What's Wrong With White Women?

Half of white women continue to vote Republican. What's wrong with them? Moira Donegan


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This is a great divisive topic because it makes the Cyptos stick their heads out in a too much of an obvious matter.

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They're allowed to vote.

so are non-whites.

it's a travesty the found fathers would be dismayed at.

It's a legit question. All of the ZOG is aligned to appease females/niggers/faggots/fucktards/etc and destroy white males in the process. It's like a kikess creating a house of gingerbread and seeing the delicious children pass by it to pick celery and bell peppers from the garden instead.

What is wrong with them?
#1 the fact that they voted and didn't start gunning people down in the streets…pretty much the same thing that is wrong with you faggots.

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Boomers and suburban wine aunts voted for trump because he reminds them of their chad in the 80's, young white women voted democrat. MAGA hat wearing trad thots don't count

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Even our women have (some) agency, unlike all the shitskins on the Dem plantation.

The only people who voted for Trump are rural and suburban retards.

City people all voted for Hillary.

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Well then maybe the Russians will DO YOUR JOB FOR YOU and nuke these fucks. God forbid that anyone defend their own soil in a globalized society.

Married women interests mirror those of husband. Single ladies are filth column.

nice of them to bunch up in their hellhole ghettoes like that.

One or the other.

Anglin you are still a pathetic manlet buddy

This. Older people are more inclined to vote and care about the circus show known as politics. Once the boomers die off, the white women voting Republican will plummet.



I'm willing to see some facts to prove me wrong.

Anglin's a Trumptard but he's right that women are disgusting animals that deserve to be beaten and raped

That's very Jewish opinion

There are arguably almost as many men who need the same treatment. White people are in a sad state in general.


100% of jewish women continue to vote democrat? What's wrong with them?

Or he just doesn't like white women.

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No, it's not aligned to appease them. It's aligned to use them as weapons.

I'm not surprised you think that. They do that a lot in your home country, IsraHell.

Brethren of the fold, this is what an ADL-Mossad (((CIA))) post looks like:

Can you believe their transparency in predation of whites?

yawn more anti goyim having a voice even though its rerouted into fuck face judaism

How did white women vote in the midterms? 53% again for Trump?

Actually, educated white city people voted for Trump.


Low IQ shitskin city 'people' voted for shillary.

You link doesn't work. Basically it is a video by Pierce that covers the European/Slavic sexual slave trade in Israel, where they sex traffic young women and hold them prisoner in Israel and this is totally legal and approved of by the people, the nation and the judicial system in Israel. European and Slavic women are forced to have sex with 10+ different men per day as sex slaves until they are drug addicted and diseased at which point they are released back to their country of origin to live out the life of a used whore drug addict who is dependant on her own welfare state to care for her. But of course none of this sexual slave trafficking is illegal under international laws or anything because there is NO LAW when it comes to kikes.

Voting for either a Democrat or Republican makes you stupid. Both are goddamn trash.

Damn, makes me want to move to Georgia.

Use them how? By allowing them to avoid personal responsibility at every opportunity at the expense of white men. That's why it is a valid question. What kind of person takes personal responsibility when she doesn't have to? A white woman raised by a white father, of course.

It gets worse
Yes, it's true. There's a reason "yids rape kids" is a thing.

Honestly, I am all for corralling all kike pedos in Israel (it isn't as if they have some sort of lack of homosexuals there already) rather than hosting them in our nations. At least they can 'live the dream' by murdering, torturing and sexually assaulting their own people, in their own nation, rather than our precious people (those 'chickens' need to come home to roost). It is kikes right, they sort of deserve each other since they are degenerate soulless subhumans from birth, no reason not to let them fully enjoy the fruit of their labor on Earth.

I agree but it's such a disgusting semitic practice, the jews really are no different from arabs no matter how much they attempt to tell us to choose one or the other. Like this
Maybe that's why the JIDF types here like they're so fucked up? They all got raped by their pedo rabbis and male relatives as kids? They at least 100% got their baby penises sucked on by a gross pedo rabbi after the jew child mutilation ritual. It fucked them up good and that's why they must shill, or else they will realise how fucked up their them and their inbred tribe really is. Wished they just grew up from their desert cult of semitic pedophiles and goatfuckers.

Dude, Israeli pedos don't target fellow jews. They just import goy children from other countries. (((Who))) do you think manages the international sex trafficking scene? There are even rumors of places in the American Midwest where little children are farmed to serve as sacrificial offerings for jews, not to mention sex objects. And basically everyone knows how much our Slavic and Russian brothers and sisters suffered from the human trafficking market when the Soviet Union collapsed.

No that is part of the blood covenant. Sucking the blood from their penis ensured the covenant. There is something REAL behind your words. I am going to have to think about this more. Something…tangible. Thank you.

You are correct. I was being callous and careless with other people.


That's a very progressive view on women, mister.
I'm sure that this view of women is from a purely scientific standpoint and not from traumatic experiences involving women in your life.
I'm sure you'll reproduce, and teach your children the same thing.

lool… the worst school systems in the country are in the big cities. almost 90% retards in those places.

Wow this is such an important post we need to gossip about this hehe lets do nothing but analyze useless shit hehe so based hehe I love Reddit and cuck chan hehe! Xd

You are a fucking npc you dumb nigger nobody likes you

The Celine Dion satanic clothing line thread was just deleted. Why for?

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Maybe there's a reason behind that shitlibs

Not much, while they have some problems they're entirely fixable.

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jews. jews are the problem.

There's no such thing as a "white woman".
There's women. And there's white men. Women just pretend to be what's most beneficial to their borg, which is womankind as a whole. Their true tribe is jews and niggers.

Millennial women will become Republicans once they turn 40-50 years old. My Gen X mom was a liberal feminist Democrat back when she was just a single mom on welfare. Then she married a well-off guy and almost instantly became a conservative.
Millennial women decided to have careers instead of families (a string of baby daddies doesn't count), so the next generation of voters will be brown people voting for Reconquista.

Zig Forums only cares about their own genetic legacies.
Zig Forums does not give a fuck about the white race.
Tell Zig Forums you killed 11 jews and receive criticism.
Tell Zig Forums you have 2 white sons and be praised like a war hero.

Zig Forums needs less 14 words and more gtkrwn.
Having a dozen white sons each will do nothing if they all grow up to be shabbos goyim

Women in General "with children" are on the front lines for first hand experience with public schools, organised sports, PTA, Wal Mart, Chuck e Cheese, etc. and see daily the effects of democratic policies failure, minorities running a muck, bullying, crime, gangs, etc. ruining neighborhoods.
Complain to School, be labeled a "White Woman" (as OP put it) Raciss, Prejudiced, etc. so they VOTE.

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Makes my fucking blood boil how above the law those hooknosed subhumans are.

It's men. We need to put women back in their place, kick out the jews and commies and make 'merica great again.

The people smart enough to stay out of your urban third-world shitholes.
Enjoy your little slice of apefrica and Tijuana, idiots.

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From your link "The victims, like those of Catholic priests, are mostly boys. Rabbi Rosenberg believes around half of young males in Brooklyn’s Hasidic community—the largest in the United States and one of the largest in the world—have been victims of sexual assault perpetrated by their elders. Ben Hirsch, director of Survivors for Justice, a Brooklyn organization that advocates for Orthodox sex abuse victims, thinks the real number is higher. “From anecdotal evidence, we’re looking at over 50 percent. It has almost become a rite of passage.”

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Oh, you poor trumpniggers. your orange rabbi will continue to bleed support, until they throw his fat ass out of office. I can't wait for you faggots to explain why it's all part of his master plan, qlarping yourselves into denial