I just searched for Tedgate and what do you know, they scrubbed the whole thing. Nothing on YouTube, nothing on Google, not even on Twitter. Pic related is literally the only shred I found.

Does anyone have the video?

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Read the goddamn rules of the board, you stupid fucking newfags.

This is a new shill tactic to shut down conversation, and whilst the thread is not very thorough, it must be said.
These tedX vids are a massive oversight, and should be gaslit, publicised and forced on npc's.
Anger the populace.

Quick recap then for anyone who missed it:

TED jews publish video normalising pedophilia claiming it to be a regular sexual orientation. Outrage ensues even among normies and they pull it fast.

You mean this entire TedX talk which is STILL ON YOUTUBE anmd which was DISCUSSED FOR DAY SON END HERE? shut the fuck up, all of you.

that's not the one in OPs pic though

newsflash newfag the OP posted a completely unrelated image of a completely different tedx talk

if it's completely unrelated, then why would the comment on it say what it says, dipshit

Then why don't you go ahead and link it.

Fuck it, I did it for you.

Also, OP remains a faggot, as per the usual.

To be clear, when the talk about pedophilia, are they talking about prepubescent children? I am pretty sure they are.

We live in a fucking clown world Banana Republic.

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This makes me sick.

You are fighting powers and principalities, get right with the One/All Father/Ancestors – whatever it is. Blood & soil alone isn't going to end evil of this magnitude.

Bullshit. Women are just less likely to get caught, partly because some people just refuse to believe that women sexually abuse children too.

Total bullshit! If you sexually abuse a child you are a paedophile!

Bump as a reminder that these demons must be sent to hell.

That woman sure looks hWhite.

hmm ive lost my tedgate images.

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I have the whole pro pedo video in an easily shareable format

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This is the fate boomers chose.

This is sickening

At least the comments are on point.

Negative. we are fighting against a technological menace. A EMF induced pleasure response when your political aspirants are near children or same sex leading them to believe they want to fuck kids and/or are gay. This is how you create compromised assets.

CELLDAR / Passive Radar is the targeting device. Convergent beamforming is the weapon – CIA's "Black Weapon". Hint: All the media jews, they own the microwave coms system.

Radio / TV / Cellular = Radar for people and electromagnetic warfare.

Beam Steering of pulsed lower frequency (more penetrating) EMF allows multiple waveforms to converge at a single target point, through walls and deeper in flesh that the now public Active Denial System type crap.
If ADS is public, then imagine what weaponry is kept secret. It's what I'm describing.

The shit where they have to aim the deflector dish at you (ADS, silent guardian, etc.) is old busted tech (useful, but so widely used it's not enough keept secret anymore) Microwave weapons are in jails now.

For decades we have had the capability to track folks everywhere, through walls, and hit them with various energy weaponry.

Now we have the ability to detect neuronal activity regions. The "tinfoil hat" meme exists for a reason, plebs. The weapons used to create this pedocracy is why.

We are fighting real enemies, and AI is the lynch pin. They can bleed. We can win without the old gods, but the old gods do exist, and are with us – The technologies beyond what I've hinted at here spell out exactly how such vast and powerful beings can come to be…

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TedX is not Ted. It's a way for pseudo science (and anybody wanting to talk on camera) to (((worm))) its way into legitimate presentations using the name Ted as a cloak of legitimacy. Sad really as the idea of Ted Talks started out with quality informative content on a myriad of topics. Now it's pic related.

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Want to know anything about her? I used to live in a house with her and 15 other people.

No they were always shit.


So you're saying the moment you molest a child you're unable to get an erection unless you think of children or fuck another kid? Damn, those kids must be succubi, I always knew they were evil.

Disgruntling the population to such a degree that there would be no other option for a new Hitler-esque figure to rise up and take over is exactly what the Jews want. It'll give them a good excuse to fully wage war on the west, they want jews to be armed ready for civil war, I can feel it coming soon, something major is going to happen within the next 10 years to the west, surely?

Here user, spread this one around. An user combined both TED pedo talks into one video:



Global report. Follow the fucking rules.

Post proof or gas yourself, nigger

Why would you want to sexually abuse a child unless you're a paedophile? Also what does getting an erection have to do with anything? For a start erections can happen just randomly and a paedophile get a sexual erection from being sexually attracted to an adult if they're sort of "bi", as in attracted to both adults and children.

In 2008 one of the largest subgroups on the internet were gangstalking forums.

New apartment is across the street from a celltower, I know I'm fucked.

That said user I'll take whatever you're willing to dump on the subject, disinfo levels reach a dull roar on the subject.

Sage for off-topic

You feel like a retard yet? Most child abusers are simply rapists that would rape children and women alike.

I know what a paedophile is and it doesn't dispute what I said. Where are you getting your claim that most child abusers are just non-paedophile rapists? What's the evidence for that?

Pedos are based, queers should get the gas.

There is no (((god))), there is no (((good))) or (((evil))). (((Sin))) is a myth. Take the FedoraPill and become Euphoric!


OP is a faggot.

This whole speech is an esoteric metaphor for lowering the age of consent. No need to take it literally.

I don't mean to sing the globalist song, but this is all due to overpopulation. When you have a huge population, and 10% of those people are homosexuals, or 3% of those people are pedophiles, suddenly that becomes millions globally. And then they have to have civil rights instead of being safely ignored and lynched. We're totally fucked.

I think they talk about it just to make us uncomfortable talking about it ourselves as we don't want to be accused of agreeing with them. Of course we're not really agreeing with them because when we say overpopulation we mean not only the population of the 3rd world growing far too much but also the overpopulation of our own countries due to mass immigration and immigrants reproducing too much. If it was just White people having lots of babies we wouldn't care. Especially in stable families.

They really shut it down completely

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Why don't you esoterically kill yourself

did she fuck kids?

Here it is you faggot

Is she deaf? She sounds like a deaf girl.

Are you actually retarded? No part of any ____philia means EXCLUSIVE attraction to that group.

Nice to see you on here, fellow teslafag.
Catch you in the bunker this weekend ;)