Q-tards Are In Total Meltdown Mode After Trusting the Plan Didn't Work


It's so bad mods had to sticky an old thread from 2 weeks ago telling them not to commit any violence lol

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Boomers should never have been allowed on the internet. It's like letting a downie play with a knife, they're just going to hurt themselves.

The plan is working perfectly.

If whoever is Q posting is actually a Zig Forumstard, I really pray this has all been an elaborate ploy to radicalize the boomers. If so, it will work wonderfully.

Low iq predicted this.

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I trust that is the plan

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Now we just wait til they're so disillusioned that they're ripe for some actual proper redpilling

keked and checked

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This is how you build useful idiots on the right. Good job Q. I trusted your plan all along. Trusted that it would fail. Now come to Zig Forums and receive the truth Qtards. Your favorite Uncle has something you might want to hear.

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hope you niggers are ready to pounce, even if Q is real all he does is preach civnat cuckservatism, so the plan is America is fine long as it's filled with patriotic mexicans. If it is one of you larping this board is more powerful then I could have imagined

user needs to get on to that guy and remind him about all those who love him and what he's fighting for. Boomers respond best with hope, now that they've been broken from Q, this is the time to mold them into violence.

We need radicalized Steely Dan parodies about white genocide, STAT.

i got a feeling that if trump was real on any level that this fucking around for 2 years and sucking cock all over DC instead of just draining from day 1 and being honest about it is turning into a giant cluster fuck

if the GOP keep getting seats stolen away while nothing happens, I mean what can you really say at this point

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if he seriously is going to run in 2020 saying "we really need to build that wall!" I'm going to fucking die of laughter

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“I do believe right-wing terrorism is a problem and it’s one I’m going to solve…and to be honest, I don’t like it even a little bit.”
President Donald Trump
Press Conference, 7 November 2018

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Anyone with an IQ higher than 105 has realized since before the election Trump was Zionist opposition. The war between Zionists and Marxists never ended. Trump was instrumental in shattering the illusion for Boomers and brainlets however, so for that he served his purpose.

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doesn't mean that the zionists can't make saner, more resonable decisions, maybe zionists wanted to actually stop lying and staging events

Kill yourself

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No but seriously, why the fuck are not the ANTIFA terrorists that attacked Tucker already arrested? What the fuck?

fuck you
its funny

something is going on lately, honestly i think they stage events now as a matter of course just to have something in the news cycle to "cover" / talk about

its called ironic shitposting

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Who gives a shit about (((Tucker Carlson))).
Kill yourself double nigger.

kek. I thought you were being serious.

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Yeah, they're mostly hopeless because they choose to be. They've become so used to the losing mindset they can't imagine how to get out of it. The same people who want the truth are the ones who know it deep down inside and fear it. It really does bring out the feels in me to see the people who are most deserving of the truth flat out reject it because it would shatter the only reality any of us alive have ever known. The lies began 70 years ago and everyone younger than that has literally been crafted a false story of reality their entire life reinforced by the false reality they live in.

T_D and Qtards are literally looking for a simple feel good savior figure and half-truth that allows them to continue on just a little bit longer. They just want 15 more minutes where everything is going to be OK so they wont have to address the gravity of the situation. They don't even realize that because of such thinking and actions they're inflicting more trauma to themselves and everyone try to actually SOLVE the problem further compounding the day-to-day situation.

This is why I despise propaganda, even good propaganda as Goebbels rightfully proclaimed because the psychological damage is so deep that it cannot be undone without the majority hitting a psychological break. Had to work with a PsyOP guy down range for a stint and everyone absolutely loathed the guy. They're sadistic bastards when it comes to mind games.

No doubt, the Zionists are the "lesser" of the two evils in that camp, but it's still a giant pile of shit. We're reaching critical mass though, too many normalfags and boomers are getting activated. There will be an OKC bombing tier happening soon to unify the country.

You know he will.

go away mentally ill cuck

Qtards are late-game supporters. You want more intrepid and intelligent ideologues laying the foundation.

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Ah, I found one of the charts I saved on my hard drive.
I was waiting for a day like today to rub this shit in their faces

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When nothing happens in 2 days these niggers are going to kill themselves.

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Hey guys, its finally time and just come straight out and explain a few things about who I am. I go by the alias "Q" or "Qanon" when on imageboards, in real life my name is Quinn Anderson. I was born in Ireland, moved to New York City when I was just 18 years old, and eventually became a staff member of the Trump Hotel. Most of my information comes from my brief time maintaining Trumps Penthouse on the top floor in the days before his presidency and early in his presidency when he would sometimes return. I do not actually have White House clearance.
Because I was in contact with him using him as a mouthepiece. He maintained contact with me after I proved I worked at the Trump hotel
Well at first I wanted to be vague because I didn't to reveal who I was to people who knew me, and I knew if I was too specific people would probably find out pretty quickly my real identity. Then it sort of just became my persona if you will.
Because the mid-terms are over and I want to settle down and stop doing this shit. And Reddit is having a fucking meltdown now Any other Q posts are impostors from here on out, there have been several floating around for awhile now already
the best proof I can give is a piece of paper with my name on it that anybody could give, I cannot show my face at this point. Good luck trying to dox me though, I never had any real social media presence but you can still try


No shit. Why are the leftists that attacked Trucker already rounded up?

Why are the democrats adding fake votes not fucking arrested live on tv?

Boomers invented the internet you shitwit

Hahahah. What do they think Q has ever done for them?

Crowd-sourced political news in the form of a play-along spy novel targeted at an audience of self-selected Insiders.

It's a brilliant info op

Yeah and anyone with common sense will tell you this is a right wing meme. Hanging out around these prepper and 2nd Amendment right folks for the past 10 years I've learned most of them wont do shit, ever. They are waiting for some magical "event" that's somehow going to unify all the like minded individuals into a common fight. It's larping to the extreme. Meanwhile laws little by little chip away at what they claim to defend. Then they say to themselves, "Well, its not THAT big of a deal to rise up over so we'll let it slide. So long as you don't take my rifle!" So basically they can legally fuck you over little by little year after year and so long as they don't come knocking at your door with a SWAT team you wont really do anything but be a GOOD LITTLE PATRIOT. Conservatism in a nutshell lel.

The system counts on you being good little law abiding non-violent slaves. Don't rise up and get angry with your multi-thousand crowd rallies like your opponents. Keep the status quo. Uncle Sam and Jewish-Marxist-Liberals depend on you!

I will not be posting any more though. I sincerely hope enough people are on here reading this to screencap. Otherwise this shit would've been a massive fucking waste of time. I did not want to go to reddit with this, goodbye

Checked. Based Paddy Quinn

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Actually, they literally didn't. The foundations were laid before the Boomers by the Silent Generation and the GI Generation. Boomers just had all the pieces together to connect with each other, but more than anything to advance on what was already created around the WW2 era.

Isn't this all part of the plan?

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why tell everyone here like this ? Tell them in an offical Q post

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There was no plan in all honesty, it was all vague bullshit that got out of hand

nobody takes that shit seriously anymore

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The fools, "Kabbalah" is spelled with a Q in Hebrew.


I really wish Rules 1 & 2 were still in effect. Jesus Christ.

Nigger have you ever interacted with a boomer who's ventured beyond facebook?

Hilarious if true.

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I just didn't expect for it to blow up like this. I don't want to go back on Reddit, those people will eat me alive, someone else is going to keep up the q persona though

I cannot believe they're this insane. Go back and read 72, 128, 1681!!!! They're exactly like Jesus freaks, except this cult is barely 2 years old.

They just can't pull out lol. So sad and funny at the same time. I almost need a hug.

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trump has poor form already on election results, he let roy moore get totally fucked in the ass because his daughter said it was better that way

Imagine being one of those that bought all that Q swag only to realize you got played, funded a larper that everyone warned you about for a year and you didn't listen, and that largely you spent that ENTIRE year sitting on your ass doing nothing contributing to all the shitlibs winning this past year.

Not every Q post was mine, a couple other shitposters showed up on 4chan and Zig Forums

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Imagine doing all that, but also telling your friends, family and co-workers about Q… would suicide be the only option?

Proof you're the LARPer via Cap of Original Q Post with (you) visible, otherwise fake and gay, stop wasting our autism

voat has the same problem as gab. It's just a copy of a censorable platform. It is no less censored than the others.

Suicide if you got stuck on realizing you got lied to. Homicidal if you came to us and woke up good and proper learning who the (((real))) enemy is, why they're doing it, and how we so easily saw through the Q bullshit and how you can too be immune to all psychological diseases put out by the true enemy from now unto eternity.

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Q is a good thing. It shows that people didn't believe the bullshit they were hearing, and are angry, and looking for answers. Still, they cannot come to understand the problem is the kike. Maybe now a lot of them will be desperate, and realize it.

The problem with Voat wasn't censorship in the typical way. It was because Reddit was literally banning entire forums. Moderators will always censor but deleting boards is why Voat came into existence. That's a whole new level of censorship.

yes we do faggot.

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You never know what's censored :^)

give us SOMETHING to corroborate your claim

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Holy shit lol
Behind every blade of grass indeed.

I am done posting for now. In case you hadn't actually realized though, none of my posts I ever made carried weight other than common-sense predictions sprinkled with vagueness and some bullshit thrown in. This was all based on trust, although its kind of retarded for me to bring this up now at a point nobody trusts me. I'll have to find something to take a photo of

Earlier you said this
Well then, share something we don't already know and that we will be able to corroborate (reasonably soon).

Yeah, but I personally think what matters here are the dates - think of all the Q-Tards that have been riding this? Lets just clear it up - for them. You know what I mean? Right on here. Do it on 8/pol/. If you do it on the q-boards they will just call you a shill and turn you away.

Actually forget that. If you're the so called Q. Make an "official" post that we dictate to you here. Anons can then see if you and the other "Q" are one in the same.

Alternatively, give out your tripcode.

Think of all the monies sent to people like Baruch the Scribe, Pamphelet user, Tracy Beanz, and all these people that made money off of the innocent people that were given false hope by the aforementioned.

Yeah, I really should've gotten in on that. Boomers have been conditioned to give away money every since those commercials with starving Africans where you "adopt" a capoid.