Meme War 3 You Thought It Was Over

Stage 1. 2016 election.
Stage 2. 2018 midterms
Stage 3. post midterms commy raids FAGS GET OUT
Stage 4. ????
Stage 5. 2020 Presidential Election
get those meme badges ready

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Trump couldn't get much done already.
Now he will absolutely get nothing done.

low energy SAD!

The brownpill is a necessary intermediary step in the ascendance of bluepill to redpill

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So wait, what are saying? Are saying we'll slide thru the 2020 elections like a well-lube'd, tapered on both ends mega turd? What does it all mean tho?

Baste Ben, Gets It Right Again
- that wall he was talking about was a wall in Israel
- he warned you with his poem about 'The Snake'

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He can load the courts. That's about it, and it won't matter if the Republicans stay cucked, which they will, because they're controlled opposition.
Is the era of human will coming to an end? The system has gotten so large, and can take so many hits, and the growth in power is so much more exponential as one nears the top, that I can't picture it ever collapsing, save an outside force kicking it in.
I mean, what would it take? The USSR basically "let go" of the reins, and I'm not unconvinced that this was done on behalf of globalist elites (Gorbachev was a "liberal" reformer after all, and it was the international oligarchs who benefitted most). Have we ever seen the collapse of a modern, developed state? Stalin was able to kill tens of millions and exploited the entire peasantry in a manner more systematized and unaccountable than any black baron could have hoped for. With bio-Leninism settling into place, is the state unshakable?
We're running out of options. What would it take?

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1d for life, normone

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>Is the era of human the hwhite man coming to an end?
Yes, and the age of the bugman dawns before us. China will rule by 2050.

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The Chinese are fucked too.
Only one country in the world is developed without suffering a fertility crisis: Israel.
China will bend the knee.
I hope they don't btw. I would prefer Chinese bugmen to the Zionist empire.

Maybe I should elaborate some more. I think the Jews will one day lose control. "This too will pass," after all, but I think they're setting themselves up in preparation for their next upswing, at a point in history where technology will be to where there is a serious concern over whether we will be able to change anything at all; whether our dependence on the state for goodies and tech for competitive advantage will give a perpetual edge to whoever holds these things, meaning whoever holds these things will do anything to keep holding them.

I-I just don't know user. History never ends, but I'm feeling so blackpilled.

They instigate us at their own peril. We are a problem they continually make worse for themselves every single year since some assmad cultists got butthurt over Chanology. These shill organizations may not be the same groups, but the tactics they employ at their most basic levels are. They think they are being effective or doing some mission that will assist them, but we have seen the same shit for a decade and know their shit. Shit's gonna get hilarious very soon because the ball they need isn't here on the chans, and the shills are gonna be getting redpilled harder and faster than before.

We are diamond dicks.

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Good, now you can get to work. When you're ready come find us.
t. Zig Forums accelerationist squad

Its whites like you that I hope get killed in the upcoming racewar. We really need natural selection to get rid of the cuckholding genes. Whites are truly becoming weak.


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China is quite semite-phile but my spider senses tell me they will eventually Jew the Jews and get rid off them in their sphere of influence for good in the long run.

Just take a closer look when Chinese officials talk about "xy with chinese characteristics". The emphasize always the latter part of that description. The Chinese Communist Party is technically only the Chinese [insert internal laughter here] Party. That means that they will root out any and every un-Chinese influences, be it cultural, political or economical - if the situation is right and the circumstances allow it.

Nope, this topic hurts people's feelings on Zig Forums so its been outlawed.

god he is always in control when its game over hell just flip the table for us

Oh man famalam, I am just sooooo demoralized right now.

Its like why even try. Am I rite? Personaly I only have enough energy to

constantly post stock memes with generic file names and try to remind

Everyone of just how dispondent I am.

If you want to know what the future looks like, imagine a black boot stomping on a mulatto face forever.

White genocide needs to be explained to normies without playing up the degeneracy of other races.

Whites have to live among them day in and day out. They've adopted to it. We need to explain to our people what being a minority is all about.

As I minority we will have no political power, no land to call our own and have no power to choose our own destiny. We will be like guests in someone elses home.

This is the part they don't get. They (((see))) it as a racial cohabitation issue.

We will be like Indians on their reservations when we want to live amongst our selves. Everything we are will be lost, just like the Indians have lost themselves.

The rest they'll come to understand on their own once the seed is planted.


Bolivia will always be open for us.

2016 meme war vet here
How can I serve the cause?

Whose side did you fight for?

*meme for

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Here's a quick comparison. Fiat currency runs on faith. While Stalin was butchering people still had faith in the system. At the end of the USSR their currency was attacked for profit by international bankers (including Soros, literally - he did the same in Ukraine and made shit ton more $$$).

Same thing will likely happen to the US. The biggest driver of value in the USD is not, as we are often told, the 'global reserve currency'. It is the Petro dollar. Oil is purchased in USD. Hi, I'm China - Iran, could I please buy some oil from you. Sure, FIRST BY AMERICAN DOLLARS THEN I WILL WELL YOU AS MUCH AS YOU WANT. The smallest dent in this value will plummet the dollar and the world will short it into oblivion.

Then, and only then, we will have the ethnostate.

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Abe was going to send the negroes back to Africa and they killed him for it

Southerners are legit retarded. The Confederacy was a Jewish operation, just like slavery.

Fuck off alt-kike cunts

Well, I wasnt totally repilled at the time of the election, so I was a good goy and meme'd for the asshurt of lefties by spreading shit for Trump. As of now, I allign myself with those who realise that the governments of the world are controlled, and that the illusion of choice is implemented to allow us to think we have freedoms.

Take the Ted pill user. Even if (((they))) are stopped, they goy technocrats will transform humanity into a completely cucked, domesticated product. We need to nuke the earth back into the stone age and stay there.

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That is loser mentality.

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Yeah, completely wasting that one shot at space exploration, exploitation and extermination is a brilliant idea…

Are you out of your fucking mind? That's exactly what (((they))) want, trapping us here with (((them))) forever.

It can't kick off fast enough

not for the winners when it happens


"Breaking away" Am I rite?


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There's no winners in "nuking the earth back into the stone age and staying there"

Keeping Trump in power buys us time. Both parties are Jews, we get it. But to keep the American people from asking questions, they have to keep up the illusion of a two party system. And therefore, they have to make one party be at the very least partially pro-white in order to keep the average White American happy. Trump can be pro-Israel, but he can't push their left wing agenda since that would break the illusion of control, which would make the Republicans start asking questions. And when White America asks questions, we provide the answers.

It's not perfect, no. But it forces them to delay their plans. If the democrats are elected, they can do more without accidentally redpilling White America.

Ted is at ADX, forever. So it Nichols.

Seriously. Take your meds.

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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This and we can hope for left wing meltdowns. They tend to turn violent and crazy when things don't go their way and that may redpill even more people.

Fuck off retard. The midterms are over. Shills need to go home.

How come leftist niggas acting like democrats winning rigged bourgeois elections is an epic win

yeah the usa civil war was just another jewish fabricated war
financed on both sides by kikes
instigated by kikes on both sides
purely about jewish interests
and it worked, they were able to consolidate their interests and hold on the country and then got rid of their puppet when he wasn't neccesary anymore and starting to go against their interest
old politicians are cucked because those are the only ones that make it through jewish selection
and the ones that go out of line and have too much power just get eliminated
booth was a kike

I'll be accused of being bloodyminded, but I believe that the White middle class needs to be kicked in the teeth until they get it and start fighting back.
The disgusting cowards will not move until they start to feel the dire effects of their failure to accept responsibility for their actions.

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We probably don't stand a chance because they will likely pay millions to spam forums after 2016.
Learn to bot.

fuck off (((GOP))) shill
go astroturf to some MAGApedes on cuckchan

Nope, just the third world and the chinks and the pajeets and the arabs

I jokerposted this about a year ago tbh.

And what happens next? In a few thousands years we're back here again, with even more genetic erosion than before. The real answer is to leverage the unprecedented destructive potential of modern technology to create an ethnoglobe, so that as the cycle of civilizations inevitably continues, only whites can rise and fall.

We can count on Nazifa for that. The violent leftist domestic terrorists purport to be "anti-fascist" yet they're the commie street agitators of their aristocrat paymasters and CY4 is when that fact goes mainstream.


Kill yourself

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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This is the third thread I've seen this image. But the image was posted all at different times, one at 11:12, one at 11:13, and this one at 11:14. That means that you're not using a bot, your so desperate to spam Zig Forums that you're manually going into every single thread to spam this one image. That's pretty sad, and proof that leftyniggers are jobless neets who fill up their time with spaming Zig Forums

Zyklon Ben is /ourguy/

Another DACApede thread. There's a million of these while any critique of trump gets anchored

Global report.

Holy fuck kill yourself.


kill yourself leftypol discordspic you wont slide the board while there is a voting recount.

Load the courts…..


Checking these prophetic creation/destruction digits

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I don't think you understand how powerfully broken judiciary oversight can be. If you have a judge on your side, it doesn't matter how many niggers or kikes are in office trying to pass legislation for more shekels; shit kike laws will get destroyed in the appeals process.

It's a smart move cause it's going to preserve our way of life for a few more decades.

I hope to have the discipline to kill traitors first on DOTR. But if I run into a Jewish shill its going to be hard to stick him in a camp for a couple days.

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Its going to take words.
Real, audible, forthright words. Speak.


omg a memewar


Truly the voice of Zig Forums

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Sir Reginald was banned for our sins

The goal of the 2016 election was to pick the biggest kike cock sucker. Success.

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Inb4 shills are so scared of the impending meme war that they try to force their Trump is not Hitler rhetoric.

Trump is going to play 1488D chess up until the stroke of midnight on Jan 3 11:59PM
Youll see, trust the plan.

Reminder that there is absolutely zero purpose in a meme war if no one worth voting for actually runs. Thus, it is paramount that some of you actually run for some political office. All you have to do, is just be the most recognizable name. Thus, running as a nazi might actually be in your favor, or some other form of radical. It can be on the local, county, state, or even federal level, any influence in politics is paramount. And if a civil war is inevitable and the only solution left, having influence in state governments will allow more states to secede and fight in the war.

What has happened recently to cause the supercharged Black Pill:

It is becoming untenable to shill for this guy any longer. That’s fine but we should remember the people who were right about this. This is important because these sunny day friends threw a lot of people under the bus to shill for Trump. I have noticed they have transitioned suddenly with no humility about how wrong they were.

Follow me on Gab and Twitter (Ulfric and @Ulfric74 respectively) and also follow my good friend Tyrone Jackson on Gab and Twitter (cashmoneyglock and @cashmoneyglock respectively).

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No one replies to this, because it is absolutely true.

Here is your "red" wave, mutts.

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I think you have come to the wrong place.

Nah meme wars are fun in themselves. Its hilarious watching CNN lose their shit over funny internet pictures of frogs.
We have won every meme war so far because winning has come second place to enjoyment. Everyone wants to belong to the side that is clearly enjoying themselves.

It’s a fake name, you kike nigger.

We meme the liberation of Constantinople, as a means to shift the orthodox church fully NATSOC and send actual turkroach refugees streaming towards Iran and Israel.

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Prison reform is actually needed in the USA. You do realize that there have been numerous situations of kike judges sending fucking white middle school kids to prison, literally in exchange for money from the (((corporate prison system))) right? This will not keep niggers out of prison, since they are all repeat offenders, always.

Kill yourself yids.

I don't see the point you're making. Yes, Trump is a zionist cuck but what else are you suggesting we do? Vote democrat and further accelerate the destruction of our world? There is no alternative, both sides are full of people who want to destroy the world and end the white race, but at least Republicans will slow that process by a few years.

You stupid, dumb, coward mutt.
The system has to be completely overwhelmed by sheer populist numbers completely out of question for amerimutts or be collapsed in order for anything to change.
Fuck, the hollywood kikes even spill the beans in your face with recent movies.
Fuck all of you. Go back to breed with niggers at gun point.

How though? WHAT are these massive numbers of people supposed to be doing, exactly?

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That's my point you absolute blithering retard. You can't have a populist candidate when any attempt to run as a right wing populist is immediately shut down by the entirety of western civilisation - hollywood, the media, the jews. You're suggesting the impossible, so we're left with the two options that I mentioned previously. But carry on shitposting about how we are all somehow zionist bootlickers, faggot.

lewd pic

Redpill the masses. Don't forget anons, they've always been outnumbered. The only way they stopped it in 1945 is by dog-piling against Hitler with literally everything they could throw at him. He wasn't doomed from the start, but he was fighting an uphill battle for sure.

Those who would find out they are fighting for ZOG would have a very different opinion of being a soldier for them than those who did not, for example. Hitler fought the (((central banks))) by cutting them out entirely. If everyone knows what's at stake, then it's not the few against the many anymore.

Is that Brittany Venti?

Beautiful karma. Fucking mutts are really going extinct.

assuming we even get to a 2020 election before SHTF

Booth def was a kike i learnt something today thank you user