Trump Hate Thread

Is there a worse president? What has he accomplished? There is no wall, immigration is at an all time high, no jobs are being brought back, he lost the house, he is still bombing Assad, he hates Iran and loves the jews. What else has he failed at? How can anyone support this idiot?

Trump is a slave to the jews, and he will never fix the USA. Everyday, the USA becomes less white. How is Trump a hero to Zig Forums when he is causing the USA to become less white everyday?

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Destabilization of the US is objectively a good thing. The sooner this degenerate pile of shit country dies the better.

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lol and that's why the NPC meme is a shit one, it's "no u"-tier in it's criticism

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Not really. It's saying that you're stuck in group-think to the point of lacking individual will or comprehension.

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Yes, really. There's nothing profound about that at all. You've never read Nietzsche, have you?

I'm sure you believe that makes you qualified to negate my observation, right?

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It's about accepting the common programming, not just a lack of individual thought. That's why leftism and this shit misses the mark.

I tried to tell you cunts during the 2016 cycle that the correct choice was sanders and acceleration into the abyss. Trump was nothing more than a pressure release, nothing would get done that was positive for our country, and we'd end up in an ever worse spot 4-8 years down the line.

Right now theres been no real economic growth. You can say whatever unemployment rate is down, or wages have gone up, or the rich mans casino (stock market) is up.. I'm sure UE has come down some, but we all know some of its number fudging. And I'm sure some people have gotten raises or seen a bit more in their paychecks because of tax breaks. But at the end of the day, its a minimal impact even for those who benefited from it. And it doesnt change anything. BUT its enough to point at it 2 more years and say "look at how much things have improved" and people will give him another 4 years probably.

More specifically, the voting will be rigged in his favor by the same bodies that rigged the shit this time for the left, to make sure he wins. Why? Because it will allow the left to keep their base angered and attacking whites, while the right will keep living in blissful ignorance for another 4 years while their kin are being slaughtered around the world, their daughters raped, and their nation handed over to burrito-niggers and communists. All while Trump sits on his ass shitposting on twitter. I mean, what happened to revoking birth right citizenship? Wheres that EO huh? Thought he said he could do it? That was weeks ago and he aint done shit, and WONT do shit.

Its all one big fucking performance, and Trump was meant to be the release for the rights hostility for awhile. Next time will be someone even further left than obama and we'll spend 8 years sinking into total destruction at break neck speeds, by the end of it we'll have no gun rights, white men will have taxes imposed on them for just being white, hell it might become criminal just to NOT constantly apologize for being white. But the right will go into it with a mentality of "well we ran the show for 8 years and improved things, lets just see how it goes," so they're starting completely defenseless and blind

Whereas if we'd let the commie win and the leftists take congress, or rather, helped them to do so… well, he would have gone nuts right away, we'd see massively expanded welfare programs, citizenship granted to millions of illegals who are ALREADY here and on welfare anyway so it wouldnt realistically change shit for us, we'd see taxes hiked to the point it destroyed businesses and income all around, we'd see college made even worse and millions more applying and being forced to be accepted.. basically we'd see the nation go to hell in 4 short years. And people would FINALLY get a fucking clue that "voting" doesnt fix shit, that "peaceful resistance" isnt going to fix shit, that conversation and trying to convince your enemy (who is convinced you are pure evil).. ISNT. GOING. TO. FIX. SHIT. Shit posting online and mocking liberals, ISNT GOING TO DO A GOD DAMN THING

But now, they have a false sense of security and are going back to sleep, just like what was planned. We could have blown it all up, blown the whole plan up, and sped along the collapse and rebirth of our home. But no, you faggots wanted the fucking meme president, you wanted to meme on the left, you wanted to laugh, and you became so drunk on your lulz that you thought the meme president would ACTUALLY make things better.

You all got fucking duped. I went along with you after awhile (specifically after shillary got the nomination), because I hit the point where I realized there was no other way out than just to blindly hope I was wrong about it all. But nope, I was dead on the money from the start. The slow decline and destruction continues, the theater continues, and slowly but surely we are aging to the point we will be irrelevant when it comes time to really fight.

The saddest part? There is no where in this world left to run to. Even Japan is now being pozzed right up its neg hole. I just want this whole farce to end and go back to a time when the world hadnt lost its fucking mind.

Top kike if anyone ever falls for this shit.

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Stale forced memes … watered down to the point of irrelevance. t.leftist
Here's a stale cat meme for you to fuck up.

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I disagree for two reasons. 1) even with Soviet-style takeover of the economy, it would take many decades to run the US into the ground. Too long. 2) If Sanders won, many on the right would still hold out hope for an electoral solution. The nice thing about a Trump failure is that people will see their options as exhausted. We need that exhaustion ASAP; the sooner this shit kicks off, the better chance we have of claiming a large chunk of the leftovers as a white state.

Go live in south africa if you want to live in a collapsed shithole. Stop larping and realize that living in a collapsed shithole would solve nothing and be really bad for almost all whites who lack the mobility of multinational yids who can still retain power elsewhere on the earth.

That pic isn't real is it? I can't tell any more.

Your observation that mob mentality is a thing that pervades all beliefs to the extent they become dogmatic and uncritical? Like I said, there's nothing profound about that and you're just proving how shitty and forced that meme was to begin with, which has been largely used to suck off Trump, i.e. ORANGE MAN BAD, while you're saying HITLER MAN BAD, which begs the question as to what your agenda is beyond ridiculing people for pointing out that the GOP is corrupt and sends billions of dollars to Israel, has done nothing to end legal immigration, has a foreign policy unchanged since Reagan (help out jihadists and jews for oil), etc.

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Here come the DACApede shills

Everyone loses the house.

Mandatory Post
Pic related

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This is stupid thinking for a number of reasons, the most clear reason being the great presumption that history will somehow right things once they are far-gone. That after a society or civilization heads off into the abyss that it will somehow come back from it. This is simply false.
Russia. Post-communism and it's left with a corrupt, weak government with a symbol in power.
China. Post-communism and it's nothing more than a tightly controlled culture of thieves.
All you're arguing for is to drag us into an abyss which we will NEVER come out of. Every moment the left has power, they use it to drag us down, and weaken us from within like a political version of HIV. The answer is to mount a defense and STOP them, and then HOLD THEM OFF.
Only massive natsoc faggots can't seem to keep focused on this goal, and instead promote infighting and focus on auxillary issues like porn and pedo rings when we NEED TO CONSOLIDATE POWER AND KEEP IT.
Hence you should be smacked around until your arrogance and pretension vanishes and you can grasp the simple fact that once you lose freedom it doesn't come back, and once you lose your culture it doesn't come back and so sliding into the abyss means suicide on a world-wide scale.

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Yes, you fucking moron. King Nigger, FDR, Calvin Coolidge, Howard Taft all come to mind. What a dumb question.


If everyone always loses the house then what's the point of voting you fucktard? You literally can't do anything without the house.

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Only if they are homeless.

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The bushes did kill a lot of brown people to be fair. They just stopped halfway.


You low IQ magapede fucks could've just listened to us, we said Trump wouldn't be able to do shit back in 2015 BEFORE he got elected. Now you've wasted 2 years and have nothing to show for it. Good job, shitheads.

Oh my dear God
So now according to the MAGApede spastic an NPC is someone who can see through the jewish illusions that they fell for hook, line and sinker.

An NPC is a moronic brainless goy who falls for every jewish trick in the book, the main one being thinking Trump or Hillary are any different to each other.

They both are ZOG only Trump is even more kiked than communist kike-jew Bernie fucking Saunders, that's how kiked Trump is.

Every Trumpnigger must be gassed for all mankind and these memes prove it

Everyone that isn't white should be dead.

I just named the first four that popped into my head. Reagan and the Bushes were terrible too, along with Clinton and that royal piece of dog shit Lyndon Johnson.

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Zig Forums made those though.

You also didn't mention the worst president of them all: Abraham Lincoln.

Not, and for a far long margin.
He is not pursuing a White agenda and most of the anons resent that, actually HATE that.
But for practical purposes and for to fuck with the most hated ZOG faction, the anons will not oppose him.

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Sheep will follow the Shepard, niggers, spics and arabs are jackels, jews are snakes.

Common programming is another way of saying groupthink. Natsoc and stormfags on this board are killing it with groupthink.

The observation isn't meant to be profound. It is simply true, and whether people respond to that truth and reboot themselves into thinking will be what ultimately gives it profundity.
You questioning my motives is basic critical thinking, but the real critical thought you should be having right now is whether this fixation on natsoc and jews has helped our race at all this year or the last one. Going deeper, has fixating on the jews to the exclusion of other things made our society safer? Preserved our people?
Hence why I am targetting natsoc as groupthink. It isn't attaining that basic goal of helping our people.

Nope. Better update your programming.

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Nope, wrong. Trump is the worst president because he actually managed to fool all the white nationalists into trusting the system, wasting 2 years and putting people back to sleep. He's done irreparable damage and the maganigger shit has set us back 5 years or more.

It is poetic justice seeing the elections being stolen. They aren't even trying to hide it. They're frantically half-ass'ing the theft pretending to care about being caught. Every one of the players stealing the votes, rigging it so that their Dem candidate looks like the winner, all have at least one thing in common; and the CivNat cuckolds can't NOT notice it. lel


Also Trump and the gop is currently allowing the democrats to steal the votes completely unopposed. I guess they take turns and the pressure valve of re-cucklian control of the government is over until next time ~ 4-8 years.

Lincoln is insidious because the left always tries to hold him up as some paragon of what Republicans should aspire towards while completely misrepresenting his positions and actions while in office. That said yeah he was a destructive cocksucker and I'm glad he got shot in the head.

Do you want us to take down your forum again? Weev didn't stop us the last time.

Source me, nigger.

In the analogy the people that betray their own are sheep, antifa, lib shits and easily led women were blank slates as children, their children, if they have any, will be for our message.

You'll be sucking cocks to get him back when some feminist leftkike is elected and you see what happens then.

kek speak for yourself you salty fuck I didn't vote for him

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Kikess you are wasting time.
The showers are waiting for you.

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You forgot to mention how all the GOP are a bunch of sheep, but I guess that's because you'd be insulting yourself.

nazee larpers are literal juice
gahd everyone lurking stahp being dumb and post to destroy these astroturfers

Groupthink can occur in a small echo chamber.

An NPC can turn on a TV, watch a movie, go to school or university, and have the same program downloaded into his brain. It's The Signal, and it is pervasive.

USA is not SA for two very specific reasons everyone seems to forget

1) Sheer, fucking, size. It'd be impossible to maintain control using the states power if there was enough splintering and breaking away on large scales. You can't do this in SA because its all fucking cloistered together.

SA for reference is a little over 450k square miles. The mainland USA is over 3,000 K square miles.

2) population percentages. White USA is still around 60% or so of the population of 300 million people. So around 180 million whites. Thats more than three times the size of the entire population of SA regardless of race. But to point it out, SA is only 10% white (they have two demographics for niggers, 80% of the population lists as "black african" and around 10% as "coloreds" that are effectively mixed-race but you know shit loads of blacks call themselves this). So SA has about 5-6 million whites living there, thats less than 3% of the population of white sin the US. EVEN IF you assume there is a 50/50 split of left/right whites in the US, that still leaves us with nearly 100 million white people on our side when shit blows up.

You ever thought about the actual logistics of managing 100 million angry revolting people trying to break away in a landmass millions of square miles large? Its fucking impossible, there is no amount of tech at present that would allow you to do it. There are no amount of roving government funding nigger gangs that could show up at white settlement areas to rape them and steal their land, theres simply not enough of them here to do that. And by the time the "democratic socialist" imported enough nogs and spics to do it, we'd have built fucking walls all around our new nation, while they were to busy and broke spending all their money on feeding worthless subhumans

The USA itself turning into a shithole .. well.. its already there if you haven't realized it. Roving rape gangs in major cities, I mean fuck how many places are no-go zones for white people? Shit loads of areas in major cities, you just don't hear it constantly talked about. You go there, you get robed, raped, or murdered, maybe all three, meanwhile people film it and put it on facebook to laugh about. Home invasions happen and people get killed every day by gangs of nogs and spics, cars get stolen, women get abducted into sex slavery… shit goes on EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY here. You just don't hear about it because they dont WANT you to hear about it.

But it also doesnt impact you on a regular basis like it does for SA's over in SA. Why? because the land area is so fucking large you probably arent in an area its happening constantly. Because you probably live in an area with a lower non-white population so it isnt happening to you. WHILE WE STILL HAVE THESE AREAS IS THE TIME TO LET EVERYWHERE ELSE COLLAPSE YOU FUCKING RETARD. Because if we just keep waiting and hoping and "fighting by voting," then its just going to be 20-40 years and suddenly all those safe areas are going to be covered in nogs and spics as well, and then theres no where left to flee but the fucking woods. And by that point if we try, the left will have ingrained white hatred so much, that the nation will CHEER when your ass gets fire bombed or napalmed for trying to escape and live away from the rape and destruction.

Not if it meant more riots pissing off and redpilling white people. Trump ruined the rise of the right wing and he's a threat to ethnic-based nationalism.

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Only an NPC would think Trump loves jews

He's taken such bold and huge leaps supporting white people, and has done nothing to help jews

Orange man good

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Most. Steve King is a white nationalist, hes GOP. But are you saying we should ally with BASED arabs and killed brainwashed white people? I don't go in for civic nationalism.

You would suggest the same thing, but only for Democrats.
All of them faggot, especially you.

The hijacking and co-opting of the movement to shift the OyVeyTon window kikeward began about 5 years ago.

That's 5 years of complete inactivity in anything vaguely resembling resistance to jewry.
Now 5 years on we see not one single legitimate nationalist movement in Western Europe, every single one turned into a jewish counter-jihad fraud and Americans began the destructive process of trusting the jewish system by electing ZOG with the retarded hope that ZOG will eventually gas itself.

The last 5 years has set the movement back beyond the point of return now that technology now can keep the goy enslaved without him ever knowing it.

Every single aut-right figure from Anglin to Kike Eunuch were deeded spooks to give birth to the stillborn resistance before it started.

Taker a bow fashy based NeoCon jew supporting goys.
You are the reason there will be no resistance

I'll ally with anyone that targets jews and their sympathisers such as every single MAGApedo spastic who destroyed any and every effort to resist ZOG

I'm not saying you're necessarily incorrect in your estimation of the last 5 years, but I'm curious - what exactly do you suggest be done now? Are you giving up and eating a bullet or what? If there's one thing I hate just as much as kikes it's defeatists. They're just as destructive as the enemy, sometimes worse.

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I'm not even American, so no. And only for brown democrats.Steve King openly said whites should want to remain the majority of the US and didn't cuck on it afterwards.

So you'll kill every white person then?

Nothing was done with the house either. Democracy is shit.

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Don't even play the false dichotomy here faggot.


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I've been travelling from UK to the other side of Europe and met with dozens of legitimate nationalist orgs, as Western Europe is now filled with faggots, freemasons and jews, and that's just the so called nationalist orgs.

Britain and America are now busted flushes, sadly the MAGApede syndrone has provedbeyond all doubt that not every white is even worth saving, only the select elite few with an IQ above room temperature are worth preserving, ble-team jew and red-team jew NPCs are the majority, and they all deserve to burn as much as any Obamafone nigger

There are no white women that agree with you, which means you kill 99% of white men and 100% of white women. Thats means whites do not exist under what you want. You are a traitor to your people, if you aren't some mixed race spic creature.

MAGApede spastics and Hillary bots I would gladly

You mean, what is the basis for my statement?
This board doxxed a pro-white ally a year and a half ago, actually aided antifa in doing so, because of fixation on the guy's ex-wife being jewish.
That alone is troubling, but when speaking of board culture itself, half the posts descend into calling each other jews and kikes and generally sowing distrust and animosity.
In other words, the basic purpose of preserving our race is absent.

NPC response.

What you're talking about here is groupthink inflicted upon a larger scale through social media, communications. We're talking about the same thing using different words.

No, user. By the time you "accelerated things along" sufficiently, our culture would be degraded to the point of being nigger-tier and there wouldn't be any fighting back. Only acquiescence. THAT is what happens when you sacrifice your culture for the sake of acceleration. You lose the ability to fight back. Look at France for an example. Look at Sweden. They're destroyed from within but no one is fighting back.
You CANNOT get your culture back once you sacrifice it. This shit culture we have today? It's the best we're going to get, until we STOP losing it to the abyss.

Literally "screw america I only care about Jews" the post.

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Thats every white person but maybe 5000 white men globally. See

All these election cycles prove is that the only base that matters is the one that is the most racist as they get pandered to the most. Let the politicians kiss up, it won't mean we'll vote for you faggots and your good goyim shills. The non-whites will be dealt with, politicians kissing up to nationalists or not.

They all got banned from here, each and every one by Kampfy and his isreali crew of patrol bots.

The whole TRS doxing thing was proven to be lefties that gas lighted Zig Forums into doing their work for them, true. But its not something you can prevent, everyone single post in this thread could be two people for all you know. Strike and Mike best podcast

Women and liberals have no power beyond posturing, they can't fight and so they will be ignored when SHTF, naturally.

How about white women Hate Thread

They are the reason why every western countries turn into literally Nigger nation

t. nervous enoch


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I'm not American, so I haven't the blood of my brethren on my hands/conscience
Nor do I feel a single neural path of affection toward anyone who spend the last 5 years enslaving the world by electing the end times kike puppet Trump


Have you not been paying attention the last two years? what GOOD has happened? What "holding them off" has fucking happened? We had all of congress and the white house, and what has been accomplished? NOT ONE THING. No wall, no deportations. No revoking of birth right citizenship. No ending pointless wars. No investigations and destruction of voter fraud and election rigging machines. No arrests for the treasonous. No repeal of obamacare. No audit of the fed. No …. do I need to keep fucking going? Here, lets talk about what good DID come… uh… .. …. wait for it… something uh… tax cuts for the wealthy? HOORAY! Oh right, and we sucked off the jews some more, HOORAY! OH we got two more neocons on SCOTUS, HOORAY because they'll surely stop all this and NOT just keep up the theater, right? RIGHT!?

Meanwhile, what bad has been continued? Lets see, illegal immigration the highest its been was THIS year. The MSM and social media silencing and removing voices from our side. Fucking bombing syria for no god damn reason. debts gone up again. Rampant spread of anti-fa like groups harassing and attacking people. Peoples lives being destroyed while the guilty keep getting away with it and are allowed to keep going, they fucking tried to beat down carlson's door and NOTHING WAS DONE TO THEM despite that being clearly illegal. They even fucking enabled the "listen and believe" rhetoric by calling ford "credible" over and over again despite her being an obvious lying cunt.

PLEASE tell me, what GOOD has happened? What BAD has been stopped? Because to me, it seems like we've just taken a break from the rampant insanity of the obama years, and went from driving at the abyss at 90mph, to driving at it at round 30mph, but were STILL headed straight for it, just not as fast.

How did this help at all? Meanwhile its given people like you a false sense of security that they are fighting back and stopping things, that there is still reason and logic left in this nation when there clearly fucking isnt. Its made you think any of this is somehow good for us, when its still the decay of our home, its just a slower decay. We didnt stop anything, we didnt improve anything, we at BEST slowed things down but it came with the massively bad consequence of putting those like us back to sleep so that in a few years they can slam on the gas again and no one will be prepared for it or defending against it in any way.

You're a fucking retard if you think the way things are going now is somehow "for the better." Its JUST as bad, if not worse.

And they are the sheep I'm referring to. So you agree with me at least.

I'm not a mixed euro yank mutt, but cheers.


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You are a sheep if you support the GOP, you're also blue-pilled and an obvious foreigner to the board.
Just another reason you're anti-white and have no intention of helping whites.

The NPC meme is about the large scale group think. If it were applicable to all groupthink, it wouldn't be banned from social media. It's specifically anti-SJW.


sage goes in sage field

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Attached: 074f39a15b124ce65ee6fe53997c7afd29bc2c667d0f6ec2da2954a038904c01.png (7152x7512 129.86 KB, 8.34M)

Trump is not a hero to Zig Forums. Those who claim that are probably some jews or pajeets shilling as natsoc's. As a father how can you live with the thought that some jew has put his jewish dick inside your daughter and ruining your bloodline. And still have the guts to be proud of it. Jared kushner is a chabad lubavitch jew. These jews are going to try and make a holocaust (burnt offer) of us for their God Moloch.

Attached: img784680.jpg (480x360 1.08 MB, 26.91K)

Nice try leftynigger but that screenshot is a real one. There were/are multiple active groups of shills using the very tactics that screenshot exhibits. The idea that you're trying to dismiss that they exist is utterly laughable.

America will balkanize. I've said it for a long time and I'm more confidant in it now than ever. There will be a very bloody civil war and the region will break up into multiple states along racial lines. It's going to be fucking ugly but it needs to happen. The part that scares me the most about it is that foreign actors will undoubtedly get involved and that will prove extremely unpredictable.
Absolutely agreed. The weak should fear the strong. The stupid should obey the intelligent. There must be a culling if the White race is to survive.

Nigger control your autism for a second and look at my posts ITT. I am not shilling for voting and I sure as hell ain't pro-Trump. I am however not going to go along with the faggy nihilistic black pill rhetoric that gets thrown around so often here either.

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Do you see what I am doing shareblue?
I am using your thread to spread information you are trying to suppress.

How does that make you feel?


sage goes in sage field

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Buy a sniper user. I wished I live in America.

Votecucks are just boomers of our times. They don't want to take any risk whatsoever. They want to believe the US will be a alright place for Whites to live in for the next 30-40 years and damn anyone else. After that they will simply die off and pass the explosive mess they created to the younger generations who won't have the same privilege of living in a country that is 60% White. Just like this generation wasn't lucky enough to be born when the US was still 90% White. Trumpniggers are just boomers living in an illusory world naively thinking ZOG will stop White genocide for them because they bothered to vote. Conservatives of today are the liberals of yesterday. Todays mainstream conservatives would be seen as far-left nutjobs in the 1950s. Trump is just repeating basic Democratic talking points that were the Dems party line in the early 90s and a large segment of the American electorate associate this basic bitch cuckservatism with far-right rhetoric. That's how far we have fallen and we have been trying to vote ourselves out of this mess since day one. It didn't work before, it doesn't work now and won't work in the future. People voted for Woodrow Wilson who promised not to get involved in European affairs but American troops were still send to France to die in muddy trenches anyway. People voted for Roosevelt to stay out of the war and again in couple of years American boys were paradropped to France one more time. People voted for Eisenhower and Eisenhower enforced mandatory racial integration at gunpoint, that's how unpopular racial desegregation among the American public was. People voted for Reagan and Reagan gave amnesty to millions of beaners. People voted for Trump and expected a miracle and it's business as usual. Votecucks are either cowards, got suck in by the Trump's cult of personality and can't get out or are yids themselves who profit from this dreadful system of jewish domination.

Jews are pretty clever

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You are downright retarded.
Left really can't meme.

Nope. The discord link was posted in the thread here. All the posts that were evidenced of the "raid" were made by "FuckDrumpf", who just so happens to be the person who took the screenshots (and edited them), as shown by his name in the corner of the screen. Notice how the posts are all at the bottom of their respective screenshots? That's because the responses were all confusion.

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