to have all of your details and know you have weapons and subsequently put you on a hit list of goyim to murder in the future then you can get a loisense and get a real gun

Fencing, the ancestral classical and chivalric martial arts of Europe.

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I don't know much about it but HEMA in general seems like a neat idea, learning to fight like our people used to.

not gonna make it, fishing for a cookout is superior to "sporting"

Sorry but we aren't niggers friendo.

Fencing is the absolute shit. I moved away a couple years ago, but back where I used to live we had a Sabre and Foil group of about 35. Good fucking times man. I've tried to get a group started in my new town, but no one is interested.

Fishing is an absolute must. As a survival skill, it's a cheap, easy way to attain high-quality protein. Fishing saves money as you can purchase 12 worms for 2 bucks and turn that into 10 fish with a retail value easily worth at least dozens of dollars. As a hobby, fishing is relaxing and meditative (and a good source of food). Besides all of that, fisherman in general are some of the nicest people. Offer that guy walking past you along the river a beer and a place to sit and you'll make a friend for life.

Be warned, this art is a long and winding road.

He means if your house is being burglarized triple nigger.

Can't you get black powder arms without a loicense?

Anything involving creation or building a tangible, real-world skill is a valuable hobby. Stimulate the mind rather than occupying it.

cycling, it is one of the whitest sport ,cyclist are pretty right winged and cycling will give strong glutes and quads

If you want a grip to crush kikes' heads like a wonderball, or save your life, these grips are gonna help you out big time. After all, your lift is as strong as your grip.

Everyone should:

1) Write - journal, thoughts, meditations, philosophy, essays on topics of interest, politics, etc. At least half hour of writing. Focus on handwriting as well. Hen scratch is disgraceful.

2) Art - everyone can draw. Everyone. Drawabox is a simple, free course that can get you going from 'i cant draw a stick figure lol' self-defeating failure to significant improvements within a month if you put the time in daily. It cribs most of the process from How to Draw: drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination by Scott Robertson, but less in depth and detail. Architecture books from Francis D. K. Ching are great for that aspect of art. Anyone can draw. Stop lying to yourself and express yourself.

3) Music - learn an instrument. A guitar is simple and can get a used or beginner guitar for $50-100. Digital pianos can be bought on the cheap as well on kijiji/craigslist/etc from kids that quit. I bought a $1300 digital piano for $300 in perfect condition with adjustable seat.

Whatever you go with, it's not as hard as you think. You can play a song on day one if you want. Rhythm is a lie. You can learn even if tone deaf. You can use a keyboard and type - piano is identical motions. Hand independence needs to be learned for music. Youve never practiced or had reason to 'rub your head and pat your stomach at the same time' or any other independence motions.

Reading - history, philosophy, and any other interests or genres you enjoy. One minute per day is one book per year on average. 15 mins, 15 books. 30 mins, 30 books. There's no excuse not to read. No audiobooks. No ebooks. Go to library. They have lots and can transfer from other libraries. Only handful wont, like culture of critique or other similar wrongthink.


That's all. Fitness isnt a hobby. Physical health is an imperative and should not be neglected. It's a duty to yourself and your family, people and community to be fit, healthy and ready to defend.

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When I get my future white ethnostate, I swear to fuck you goddamn cyclists are gonna stop riding on the road parallel to perfectly good bike paths. Fucking kill yourselves.

Keyword "testing". These are for testing one's grip strength. They're a stupid waste of time, and probably bad for your hands done repetitively. There's no reason grip strength should ever be trained in isolation from whatever exercise you need grip for.

T. methed up Ram pickup truck driver. Tough soy season this year faggot?

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Cardio and endurance are very, very important, easily on par with physical strength. That's not to say you should neglect weight training, but if you forego endurance training, you are making a huge mistake.

foil is actually a pretty good place to start when if you want to explore rapier fencing. Out of the three Olympic sport fencing systems, foil is the closest to it's historical ancestor.

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I'm gonna have anyone caught riding their pedal-mobiles on the road sentenced to generate electricity for the community on a stationary bike 12 hours a day.

daily reminder archery > (((shooting)))

Fuck you people.

Anglo detected

Bikes slow down traffic so much they should be illegal, however, that being said, how are we so retarded as a society that we can't just put bike lanes on all roads?

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Underrated post.

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Zig Forums only cares about cumming inside white pussies

bike lanes are joke, sometimes you could barely fit your bike on the lane. obstacles are constantly on the lane. Other times is safer to use the full road lane instead of bike it is unsafe from other drivers making a right turn and overlaking the bike lane .

It's very rare that the roads were originally designed with bikes in mind.
So what they tend to do is just take a slice off what is normally already a too narrow road and turn that into a bike lane.

Masturbation, vidya, shitposting, and smoking weed are my hobbies

i made three threads about this and the (((mods))) keep deleting them and then banned me xD they really want to keep users away from the newnation.org website that posts daily news stories about niggers committing crimes. silly kikes, so easy to evade. now put in the work faggots and delete all my posts


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Police have arrested a man in connection to a deadly shooting in St. Petersburg. St. Pete police arrested Marco Nicholas Murray, 37, and charged him with second-degree murder and felon in possession of a firearm for the shooting death of Christina Veronica Rush. Rush was found shot in the backyard of a St. Petersburg home early Thursday morning. Detectives say the 27-year-old woman was found just before 1:00 a.m. in the 1000 block of 15th Avenue S. Investigators believe the victim knew her attacker archive.is/sbSjv

Those 'bike lanes' in almost all of North America are nothing more than unmaintained garbage ditches nobody uses. Politicians love to boast about how many miles of bike lanes they're creating by painting a line and it's all bullshit for easy votes from uneducated morons.

getting cnc machines and making your own guns is a good idea.

The only major flaw with being into HEMA is trying to find other people that are both into HEMA and withing driving distance.

Is dance a Zig Forums approved hobby? I just picked up a swing class to become a better musician (I play the drums) and its a surprising red pill. The lessons you learn about dance apply almost directly to everyday life, especially with respect to women. Dance teaches confidence, body language, and how to be assertive without being forceful. Its like How to Win Friends and Influence People, or the New Testament. I think this one might be pretty underrated. Posting from mobile but looking forward to hearing your backward-ass thoughts.

Yes, expressing oneself is highly encouraged, especially in relation to women.

HEMA is still in the beginning stages of becoming popular again, I would start by finding a manual you like on the wiktenauer and coming up with an interpretation of your own. There are also instructional videos on youtube, as well as blogs on the subject as well. Although I'd suggest you start with one of the major styles, i.e. sword and buckler, longsword, rapier, or saber.

It should be. The ancient Greeks considered dance to be a cornerstone of education for many of the reasons you described. It would pair well with martial training too since it helps motion. Also, dancers are considered less appealing targets by criminals for assault or robbery due to the subconscious cues they demonstrate with their physical mastery. Maybe some forms of dance are superior to others however for certain goals, but overall learning some kind of dance seems preferable to not learning any at all.

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Metalworking. Woodworking is for faggots.

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During winter I like to kansei dorifto these pure white corners as fast as possible

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Save up for a windlass crossbow. Cocking will build strength and the shooting is almost as exciting as a gun. It's also better than nothing for defending against one or two mudshits but you still have your cucked self defense laws to deal with.

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If you're near mountains, skiing. Hardly any minorities on the mountain, physical exercise, feels amazing ripping down the hill and bombing cliffs. Get to look at beautiful mountains. Downfalls are all the hippy degenerates, but they are about equal in force to the rich white people all over the mountain. Also snowboarding is degenerate.

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Machined 4140 steel stuff on a French lathe like pic related lately, that thing was stiff af tbh

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smoking weed and masturbating vidya etc

Screw degenerates, skiing is and will remain awesome. Perhaps the most Nordic sport.

skiing that is never snowboarding

Strongman and Powerlifting is a based and European tradition

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Pen Turning


I know there's gonna be no consensus, but how do you all feel about communal storytelling games? It sounds traditional and volkish, but it's got a certain stigma attached to it because they're often wish-fulfillment exercises that require a pocket calculator to play.

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I'll check those dubs.

As far as hobbies, I'm learning Hebrew :^) I look forward to shilling in Hebrew, motivating young people to leave their religion and marry Muslims. Oh my, diversity is (((our strength))) I'll tell (((kikeland))).

I learned the kike runes last week. This is the most retarded language ever. There literally is not 1 feature that is clever, intelligent, or useful or even interesting.

fun fact: jews rotate the letters on a per-temple basis to confuse the go*im

This looks pretty easy, I think I can do this.

Checked. Pretty funny. My goal isn't to read in a temple. I'm reading their newspapers. A source:

And don't worry about any variations in glyph. That's rapidly being solved by free OCR.

Does anyone like building gunpla, or collecting toys in general?

I've always wanted to play dnd or pathfinder but whenever I tried introduced it to my friends they would get intimidated by all the reading, I only ever showed them the starter sets so I guess I'll have to find an online group or go to local store that host game nights.

Come over to /tg/, friend. Here's the gamefinder thread. >>>/tg/308013 If you need books, we've got them all uploaded in troves in the PDFShare thread.

While I agree


Going to the range does not make you a gunfighter. And neither does military and police training. What makes you a gunfighter is pure experience.

Practice your shooting, but you need to practice drills and adrenaline response. I have a friend I know is good with a rifle shoot down range approximately 4 feet from me to manage adrenaline. It's not the same as bring intentionally shot at. But if you can't manage that kind of adrenaline, you won't manage being shot at very well.

And don't be fucking stupid like me and do what I do just because I said I do it. Seek professional training. Run drills, find friends willing to train in a similar fashion. Watch gruesome videos and firefights and see how people respond.

How much does one of these metal lathes run?

Paintball is experience.

You need the sound, m8. It'd be good if you could get a paintball gun that also fired a 9mm blank in addition to shooting paint with every trigger pull.

Dancing is awesome. Builds coordination, strength, flexibility and speed. Besides you gather up slick moves to impress the laaaaydyyys. And its a great deal of fun!

Gardening/home farming

>great way to escape (((reality))) and be with nature


Martial Arts


Important for interpreting laws and learning your rights.


Wrong. :^) That's the shit they'll sell you on, sell you stupid "simunitions" and "live shoot houses". It's all bs. You only need to learn the actual things you need to learn.

Example, can you learn to play the organ by playing on a harpsichord? Tell me that, answer me that one.

Remember, a harpsichord is a very primitive instrument, it offers a lot of resistance when playing, compared to an organ, the sound is way different, in fact, the sound barely stays playing, meanwhile on an organ it never stops unless you hold it. The harpsichord was, for a long time, one of the cheapest keyboard instruments.

Organs, on the other hand, especially in the past, were massive and incredibly expensive.

So, can you learn to play the organ by playing the harpsichord?

Are you coked out of your mind, or did your bot forget to switch proxies?

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I draw, and I do graffiti (not the wigger shit mostly right wing quotes and symbols) and I have a band that plays around the area. Lyrics are subtle but mention (((them))) and promote family values and individual rights. And never any niggers show up!

I agree with mosy posters above.

Anything creative. Any sport. Any outdoor activity. Any martial skill.

Ita important I think to practice hobbies that put you in contact with other people. The sign of these times is increased isolation in ffont of the screen. Engaging in various groups is tremendously good for your character. Meeting nice people over common intrests is a perfect way of making new friends.

I practice brasilian jiu jitsu. I would recommend it for those who wanna get on with martial arts training. Otherwise i'd recomend boxing, thai/kick boxing, judo, wrestling or mma.

Apart from that i study russian.

Would love to get a tv free home but the missus wont let me…

However, as i said, the most important thing is getting in the habbit of doing other things than watching the screen.

Good luck, I know it aint easy so find something easily accesible at first and then move on to your autistic hema fantasyland.

What's the matter with this freak?

Better let motorcycles split lanes or else you a nigger

I was thinking about this. I think we should each discover our own STRUGGLE. Since interests are so diverse, we should be like wolves. There's a wolf pack, but pack tactics involve very distant communication, mostly. Each, on our own, we have our own particular thing we are working on. It's preferable to have companions, but we may simply not be able to find someone who is 1488 and also interested in what you are.

dude change vpns

good, good, now go and =="Learn that which adorns you with honor!"==
~High Master Johannes Liechtenauer

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Where can I find these groups in Spanish (for my parents)?

Drawabox is a low iq shitskin Arab supremacist. Read Hogarth and Loomis.

Can't argue with those digits

Not Yidd. Canadian pro skier with French name. White as fuck. Her grandfather was a Swiss mountain guide. Dad was a pro mogul skier. Top tier genes.

I agree

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Here's a picture of some Greek statue and some ramblings about self-improvement.

Bet you are a fat piece of shit.

based and /trannypol/ pilled

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You could contact your national team of this tournament if there is one:

Dude. What the fuck are you talking about. Given the chance would you not impregnate her? She's clearly a healthy white female. How could you possibly call her "disgusting"? They are the key to our future; you don't look at a beef flank and say "disgusting" because it's not the tenderloin. You say "thanks" and put it in the freezer and make a stew someday.

This is interesting!

That yid grin says otherwise. Genetic profile or GTFO

Painter, woodworking, survivalist, fisherman, make small clay figures and hike every weekend

I used to shoot alot but I only hunt these days. Kikes can take shit away from neets who just vidya but never pull the strings of a man who enjoys the earth and the fine arts.

I dare them to try and cuck my world. More of todays youth and even people my age should put down the controlers amd pads and learn a trade or instrument at least.


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No u.

I would agree, but look at those toe genetics. She's clearly part velociraptor.

Zizek is horribly overrated. He uses the J.Peterson tactic of word salading really simple points to obfuscate and filibuster.

That entire awful paragraph is one sentence:
"A capitalist focuses on accumulation of money at the expense of everything else, there is no moral stance that justifies this greed."

It's a good way of identifying enemy agents. Their goal isn't truth, it's to make you think they know something you don't.

Join a shooting club! Its the way to your section 1 loicence and then the funz.
You can legally own a .22 WMR rimfire semi-auto AR-15 type rifle and any bolt-action centre-fire caliber up to .50 BMG. Also short-barrel shotguns with high-capacity magazines. In Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man you can own pistols, but in England, Scotland and Wales only long-barrel revolvers (which fall under the ‘carbine’ category). And black powder pistols are allowed.
Under the Section 2 licence you can own a long-barrel shotgun with a maximum magazine capacity of 2 rounds (so 3 shot capacity max).
If you get lessons and attend a club regularly for a year or less, and have a clean criminal record you can probably get a Section licence no problems.

You can also get black powder. A black powder revolver ain't half bad for home defense.

This looks like a nice site for buying 22's used in the UK. Just googled & found it:

This looks like a good site for UK gun reviews, info:

A review of one of the coolest guns on the planet, and you can have it in the UK:

You'll want the BX-25 magazines for it, and it seems they're available in the UK.

Videos on the rifle:

On the Ruger 10/22 in general:

Oh, a big point! In the UK it's pretty easy to get "silencers". In the US it's a pain in the butt ($300 in tax per suppressor, and it takes them forever to approve it). Get 'em, use 'em. They protect your ears. To use a silencer/suppressor (two words for the same thing), you'll need a threaded barrel.

A customized takedown:

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