Man shot by police in Melbourne after one killed, two injured in Bourke Street attack

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Police have shot a knife-wielding man after three people were stabbed in Melbourne's Bourke Street.

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dam White guy's tho!


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I remember when I spent some time in Melbourne last year they were always handing out free quarans down Bourke Street lol

Could have happened to worse places though the place is a fucking dump infested with chinks and liberal university students with atrocious accents

(((Who))) could be behind that or were jews actually handing them out? Tell me more of your stories about Melbourne please user. you don’t have to

I cant believe someone who is belligerent and has a weapon or an object that can cause harm is even that close enough to swing at a cop and it still takes the bitch how long to point the gun and shoot? jesus fucking christ

Checked. I would take one, drop my drawers, and shit on it, fuck the optics.

I lived next to a suburb called Balaclava which had a massive Jewish community (Orthodox I think, the disgusting fat acne covered ones wearing dirty black suits and curly sideburns) and my god it was the most heavily guarded area in all of Melbourne. The place was a shit hole any non Jew there was some breed of degenerate crack head but all the Jewish buildings had armed security patrolling 24/7, for example I worked in a building site opposite a Jewish primary school and there were guys with machine guns guarding it (police aren’t even armed like that in Australia) and some guy working with me said ‘why do they need so much protection I thought they were peaceful people who minded their own business?’

If only you knew buddy

I also witnessed a group of young Jews trying to break into a car at night setting the alarm off then sprinting down the street.

It also checks out that Melbourne is the most drug infested degenerate liberal city in Australia seriously it’s like where ever the kikes set up camp absolute chaos ensues.

Do you know anything about Perth? I’m an American diesel mechanic and I’ve been trying to get a job in Australia for a few months now and that’s where all the jobs are. Is it worth living there?


Perth is nice it’s pretty quiet and small for a city but busy enough not to feel isolated. The people are generally a lot nicer too the only downside to it is it has a pretty bad aboriginal problem but from what I saw the police kept on top of it, if you were to move to Australia Perth or Adelaide would be your best bet. Sydney looks nice but is so overpopulated with people who are either pretentious assholes or Chinese bug men, seriously walking a major train station in the city is like walking through Shanghai.

Black guy killing Jews?

oy vay.

Is quality of living similar to the US? I’m just looking for a change of pace, is it the stereotypical straya types in that area? Also muh dik for those accents, tired of all the spics in Texas, sadly.

I’ve not been to the US but I would imagine it’s the same if not better, the price of living is high but the wages are incredible even low tier labouring jobs have a starting rate of 25 AUD an hour. I met a lot of French English and Irish staying there illegally just because the standard of living was so much better than Europe so yeah it wouldn’t be a bad move, also west and north is true Australia which house most of the stereotypical straya shit so it’s pretty easy going there and pretty funny too.

Perth is literally the "hell" in AC/DCs "Highway to Hell".
Shit is fucked here, don't bother.

More like "they should have stopped oppressing him and just walked away."

Thanks brother, I appreciate all the info, didn’t mean to derail the thread. Just trying to find out first hand what it’s like.

Why is it that you think that?

Wew that cop has balls facing him with nothing but a bat and taser.
Should have just shot the fucker with a gun.

Place is full of organised crime. And word spreads between your mates because your always a connection or two from the shit.
Oh and it has a developing drug problem. Seriously getting bad here.

To add to , it's like a western cowboy metropolis, only it's nothing what you thought it was going to be.

I was wanting to work for the mining companies down there, since it seems like the only jobs in the industry that pay what my labor is worth are in Perth. Maybe stay a year or two but I don’t want to move from one shithole to another.

Boom's over. Unless fracking is legalised, there is nothing here.

I’m a diesel mechanic, and heavy equipment and fords are the only things I’ll work on, so oil/gas and mining are usually where the good money is. Building trucks pays but there’s only so many people with the money to spend.

Luckily for me, I stopped caring about that anglo shit heap along time ago. feels good.

No problem, if you can find work there I’d say do it I mean the place as it’s problems but I doubt they’re comparable to the shit going on in the US (most of the liberals in Australia just protest shit going on in America anyway so it can’t be that bad lol)

Ban pit bulls.

Is it just me or common wealth blacks are extra chimpy compared to U.S ones?

In perth, no. probably the youngest 'white' city in the world and quite comfy.

They're fresh F1s bred from imported former Sudanese civil war child soldiers. You already know (((who))) thought that was a good idea.


No doubt the Kikes will now simply re-double their efforts to import MORE subhuman scum into Australia - quite unlike what the same jews want for Israel.

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Just like rats!

Chopper said that when the US navy ported in Melbourne lots of drugs hit the streets

What a dumb fuck. No wonder he only got 3 people.

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>Police have shot a knife-wielding NIGGER after three people were stabbed in Melbourne's Bourke Street.
Not a hard substitution to make, you lazy cunt.

Once again this individual was known to police and ASIO, but was allowed to roam free until he did something in public. 'North African extremism' was one of the deliberately vague terms used by the media.

Perth is nice but starting to get a bit suburban. It sprawls out longitudinally because of the geography, so from end to end takes about 1.5-2 hours drive, however increasing apartment building and new suburbs are causing major traffic issues.

If you go to Perth stay away from Cockburn, Canning Vale or Armadale, the diversity is off the charts or they're just lower class and a bit dangerous. Apart from those and a couple others, Perth is fine. Plus the south west is a hidden gem, very beautiful.

Yeah "known to police" doesn't mean shit, there are dealers in my street who are "known to police" yet they still manage to get into fights and service their nocturnal visitors. I sort of pity the coppers for having to adjust to policing third worlders in a pretty short amount of time. Wasn't so long ago that even the major cities were mostly white.


Go to one of the Jewish primary schools in balaclava any time of day if you don’t believe me

Although you probably already do, kike

from the New Observer Online

AUSTRALIA - Bloody Murder KNIFE ATTACK by Somali - his Brother was Arrested last year for Terror Plot
he was a refugee child
"''The Somali-terrorist invader who carried out the knife attack in Melbourne city center is the son of fake refugees from Somalia - and his brother was arrested last year following a foiled terrorist attack in the same city.'"

Tried to "GAS" some Whites
"Mohamed Khalif, also known as Hassan Shire, 31, was shot by police after crashing a car filled with gas bottles and then rampaging through Melbourne’s Bourke Street with a knife, stabbing three men and killing one."


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its good provided you are in the right area. Brisbane is not as heavily pozzed as the major cities where the infrastructure cannot keep up with the reckless immigration ponzi we have here.

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That's only because he was a nonwhite. They have orders from above to avoid arresting these kinds if at all possible.
If it was a white guy acting like that he'd hve been shot 19 times, tazed and several baton smacks for good measure before getting anywhere near an officer.

there's a little more to it

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then there's the taser shit

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thats why cops have partners


let me break aus states down for you americunts, i have been all over aus, every state and every capital city.



Western Australia:

Northern Territory:



Austrlian capital territory:

and there you have aussie states.



Brb moving to perth

Just another hoax.
Prove me wrong.


Henceforth these posts became to be known as

kek'd and saved.

*came to be

How poorly trained and shitty is your police force that they can't shoot this monkey and let him get some stabs in? Say what you will about American police but they will fucking mag dump you if you don't bin that knife in 5 seconds.

We're full as a goog.

Northbridge, great place to go out. Mind the vomit in the street.

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There are similar places in Kew/Malvern that have armed guards all day every day

Whites are the most evil race, but also the only ones who can defeat evil. All shitskin, Mexican , nigger , Pajeet, mokmed, Greek , Italian , kike are 100% evil though. I admit whites have the worst potential for evil due to being the smartest , but all others are absolutely 100% shit. Animals behave better than these gross fucks. Go try to converse with these people about anything other than making money eating fucking or destroying shit. Try to go a minute without bashing your head on a wall.

breaking, semi-related
what's this shit about calling african criminals, at fucking large, 'dark-skinned' ?
the 7news tv segment didn't shy away from calling him 'african appearance'

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