Can I be bisexual and a fascist at the same time? Or is there a conflict of interest Zig Forums?

Can I be bisexual and a fascist at the same time? Or is there a conflict of interest Zig Forums?

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Yes until we're in power.

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good to know famalanaman! fyi ignore me im a little intoxicated

Blow your brains out, queer.

As long as you don't act on it, you're safe.

what's wrong with a little dick user? i just love the way men smell and their physiquie you know?

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Blow your brains out.

are you serious?

i mean, i wouldnt expect you to understand if youre straight afterall

i just like the way dicks look, smell, the way the twitch when they cum ahh god its so sexy!

no but anyways yeah

Blow your brains out.

are you a girl?
can I watch you fuck other girls?
will you procreate ?

if answer is not yes for all three get the fuck off my board

to be fair here i am drunk so i am not making the most rational posts one could say they are SHITPOSTS lmao

Blow your brains out.

4chan spam spilling over here.


no but i like to be a sexy femboi owo!

not a big fan of girls tbjh

have kids? prob not tbh because of my awful experiences as a child with divorice and stuff i just dont trust myself with kids because i am VERY messed up internally

i can blow all over you!! lmao

It's retarded question because sexuality is not something you consciously chose and fascism is not a religion. Whether you should be open about it or not is different question.

im not a newfag im just drunk faggot kys you fucking loser

see exactly, i think whatever goes on behind closed doors is the busisness of the indvidual not of the collective ya know?

If I was a vol I'd ban you. You are adding to the board's noise to signal.

A bunch of little pieces of shit on something useful can soon cover whatever was good turning it into a total piece of shit.

our ancestors would have shaved your head and thrown you in a swamp to rot

one time I had my close friend touch me on the thigh and try to hug me while in a cab god damn, he doesnt know im bi but if only he knew! god it was so teasing and nervous!!!

Drunkenness is degenerate. Cease heavy consumption of alcohol and your life will improve. You'll have more money, more energy, and more time to become a better person.

I don't think you're really a "Fascist"
I think you're just trying to be edgy without any understanding of race and the jews.
Believe it or not, I don;t give a fuck about your sexual fetishes. All I am concerned with is the preservation of my race and the annihilation of the evil monsters who are trying to kill us.
Video very related.

Sage because you're degenerate and I doubt you're serious.

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yeah like your dumbass pagan acnestors who sacracficed goats and humans to THor and shit??? Jesus Christ is the only true son of god you fucking pagan scum

Homosexuality is jewish in nature, queer. Why else do you think Tel Aviv is the gay capital of the world.

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I only drink on weekends when I have nothing better to do, besides, im already rather depressed and sad to begin with lmao

im not much of an alcoholic, you could conider me an weekend alcoholic tho lmao

But i hate Jews and am looking for a boyfriend??? how can I be a Jew then???

Hey folk!
I see that you take a liking to a slightly more powerful sort of politics, so I'd like to introduce you to a community of like-minded folks over at
>>>Zig Forums

They've got

Come on down and have some over at >>>Zig Forums

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Absolutely terrible post. This is what 8/pol/ has come to, now it only lacks the anti-white bait threads and there would be no difference from cuck/pol/ and this place

Blow your brains out.


god damn i ate a lot of food before downing that bottle of vodka but even then it has FUCKED me over holy shit

Leviticus 20:13
If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.

Jesus and thor would settle their differences and nail you to a cross if they had to deal with your faggot shit

leftists cant meme because they are NPCs you fucking commie. I might like sucking dicks but at least im not a fucking communist jewish sucking scumball of filttch like you

nilhism bro lmao, i dunno, im a hypocrite yes but I just want whites to prosper

holy shit, why am i such a light weight, chugging half a bottle of vodka was NOT a good idea lord help me AAAAAAA

christ alive man


Repeat after me:
Homosexuality and transgender is jewish.

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lmao ok dude, i am a monogenous gay dude, i want a long stable relationship with a dude because im not a fucking cuckold

but i've been on Zig Forums and been a fascist since I was a bisexual though!!!!!!! explain this you fucking idiot !

Oh now come on Gerogie,
WE love MEMES! You'll fit right in don't worry; Zig Forums will just bite you up and spit you out like a dog.

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post ur butt

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If you were perfectly balanced, acted and behaved like you were straight, then sure. Don't expect representation in the media, and stay far the fuck away from kids as not to influence them.
The problem with fags isn't that they're gay, it's that they are, 99% of the time, degenerates.

Sorry, cheating rates among faggots is high and on average have hundreds of partners. Nice being a GRIDS pos cuck. Back to >>Zig Forums

i havent shaved in a while you might not like!!!! god i need to shave!

More like shills try to spam this place into 4chan

post it clothed

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Rope yourself faggot.

Ancients Greeks were tolerant to bisexuality and were total fascists. But this was before Jesus Christ.

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Greatest nations:
Gayest natons:

Rohm was lol.

But the point of sex is to reproduce and raise kids (or at least to build strong relationships so you can reproduce and raise kids).

Homosexuality is purely hedonistic and unproductive. The most you accomplish is getting stds. Maybe its natural selection to prevent weak effeminate men from reproducing which makes the population stronger on the whole.

There's nothing manlier than fucking a twink in the ass you faggot.

Argiculture causes homosexuality, I read about it somewhere, but they removed the article
This explains why
After people live in civilization, the gay genes will simply die out in time
Meds are less likely to be gay than Nordics
Nords are less gay than Negroes/Amerindians
Similar with alcoholism

just cause im drunk doesnt mean you can get nudes fucker

im a white bisexual who vapes and drinks and a fascist on top so must be some crazy outlier huh?

We'll treat you better for being a faggot than (((leftists))) treat faggots that escape their mental plantation. Beyond that no promises, faggot.

On an unrelated note, how do you feel about peat?

This is your brain on faggotry.

no, you sound like an attention whore

Plus you spread diseases from the fags to the women. You're a biological attack vector. Seek out conversion therapy, and stay in the closet until then.

this is my brain on drugs dummy

He's not even posting butt!

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Post more.

Nothing surprising here.
Remember to report all instances of faggot spam

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if you are a man no. if you are a woman yes.

What about Tbabes?

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Post Christianity post feminism point of view of slave man.

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As long as you refrain yourself from dating people who are your same sex, get married and have children and stay true to your natural gender roles, yes

reminder that homos go in the bog

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