What is going on with these California Fires

The intensity is ramping up. Paradise literally destroyed, everyone in Malibou is being evacuated. The reports yesterday were stating that these fires spread at the speed of 80 football fields a minute. Call me paranoid, but this looks like an attack. Directed energy weapons?

I have no answers, will just dump photos of the carnage.

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Caslifornia fires are started by mexicans or muslims, it's not an environmental isue.

As beautiful as California is, it deserves to be burned down to the ground at this point. It's one of the major hell mouths in this country that is offering us nothing of value.

It's the environment being decimated though, not really the people. They'll just move in to neighboring states and ruin those.

Purposely set for a distraction.

It is strange that this is the second major incident in Thousand Oaks this week.

california has cancer
the fire is chemo

God's wrath.

I hope it kills them all.

News report, has some good footage.

California is only 37% white. Who gives a fuck?

Jews collecting their insurance before they go home mission accomplished.

Probably this, or the chinks are testing energy weapons to cause economic disruptions.

You retard, it is not as though San Francisco is burning. It is destroying trees and property, not really killing a lot of people. The people it does kill tend to be white as well.
Another theory is that this is connected to agenda 21, to force people out of woodland areas.

The kikes are scheming, I don't know if it's just for insurance money or trying to get the land for cheap after nobody wants it anymore.


It's insurance fraud. You owe millions in taxes and jewdebt on a failing vineyard or a shitty little shack in the woods. All of your miserable paycheck goes to nothingness. You would sell if there were any buyers, but nobody wants to live in a communist, spic-infested jew hole. What do? Burn the woods down and your property with it, get the insurance money, move to Texas, and let the bank foreclose the ashes.

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That word you use, I dont think it means what you think it means. Forest fires are natural. They enrich the soil and life grows back. Grass and trees will be regrowing next year.

And forest fires have declined in number and intensity over the past 100 years. People encroaching on areas that are known for annual fires is the only reason this happened and is a big deal. Same with the buildup and nearly 50% increase in size and density of people and buildings in hurricane alley - massive damages and costs, but hurricanes have not increased in size, intensity or numbers at all.

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California, polluting the entire world with Fires, more than all the automobiles in the USA combined, remember that next time your State charges you for emissions inspection.
Neglecting infrastructure (no water desalination plants, a train to nowhere instead) but finally getting a few of the over 136,000 prisoners (soon to be Voting) on a chain gang watering, digging irrigation, fire breaks, etc.
Meanwhile super scoopers, that are leased from Canada, have pilots sitting around, while instead they could be actually watering fire areas during off season.
We dunt needs no watah, let the mutha fukka burn, burn mutha fukka burn…

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Fire totally missed us and I live less than a mile away from the Borderline Grill & Bar. Thanks for the energy Zig Forums.

I'm in nor cal, chico specifically and can generally agree with the increased intensity of the fires but there's a few things to keep in mind before jumping to energy weapons or other explanations.

Oh ya and the fact Cal fire only works reactively since lol no firefighter draft to dig line, means that even with full deployment they could only get 2k guys on the paradise fire in 24 hours.

Yes but the area that have been burning are the areas filled with America loving types and not the shitass areas like LA, SF, Berkeley, Oakland, Stockton, etc.

Paradise, Napa, Santa Rosa/Novato, Placer, etc are all very white and heavy conservative areas which makes this all the more suspicious they keep getting hit as if chasing them out of the state. I would bet the farm this is a coordinated effort to open up that land for the communists with China involved.

The fires in Cali are normal. Stop fear mongering.

Noooo… Not Smokey :'(

Climate change is expected to alter the geographic distribution of wildfire, a complex abiotic process that responds to a variety of spatial and environmental gradients. How future climate change may alter global wildfire activity, however, is still largely unknown. As a first step to quantifying potential change in global wildfire, we present a multivariate quantification of environmental drivers for the observed, current distribution of vegetation fires using statistical models of the relationship between fire activity and resources to burn, climate conditions, human influence, and lightning flash rates at a coarse spatiotemporal resolution (100 km, over one decade). We then demonstrate how these statistical models can be used to project future changes in global fire patterns, highlighting regional hotspots of change in fire probabilities under future climate conditions as simulated by a global climate model. Based on current conditions, our results illustrate how the availability of resources to burn and climate conditions conducive to combustion jointly determine why some parts of the world are fire-prone and others are fire-free. In contrast to any expectation that global warming should necessarily result in more fire, we find that regional increases in fire probabilities may be counter-balanced by decreases at other locations, due to the interplay of temperature and precipitation variables. Despite this net balance, our models predict substantial invasion and retreat of fire across large portions of the globe. These changes could have important effects on terrestrial ecosystems since alteration in fire activity may occur quite rapidly, generating ever more complex environmental challenges for species dispersing and adjusting to new climate conditions. Our findings highlight the potential for widespread impacts of climate change on wildfire, suggesting severely altered fire regimes and the need for more explicit inclusion of fire in research on global vegetation-climate change dynamics and conservation planning.

There is nothing normal about fires taking place in 17 different areas within the same state over a period of a year and 12 of which being linked to people starting them and 7 of those 12 already going to court.

Nothing normal about that at all.

Suburban and metropolitan California deserves to burn in fires hotter than that of the Sun. The rest is beautiful American clay that should be spared.

Is English not your first language? Decimated is entirely appropriate.

What's fo sure is that is serves as a great distraction.

I might take climate change more seriously if the "solutions" to it didn't involve a wealth transfer to third world nations in exchange for imaginary "carbon credits". The only constant is change, otherwise you're just falling for the reactionary hoax.

Probably a plot by the Jews.

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God hates Califags

One of them or one before these was deliberately set by an illegal alien.

I wish, but SF is still standing.

remember when the feds were starting fires with lazer beams?

Some big movie sets burned down so likely kike insurance fraud as per usual. Also it'd be interesting to see if buildings related to the shooter burned down. Like his home or his therapist's office.

80 * 300 * 3 = 72000 feet per minute
72000/5280 = 13.63636363636364 miles per minute
13.63636363636364 mpm = 818.1818181818182 miles per hour

I highly doubt that.

Eh. It's an issue of the natural landscape being killed off in favor of a specific type of tree. There's an infographic on it but I can't find it. Apparently the tree burns hot, is easy to catch fire, and spreads rapidly.

So…how do we set the metro areas on fire?
Better yet, how do we sabotage the water transport system?

Nope, just typical liberal incompetence. They have atrocious land management practices that allow underbrush to pile up until it goes up like a fucking nuke. They put out all the small fires that would be the natural solution to the underbrush, and stop forestry services from removing the underbrush, which would be the man-made solution.

They deserve it. Let it burn.

Daily reminder that removing duff from forests is not only extremely expensive, but still doesn't do anything. The duff is back to pre-burn or pre-clear levels within 5 years. So unless you are constantly removing duff all the time, it won't make a difference.

That, and fire suppression is not a tenable solution regardless, because,


MORE TREES = MORE GROUND LITTER (leaves, twigs, etc.)







Fire is a normal part of the CA landscape. Fire allows trees to establish themselves. Without fire, you see shade tolerant species, like pines, slowly encroach and kill off shade intolerant species, like oaks. The western landscape is changing from plains and oak woodland to huge swathes of mixed conifer forest, because we have been trying to reduce the impact of fire instead of just letting it burn. We keep doing backburns and prescribed burns, which just means you get EXTREMELY dense forests with no plains, pushed right up to population centers.

One thing to realize with fires, is that spotting exists. You can't just contain a fire, because embers and burning branches are carried up into the sky by the hot winds, and then they fall several hundred feet in front of the fire, creating the next front. This is how fires cross rivers and roads, and how plainsfires are able to be contained extremely quickly. 2ft weeds and shrubs don't really spot compared to a 400ft conifer, which will puke burning hell for 5 minutes before the front passes it.

Trees also don't really die from fire, only the younger trees and shrubs, along with the litter and grasses along the floor. The actual flames last on average 2 minutes as the front passes. Bark on mature trees is thick enough to save trees, but saplings, seedlings, and young trees do not have thick enough bark. They either burn, or get boiled. So if you constantly attempt to prevent fire, suddenly you have trees thick enough to survive a burn, and now the ONLY WAY to stop fucking up the ecosystem is logging.

Oh but god fucking forbid you start logging, suddenly everybody comes out of the woodwork.

Well you dumb fucking nigs, if we don't log, the next time a fire happens there wont BE a fucking national park here, it will be barren scorched hell because of how fucking dense it is. I've been in forests where you literally cannot go half a foot before hitting another tree, that shit is not normal. No animals live there because there is no food, because the only plants are conifers. Fire turns into uncontrollable crownfires, which is what you saw in Canada last year, and what you see in California all the time.

Water and wind are what creates fire, and water and wind are what puts fire out. Put some useless firefighter faggot on screen to say

Next day the wind picks up

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The parts of California that burn don't have trees you moron. It's all sage scrub

the fire has risen

Natural or not, California has been kept artificially dry because environnent cucks had the great idea that what could be better than a fucking dam blocking natural water exchange of the Earth for decades. SURPRISE theres no fucking drinking water anywhere for Califags who now feel more enabled to stay as unwashed orks because who needs showers in this age. Also their environment al laws are retarded. Normal things like cleaning out the forest was banned so forest guards can stand and watch the forest turn into dried out danger zone. Also California is full of Australian Hephaestus trees which are known for being a nature's flammable cunts who burn down every year in Australia bacause thats how they live.

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Are you a nigger?

As much as California liberals and non-whites suck. There is still millions of Patriotic Whites living in the rural areas which are conservative or the cities counties. So the actual California land is all owned by conservatives when you look. So yes California teetering around 50 % non-white but, thats all concentrated around the cities. It is also a huge state with 10x the population of White conservatives compared to the flyover White states with a couple hundred thousand. You could create a White ethno state from California's White conservative population alone. Any other state could be taken over with them.

Now all the major fires keep happening in the Whitest , most conservative areas you could live in California. Or in the few conservative counties in the cities, but not in nigger, jew and beaner infested counties areas that have plenty to burn. Even though the non-whites always manage to burn down the section 8 housing through stupidity. For a decade plus its been going on like that.

Then when the investigation comes in to the fires they sheepishly admit it was started by (((someone)))

Don't forget about the Orville Dam a White working farm class area of Northern California that for a decade of being a imminent warning it will collapse (((they))) waited right until it burst. Not evacuating people until the last minutes this is 250,000 + all having to travel at once on the same one lane and two lane roads with no supplies.

Odin protect our Volk.

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We've got our own "Paradise" Park fire going in my neck of the woods. Could be false flag or could just be another crackhead getting gibs from the City.

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Its a conspiracy to displace libshits and spread them across the country. please hit NYC too deathray chan, I want to see carnage in person

Fire doesn't harm an environment, it's actually extremely beneficial.
Hopefully it helps disrupt the human scum residing in that state.

also theres something to the "driving out people from the coastal areas" thing. Roumor says coastal places will be kept for the rich only. Also California is full of weird shit. The bohemian society and all sorts of fucked up cults have their centrals there. Some dude in the 30-40's claimed to have found some cave system around the Hollywood area, because the old natives showed a map and told him stories about how they were ruled by lizard looking humanoids who made caves with acid. Then some catastrophe came and wiped most of them out. I'm weirded out by these stories. I've heard people seeing these being walking around in sewers. California deserves to burn. I don't know and I don't want to know what kind of shit that place is involved in. The natives have some fucked up history. They always have some creepy shit up their sleeves. Fucking black magicians deserve to die with their sorceries.

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Just beaners and sympathizers looking to distract.

shame that dog died

It is mostly white rural areas that burn, nigger.

Agenda 21, they make it almost impossible to rebuild outside of town at the local county level. The UN literally comes in and micromanages regions through the minorities and women they get elected. They try to get monuments dedicated in more rural areas to make it harder for the woodsy types to live, no hunting/fishing/wood cutting/rock collecting/walking more than 20 feet off designated trails.

Siskiyou/Humboldt/Shasta here, don't forget intense chemtrails lead to trees storing aluminum toxins as thermite raphides in the cell vacuoles. Now that is what I call fuels!

Vid related for you friend, fast forward to ~8:57 if the first 9 minutes somehow don't intrigue you.

He strikes again!

Closing thoughts: California is full of so many shit skins, boomers, and leftist faggots that the most tin foil of conspiracies are rampantly implemented here without repercussion.

Microwaves can intensify fires (urban areas' wifi/cell tower proximity impedes firefighting to some extent; potentially the most immediate threat of 5G weaponization, apart from cancer & sterility, and outright cooking.)

Strange HAARP retaliation for the shooting?

Their idea of conservation precludes due diligence in clearing brush out. This is the result.

Dense/dark forests are also bad for critters & plants as well. More vermin to propagate and infiltrate into urban areas from the heavily forested beachheads, and spread disease.

Look into (((Phoenix))) Arizona. Similar fuckery with hushing up antiquities & massive Mason outpost in general.

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That makes it 5 times now.

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Caitlyn Jenner house got all burnt up.

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Almost seems biblical and prophetic.

So what did he mean by this?

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dude that's literally supersonic. you can't outrun the fire. if you are in california you need to leave or you will die.

CA gov set fire to CA so the feds would give them a huge bailout to pay for all the wellfare they give to illegal aliens, unlike the USA gov the CA gov can't just print more money to pay for all their bullshit


God is punishing us who live in California. At least the left-wingers, I don't have any fires around me.

What the fuck. It looks like hell.

According to many people, California is so over-regulated that they do not allow nature to take it's own course which eventually leads to a big fire like this. Many other states have these same types of environments with the same risk and they handle it intelligently. California would rather save a few owls and destroy thousands of acres of property just to spite sane White men telling them to do the opposite. Many of the people in power in coastal areas of California are idiots and nobody seems willing are capable of opposing them. Inland California is pretty nice , mostly conservatives and these types of problems are usually not as big an issue.

youtube.com/watch?v=vH7gVkFGe4c youtube.com/watch?v=WU1deSASTQQ


Notice it was spoilered? You might not want to take that too seriously.

Praise kek!

Chaos is fair.

Nah, just chickens coming home to roost. The fire conditions just get worse and worse as there are no controlled burns or local threat management and people refuse to set aside defensible space but communities refuse to address these conditions because the solutions are unpleasant - and in many cases controlled burns are off of the table anyway because there's too much fuel and too much proximity to homes and structures. Cal Fire is also fucking retarded so that doesn't help and to cap the whole thing off California is in a dry period. The climate of the American west has been described as "dryness punctuated by occasional periods of wetness" and that's about right; people like to point to "muh global warming" but California has been getting steadily drier and slightly warmer since the early 20th century just as it has done in the past on a regular basis before getting wetter and then drier again. This hasn't been helped by the incredible amounts of damage that they've done to their watersheds.

Also, IIRC the feds studied it and came to the conclusion that starting dozens of wildfires all over California would be a good way to bring the entire state to a screeching halt and do hundreds of billions of dollars of damage to the US economy between the insurance, loss of productivity, financial stress of refugees to other states and the costs of fighting the fires. You essentially remove California from the equation of the US for a couple of weeks and it's been theorized that if there was ever a conventional invasion of the west coast this would be part of it.

Watch at your own peril

We gotta ban fires!

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Sorry for being completely off topic here, but when did we start measuring things in "football fields a minute"?

I hope every single piece of shit there dies an agonizing death

What the fuck are eucalyptus even good for besides feeding dropbears?

I thought this was a cruel joke before I watched the video. Why are women so fucking stupid?

The fires happen all the time, maybe 30 people die on average which means nothing considering the total population.
Also its mostly middle class whites getting cooked. All the nonwhites and illegals live in urban and suburban areas that are in almost no danger of being burnt down.

She didn't take the threat seriously enough. Going out without makeup for women is like being naked (that being said if there's a fire I'm running away buck ass naked if need be)

I read its an israeli chemical company who owns the substance theyre dumping all over the place, a mix of fire retardent and fertilizer

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What's 80 times 160, nigger? 12800 feet a minute.

Eucalyptus stands are not woodlands, they're weeds
But yes, the globokikes are desert hive dwellers ever at war with Forest people

I know a lot of people here reject QANON, however he has spoken at length about the fires in CA. A simple "fires", word search gives his perspective on this.

Go away.

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It only means one in ten..

Why contain it? Let it spill over their colleges and offices, let the ashes pile up in the streets. In the end they will beg for salvation and no one will answer, at least within six months.

The property market is about to pop. They're spreading the fire so (((they))) the rich, can get insurance payments on their properties before the value drops. After they get their checks, they're going to spread out to the new enclaves, while cali turns into a warzone.

I can barely even comprehend this level of fucking autism, get some help bro.

Trump clearly started the fire and left the country because fuck California,

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Birds, yo

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thats ancient. its how you explain to people that obsess over niggerball (100% of boomers, and about 80% of the US) how far away something is or the length of an aircraft carrier instead of saying it in yards or meters.

Something is very fucking wrong when cars and houses, neighourhoods are burning out in very suspicious way, separatedly in islands of fires. I mean look at these pictures. And the best part is when you look at satellite pictures, corporation hq and and such are untouched by this.

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Just search for California fire anomalies.
Theres nothing right about it.
Everyone ignores it.

fuck, sorry for duplicates. I was meant to post these.
Something is really wrong here. This is domestic terrorism by some shady people. (((They))) are cleansing the State from unwanted people. This global warming agenda is stupid when these things happen to justify that.

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