>Ms (((Gronkiewicz-Waltz))), a member of the opposition Civic Platform party, mayor of Warsaw and issuer of the ban, explained that security on Sunday was a concern and her appeals to the government for help had fallen on deaf ears.


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Fucking bless them. One of these days soon id really love to visit Poland. Would be great to march with my kin. Still those numbers make me giggle. 60,000 to 2000. Now they just need to make sure barely any sand nogs or regular nogs from neighboring califades dont start shit. Im sure the kikes will have something up there sleeve.

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Long Live Poland!
Defend your people. And kick out the disgusting, treasonous jews.

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Salute, Poland.

If only we had courts and judges on this side of the Atlantic Ocean with the integrity to protect the civil rights of White people – courts that would make the right decision despite the constant chorus of whining jews….

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Poles are subhuman garbage and provoked WW2 then afterwards helped the soviets murder and torture millions of germans and to this day occupy a large part oft germany. totally based nationalists tho. Very fashy.

based poles, such a lovely people. truly the allies of aryan men everywhere

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Kosher nationalism. Hurrah for the sovereignty that the league of nations gave us out of nowhere for the sole purpose of crippling the axis powers we had no beef with.

Pick one.

Now THIS is a based pole. Fucking finally

What's going on ITT? The goyim aren't cheering for based fashy zionists whose party bureaucracy is full of "ex"-communists anymore.

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Oh. Right. (((You're))) a fucking kike.

Does it really matter? Poland has been a jew project for centuries and their fashy based government is allegedly entrenching an "illiberal democracy" while still holding onto the so-called death camps with a death grip and begging for more Amerinigger ZOGbots to encamp in their country, rape white girls and advocate sexual degeneracy.

Man, (((someone))) really doesn’t like this thread.

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Polish defeated nazi.
They hate nazi
They love jews

/pol war is against you because I don't have girlfriend

You all though that you can escape from me

The basis of this movement is putting aside the vengeance of our forefathers towards our own people (i.e. Brits hating Germans, Poles hating Russians, etc.) , and working together to save our race.

Very sad that I cannot attend the event this year.
Thread was sent in the predictable direction anyway. Probably browned kikes, or amerimutts criticize photos with 5-10 same gooks/niggers attending independence march. Same with BASTE niggers in magahats, except that shitskins in Poland are almost nonexistant.

You have it all wrong, so wrong. It is not old shit. But more importantly you have it all backwards. Teaching poles some of their forefathers are very much at fault for the war is key to being able to work together with them.

Because as it is, the poles still lord over the holohoax narrative and they keep bringing it up, and the vast majority of polish nationalist are fully unable to cooperate with nationalists everywhere else, because they everyone else as 'ebil nazis'. 'Old shit' would be bringing up something that has no relevance today. The polish and NKVD jew war crimes pre-world war 2 has lots of relevance today, especially as the belief that 'poland did nothing wrong' renders polish nationalists fully incapable of being useful allies to anyone but themselves.

The retardedness of some polish groups is so prevalent that they actually believe the propaganda that Germany was trying to genocide them, despite the easily verified fact that 450 000 eastern Europeans, many of them Slavs, served in Germany's armies.

Attached: at funeral of polish president 1938.jpg (640x360 96.73 KB, 3.21M)

From the Baltic Sea in the north, to the Carpathian Mountains in the south… based, well informed, jew-hating Poles can lead the way for the world.

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You could address the point, you know. Which is that all these based eastern European governments often just skimmed off the communist leadership when transitioning from people's democracy to liberal democracy and remain exactly as kleptocratic and anti-White today as they were then. They pretended to be nationalists back then too, insisting that the USSR didn't dictate their policies despite being occupied by Russian troops, just like certain countries that claim sovereignty while remaining members of the EU and being occupied by American troops.

ADL goes into shilling overdrive, revert it now or we'll ensure amerimutts will never go there ever, (((think about the economy)))
at least improve your script, shill.

Why can't America, an actual superpower tell kikes to fuck off instead of sending them billions every year, now, thanks to based Zognald kikes can use State Department to strongarm bad goyim into giving jews heirless property as muh eternal reparashuns for being 5th generation holocoaster survivor?

Nice one rabbi. Never seen this tactic before.

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Chinese tourists are perhaps the important aspect of PRC soft power, directed out of ant farm more-or-less at will by the Communist Party. Hosting large amounts of them, assuming Poland does, is among the best indicators that the government prefers capital - foreign capital - over its people.

>(((think about the economy)))
Yeah, do. You can destroy the foundation of the white genocide ideology or refuse to - in exchange for FDI, EU gibs and reparations for a genocide, all the while ignoring multiple instances of ethnic cleansing of Germans and the undeclared war the Poles fought with the Weimar Republic because they weren't satisfied with the outcomes of a few plebiscites even after the ridiculous grant of a sea corridor, a puppet state "free city" and territorial grants where no plebiscites were held at all for fear of the outcome. And of course, Poland never got in on the partition of Czechoslovakia with naziswhogassedfivemillionpoles.

I'd hardly imagine the Polish government has diplomatic issues to fear when it asks for more occupation troops and dutifully agitates against based WN Russia.

thanks for infecting yet another thread goys

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Poles know how to deal with the "local" beneficiaries of an invasion. Let these images be a lesson.

So likely in excess of 300k.
Like the marches in Germany that based kikewater kept numbering at different values within the same article.


Kek. It reminds me of that guy who wrote a book where the villains were a race of vampiric aliens who lived by sucking the blood from White children and controlled the world from behind the scenes.
The kikes screamed that this book was anti-Semitic.

Stay strong, Frenchbro. You can't die, your culture is too wonderful.

based catholics


Kike shill confirmed.

The yids in this thread are going absolutely ballistic. God bless Poland.

Why do East Prussians keep larping as slavs?
I get it, the joke was funny back in the 20th century but right now it's just plain cringe
Everyone knows poles are just Germans in denial

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Oh good for them, they're "allowed" to have a march, for now.

Celebrate if they ever get rid of the interracial child rape camps, aka euroweek.

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It's called sarcasm. Something neither you nor "free speech until it hurts my feelings" masonmonkey can pick up, apparently.

It's not a mystery that a lot of those patriots are hooligans and people with non existant temper.
All they achieved is making them furious and making it more probable that streets will burn.
I'd look for reason, that they want to show Europe how bad nationalist movements are and how much they need european support but I think they are actually that stupid.

Hope to see all Zig Forumsacks on march

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Kike shill detected.

Many are still ignorant. It's not that we're more >based than westners genetically, communism ended up saving our asses from cultural enrichment… we are learning from the wests mistakes and protecting ourselves but make no mistake about it if we had niggers from the get go we'd be just as cucked as Sweden or some shit.

This march will speak for the whole of Europe, and thanks for the support goys.

Posts like this is why Americans should be banned.

This. Our forefathers would never have picked up arms against each other in the first place if they had known the truth. They were led astray by kike-owned politicians, and hypnotized by kike media.


i'm almost sure this number has been faked
in 2014-16 there was over 100k people taking part in Independence March. It's hard to belive that in 2017 number dropped double, especially when Law and Justice took the rule, which btw (unofficially) subsidize National Radical Camp and All-Polish Youth (the two most extreme nationalist organizations in poland that also organize Independence March)

Today it's going to be at least 200k

videos please

Attached: Poland_protests_muslims.jpg (540x359 55.54 KB, 58.3K)

Ha, my eyes for a second saw "ISLAM'S KIKE" on the sign.

How is this an improvement, exactly?

islam's pigs actually

Bóg, Honor i Ojczyzna

A na drzewach
Zamiast liści
Będą wisieć

On the trees
Instead of leafs
There'll be hanged