Netflix Butchers Watershed Down with feminism, niggers, shit 3d animation


Legitimately mad. Never forget, Jews did this.

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It really must be time for sub saharan remake of:
Boy in Striped PJs
Swindlers Lists

Nope, just white liberals. No proof of Jews doing this

BBC Yentob Cohen productions
Zero proof goy

seriously what the hell


Remember to meme responsibly.


The more I look at it, the worse it gets. It's like a retard made the cgi ones. They look like fucking dogs or some shit the way they are standing and moving in images.

yes goys its the whites who are in control

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It is WaterSHIP Down, not SHED…but whatever…it sounds so disgusting that you just made me throw up in my mouth.

[REQ] anyone with an actually readable resolution?

Your tricks don't work here, Chaim.


Nice try, kike.

Indiana Jones is already Jewish. (((Harrison Ford))).

Very shocked to see that your streak of never going one hour in your life without discussing celebrities is still going. How do you do it you annoying faggot moron?

>(((white liberals)))
one may call him a scoundrel and a weasel, and its runs off him like water on a ducks back, but call him a (((white liberal))) and watch how he shrinks back, how injured he is, "ive been found out" he thinks

Yeeeeeeah, about that…



>Biscuit Filmworks is an la-based production company that hosts directors such as (((Noam Murro, Aaron Stoller, and Clay Weiner))).

There's also the main writer, Tom Bidwell, and uh… Take a look at him. See if he looks like anything in particular.

Yeah, no Jews here… Except the Director and his production company, and probably the main writer.

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And then of course, there's Netflix…



And let's not forget the co-Founder of Netflix:

Amazingly, the word "jewish" appears nowhere on Randolph's wikiJew page… How peculiar…

'Tis but a skewed parallel, goy!

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How ironic that he looks like Cantwell.

Course, it goes deeper.


Look into those a bit and the smell of kosher matzo soon hits you hard in the face.

Sort of? Not really though.

They both have little cuck peanut heads, but one is way jewier looking than the other.

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Are these shitty Netflix remakes becoming the same thing as modern art? A way for kikes to launder money while promoting degeneracy and assaulting white culture?

Very, very punchable face.

cashgrab at a well known piece of film.
they wont care how it turns out, only that when people search the title their name comes up in the results. pretty sure they've done this before with other titles.

Ya think? Don't forget most media arts companies get government funding as well, so we pay for them to have homosexual drug orgies while play acting.

Netflix was bought by Soros to further his NWO agenda 2 years ago. You can stop shitposting about them already.


It's a kike thing. Netflix makes no money. They post billions in debts. Netflix has an ALL STAR cast.

Produced by: The Obamas

Board of Directors: Susan Rice

Leading Shareholder: George Soros


Additionally, they are magically a great investment, despite massive losses every quarter.

With interest rates rising, that interest expense is only going up.

The company has also spent $6.9 billion on content this year (meaning it should surpass its estimates of $7-8 billion). And it’s on the hook to pay out another $18.6 billion for content in the future. The market values this money-losing, debt-laden and fiscally irresponsible company at $156 billion today. That’s almost as much as Disney (at $174 billion), a beloved company with a nearly 100-year history that makes billions of dollars in cash every year and, gasp… pays a dividend.

To recap, you have a company that has never turned a profit, is massively in debt, doesnt pay dividends, had its worst quarter in history, is somehow valued same price as Disney and they just had a massive spike in stock value for this failing.

I wonder if Obama, Rice, Soros and other fellow white people pushing the content, showering it in awards and promoting degeneracy like the Tranny Superheroes and that pedo kid show Big Teeth or some shit. Na, it's definitely organic and a realistic valuation with no outside political influence on content and the company.

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How many of those are actually white I wonder?

1000% yes.

Then there's also this:

Of course, Netflix's whole 'thing' is supposed to cornering the internet media market, because that's where all the kids are going these days.
It blows my mind people actually PAY for Netflix… How the fuck do you even have the time to get anything out of it, first off, and second, do they not realize you can find literally every single fucking thing on Netflix - FOR FREE - on the internet via other sites?

Normalfags are such pathetic simpletons at times.

Its becoming a pattern for them.

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This guy looks like Ben Shapiro. Cantwell looks more like Bruce Willis.


You have to be more subtle man.

I, personally, am fucking bored of saying the jews did this…it gets so boring after a little while, like I need a fucking kike to make decisions for me or to blame. I am so bored of them that I can barely handle it. The truth of the matter is that if I felt like holding the kikes responsible for their actions their reign of tyranny would be over quite quickly.

That's pretty retarded.
Dealing with low-quality shilling on a day-in day-out basis is way more boring tbqhfamalamadingdong.
That's nice sweetie.

If you're so bored with acknowledging reality, go away dude - go play video games or masturbate to cartoons, for fucks sake.

I hope you're not talking about anime

Do a better job keeping track of which IP you're on, my goblinoid compadre.

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I sure will, the next quads just have to be DACA related :^)

its watership down you fucking nigger. saged

On one hand, uncreative kikenvermin doing a shitty and unnecessary remake of an older movie.


On the other hand, the original was an insufferable piece of shit to start out with.


Looks like a typical kike ponzi scheme at the surface. But there is great "but": they hook up people by flooding (actually: rotting) their brains with all kinds of crap, overly saturate their neural "gratification" processes and keep them addicted, so their literal souls are slowly wasted away. Additional to that, charge monthly fees for content nobody asked for. After a while the average Netflixer is distracted from reality because he "has to watch the new series in one go" and has no real time for methodical and structured thinking.

Netflix is turning people into zombies. That kikes are willing to loose money in that operation is not a real surprise, given the real dividends, a.k.a completely braindead normies who will support most of the things kikes tell them to support. They also ruin a lot of perfectly fine creative works in the process by giving them a proper "diversity" treatment and kike them thoroughly so they become unejoyable by those who have still a functioning, well balanced neuro chemistry working in their brain.

If you're paying for Netflix, you're supporting the Jew.
Don't ever support the Jew.

DACA is actually pretty good, last night a couple of posters admitted they have loved one who is a DACApede. It's time we openly support it and help our brothers. I myself have a fiance from Guatemala and I wouldn't want to see her get deported. #NoMoreBrothersWars


That's one disgusting soykike.

You'll hang next to your chaep-slut girlfriend.

Stop trying to insult and D&C the userbase, you will fail.

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Don't give a fuck about pop culture (((media))) its been a kiked wasteland of corruption for a long time.
If you have something you liked to watch, watch the original unadulterated version instead.

I didn't know they were making feature length videos in SFM


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Oh how clever, someone who won't take any personal responsibility but just needs someone to blame for their own lack of action. You want to know why Europeans ARE FUCKED(!!!) it is because instead of DOING ANYTHING all you people do is blame others.

Watch they will find some way to throw an oppression narrative in as well. Of course they would love a story about Rabbits - all their friends in the 3rd world breed and consume like rabbits.

But why are you telling Me?
by Snordster

Been happening for years.
Nothing is sacred.

Just when I thought vermin couldn't get worse, turns out they have a nigger alternative version.

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They're completely fucked, holy shit.

Inexcusable, they dealt away with the subtle animation art and movements from the old film, so they can just use cheap 3D animation that looks like Discovery Channel 2003 shit, so they quickly add in current year bullshit.

Water shed down, lads. I'm going in.

it is not really the topic of the thread but the market value of netflix has some legit reason to be so high, remember to think like a jew here user

they messed up with the internet in the 90's and allowed a decentralised form of information flow to redpill the masses, now they are corralling all the online services into a few walled gardens fully under their control
netflix is one of does and anyone who can read the trends rather then the current numbers can see that when the boomers die off cable tv and everything around it is dead and the new generations are only going to be using online services
a case is certainly to be made that due to network effects their is room for only one distributor this being netflix andthe biggest one today will hold a multi decade monopoly on distribution untill the next paradigm shifting technology comes around
purely at market value owning this distribution channel will be worth tons of moneu but from the jew perspective control the information flow is worth much more. just wait untill one streaming services achieves dominance and then they will jack prices at least 10 fold from current levels a 100 bucks a month for netflix with all the new movies and series on it and the sheep will pay
at the moment other than full market crash the only way to stop this is to spread the pirate bay among the masses

now comapre this to what you mentioned disney this is a content producing company, it will always ssbe this and not a utility business it upside growth is pretty much reached
yes is am aware disney is trying to launch its own streaming service, but it will fail and in the end they will end up paying netflix for the right to be allowed to post their content on its servers

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Sage because 100% of the media is kiked.

a 15 minute sequence of raping rabbits rapping about the benefits of miscegenation and anal sex For Kids!

Netflix is the electric jew on steroids

who gives a fuck this was always cancer

it's both, actually

I remember watching Watership Down in the 2nd grade here in America.

I never forgot it, it was horrifying.
I looked it up over a decade later and appreciated it, but I never forgot how harsh it was.

Im sorry to hear this happened, but never forget the original is still there.
But never forget what the jews are doing.

Don Bluth films are still there

fuckoff back to >>>/furry/ literal redditscum

Looks like they watered shit down.

Take that back, kike.

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stockfag here. Great summary. I got in and out of this stock around the split. It's fishy as fuck. They're trying to replace TV and people think they are going to do that but competition is coming from Hulu, Amazon, etc so if anything it will just be like another "channel" or "station" to watch. The fact that they are producing more and more dogshit will make people cancel it eventually. They can only live off the "netflix and chill" normie meme for so long.

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Great hope there are asian rabbit male :)

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the door does say go lo

I like it when the Jews unconsciously admit that they're vermin through their own narratives.

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Fucking hell. *this* is what they're going to play on Easter instead of the original.
I remember ITV (another Britfag broadcasting thing) played the original movie around Easter and actual retards got to Twitter to bitch about how it shouldn't be shown because "muh children!!"

…And the cartoon about rabbits fighting is the bad thing.
Daily reminder that Watership Down is actually fairly redpilled, best age for children to watch it is probably somewhere around 13 or 14 where they're old enough to take the scary parts of the movie but not too old to thing that cartoon rabbits are gay.
Also daily reminder that…
Everything you know and love will be subverted and corrupted by the kikes. They will rewrite EVERYTHING until there is but a whisper, a trace of the original thing

BBC were cool in the 80s

COD WW2 still better than fortnite

because they are not fear to play with themselves
one thing that right wing conservative can't do
American Tales also have jew rat as main character

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inb4 his new nickname is Bignig

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Carlos, I know that's you, you cunt.

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I enjoyed Maus back in my bluepilled days, but even then, I knew that Daddy Maus might have been exaggerating just a smidge.

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IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

IT IS YOUR DUTY AS A WHITE MALE To colonize asian and black females. Share the magic of the aryan with these poor women. Make the world a better place. CUM HOME WHITE MAN

same here

What do you think

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Funny how kikes brag about being vermin.


Soros is an owner/investor
The fish rots from the head.

(1) and done

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