Breitbart unironically tells complete truth about (((911))) attacks

TEL AVIV – A professor who claimed “Israelis blew up Twin Towers” has prompted a Jewish group to demand the University of Sussex in England strip him of his emeritus status.
Kees van der Pijl, who retired from his post as head of the university’s Department of International Relations in 2012, tweeted on Saturday, “Not Saudis, Israelis blew up Twin Towers with help from Zionists in U.S. govt.”

The professor, who is originally from the Netherlands, linked to an article titled “9-11/ Israel did it” from Wikispooks, a website that has been debunked as a non-credible source. The site claims “Zionist Jews” control the U.S. media and government. Businessman Larry Silverstein is described as a “greedy Jew” in the anti-Semitic screed.

The Sussex Jewish Representative Council (SJRC) condemned van der Pijl on Tuesday for disseminating “conspiracy theories.”

“We ask that [Sussex University] investigate immediately & consider removing his ‘emeritus’ status,” the group continued. “This type of hate-mongering has no place in society, least of all in academia.”

We are concerned by the conspiracy theories that have been tweeted by @SussexUni Emeritas Professor @KeesvdPijl1. We ask that @SussexUni investigate immediately & consider removing his ‘emeritas’ status. This type of hatemongering has no place in society, least of all in academia

— Sussex Jewish Rep Council (@SussexJewishRep) November 6, 2018

Rather than backtrack as a result of the outrage, van der Pijl tweeted, “After my remark on Zionist responsibility for 9/11, the ‘Israel lobby’ is no longer an empty term for me.”

“Yet we have to put an end to the murderous ‘War on Terror’ ((c) Netanyahu 1986) that now has Iran in its sights,” he wrote.

He also slammed a Daily Mail article as “bad journalism” for reporting his original tweet.

Here's quality journalism for you. 'Israel'–I wrote 'Israelis'. 'Mocking replies'–a wave of one-liner abuse, true. But far more numerous detailed and informative responses. 'Facebook post'. I am not on Facebook.

— Kees van der Pijl (@KeesvdPijl1) November 6, 2018

Pijl has in the past claimed that the suggestion that there is anti-Semitism in the UK’s Labour Party was invented by Israel. He also said an Assad regime chemical weapons attack in Syria was a “false flag” staged by the U.S. and NATO.

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Based. If you have the mindset that every war is an economic war, you'd know this.


I am starting to think that their audacity is a strength. They don't shy away from telling others what to think

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This jewish professor is just a blatant anti-semite jealous of jews superior intelligence.

Surprised they didn't link to snopes linking to an article that simply says they aren't credible.

Whoever that guy Matthew is, is doing more to redpill people on 9/11 than most people today. It sucks that his comment is a reply buried under replies to some top voted faggot who's response was to screech antisemite the same way a lefty screeches racist. On the flipside, he has dozens of upvotes and his 9/11 is cohesive -shows how all the jews and puppets worked together and what their job was- and is well written.

this will really come out one day and have to be acknowledged

it's unfortunate that it can't be done with Trump but he's obviously not going to call any of this out, he won't even call out simple Obama staged events like Sandy Hook

But people have known 6 million minus 1.5 million, doesn't equal 11 million since the formalizing of subtraction.

Johnny Gat's 3 or so videos on 911 are massive red pills. I'm trying to get attention to the Johnny Gat thread because of how based & vital his videos are.


He has done gods work, it is our foremost duty to spread his works as far and as wide as possible. Even get some translations in circulation for our slavic and german brethren.

You conspiratards are like an NPC meme

No holocaust ever happened.
Jews always lie.
Audacity is needed.

Another Dr. Tony Martin…and again being assaulted with the same tactics of discrediting, slender, character assassination etc. And the biggest silver lining…not even a hint of following up on the investigations of an acclaimed professor. Just the same old historical denial.

Holocaust is burnt offering, so I presume many still occur. It's just Christians instead.
The more greedy kikes probably sacrifice Haitians and such as they are cheap, but those more loyal and faithful to judaism sacrifice whites, like the Tsar of Russia.

Oyyyy-veyyyyy, just a conspiracy theory, Goyim!

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Kys kike

9/11 doesn't fucking matter how it happened. Even in the official story the FBI knew and was following all of the hijackers because the flight school that trained them reported them as a threat.

Even if the official "FBI was just incompetent" story was true it doesn't change anything about neocons and globalists using it as cover to exert (((Central banking's))) will and to abridge domestic rights according to the globalist plan to prepare the US into a slave state like the police states in Europe. Being a conspiracy and false flag changes very little.

That's very true, we should definitely turn away from Israel's involvement.

This is what they call chutzpah. Balls-out, no-holds-barred, what-are-you-gonna-do-about-it insolence.

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Can you imagine being at that flight school?

Show us some dance moves kike jew

At this point what difference does it make \_o_/

The Notorious Banned FOX 9-11-2001 News Footage Israeli/Mossad Links

Urban Moving Systems (((Danicing Israelis)))

Dov Zakheim- an actual Rabbi in charge of the pentagon who (((lost))) 2.3 trillion dollars.

(((Paul Wolfowitz))) Deputy Secretary of Defense

Lucky Larry Silverstein- forgets to show up to work! Lucky!

Tower 7 had a vault underneath it with 379,036 ounces of gold and 29,942,619 ounces of silver. Along with many other CIA files and equipment.

And lets not forget all the money the jews have made off defense contractors and the loans the government had to take out for its wars.

Oh and all the insider trading right before 9/11 where the jews shorted american airlines stocks.

Oh and the satanic kike ritual they performed where bush was in the classroom where they had the kids chant "planes hit steel"

Absolutely nothing to see here goyim.

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We need to put out statements like this against the other side.

Oh and forgot about the Israeli art students doing an (((art project)))

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I have noticed that fake news in New Zealand has been increasing this kind of reporting recently.
With the Acosta white house revoke shit today they said "the video has been debunked by a video production expert'
they dont even hide it anymore
Thankfully there is a shit load of Kiwi's who are over the lugenpresse and call them out non stop.
They are finally getting their filthy lying mouths shut!

This is standard Israel Lobby jock talk. You should really watch The Lobby. It's imperfect - it presents the muslims as honest (they aren't) and the npc's as victims (they're living garbage). You'll find them on the Electronic Intifada's website. They were produced by Al Jazeera, but Qatar, which is in bed with Israel, under pressure from Israel, prevented their publication. I'd link but cba.


That's just standard kike raiding material. Watch The Lobby, watch the lobby, fucking watch the lobby, the lobby, watch the lobby, fucking watch the lobby.

we NEED a war with israel. nothing else will wake these retards and NPCs up to what is going on globally.
once we go to war with israel, newspaper owners, broadcast companies, hollyjew, and all the other propaganda networks will become VERY apparent. marketing companies owned by jews covering their own tracks, etc.

this will quickly turn the pro-military nutjobs against jews and israel and back to their roots of christianity. their minds would shift overnight.

Another archive

Whenever I mock the shills on here for doing exactly that, they go absolutely fucking insane. It’s a great way to get them to expose themselves.

Watch The Lobby. You'll see that's a strategy they use. Brashness, over the top loudness, much fury.

Of course, against the skilled opponent it is a guaranteed failure. But the unskilled are often overwhelmed.

If only all normies and boomers knew this. Anyone who thinks that 9/11 was done by goatfuckers rubs me suspicious

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Boomers want to believe that the 50's & 60's will come back. Can't blame 'em. Low real unemployment, not the fake unemployment figures we have today. You could fucking walk out of a job.

Did you know that? If you got pissed you could just walk out of a job, go get another one, often on the same day?

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All that work to invent the term conspiracy theory, to convince people that, by default, the idea groups and people in power had special interests that the carried out in secret was wrong…
Completely destroyed by the concept of fake news.
You kikes are so delusional, you probably think this happened overnight.
The goyim are coming for you again schlomo. Nowhere to hide this time.

Example of a CIA post:

It means nothing, but it's meant to baffle you. There is no meaning to it, in case you were hoping it had meaning. None available.

lol, youre clearly not "after Zig Forums" you fucking newfaggot redditor. just go back to wherever you came from.

Like pottery. Errytime. You kikes have no talent for this, I baited you, and you took it.

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>y-youre a kike! am i fitting in now?
sure thing bud

Obligatory video.

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The amount of smug assholes acting like they could obviously tell the acosta clip was 'doctored' is hilariously sad. Pointing out interlacing as a tell tale sign a speed ramp was used… it likely was just ripped and reuploaded which caused the artifacts.

Regardless they made sure to make the whole incident about the "attempted cover up" instead of about how getting to goto the wH is a privaledge and not a right. Or else why aren't you and I there?

jesus christ. guy. you dont see because its a mental reference as well as an allegory for how things dont look the same, once you have the rosetta stone, the past becomes logical and balanced, the future predicted, the people cattle.

Tfw your inner sympathy was wrong and pol was right

They also all overstayed their VISA but kicking them out would be wacist.

t. american realizing having no balls is a problem

I wonder why they can successfully fuck you in every hole

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ABC News 20/20 preview, June 21, 2002
9/11 Dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems

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wew based aquafresh

webm that shit nigger

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This is an unexpected move.
Perhaps the people running brietbart are trying to turn it into a sort of cartoon 'conspiracy website' which will post outlandish things with a mix of /pol beliefs so as to make good and strong ideas seem silly or in line with the insane and inane.
Keep a careful eye out.

I've done that twice in my life. You should absolutely put your foot down when bullshit comes your way, cuck.

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(((Snopes))) is a great resource for digging. The existence of a Snopes page shows that they're worried about a given topic, so that's telling in and of itself, and the analysis of the Snopes "debunking" often provides good details showing where the weak spots are to start digging. Great place to start digging for info on a given topic.

But Trump got all the niggers driving for Uber! Full employment!

This is from their book: Gelitin B-Thing
I used to have the full pdf in high res.
It looks like the building was imploded in their drawing.

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Why do (((people))) think that calling something a conspiracy theory automatically dismissed it?

When you are investigating crimes, you are allowed to investigate anyone except neo cons blacks libtards celebrities bankers lawyers women jews muslims on odd days Ronald trump British pedos Hollywood pedos dc pedos cia pedos dea drug traffickers us military drug dealer defense force spic cartels cops judges corporations and lgbts, because that would be mean.

Here's the pre-9/11 video of them taking helicopter rides and photographs.


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Because of the 6 million new retarded easily debunked conspiracy theories that have been invented to attach to anyone questioning the two big ones that lift the lid off it all.

Here is Glitin in 2010 talking about the B-Team "art project"

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That's just a conspiracy theory goy, pls gibs shekels.

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wewewwewwew fam
I'll go ahead and say the forbidden words, Zig Forums
>not all jews

It matters plenty user
I need to know how they made all of the matter of wrc1,2 turn into powder. That's a powerful weapon they have that could do that

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All that you need to know to understand that 9/11 was an operation by jews is the story of ahmad massoud.

It's long been known that arabs have superior intelligence and strategy skills. After all we use arabic text, they invented everything and use the jews as a satanic golem, a scapegoat, to trick the world with as they secretly take over. They send the messages out from the Kabaa and the kabbalah jews (the real ones not Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Arianna Grande) pick up the signals with those cubes on their heads believing it to be from g-d, and become the Arabs npcs, they in turn control the chabad, and the chabad control the masons.

Is a new conspiracy they could and probably will use.

Fucking hell, this is what happens when young people aren't entering "trades" (technical professions).
The description literally tells you exactly what these components are for. They're bus bar connectors, for domestic/commercial power distribution consumer unit. The fuses they're referring to are ELECTRICAL PROTECTION FUSES, i.e the components which blow/trip when you have an overload fault / short circuit in your power circuit.
This has nothing whatsoever to do with FUZES for EXPLOSIVES.

uh, the vikings had letters and numbers before the arabs sweety

coincidence theorist.

We don't use those though Nick.

No, we use aryan numerals from north India, long before the dune coons took over the Middle East.

Makes you wonder why Jewish groups can fire any goy anywhere in the world.


So tell us then oh wise one, where was NORAD on 911 for an hour and forty minutes while 4 airliners were hijacked and flying off course all over the eastern seaboard?

the memes are coming to life, it getting faster and it won't be stopped
>(((Four men and woman))) appear in court accused of laundering £19million from sale of fake prescription drugs bought in Europe

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Short, very accurate synopsis of Zionist culpability in (((911)))
Christopher Bollyn

wtf are you even rambling about? Arabs? You mean like the Dangoors? Jews certainly control masonry, but chabad is for implementation of noahidism transition upon the nations. To me, it appears you are a jew, not trying to give too much information to goyim, and then mixing in some disinfo. what jews dont understand is that god will punish them through the goyim, but it's not because the goyim are sub, but because god will reveal to the goyim by way of the world, what the jews have done. All things and creatures are of god. the jews imposition of will upon others crates discord in oceans and mountains and heavens.

One day the Jewish tower of lies will collapse like those towers.

But goy, don't you know jews did 9/11 is just an edgy meme?

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The Lobby is a great summary of specific techniques they use to slander and defame. Everyone should watch it. Everyone should be organizing viewing parties of a "censored documentary" and showing it to everyone they know.

I know this one.
The DOD under Rumsfeld changed the procedure for the deployment of air force jets during a high jacking/air related emergency. I don't know the previous level that could authorize jets to fly but they changed it to it had to come from the top. RE Payne Stewarts jet had air force next to it observing in about 15 mins from the time they lost radio contact. SO cant find rummy cant tell jets to go and see what is going on. They quietly changed it back to the former procedure a few months after 911.

Couple this with the massive drill going on AT THE SAME EXACT TIME and the ability of someone to be able to put false blips on the control tower radars for SIMULATIONS FOR THE DRILL and you had chaos in the domestic control towers on 911.

t. something I studied for years when a lot of you anons were grade/high school

Brendan O'Connell just released all 4 parts in HD
part 1.
part 2.
part 3.
part 4.

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bump for the lobby documentary

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You have 911 seconds to explain why US didn't invade Saudi Arabia after 911.

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I've done this so many times I can't even count them all. I have never been out of work. Many companies have hired me back only for me to quit again.

Because it was the jews

that dude's site gives me the creeps

tbh it's fairly worrying that you didn't get from the post that it was a baloney conspiracy, made up off the cuff to distract from who did 9/11. Like:
Flat Earth
Electric Universe
Ancient Aylmaos
Alt right

the saudi royals are jews

This is what YOU should be doing. Just get out there and tell the truth, consequences be damned. We are not Jews, and we shouldn't be fighting them. Secrecy and cheating are their weapons. Truth and boldness are ours.

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fighting like them*


If and when America wakes up….