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Get Up Off Your Lazy Asses and Attend a City Council Meeting

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I don't care about this place though. I want it to get worse. Much much worse.

No one will fully wake up unless things get worse.

So debates on the type of cement used on road curbing?
I'd rather eat lead.

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then how did you 'wake up'?

Control the city council, control the city.

Governing is boring. Deal with it.

By being real smart

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It's so strange that there are all of these opinionated user claiming they would risk their own life to fight a bloody and aimless civil war. There are people on here that act like they would do anything in the world to protect our freedom and to rid us of subversive elements in our government. Complaining about Trump, when their own town is waiting for them to conquer it themselves. Yet nobody REALLY wants to put in any work to do anything themselves. Not one of these podcast assholes except maybe David Duke and a few others are willing to do anything but complain about the problems. We need White nationalist starting young in city leadership and as they hone their abilities, rising up through the ranks. Even if we successfully overthrew our govt by force, then what? We need good leaders and as long as there are people trying to be good leaders, there will be weak people there to criticize them, while making no contribution themselves. Like a jew, their only contribution is to destroy things that other people make.

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It's like you want to live next to niggers or something.

Just curious, how is your city governed?

You are mexican, nobody cares what you do. I'm trying to get White people to participate in the government of their own cities.

yfw you realize it's all run by a small cadre of connected DARs and other "muh peeople been heer 200 years duh muh land my people" types who all live within 30 miles for the past 100 years. They think "Cleveland is a big city!"


The American revolution was mainly done by people already in government.

Let's say you are a siege poster and you are all hyped up to do some dirt for the cause. Take that energy and go up against the dumb shits in your own city that are just begging to be replaced by a strong White male. Make your city a bastion of Whiteness where you are criticized nationally everyday for how you are making things great for White people. I know, it isn't totally like that, but you start a movement in your own city's government and that is real power. If you are into vidya, then just look at it as a quest. Level up yourself and make yourself more powerful. Don't succumb to corruption. We can do this.

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Within 60 seconds, a minimum of twelve posts to twelve separate threads after my last post here. At least two new threads that are total garbage. These JIDF don't want White men thinking they can become leaders in their own city. Maybe the reason is that the system of government used to run a city is shitty. Hiring third non elected managers that make up a cabal of your city's most power hungry corrupt fucks. Don't you want to beat them at their own game?

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I want my local swimming pool facility to be open on sundays. The golf course is owned by the city and is open on Sunday and the pool is too and they have it shit down on Sunday cause Mormons are scared of swimming in the water on sundays (i shit you not)
It's discrimination against people that aren't Mormon. And work every other day
Sunday is the only day off and I want to go swimming god dammit

I couldn't agree more. If you aren't aware of the events in your community, you can't change it. Ignore all glowing seigefags talking this down.

Town council then. I live in a county with 20,000 people and there's still a council.

Not to shit on your motivation for getting involved, but public pools are disgusting. Still, if you want to swim in urine, then approach this like you'd approach posting on Zig Forums. Lurk for awhile and then when the time comes start speaking up. I think most people are afraid to use their actual voice and body to defend their rights, they'd rather post online because it's safer.
We have to take our meme powers into real life and use that to take over our own local governments

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So go to the meeting and assert your pool rights, faggot. It's good experience for when more important issues come up.

btw, the pic was supposed to be your local city government. But who knows, they may be awesome pro-White advocates and are just waiting for another White guy to pitch in.

I'm going to call you out, but I am not going to be rude to you because a lot of other posters may feel the same way, but you are completely wrong to dismiss a city council meeting.

Unless you have special connections, the local level is where political careers start. You dismissively talk about a debate over what cement is used, but guess what, that hypothetical conversation wasn't about cement, it was about giving kick backs to the construction company of a local donor who made the election of one of the council members possible.

When you attend these smaller meetings you start to make political connections. This is where the political junkies live. You learn who the good campaign managers are in the area, who the donors are, what the issues are, and over time you start to learn how the game is played. I don't think you really want to black pill yourself, because otherwise why would you be on this board. I think you probably give a damn about saving the European race.

We need people like you to be involved. Not because we need to better fund the local schools or debate zoning laws, rather because we need our people to be politically savvy. Maybe you never run for office, but you hang around the political crowds, maybe it comes to your attention that we have a stealth 1488 candidate coming up the ranks. By being involved you can now help that man.

Again I don't know who you are personally, maybe you are already making a difference, who knows. But if you are still on the sidelines I would encourage you to get involved. You know how we say "lurk for two years", well it's going to take you FIVE YEARS to figure the local political game out.

Best of luck brother. I hope this message is received favorably by yourself and others.

So like Haiti then, after the niggers massacred all the whites?

Sounds like a real good plan.

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No one cares user: we are in a long fall.

I was banned on another channel for making this point just yesterday. People really don't like being told that chanting
and saying nigger and faggot over and over again is not a tangible solution to any problem facing us.

Why sage this thread then?
Anyway, good thread. Ignore shills and idiots. If posters want to "muh seej" thats fine, post in another thread and discuss there, don't shit up this one.
I actually met the third place (17% of votes) mayoral candidate where i live using a rideshare. Okay guy. Learned a little about the local processes. Also have a retired coworker that had a town position nearby. Decent base of contacts to start with, will give OP's suggestions a go. Thanks for not sucking cocks this time OP.

This got pushed down during the raid, bumping.

You think cement is the real issue in such a debate? No, it's not. That public debate is a shittest for new members of a city council. The real talks is the non-public backroom talks with cigars and whiskey - and the next level is the backroom talk with other party members where you can basically advance your position as a good debater and increase your chance to get a REALLY FUCKING IMPORTANT position. Debates about cement or the cost of a new park is done to keep people like you out. You know, the kind of people who reject the idea of doing chores, which such a debate clearly is.

I can't go to the city counsel meetings. One of my bosses is on the city council. I live in a liberal town. Every opinion I have will get me fired.

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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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get a decent mask and fatsuit


But with that problem duly noted, this is still a good idea. Don't get lost in thinking you can change the kike system from within, because they want you to waste your life trying and the system is built to sap your energy, but do feel free to spend a few hours a month gumming up the works. Go down, get involved, sit quietly and be calm and respectful, even if you get into a debate with someone. Shitpost IRL using concern trolling, blunt socratic method, and sparkling eyes technique. If publicly debating a kike, let them fill the air and ask simple pointed questions to disarm them so they feel compelled to keep speaking, overstepping or undoing the lies of their previous statements. That moment where you question them and they pause because they want you to say something else so they can latch onto that instead is very powerful. Once you've made a simple point, shut up and still your microexpressions. This will compel them to talk more than they want to, as you shift social awkwardness to them in a manner that short circuits their chutzpah.

If you want to get them to listen to you, show up with affectations of libtardom, e.g. hoodie, #HashtagDuJour buttons, and a tattered hemp messenger bag. Still promote ethnonationalism, but let them think it's coming from one of their own. If you go in looking all fashy they'll reject anything you say out of hand.

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Why can't you show up at these meetings? You do not need to take an active part there, just listen, take notes and secretly notify councilmen you think are trustworthy. Explain to them what issues you have or what problems you have seen in the city.

Other than that, if your boss is a liberal he doesn't necessarily needs to be a leftist shithead. What if he's not into that SJW-bullcrap? Have you thought about carefully redpilling him? Sure, that might require time and the patience of a skilled sculpturer, but maybe, just maybe, it's worth the effort and you may gain an important ally in the struggle.

You would use that demographic to your advantage fool. Phrases that would shut him down in a public forum are:
at the risk of losing my job, I must disagree with you because x.
it is difficult for an employer to sympathize politically with their employee it may negatively effect their margins to do so.

Great initiative, I support it wholeheartedly.

Reminder that the jews took over Postville, Iowa starting with the city council. Don't disregard the impact you can have at the local level, especially if you live in a small White community. Even better if you have just 1-2 focused allies.

Fighting to defend a controlled opposition party that won't fight for itself is pointless. I feel no connection to the republican party and I'm unsure why you do.

Reminder that the sad sack of shit Micheal Moore wrote about the stuff mentioned in this thread in his book "Stupid White Men". It's like the landwhale was mocking us back in the day.

Nice try.

Remember that these soulless monsters want to see White children raped and murdered and they think it's funny.

A sage isn't an upvote. A sage merely prevents the thread from bumping to the top of the catalog.

I know. I wasn't criticizing, just genuinely wondering why you wouldn't want to bump the thread, especially when so many shitty slide/raid threads are popping up every day.

Lurk more you dumb newfaggot,
Every single incorporated and even unincorporated town has a local government. Even a community within a town usually has a civic organization.

I live in SJW NEVER NEVER LAND all while holding the basic tenets of Zig Forums as absolute truths.
1 Have attended many council meetings.
2 Is easy to have a dissenting view if you present it in a logical and well thought out manner like any fucking white man would do
3 Never engage in any personal observations of an individual based on your thoughts or beliefs.
4 Not a single person has any idea that I hold the beliefs that I do to reveal what I beleive would never work to my advantage you have to pick your battles wisely and engage when you will have an effect that will ultimatly deliver the desired effect.

It is easy to mingle with average common non thinking folk user just remember who the fuck you are and treat them like they think they are entitled to.


Stand for election….

Pfft city council? What are you some kind of faggot? I'm going to get rich and powerful by masturbating to trannies, and then I'm going to take over America and save it from my bed.

Going to city council meetings….

Wow what a waste of time!

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Will do. Also a little bit offtopic how can someone post multiple images in an easily readable format? I see lots of people posting huge images which are really hard to read . I know you can paste images into a pdf so I did exactly that but is there a better way to do it? Something like uploading multiple images on a gif or a webm format?

Because they are inspired by the results of power accumulation but not the process of it. They want to enjoy the fruits of a harvest, but not the process of planting and growing it, because the harvest is exciting while the preparation to that point is slow, boring, and non-rewarding by itself to most people. They also have come to believe the myth of the spontaneous revolution where all it takes is a bunch of people to just rise up and attack and everything changes for the better, which has never been the case in all of history. Most people are not governor-types, which is a good thing. But those who are not still need to do something productive to assist their governors into getting opportunities for power acquisition.

And the rich, and the well-connected, and the politically and civically powerful. Paul Revere one one of two messengers dispatched to warn of the British invasion, the other being William Dawes. The reason why we remember Paul Revere and not William Dawes is because Paul leveraged the networks of power in the north while William just yelled randomly about and got no response from passive peasants in the south.

Siege posters like the romance of street fights and mortal combat, not mundane debates about zoning and taxation. However, those same Siege enthusiasts just need to have an example to follow and tasks that would delight them, something physical and tangible. Don't try to encourage the Siege guys to become councilmen, but rather find a place of use for them out in the streets doing something productive.

Exactly. Councilmen get to meet all kinds of local powers from businessmen to laborers to politicians, and from that you learn what motivates them and what they want. Lash together enough of them and you can use their collective energy and resources to achieve other ends. There are other ways to meet the breadth of civic influencers, but that was is among the easiest. Plus you get paid a little.

Exactly. It is a widely-held myth that those public debates actually decide anything in politics. Only fucking morons make their voting decisions on important matters in the course of some public debate. The decisions are all made behind closed doors, among politicians trading favors and politicking in order to create as many win-win scenarios and allies as they can. That is how it is in both healthy governments and corrupt ones. The public debate has a use in aggregate though as practice and advertising, which is why it still occurs.

The system is only that way because fools let such people in to begin with rather than working to keep them and their decadent reforms out. As previous anons noted, it is a form of practice, networking, and most notable examples of political revolutions involved those already interacting with or even a part of their governments in some manner or another. What you should avoid, to your point though, is getting that comfortable belief that just because you debated for ten hours on a budget and came to a conclusion that you necessarily accomplished anything worthwhile. If no one knows what you are doing, no one will care. I know this from personal experience.

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They'll believe whatever you say if you just go in there wearing blackface.

Good points. I agree with you about the Siege posters. When I wrote that I was trying to explain how to channel your own inner rage into something productive that can have good results, but I like your idea too. The problem is that organizing our own proxy forces is very difficult right now because, unlike antifa and pussy hat army, the entire system is aligned against us. Not saying it's impossible, but not just a matter of setting IRL Siege posters meetings.

One of the outcomes of this initiative that I'd like to see is for anons to use these city council meetings as one of their meadhalls. Trying to meet for a walk in the park is fine, but we could also find each other as we are participating in our own governments. Of course all of the same warnings apply, don't reveal your power level other than to be focused on an outcome that gives the best results for hard working White men.

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This but unironically, minus the sweat patches.

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Don't waste your time, faggot.

No! That is not what any reasonable adult would suggest or promote. Either you are a child or you want to sabotage this initiative.

The only solution is political. Even you and your imaginary army were to kill all the bad guys, then what? How are you getting people to organize and work together for the betterment of White people?

How is that related to attending council meetings and listening to three hours of people talking about pot holes?

It's related by the fact that good White people participating in their own local government, such as any open meeting that your government has, will result in positive change for White people. If it doesn't then you can use weaponized autism to start unraveling the issue at a local level. You start pulling on a thread and band together with other good White people to take back our towns, our schools, our tax dollars and everything else that is being stolen from us.

Seriously you are stupid or a shill. Taking part Will not kill the ZOG but every amount of damage, slowdown or redpill is a small victory. Voting only work when we are 100% sure one of us is An option(not trump of another zog). Bit doing nothing OR siegeposting will do yield nothing.

There's no time for whites to slowly infiltrate and slowly guide policy by slowly climbing the ladder. When you are facing getting wiped out in just a few years, you don't have 30 years to have a bunch of people climb up in a system.

This site, and this thread, are designed to ensure whites get wiped out.

Well, someone's clearly never been to a city council meeting. It's more like 30 minutes of people talking about pot holes and 3 hours of people talking about the city taxes YOU HAVE TO PAY in order to get them reduced or to change what those tax dollars actually go to.

But, hey, you go ahead and stay home and feel smug while your city taxes go up in order to pay for more tranny surgery.

There is nothing but time. Even if we killed every corrupt politician in the USA, then what? You think you can just sprinkle your magic fairy dust and it all works itself out?

So, waiting on a revolution andere watching anime like you is helping. Remember that Hitler also rose to power through Politics. The beerhallepunch also failed. I'm not saying that we should shill for Trump of another zog but try to do IT Yourself instead.

Some of us have been telling you to do this shit for over 20 years and you never fucking listen. 20 years ago people were saying that exact same shit. "Why bother cuz Whites are gonna be wiped out in the next few months anyway." You either get up off your ass and do something or you waste your time playing vidya and shitposting on a crappy low population Indonesian decoupage discussion forum.

my family was involved in town politics in a 10,000 pop. midwestern noplace for about 40 years. dad was even finance director for a time.
one "executive session" one november evening a few years ago ended with a minor change that has led to an entire quadrant of the town being targeted for re-development. no one can do a goddamn thing about it because they're too busy trying to sell their houses before they take a 75% hit in value.
it's a waste of time. you can spend an entire lifetime stapling papers and doing all the work in the hopes that you've erected a firewall. step away for a night and it's gone. people are passive and will not fight back. it's not the same country any longer with the elite population who run things largely comprised of men and women who went to high school in the 1970s and have zero sense of culture, tradition, and family. they're the ones in charge and believe in nothing except themselves.
tl; dr the process won't save you, only people can, and the people are corrupt to the bone

That's something our women could do while we are taking back our country, one city at a time.

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This is not a total solution, but is definitely one part of it. We need to build up loyal followings of hard working White men in our own towns and push hard. When we hit a wall from a higher power of govt, then we branch off and start pushing there too. We keep our followers informed and we promote our 2nd amendment rights. We use the framework that already exists to form a unified movement against these fucking women, blacks, beaners and jews that are fucking up everything. ==Restore the White Man to Power==

OP here, if you go to a city council meeting then report back here so we can keep this thread bumped. Go ahead and jumble up the names or misreport the date, insert unimportant fake parts if you are afraid of being doxxed. If not afraid of doxxing then take pictures and let us know where and when. Also, remember to be classy and think of yourself as a representative of good hard working White people.

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you make this point as if an tyrannical centralized federal government doesn't already exist. It would be great if state rights still mattered. Most people rightfully doubt dedicating time to small city government is going to prevent the massive nationwide menace that we face.

Obviously white America wants someone to rally behind. We need someone now. And really the focus should be against the federal government. They are the ones with all the power. Shipping Chicago niggers to Iowa, and pumping Somali niggers into MN does the damage.

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Let's assume that is true, what does it prove? Are you saying that most people are informed enough to make a good decision on that matter? Are you saying the city governance only legislates on how leaves are burned? You can't be serious. It's almost like you are just coming up with any argument you can think to dissuade people from taking part in their own city government. Why is that so important to you?

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Obviously I can't know your personal life, but I would argue that your dad was not playing the game right if despite 40 years of involvement you are dismissive of local politics. You should have been receiving benefits your entire life. If your dad was /our guy/ he would have been training you from an early age and moving up the ladder of politics. I don't mean to cause you offense by this, but I do know politicians who have limited involvement with their families and I predict their political legacies die with them.

We need to be realistic. If DOTR happens that's great, but until such time I need you polacks to start worming your way into positions of power. Running a Quixotic campaign for congress isn't going to change anything, I need you guys to be campaign managers, central committee members, county councilmen if possible. And let's be blunt, you know how we speak here on Pol, we have a pattern to our ideas that is distinguishable especially to ourselves, I can spot a stealth polack a mile away. There is no reason that you can't be helping our guys up the ladder of success. There's no reason you can't use a position of power to give a 1488'er a nice contract that makes him a good chunk of money.

Like I said, if Hitler comes back I will be the first in line to follow him, if DOTR happens I'll be along side all of you, but I do not count on either happening. Until that time let's attack from as many angles as possible including but not limited to being involved with local politics.

That picture is so fucking repulsive. I don't think I could stand to be around ten of those people, let alone a room filled with 50 of them.

They matter plenty.
Gun laws are state laws. Education appointments and laws are state laws.
Police appointments are local and state level.

And if you are still fixated on the federal government.
Check out their prior experience. The overwhelming majority started out state or local.

You can go against it or try to subvert it into something decent.

You will never fit in.

Okay, I am going my city's next meeting. I will read the agenda packet(long form agenda) in advance, and bring the printed short form agenda with me.

So do it, loser.

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To who, your mom? Because I hear she is pretty loose after all those black bulls she fucked with to get you.

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This but unironically and en masse. Screw your optics I'm going in.

It's an insult to gorillas to compare them with niggers. Orangutans are more intelligent and peaceful.

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If you want to know what scares these corrupt assholes, it's anons taking control of our government. You want some action, then really make problems for these criminals using the framework in place currently. I promise that you will become aware of many targets to go after politically, targets that you have the power to go up against personally. That's probably too scary for most Zig Forumsacks, since it means accepting responsibility. No more bitching about what Trump is or isn't doing when you aren't even willing to put yourself out there for your people.

I have no Idea what some of these mean. Especially the first one what does FOP mean?
Also the pamphlet says I need to call the Office of the City Clerk 24 hours before attending

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Fraternal Order of Police. I'm sure you don't have to call to attend an open meeting, but maybe try calling the first time just to see why they request that.


This is unironically the best thread on Zig Forums i've ever seen.

Towns and counties will likely have a township sponsored "Leadership" group. Usually through the chamber of commerce. It is pozzed to shit, but you learn about your local community, and it does increase your chances of going somewhere by face recognition.

Reminder, Chamber of Commerce is pushing amnesty like a mother fucker. It's all fucked, but you can infiltrate, or at the very least push back. Most of the reasons this bullshit happens is because it sounds nice "we need to create opportunities for those from other impovershed countries" and no one voices opposition. Show up and voice your concerns.

Tomorrow, Nov 13th, will be the first meeting for many anons. Sounds like I'm talking about AA, but I am talking about taking back our cities from these anti-White scumbags. Remember when Orange County said no to being a sanctuary city. Those supervisors cast their votes against the sanctuary city status because the people made it clear that they didn't want their county going even further off the deep end. My old home town of Anaheim used to be a wonderful place to live and having birthdays at Knott's Berry Farm was awesome, but now it's a third world shithole. Even though that is the case, these people of Orange County are saying enough is enough.

You want to make a difference anons, local elections and local politics afford you the biggest chance, because even though your city may have a large population, it isn't as large as your entire state or the whole USA or the whole world. Represent your tribe!

Now watch as 12-36 threads are bumped in the next 10 minutes.

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clearly anons from 2014 have long since left and been replaced with those who believe in the blue and red. everyone here is too stupid to realize that when the time comes where you may begin to have significant power you will either become corrupt yourselves or be deemed a threat by those higher than you and be dealt with accordingly. Study some history faggots. The past 18 years will do for those who have zero attention spans, longer for more "juicy" results. Youll never fix a country that was designed to work against its citizens from the outset. And youll never fix a country that is comprised of mutts, niggers, spics, kikes and so on. The only way to do that is violence. But those in power are far more prepared financially and have mindless drones to suppress your acts. You want to have a white ethnostate in america? It will NEVER happen without bloodshed. Vote until your hands fall off, become elected till your gray in the head, it will never be achieved. You want to just reduce other races in the country? Bloodshed. You want to just barely hold the country together and watch the history of it be removed or altered? Go and vote. What a sorry state for a board. Fully expect to be called a shill and blackpilled.

What happens after the bloodshed, does the country just run itself?

Also, what about blumpf? I just learned this trick from the sliders. You just throw up a bunch of ridiculous statements to get people to help you slide other threads.


This is a great idea and should be promoted. The more Zig Forumslacks we get involved in govt, the better.

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I'm on the town council.
We usually have one "concerned citizen" witnessing the procedures every meeting, but we're a small town, so there's not much to do except pay the bills.

Keep up the good work and stay vigilant.

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lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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agreed. shilling hard against this

Well said user. Anyone not moving towards some form of political influence is not doing the best for their tribe.

Imagine an army of motivated anons, sweeping into power in every town in the Western word.

Yes! Because just showing up to one these meetings can be boring or may seem pointless, you might want to lookup what the agenda is beforehand. The agendas should be online, but if not then they will be posted at your local meeting hall. Anything on the agenda that you can imagine some pro-White or anti-White angle, then go that night to share your pro-White opinion. Be respectful, classy and represent your people like you care, which I assume you do if you are making the time to do this.

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3b. Find out what the agenda is for the next meeting.

I'm not an American and I think this is a great idea. Have a bump.

I'm afred that I agree with the likes of Dr. WLP and Varg. One rotten apple spoils the bunch and our system has been rotting for well over a century. Accelerationism is the key. Yes, many whites will doe but those left will be strong and smart. America is becoming majority non white and then what, we trick them into voting to kick themselves out? The sooner this ship sinks the better. Do whatever you have to to network. If you think you can make friends at city council meetings then sure, but it's going to be filled with boomers and catladies who've been thoroughly immunized against tribal thinking. They're motivated by greed and vanity. Go on, see what i mean.


Our goal is to end politics and exterminate all of these people, retard. Not to join their ranks.