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Attached: trump admin scales back rapefugee admissions.png (1200x564 54.76 KB, 103.84K)

Attached: trump admin to keep families in custody longer.png (951x570 540.27 KB, 179.92K)

Attached: trump admin under fire for not appointing anti-semitism envoy.png (951x587 269.8 KB, 47.24K)


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Nice spam you retard
You can't force a kike shill

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This is even faggier than the Trump hate threads.

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It's a bot I think


Shills absolutely HATE these kinds of threads. You know, the kind that have dozens of news articles which objectively back up the facts, and the facts are that Trump is doing a fantastic job as POTUS, despite having to fight against an establishment that is against his agenda on every side, including most of the GOP elected officials.

There are several news items in there about the wall being built. Sorry, Jossel, but you lose.

Is this larping?