Dead Americans, what a wonderful day to start one's weekend. .

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Kike free first post.

Everyday I'm just more and more certain all the misery in the world is entirely deserved and self-inflicted.
Every major bad thing that happens could be stopped if people just weren't so fucking stupid.
If every jew, muslim and nigger in the planet was exterminated, the world would be a much safer and nice place.

The jews did 9/11. Heil Hitler!

reminder that NC is filled with negros and poor whites.

Oh, for fucks sake. Can't you do anything right?

Being poor doesn't mean dick, Appalachia has one of the lowest crime rates in the country, as well as tight knit communities.

Demographics of school?
Race/ethnicity of shooter?

This. too bad it's not as clear to the average NPC normie


Photos I can find indicate that Topsail is a majority hwhyte high school with a few nigs scattered on the football team (of course). This is going to be another white kid, and it will be projected unto the entirety of the white race.

Time to go on the offensive, or let the country descend into the septic tank of crime and filth as more low-iq spics and niggers overrun the institutions of the nation. The country is fucked.

Trump gon' get them guns now for sure…at least it's not Hillary because if it was her, then that would be really bad!

Literally must be 90+% white:

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Why can't this happen at jewish populated places?

Alex Soros

Shit, we gotta ban guns till we go back to muskets!


Income doesn't correlate with violent crime, and merely correlates with the type of non-violent crime and type of drugs used. Its all about race.

Kav blocks any hope for such a thing :)

There's that potential runoff in Georgia, nigress gonna come and try to put a spotlight on muh gun control.

What a nice smokescreen for the voter fraud going on.

>2 (((shootings))) in one week
(((They’re))) really desperate.

Indeed. 2 in one week is really stretching. This is all in attempt to cover up their panicking asses about the blatant voter fraud.

Oh my, so correct. These are always fake shootings. Every damn one of them.