Brit/pol/ #2926: Anglo-Irish Supremacy Edition

At last the country is run by Leavers
Boris Johnson’s Cabinet is more in tune with public opinion than May or Corbyn could ever be

V&A to display collection of Extinction Rebellion artefacts
London art and design museum praises environmental group’s distinctive visual identity

Marmite, Pot Noodles and Magnums face being sold by Unilever if they can't prove they make 'meaningful' impact on the planet
Chief executive Alan Jope, 54, said that the British classics could be axed if they do not 'contribute meaningfully to the world or society'

Over 1,400 Jewish clergy sign letter supporting asylum seekers
HIAS, an immigrant advocacy and aid group formerly known as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, organized the petition. It calls on elected officials to “act immediately to provide a just and humane asylum process for those seeking safety in our country, wherever they come from and however they arrive.”

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for him

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hope codeine lad gets that tigerman outfit so he he can do this IRL

yes hullo, i'm here on a 2 week hurricane visa

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As shitty and maddening the current world is I’m honestly glad I get to see the death of an almost unrivaled empire first hand.

Having an uncomfortable poo

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i think he's talking about america

The death of America

I made an effort post last thread and now I can’t stop dwelling on it.

I kinda want to go to Las Vegas before it all collapses tbh, want to see an Elvis show and go to Zak Bagans Haunted Museum

*prays for you*

looks eerily like the wageslave smile kek

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Ahh right.



Soon lads… Soon it'll all be over.

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That’s some really high quality footage.

I love watching combat footage. It really shows just how much my minds been warped by mass media. Nothing about it seems real, it’s all so off. The blood, the noises, the style they shoot, the dead. None of it seems real and it has such a numbed effect as a result. When it is real and as I’m sitting comfy in bed there’s probably scenes like this going on in Syria. A place I could physically drive to in a week.

It’ll be slow and painful lad. If only we could be graced by a nuclear holocaust

good post, i say this everytime syriakino is posted but i didn't know there was still a war going on.

lad, please…

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I think the Ukraine stuff hits a bit closer to home because it's a fairly westernised white country.

It does. I can’t bare watching it tbh.

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Tragedy is tiresome at this point.

don't like watching brothers wars

that wide open spaces stuff gets me as well. that is not the place to be, stay in the treeline smdh

why are the Ukrainians called racists in the comments? i never understood that memi back when this was happening. Zig Forums even took the side of ukraine because they were supposedly nazis.

totally forgot about al nusra

I think alot of churkas were in the russian proxy forces


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The Ukrainian nationalist parties are unironic neo-nazi's and they rallied a shit ton of lads to fight in militias.

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Both sides are mixed. Chechens fight for both sides, Georgians fight for Ukraine, fascists fight for both sides, Russians fight for both sides. It’s a mess. Neither side is worth supporting tbh.

All that can be said is that the revolution was an absolute disaster and everything after it has been nothing but a cope. Ukraine’s economy was destroyed while Belarus’ grows and develops under Russian influence


May those beautiful ruins embrace me.

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I wish.

You lads think a war here would be based lads vs pakis and wogs vs government. But in reality it’ll be all over a wedge issue where we’ll have paki, wog and our guys on both sides.

It's not like a civil war could happen here anyway.

On a long enough timescale anything’s possible.

Politics could be almost unrecognizable in 20 years.

Pure kino

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That shoot out with the half destroyed building was intense.

this is more like my biome

As much as we all memi about it I would rather we didn't have a mass civil conflict on this soil, they are normally pretty bad for people.

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They’re horrible tbh

A lot of innocent dead and a lot of destroyed history and art

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what? when was this?


t. zoomer
90s yugo

Could you imagine if some ISIS/Iconoclast types got a hold of the British Museum, or really anything major in London? It would be legit dreadful, we've got half the history of other countries in those places.

90's lad.

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It could happen. Sadly what’s more likely is what happened to the National Museum of Brazil.

lad, this is the second time you've called me a zoomer, i'm nothing of the sort, stop bullying me. i was confused by the description of that video.


I remember that happening, the building was the palace of the monarchy as well so it was a double loss.

tinnies for dinner

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just got quads lads, anyone still up?

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hullooo fake frenz

this is why america nuked the uk

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in the west, nothing has happened since wwii. the crap about social change was nothing. it only had the illusion of something, but it meant nothing. technology has been significant, but it would happen inevitably (invention is discovery in search space, with sufficient searchers all discoveries become inevitable).

there will be nothing, so long as the us remains intact, and it will remain intact 100 years under conditions of nuclear warfare, so don’t count on any sudden iron curtain -like collapse. the us military machine is vastly bigger than anything ever made in history. it’s the world’s biggest thing, ever. the uk should have a clue about this. the british empire was once so powerful as to be impossible to resist. the us didn’t defeat the british, it waged a guerrilla campaign that vietnam-style exhausted british interest in prolonged conflict. the brits also chose, i repeat CHOSE, not to just go in and kill ‘em all, man, woman and child. the same situation faces the us in afghanistan, and it’s a quite unwinnable war (so long as islam is permitted to persist.

schizo nonce that's a yank

I think it's because of the Azov battalion

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Fed up of schizo's shit tbh

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Our only hope is that we ban literally every single one of his IP's

seems inauspicious to use the rune naudiz over sowilo.

chan software is designed to open up boards to to the world. forum software is what you are supposed to use if you want to control membership. very basic stuff. google it.

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summarize. mobile internet.

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chad lies die in incel light

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miss him

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i remember him. do you remember the incel card playing lads?

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nobody ever remembers incels. sad smh. at least they were real brits.

the dog bot is out of order.

used to be, you could always count on that dog bot.

he’s ok, don’t worry, doubtless he’s just eating a spoonful of twenty two st’s brain.

Yeah. It took him ages to throw a grenade in, I thought he would have done that first tbh.

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I should have never taken the Jew pills

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well yah. not that I feel much without them anyway

It's been so long since I've stopped taking them and I still don't feel. I miss feeling sad…

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Did feeling sad bring you a high?