Do you support him, anons?

Stolen elections in
>Poll created to assess public support for POTUS on (((twat)))
Well anons, do you support the madman?

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Election Fraud In Georgia? District Reports 243% Voter Turnout & More #Georgia #Democrat #VoterFraud

Any bets on the “extra votes” being for a Democrat? It would match a pattern in elections across the country where the Democratic Party candidate magically received more votes than people living in a district.

Looks like we’ve got another case of Democrat election meddling. Perhaps it’s time to require voter ID and giving a paper receipt that shows how the citizen voted for each voter?

Habersham County’s Mud Creek precinct in northeastern Georgia had 276 registered voters ahead of the state’s primary elections in May.

But 670 ballots were cast, according to the Georgia secretary of state’s office, indicating a 243 percent turnout.


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Remember this is the same country the famous school shooting was in, Something is wrong here:

God I fucking hate this shit. Leave it to the Democrats to try sneaky shit to take Arizona from the Republican senate. Sinema is a fucking awful choice for this state.

Calling all twatterfags to support POTUS.

Yes I support our President. However, this qanon nonsense is BS. Also the cult of personality surrounding President Trump is getting very scary. Even more so than the one surrounding Obama. He is a President. Not a king.

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Michigan, California, Texas, New Mexico, and many more user. I hope this greedy can of worms they opened will shatter everything. Some filthy ape trying to get a nigger being investigated by the feds into a governor position in one of the most powerful states is going to bring down Feinstein by mistake.

Let it begin.

Um, okay. Keep fulfilling every stereotype out there regarding Trump supporters. Fucking moron.


Man fuck off with your Aztec fetish.

From 2020 on, it's all decided with guns.

Wisconsin too.

My answer to that question is no.

Go back to the_donald. Trump has shown his true colors and they are blue and white.

Maybe in your deranged mind. I believe we just had an election that wasn't "settled with guns". In 2020 Trump will be reelected without guns. Sorry that your boring little life isnt going to get the civil war you desire so that you can feel your life has had meaning.

All of your posts are gay as fuck, and you clearly aren't from around here. I recommend lurking for another year or so.

I can't wait for the war to start and your 401k goes *POOF*. Boomer scum.

Sit back and enjoy the show. People will go down this time around. It looks planned. For 4 elections straight broward has been running voter fraud stealing elections. It's over now. The republicans are also sending in an army and all that funding they been sitting on for this. It will not end well for them.
Like many of us understand. The democrats are doing everything they can to stay out of jail. Their projectionist army keeps saying it;s Trump. The screams are getting louder and the media more hostile by the hour. They are in trouble now that Sessions is gone. Odin be praised the jewess jezebel Debbie cunt kike schultz will finally go to prison or worse…be clintoned.

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Lol, gotcha loser

>He thinks the (((government))) is going to go after the (((government)))
lmaoing @ ur brain

Holy shit. She's bad even for a jew, I'd expect someone like Chuck to at least have a wannabe shiksa.

Nah, I left these types of message boards once I moved out of my parents house 20 years ago. I just stopped by to get a rise out of neo nazi morons such as yourself.

less and less every day

I'm diversified moron. Whatever happens I'm set.

Including total collapse. It's too bad that you appear to be solely dependent on a 401k. BTW, I'm not a boomer you millenial scum.

Can't have functional republic with jews.

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Imagine putting a poll like this in a place actively trying to turn itself into a liberal echo chamber…

Well it is a non official leftist account, of course mostly leftists will respond to it on top of anyone on the right being censored on twitter

Sure sweetie shoo shoo now you've LARPed enough for the day. How brave it mustve been too to tell off those ebil stormweenies! Tell all of your trannies in discord about it and do come visit again, though do bring some better insults with you m'kay

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Haha Haha, perfect.

Are you mad? You seem mad.

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Great thread OP. When are you making one about coke vs. pepsi? Shouldn't you be pretending you're not Qtard in that other cancer thread?

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Well, the left certainly doesn't want anyone to support him. At the same time he's not doing what needs to be done to the degree that it needs to be done. Looking back I would say he's way too soft and has been easily pushed around.

If anything, at this point, I see him as a buffer between the fury of the White population and the government/ruling class/elites.
He's a sedative or a bedtime stroy for the White population.

But then again. Many more people are aware of what's going on becuase of him.
If it wasn't for him running for president and all the events that transpired becuase of his campaign and victory, I don't know if I ever would have really looked into the history of Jews and their role in societies and civiliaztions, and the utter destruction that follows in their wake. And I don't know if I would have looked into the vast and stark differences between races in general.
I'd say, it's becuase of him I am no longer sleeping. I am awake, indignant, accumulating wrath ever so as time goes on, and thristy for justice… Let it not be for blood, lest mine enemies find solace from judgment.


he's unbelievable at times. he's sorely lacking in intelligence. I have a feeling he'll end up exactly like nixon did, but without the pardon.


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I wish we had meme flags

Nice picture of you.

Numbers of jews gassed by national socialists since the alleged holocaust: 0. Zero.

Numbers of penises mutilated by jews since national socialist Germany: millions
Numbers of animals slaughtered with inhumane kosher slaughter practices since NatSoc Germany: probably billions.
Boycotts against domestic gentile trade with the kosher label and prerequisite for jewish patronage: countless.
Instances of masquerading as whites of European descent by ashkenazim for the purpose of race baiting and other sabotage: countless.
Resources drained from gentile nations and people, including the alleged saviors of the jews, the Americans: many, many billions worth.
Numbers of chickens waved around in the ritual of kapparot that transfers sins from the jew onto the chicken: probably billions.
Numbers of oaths and promises voided which whites take seriously and at face value via the ritual of kol nidre: countless since it happens every year at yom kippur.
Amount of antiwhite propaganda produced and aimed at even their alleged saviors: countless.
Amount of atrocities committed against gentiles: countless.
Amount of usurious FIAT currency created, peddled and cultivated by jews: a figure that doesn't fit inside this comment due to the sheer number of zeroes.
Amount of meddling in foreign affairs despite usually being only 1-5% of the population: nigh infinite
Amount of marxism, bolshevism, globalism etc: infinite
Amount of kvetching in general: infinite.

And many, many, many other things that happened after the alleged holocaust, including the lie itself and all the atrocities against whites derived from that.

Now to the important tally:
Number of worries about jews voiced by gentiles based on actual things happening like genital mutilation et cetera legitimized by jews and golems: 0
Number of worries about nazis actively hunting, killing, persecuting, gassing jews despite none of that happenin legitimized by jews and golems: as many as there are claims made.

tl; dr:
jewish fear of persecution, which they deserve due to their heinous acts and despicable nature but is, sadly, not happening is routinely legitimized.
Gentile fear of the degrading, parasitical, atrocious effect of the jewish race in the light of their many, many actions which they commit daily is stamped away as irrational.

Chutzpah is a mental illness, though, and whitey has long grown tired of this stupid game. Next time the table gets flipped, you'll wish for the lies about the holocaust because they will be considered heavenly in comparison to the fate this abomination of a race will face due to its own, never knowing when to leave well enough alone, actions.

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Changed IP

it is horse shit by an autist of advanced level. people are morons.

I'm not afraid and I don't hate them. I hate what they are doing and why they are doing it.
I will defend, viciously, at all costs, my people (Whites) and my country.
You must understand. You made it personal. We didn't.

Look at you trying to insult me and shame me? Who is the one who is afraid?

every fucking time.


Maybe someday you will learn what happens when you go from 4g to 802.11. "New IP" well you're a genius.

Maybe someday you will learn what happens when you go from 4g to 802.11. "New IP" well you're a genius.

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I'm not blaming Jews. Jews just so happen to be the at the root of many, many issues, presently and all throughout history.
It's not a theory. It's fact.
Why would I kill myself when I could kill you instead?

Where is the original? Someone here must have it.

Somebody post gore, I'm tired

Original what? You want it? I can give it to you.

Would you like my address?

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o shid

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I have a link ready for you if you want my address. Just say the word tough guy.

Yeah the original, like how people change Ben Garrisons comics to be politically correct to hide the real ones he releases.

1616 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11223

God willing I will find you on the field, maimed. Then I could show you the real and true face of humanity.

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I dont believe I asked you for your address but how long did it take you to decide that would be a witty response?

You people are too easy.

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Back traced it too.

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Hilarious, you "back traced" it. Massive FAIL little buddy.

Hmm, I've noticed the majority of the rogues gallery on Zig Forums fucks off around this time of night. Interesting observation.

If leftists are willing to smear, riot, deplatform, and shoot right-wing figures, then they are willing to cheat as well if they're convinced that he's cheeto hitler.

I know right! It's so ludicrous that people hate Jews. It couldn't be that Jews are hated for giving rights and platforms to criminals (antifa, 1.4 millions felons in Florida, illegal immigrants, etc) while reducing rights and platforms to the law abiding (Alex Jones, Andrew Torba).

People must clearly hate them because of their silly caps, not because of their frequent hypocrisy, malicious actions, moral relativism, and inability to integrate in countries where millions of men have died for them.

Political cartoons can really be boiled down to dudes drawing ugly looking pictures of people then putting, "(You)" on said drawing.

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Are you mad?

Responding twice, wew at that damage control.

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I'm just telling the truth about your kind. It's in your genes that you're a collective of manipulative lying narcissists. You whine daily about how people hate you and post image macros when they tell you in full detail.

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Um, I'm not sure why you think I am Jewish but it truly is hilarious that you think you are accomplishing anything posting on the internets asshole about how much those terrible Jews are ruining everything for you like a pussy crybaby.

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And it has been fun. Have to sleep now so I can go to my *JOB* in the morning.

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The only person crying is you. I don't blame you, I'd imagine that it's hard to live daily as a subhuman semitic rat who only gain (temporarily) gain respect from the dregs of society.

The thing is, you deserve it entirely for the actions that they've inflicted towards the normal populace. No one normal could legitimately respect evil narcissists like you as you stand for everything wrong.

You support lawlessness and falsehood, we support order and truth. That's why you will never solve any of your goals no matter how much you invest into destroying the right.

I guess I struck a nerve, rot in hell.

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I didn't support Reagan or Bush, don't know why anyone here would support jew-loving neocons ever, especially here. Are you lost OP? This place is for anti-semites, the kind that Trump despises.

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No. And I won't vote for him again unless he declares antifa to be domestic terrorists and has the FBI release our guys.





jew confirmed.

What a cohencidence.

My post pretty much said the opposite dude. I'm pretty pissed that Trump is such a faggot.

Lol no job


It's getting close. They are certainly not trying to hide how much they cheat. …and of course within a few seconds of some republican accusing them of cheating, the cheer leading liar press releases a flood of fake news about how the allegations are unequivically false. If that weren't (((cooincidence))) enough to show just how fucking stacked the deck is then the unseeing can only be condemned for being willfully blind. The entire idea that there might be a political solution was never a seriously entertained position here. We have been waiting for the political climate to escalate and it has. Normies are upset, and gun grabber rhetoric is escalating such that a flashpoint is likely. Perhaps it is time, we can only hope, but time for stayed reason and observance of "the rules" is gone.



After the midterms? fuck no. Shouldn't have used your key promises as partisan bait to get higher turnout.