Anti-BlackPill / Anti-Suicide Thread

In-Board "suicide hotline"
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It is a known thing that many red-pilled individuals become depressed, despondent, hopeless, and even suicidal. This is also known as the Black-Pill (not the "nothing matters so don't sweat it bro!" kind). In case you are unaware this is a great dilemma and threat to whites as it creates the possibility that any potential they may have had will be forever lost and thus turning the tide against the whites overall.
A couple of thread rules:

If you are struggling and are slowly giving up then please come in here and get some camaraderie to boost your spirits and to discuss your emotions.

Anyone who is struggling is welcome here, please try to support each other, we're all in this together!

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Thread is basically a whitepill thread anyway.

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Essentially, we need a morale boost.
It is no light thing to have your eyes opened only to see a great deal of hatred and darkness.

Nigger I hope things get worse so the happening fucking happens.
I want (((them))) overplay their fucking hand so we can reset this country proper.

I don't have much whitepills in my folder I should make a separate folder for it.

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Man up civ-nat cuck. Its time to fight and die if necessary to drive the beans out of Texas.

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Not quite the point of the thread.
There are mixed opinions on "the happening" such as if and when it will happen. At times it can be hard to want to continue because it seems that no one cares, sometimes a man just wants to give up as the world dies with a whimper. Please refer to the top line of the second pic on , that is what we are trying to prevent. There are a great many anons who can become something great and do great things, but they need to be alive to do so.

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Personally, I don't know why anyone on Zig Forums should be blackpilling in the first place.
….Unless, of course, their loyalties lay with the Republican Party and Donald Trump.
If that is the case, why is that individual here and not on one of the Q-Larp boards?
So, tell me where this blackpill is again?

OP is right but it only applies to the first redpill and proceeding blackpill. There shouldn't be repeat redpill-blackpill scenarios for most Zig Forumsacks so that means the T_D fags here are finally getting redpilled but it also means the oldfags are pretty much gone at this point.

this gives me so much hope

Shills or redditor…
Just shut the fuck up user stop asking questions.

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The jew pushes the black pill, but the black pill also occurs naturally in men. It is akin to being made aware of a great ruse that has robbed your of your soul, that has stolen your life. It is thinking that everything is fine, only it's not, and that everything is on the edge death. It is having to accept that he current state of society, the stability will not last, it is uncertainty in your future, and the future of your children. It is knowing that evil things will transpire and that it will only get worse.

It is such a great burden for any man to have to face and bear, but no man should have to do it alone, for that will only add truth to the feeling that he is alone and that all is lost.
Men must be reminded that there are other MEN, not just themselves and non-players


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checkd and seconded

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you're mom a gay

I will come back tomorrow posting more whitepills.

I'm getting engaged soon!
Her body is a 10/10 and she's young. Definitely the language barrier was difficult but there is nothing Aryan love cannot beat.

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checkd again
Sleep well comrade!

If she's a nip gj if she's a spic kys.

Okay…. I’m sure many anons are feeling blackpilled. How could you not. It’s a tough gig, especially when you come to a conscious realization how the large majority of people you work with/live with have the intellectual capacity of a child or a small dog at best. It’s the realization of an adult. This seems more like a gaslight to accuse /pol and the chans of blackpilling people and creating mental illness which is ridiculous. All /pol does is use the Hegelian dialect just like the leaders of our society and world do. They introduce a thesis, which is then observed by anons of which they become the anti thesis. The synthesis is their interaction with the world having been exposed to a worldview they should have been exposed to when they were teenagers. None of this is pols fault. Just like most the ills of post modern society this can all be traced to the people who are given tax money to essentially nurture society but then basically say fuck you and promote more indifference in their societies with the money that’s suppose to be used to bring it together. The only true way to come to terms with the world before or after /pol is understanding yourself

user this was one of the thread rules "No kys nigger" comments, this is a positivity thread

((( )))
stop trying to blackpill

Positivity is subjective. You need to go back to leftypol. Someone could say positivity is kicking someone in the ass, or someone could say it’s babying them. It really depends. You need to fuck off with your jimmy jones positivity koolaid you fucking people are the reason people go nuts.
No thanks I’m going to be an asshole like everybody else

It's positive in the "don't kill yourself man we need you" sorta way
But since it matters to you then I will refer to it as Pro-White positivity, is that better?


I was about 22 when I took the red pill, before that I was also generally an outsider because of my military family and constantly moving. We didnt settle for a while, and it took me a while longer to realize that we were not going to be moving again, and so I would have to make friends. By that time it was too late, as I was already labeled the quiet/shy one. As well as a few peaks of humiliation common among the type.

I have a pre-dispostion to depression and it was always lurking. Around 20/21 I had decided that if my life wasn't figured out by 30 I would kill myself via the long walk north. I think, if you have taken the black pill this is the best suicide method.

In my head, it presents two options. You walk into the wilderness, the desire to live doesn't manifest, you starve and die, or the desire to live does manifest, and the struggle of life prevails. You return to society a changed person. or die, at least fighting, and struggling to your last.

I'm older now, and I am still here. Life is much improved and I see paths to success. If you're thinking of suicide, put it off. Set it as a distant date, to be executed if certain conditions fail. Make it one that will take time so you can see if you really do want to die. Things are grim now, but remember, they used to be much darker. You and your people have survived worse, do not let this shadow be the end.

Good Luck.

right back at you fammo


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The whitest of pills

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So why don’t you just say inspiring? Or encouraging or pro white or uplifting or motivating why use a buzz term like (((positivity))). Newspeak or wot?

I posted this on /b/ earlier


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If your right wing at all you should be proud to have a vocabulary that’s bigger then the marxists variations of gender, identities and class dichotomies . Being an intellectual is something to be proud of

"anti-blackpill" is the whitepill you little faggot btw but I'm refusing to post in this thread anymore since polvol6 deleted my whitepill thread. I'm going full accelerationist blackpiller now.

So you're going to bitch and moan without giving any solution like a good commie "professor"?

there aren't really a lot of other word choices for positive that really go well with the rest of the sentence without sounding autistic

well the primary goal of this thread is to give those hopeless and borderline suicidal anons some hope and motivation to push on, life is hard, it's even harder when you go through it alone

Enjoy every victory, anons
Wars are not won in an instant but by a million small battles

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They will find all the hope, inspiration and motivation they need by contemplating the symbol of the swastika. I’m not putting you down here but understanding concepts like not giving up, bravery, struggle these are what destroy the blackpill

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…why do you have that image?

Agreed. We must provide to weapons for the warrior and the tools for the craftsman.

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it gave a sensation similar to a gondola, one of peace and satisfaction

Yes the enemy uses psychological means as his frontline weapon. It must be confronted with psychological means greater then his. An unyielding fanaticism is a good start. It will carry you through anything. Valhalla awaits

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If this is an actual thing, then the solution is more study. Tune out the daily happenings which are generic, old, meaningless shit meant to distract and have you react. There's nothing to be gained there for anyone. It's literal sheeple feeding time.

Having long term project(s) is good. A good way to find one, is taking a break. You don't have to turn off, but more outdoor stuff is good. Exercise helps you mind and thus mood. Be cognizant of what you're consuming as diet is key.

Generally don't worry about things you can't control. You want to expand your wealth/contacts/social circle/real of influence then you have to work at it. Hard and for years. No shortcuts. But all very doable and rewarding.

Focus on yourself, your family and race. Your time is fully consumed and you have real results. The fucking sportball score doesn't affect you. You aren't part of the 'team'. What jew cunt is fucking what nigger in what movie… that's kid lemming shit.

Don't fear the future, embrace it. As a White man, you can manifest what you imagine. You arent' some day dreaming nigger wishing for gibs. You want it, you can do it. But a lot of guys seem to quit before every trying. Why do you think that is? The electric jew and the idiots indoctrinate with marxist bullshit. Those people are all fucking losers and you KNOW THAT. You see one of these old, Commie jews 'teaching'? They WANT to die because death would improve their life. Imagine still clinging to that after seeing the fall of the Soviet Union and China going all western consumer goods? These retards are completely detached from reality and yet, are so vain and petty, that they can't acknowledge facts for fear of looking foolish when they look like they haven't fucking showever since the 80's.

Soros is doing this and that? The guy probably needs a gook man servant to wipe his ass. He's dead soon and you'll be eating cake. Change is the only constant and Whites still lead the way as we're the creative ones and who have the balls. Our adversaries are fucking CUCKS. It's an amazing time to be alive. Don't forget that.


Hell hath no fury like the vengeance of God wrought forth through the figure of man.
We are the fires of hell! For even hellfire is in the hands and heart of God himself bestowed upon us to be served in full portion to the guilty. May the innocent bare witness to his wrath as we wash the blood of our enemies from our hands.

be like Bucky.

if_only_you_knew_just_how_good_things_really_are. jpg

before casting yourself into the Void, why not turn yourself into a living scientific experiment? think of it like being an organ donor, except you still get to haul around your own meatsack, and whatever good you can accomplish helps push everyone else towards the finish line. is there even a comparison between spending eternity in the Void now versus deal_with_it.png for another day and another day and completing your 78.6 years average life span?

if that doesn't convince you, then what if i told you DOTR will be on April 20, 2027 and you won't be here to see it and to help string kikes up onto lamp posts like your most cherished child hood memory of hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree?

The biggest whitepill that exists is whiteness itself. In every country and culture whiteness is the greatest form of social currency and social mobility. In countries like Mexico, Brazil, India, and most others that are natively non-white if you have white features, mixed race, heritage, you are further up the social hierarchy. Look at every black female celebrity and model that is considered 'hot', Rihanna, Beyonce, Tyra Banks, etc. Lighter skin, high cheekbones, smaller noses, hair often straightened and dyed lighter. Designer babies will undoubtedly have white features (eye color, lighter skin than parents, etc.) If white's can rally and remain 60-70% in the US and 80%+ in Europe for the next century it will be the largest demographic victory the world has ever seen. The world of 2100 will be tan, the world of 2200 will be less tan, Whiteness will prevail not by numbers but via desirability. The future will trend white by default.

Never forget that many on the left, especially women, practice politics of bitterness, envy, and hatred simply because they are at some base level jealous of white people. They live in a world where seemingly everything is and should be possible, except being born white. The gifts bestowed upon us at birth are the most precious and desirable of all nature's gifts.

Even Jews with all of their money, power, and influence will never be white. It is the one thing that they cannot buy. They can try to destroy it but they can never be it. The same politics of envy, bitterness, deceit, and hatred apply.

Going forward, political positions and politics at large in the US and Europe will become less relevant. Whiteness itself is where the battle is won. A new romanticism of race, European beauty, divine femininity, service to your race and your country. While at the same time getting people in power that can and will limit immigration (the one policy bell that cannot be unrung), and covertly encouraging and funding birth control, especially long term, semi-permanent, methods among non white populations worldwide.

Well of course you may be treated well for being white if you are a useful minority for the Jews to hide behind. Besides, Jews don't operate out of envy; they operate out of hatred for anything cultured, healthy and beautiful. The Jews destroyed asia with communism for God's sake, and nobody is envious of Asians.

filter and report this….thing.


I'm feeling too degenerate and subhuman to helping me. Please, somebody kill me.

If you commit suicide ypu are robbing your brothers of another soldier. There are acts of cunning and bravery that no one else can do and we could fail without you.

Don't rob your brothers of your talent.

Every white person is important to the cause in someway or another. You may feel that your life is unimportand, and your life is pointless. But for whites there's never been a more important time to be alive. We must forge connections of brotherhood and fraternity and grow in strength.

Almost every single institution designed to help and protect us has been compromised. We must re-build all of these anew, and that is a monumental task in itself, but gives us goals and directions.

kys nigger

hide all blackpill faggotposters. I like to tell them to kys before hiding them.

I come to Zig Forums for news about niggers and jews, not for your whiny girly emo posts. Mods, please delete this awful thread and all like it. Thank you.

All it takes to fix everything is to kill every last jew. That's it.
There's no peaceful solution, no negotiation to be made, no compromises to reach, and no half measures to take.
Just kill them all.

So you guys actually hold a shred of feeble hope that this place would be allowed to exist like this out in the open if it held even the slightest shred of achieving any collective benefit?

Rather sad. Should be thinking about the impending doom about to be unleashed in your country while you stuff your white roger ramjet proton pills dowm your gullet to feel strong

White people trying to undo our demoralization?? shut it down!

I am so proud of all of you. We are already years ahead of schedule and hopping between plans and timelines like the proverbial frog in a swamp. The Rothschild empire is defeated, the white race is uniting, and soon we will all go back to space. All they have left is psychological abuse.

You will not kill yourself. You will never kill yourself. You will stay alive, you will withstand their demoralization propaganda, and you will continue to drain their resources every day by doing so. That is a direct order.

germany didnt have half the country full of shitskins, spics and gooks. they also had a small country where everyone can be in the capital within an hour and one time zone. you cant organize in america, you cant collaborate and you cant build a movement. its too vast and divided. east coast gets west coast news the next day. west coast asleep when shit going down in morning on east. cultural divide is too massive now.

all germany had to do was tell people about jews, do like 8 towns in one day or city to city for public speaking. they were all still germans. like 99% german. they had their culture. they didnt have generations of the television and msm and hollywood jewish propaganda. their schools werent taken over and turned into pure indoctrination - many were homeschooled and education wasnt completely controlled by government/kikes.

people today dont even know what its like to be free. to be a part of a community. to care about your neighbour. they have thousands of friends on social media, yet dread a neighbour stopping to talk to them or calling out to them as they walk by. they all hope no one on the elevator says anything or put on headphones and ignore everyone. they have no faith and their lives are built on dopamine loops from social media, video games, and drugs, both medical and recreational. when your entire life is built around pleasures and vice, the slightest inconvenience is suffering. they will never fight so long as they have their iphone, their fortnite, their daily mcdonalds, their netflix, etc.

best case scenario is union breaks up and ethnostate in northern states. the entire southwest is mexican territory. cubans, PRs and niggers control southeast. New York is a hive. New Jersey is jews. Niggers destroyed michigan and illinois. twin cities are somali territory. you ahve some midwest areas and main left. combine with the atlantic provinces of canada (all 90%++ white) or genocide non-whites. those are only options left and no one will have the stomach for either. you already see how great democracy is working - a woman in broward that was found guilty of vote tampering already is still in charge of voting and they magically found thousands of votes to steal a senate seat. arizona had some thing. georgia is going to runoff from "found votes". dems will have the senate and no one will care. texas will be blue in 2020. florida will be blue in 2020. america will be non-white by 2040. thats your black pill. we arent germany and rising nazi party. police state, mass distance between groups, msm villification and police state patriot act shit will stop any attempts at resisting.

America's vast size is its greatest weakness. People across timezones and with different values and cultures divided by lies and anchored by debt and committments to jobs. Stop to protest or find time to do any activism/push for change and they lose everything - their house, job, life. It's never going to happen. They have enough rope to hang themselves - no more, no less. There's no getting off the leash.

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It’s so tiring being filled with hate all the time. There’s so many vile parasites and traitors out there along with the outright hostile invaders spreading into our countries.
However, there are still heroes out there like Skyking and his barrel roll, or all those who screwed optics in many fashions. They unchained themselves. They light up the night.

No offense, but you sound incredibly weak. Normal people don't obsess like jews over every little thing. We have wives, sons and daughters, jobs and we keep marching on. We don't give up. You just sound like a pussy, like a quitter. Maybe you should just kys so we don't have to read your nonsense anymore. How big is your nose btw?

shut up mossad.

You insult like a woman

Somewhat of a newfag here. I'm literally at the pepe weightlifting stage. This is fucking difficult.

no such thing as a black pill, you should have retitled the thread "how to cope with being redpilled"

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This is the exact reason it went blue this week. Detroit/flint area has so many non-whites. But they didn't stop there; no we are now ground-zero for importing muslims. It has spread well past Dearborn by now. Hijabs are more and more common every year.

Yes it is, brother. But be encouraged because Anons are all around you, who you least expect. And we all want what is best for you. We are all watching over you in spirit so that you will become the strong, powerful and righteous man we know you can be.

Let me share with you something that keeps me going. It's a lyric from Call to Arms by Manowar: "Armed with a heart of steel, I promise the brothers who stand before me to no man shall I kneel"

All of these. There is literally no reason to have hope.
All of our resources will be swiftly taken away from us, and we will die a slow death. It's inevitable. We will lose and (((they))) will win. Anyone not accepting that fact needs to leave. Being demoralized is our only option.
Mods, delete this mossad hopecuck shill thread.

If you really believed that then you would have killed yourself.


Stop being a weak, limp-wristed defeatist. They have had nearly complete control of the world for two generations and they haven't beaten the white man yet.

Reminder that (((blackpill))) is a jewish term invented to get people to reject the truth.

And they will continue to have control until the very end. There is nothing you can do about this. Take this redpill and shut the fuck up.

Glad you agree. We have to surrender.

Kill yourself nigger.

Surrender what
Jewish made psyop to control us?

I'll die on my feet before I live on my knees. Remember this conversation when the rope tightens around your neck, jew.

Have you thought of names for your children yet?

A question for young guys coming from single mother households. How did you move on? I've had a very turbulent childhood and it definitely left me with some mental issues. It's not really depression, it's more a lack of strong morals.
I need to get in shape and find a way to move up in society, since I want a family. It just feels like it takes so much energy that I don't have. I'm mostly just laying around doing as little as possible, and at the same time I'm thinking about all the things I need to do. Can anyone relate and if you can, how did you move on and grow up to become a man?

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If an election between mainstream kike parties made you want to kill yourself, you should do it anyways

Yes, I'm sure this past century of success for the hooknoses (you) won't come back to bite them (you) in the ass like it has every other time the parasites (you) wrecked civilizations and got kicked to the curb for it over the past couple of millennia.

Yes, do powerlifting. It will raise your own Testosterone, literally giving you motivation, which is only reliable when it comes from within. To seek external motivation for more than very temporary bumps is to concede the long game. Not to say everything is roses afterwards, but it's absolutely a game changer.

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That said, I'll contribute a whitepill. Sage for doublepost

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Why the fuck powerlifting? Why not just tell him to lift normally? Fucking bara fetishists have blanketed this website trying to sell becoming a fat strongman to anyone that will listen.

How is the fuck is this misleading garbage a whitepill?

Hordes of pregnant shitspanic cunts are crossing the border. Soon thousands of military aged males will be arriving at the behest of muh God Emperor to ficki ficki and impregnate White thots to further spit out mongrel children.

We are losing and there's nothing you can do about it. It's fucking over.

Be strong or shatter on the anvil that is used to forge you.

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Thank you, anons. This thread arrived at a good time.