Ginsburg's done

Have you guys seen the current state of Ginsburg? Those yellow hospital socks bode ill her future. How long does she have left?

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Heiled, but socks are usually just coded for certain risks like fall prevention.

She is part of SCOTUS, and a jew. She was discharged from a hospital that probably let others die, in order to make sure she was alright. She's fine.

She's done

I hope she dies on a holiday.

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Even if she died on a normal day, it would become a holiday.

I'll celebrate by firing my rifle repeatedly

If she dies, then it needs a celebration sticky thread.

Federally mandated Holiday.

t. user who has had to go through physical therapy rehab for reconstructed tibia + knee

you'll make it bud
i got my ankle crushed breaking a horse with my dad some years ago. I am too poor for rehab or physical therapy so am forced to just deal with the limp and the pain
I like the pain though, it keeps me sharp

best of luck to your recovery

Old monster can't even lift her fucking head jesus christ
Are baby foreskins and virgin blood really that powerful?

Thanks but it's already made.
It was years ago. I was just confirming the sock coloring used for a warning system for patients.

Yup, this. Yellow where I work is for fall risk patients. Which isn't surprising, I mean the bitch fell in the first place, thats HOW she broke a bunch of ribs.

Incidentally, don't expect her to ever retire. Shes going to die in that office, and I mean that literally. Shes going to be dead and stinking up the place, and leftists are going to just shut the door and hide that fact from the public, and they'll say she is feeling bad and can't attend any hearing but "requests X person take notes in her stead and ask Y questions, and she'll issue her vote in writing."

They are going to fucking weekend at bernies that bitch for as long as they can. At the very least until trump is out of office, at which point they'll finally wheel her rotting corpse out of the office under the cover of dark and claim she died peacefully in her bed or something, and immediately nominate and elect a replacement that week.

Only way to prevent this? Start scaring her. Just, fucking find her and jump scare the bitch or something, jump out from around a corner and yell really loud. It should only take 2-3 times before her heart gives out and she croaks.

Just asking a hypothetical , would that be considered assault or battery or some shit? Not saying it's a bad idea (it's a great idea actually) but anons should be made aware of the potential risks.
Attempted manslaughter at the worst I would bet

I believe that!

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Just give her a bump and let gravity do its job

Bullshit, an octogenarian breaks 3 ribs and in a day is already out of the hospital? n fucking way
Also checked, and heiled o/

Thank you for adding that visual… it took my comment from a mild joke to actually pretty damn comical when you think about it

Meh, who knows. Frankly at this point what ISNT illegal? Look at a feminist? Guilty of rape. Sneeze at a nigger? Guilty of hate speech/racism. Lock your door? Guilty of bigotry and xenophobia.

I mean if sending a .gif to Dirt Kikenwald was attempted murder, saying 'boo!' has to be right?

Rolling for death on Christmas

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that word is rayciss and mysogonistical and oppresses womyn of strong colors user
just thinking of the banned word *oo! makes me shake literally to death
I can't stop shaking

It'll happen on Thanksgiving.

They discharged her so she wouldn't pick up an infection. She's going to have medical staff surrounding her at home.

She looks pretty rekt.

A hate prank at the very least, which is automatically death row.

jewdicial system is gonna jew man

ding dong the witch is dead.

Don't you fuck with me user
Don't you fuck with me

Check CNN faggot!

Reported for hoaxes.

hopefully thanksgiving

Who should replace her?

Just in time for the democrats to win the senate by voter fraud recount.

the filter merchant just for the sheer amount of laughs to be had all around

Why not Andrew Napolitano then?

insert any white male that isnt a fucking faggot or cuck and who will uphold the rights of white men and it would work fine
orange man bad will cuck like always and apoint a spic or awoman or nigger or something else truly awful
i'll be shocked if I am wrong



Okay, so broken ribs from the fall.
Why did she fall? Are the rumors of her cancer returning true?

this has been her state for a while

she's a walking corpse it's just not obvious because they keep her out of the public eye

Stephen Hawking died many years ago, yet they kept pushing around some other vegetable to use him as a psyop. I can imagine them doing the same for Ruth.

So, the stick up her ass that keeps her in the chair broke?
Will they install a new stick?

Does it even matter if the republicans give away the senate?

I know. Massive voter fraud, the Democrats aren't even trying to hide it.
And nothing's being done to stop it, almost as if the GOP was going along with it.

Exactly. People with ALS don't live as long as they claimed Hawking did. And he stopped doing science and started spewing SJW crap.
It was pretty obvious he was dead and they had a replacement.

It is actually very likely he died before A Brief History of Time was published, so for a while, they had other physicists carry on the charade.

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Because we don't have the pleasure of living in that timeline, user

What if she dies on Veterans' Day?

I think there's an understanding that whichever party's candidate is appointed president has to give up control of the house and the senate. Te democrats always overreach however the gop doesn't give a fuck.

Marine Corps Birthday

It should have died last year on Balfour declaration day. (Nov 2, 1917).

rolling for tonight.
please god please.

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Is this really her; did she really fall and crack three ribs; who filmed this; why is the black female glaring at the shooter at 0.20?

This shit is unironically the funniest thing I think Ive ever seen posted here.

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Rolling for pneumonia.

What's with the backpack? It's not a normal backpack, which taper top to bottom. It looks purpose-made to hold something flat.
Oxygen cylinders?

Refer to

Pretty sure that is a heart defibrillator in case she has a heart attack so they can jump start her.

Makes sense, looking at the most recent pictures of (((Ginsburg))). The baby blood and foreskins seem to be rejecting her. She's going to die soon and if the left do some kind of Weekend at Bernie's scenario. How long until even the flies say she's dead?

Kek made this happen. I only provided the dubs.

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Bill Pryor. He's unfortunately another Catholic, but has a lot of other good qualities. I just hope it's not Barrett. I'm done with people trying to play to the left's standards and putting women in positions of power just to avoid being called sexist. It doesn't work and you can't trust women with power, ever.

She definitely needs her own giant nigger doctor with an epipen hovering around her 24/7. That's the new status symbol for high jewess priestesses of the temple of Baal.

Sitting here at a restaurant waiting to order some tendies and laughing like an invalid with a pinwheel. One can hope that Zig Forumsacks now actively roam DC in search of an opportunity to literally jump scare a supreme court justice off of this mortal coil. I wonder what the charges would be? "Just a prank, bro!"

Forbidden from foreskins?


It's rude to keep people waiting

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Supreme hospice justice ruth in peace ginsburg.

Has no one figured out yet that she fell because she got drunk after watching the midterm election results

I can only imagine someone charged with murder for jump-scaring someone

Based off the condition my grandparents were in prior to them passing away and comparing it to her. I'd say she's got 6 months if she's lucky.

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As she lay dying, and can see the plains of Hell, her last words will be…
"Oh my god!…it's full of Jews!"

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She appeared to have a large tumor on the back of her neck in photos from the Kavanaugh installation. Probably lymphoma.

Did she piss herself? I see a stain.

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Nigger everyone gets those socks. She too into moloch magic to die in our lifetime.


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I would say yes but the dude is in his 70s now, fuck that god I feel old now

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And then, there's the Sibyl: with my own eyes I saw her, at Cumae, hanging up in a jar; and whenever the boys would say to her 'Sibyl, Sibyl, what would you?' she would answer, 'I would die.'

Did she fake that fall? Maybe she didn't want to be included in yesterday's Supreme court ceremony and photo-op?

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Women her age have about a 19% chance of fatality from breaking 2 or more ribs.

Bad angle of attack. Postdocs and grad students that worked with the guy can be called upon as witnesses. Unlikely that all of them are either complicit in conspiracy or suicided. If Hawking couldn't physics then we'd know.

t. physics guy

9/10 sociopath physics grad students would jump at the chance to advance their own career by calling hawking out for bullshit. Science is corrupt as hell, though, so maybe his close students kept silent out of self-interest. This seems unlikely considering that it'd be difficult to create a thesis destined for criticism by the physics world with only an idiot impostor as an advisor.

Dunno, but seems unlikely.


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It's time we had the talk, granny Ginsburg.

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Justice Ginsburg, you've done so much for young women of America, that they'd like to give you a little something back: assisted suicide.


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If she dies due to incompetent staff, that would be the best thing ever.

It's time we had liberty for everyone. We can see that Ginsburg's quality of life is very poor. It's in her best interests to give Dr. K a call.

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God hasn't given us a gift of that magnitude in a long time. I think we're due!

I wonder how many on this board even recognize papa jack?

I don't know why you guys are getting so excited, Trump will just replace her with another kike

This is all I could find on the socks. I don't think it indicates anything interesting. That said, Rutabaga is looking more vegetative than usual. Which is saying something.

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what a vile, malevolent monster. i seriously cannot wait until that fucking jew rat is dead.

Sad state of America when we have to hope for the death of an old jewish woman to return to the rule of law.

If she dies in the next 2 years, at least the Senate has a comfortable Republican majority this time around. Trump will have a far easier time getting his nominated pick approved. Making the Supreme Court have 6 Republicans vs 3 Democrats.

In that case the people who claim to work with him are part of the ruse or only dealt with him via correspondence. His public appearances aren't too hard to rationalize, given that his computerized voice could literally be controlled by a man behind the curtain, mechanical-turk style. In any case, we have to accept improbable circumstances, for if he really is legitimate, he is by far the longest surviving ALS patient we know about.