On the importance of why violence is necessary to preserve your way of life

On the importance of why violence is necessary to preserve your way of life.

As I get older and a little more set in my ways I find that to protect my way of life I must snuff out yours, I'm okay with this. I love capitalism, people work hard every day and have a great life because of it. I'm okay with the military and how it operates, I served, people before me have served and afforded this great country continuity. I don't give a shit who or what you bang in your bedroom. That's your business and my life isn't so slow that I have to meddle in the affairs of others. The color of your skin is irrelevant to me, it's a modern time and era and there are better ways to hate someone.

However it has come to my attention that there is a larger segment of society in the United States that would force socialism down my throat through regulations, tell the military that instead of winning wars you must be PC and above all tell me that I must use the proper pronoun because otherwise you will be offended and need a safe space to go cry in. There are those that would tell me that because of my skin color it's not okay for me to exist but yet you want my white babies.

Do us all a favor and stop, there is time to correct your course. If you don't, people will correct it for you. Your life means nothing to me, stopped valuing life a long ass time ago when I saw conflict for the Nth time.

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Back to r/the_cuckold with you.

lets see it then

Reported for being a piece of shit redditor.

Except faggots don't leave their business in the bedroom. They march it down the streets in assless chaps, queers in leathers, collars, and on leashes, they bring it into the classrooms and shove it down the throats of your children, they mandate it in the national curricula, they use their faggotry as a modern and convenient bludgeon against Christianity. Fuck sodomites, and it should be outlawed as the disease-spreading abomination that it is.

Does someone need a hug?

I don't even need to know what you are trying to say here to know it's probably some "yay for me but not for thee" bullshit. Nah you can go pontificate to someone who takes the opinion of a faggot seriously, thanks but no thanks OP.

You are advocating violence, which really is the last resort. Tell me, what else have you tried? Do you participate in your own city's government? Do you organize block parties on 4th of July with the other men on your street? It doesn't seem like you've done anything but be a whiny little bitch.

Where did OP tell us he's a member of a Superior race'?


This is great advice! If you happen to be threatened by a group of gun-wielding youths, teens, and juvenile aspiring doctors, lawyers, quantum physicists and Pyramid engineers; simply tell them to stop what they're doing, explain that you're on city council, a member of the rotary club and attend a diverse church which advocates non-violence, and they'll totally leave you alone. Prolly apologize, too

TLDR Fuck optics I'm going in.

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See you've outed yourself as a piece of shit and you probably don't even realize it. Who in reality is out there in the streets fighting bad guys with violence? Unless you are in law enforcement then I know you aren't, because you would not be posting on Zig Forums, you'd be in jail. There are no super hero Punishers running around in the city putting bad guys down. You a complete retard.

You are probably a 350lb basement dweller living off one of your mixed-race divorced parents. You will never accomplish anything of value. kys now and save yourself a life of disappointment.

Nah, you're not. You're subjected to a moral compass, a set of ethics, not matter how wrong (kiked) and flimsy they are. You're not "ok" with killing others, definitely not. If you were, what are you doing here? Go out there, lay car bombs, demolish a kike-bank skyscraper and kill hundreds of people who are fucking worthless pieces of trash anyway.

Typical boomer consumerism. If that is your peak intellectual rationalization then you're pretty fucked, mate. Go, continue "consuming" (((content))). Don't get on my nerves by telling me that you """"love"""" the things that keep you tied to a ball and chains.

You wered used; you have served interests you cannot comprehend in their full horror. By making enemy sons of bitches die for their country, flag and cause - what have you changed or achieved? Nothing. Boomers continue to do boomer shit. And most people don't even care much about Vets. Yeah, the others like you. The other boomers. They couldn't care less about Vets. They are being told that the military is a fascist, racist, sexist, ableist systemic institution of oppression, the brains of their millenial children are filled with that garbage aswell. How are you an exception?

You should, faggot. Sexual degeneracy is not a joke, it's an existential threat. Hedonism is an existential threat.

Kike confirmed? I don't know, sounds like it. Go back to the nigger hood then. Tell me in six months how many TVs were stolen from your house and how many times you were stopped by the police in that neighbourhood because they thought you were the local money launderer for above-average-IQ-nigger criminals.

That's been the case since LBJ, this cultural marxist bullshit artist. You're too late. The America you think existed in the past, never really existed in your lifetime and it will require hard effort and rising from the literal ashes to return the spirit of what it means to be an American.

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Damn, if I were made of straw that would have hurt.

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Unfortunately, 90% of blacks want socialism per the historical voting records. Even as much as Trump plays the fiddle to their tune, still 9 out of 10 blacks vote for socialism.
70% of Hispanics vote for socialism as well, which, in America at least, is in-line with Asians.

So, whether you admit it or not, nearly 80% of all non-whites are your enemy but I'm sure you don't mind admitting truth to yourself. I mean, you're willing to violently attack those of differing culture who try to inflict their will upon you, you may as well admit that you, like the rest of us THAT LURKED 2 FUCKING YEARS BEFORE POSTING!!! are, in fact, a racist.

Welcome aboard!

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Get fucked up the ass, tortured and the brutally murdered cuckold. kthx

cringe. You love "communism" you fucking retard. There, fixed it for you. You love, and worship money, because youre too dumb to understand what money "is". Enjoy paying people to rape and murder your next genesis with your tax dollars.

You mean bogged. Fags are parasites.

He isn't…look at what he is 'ok' with…the destruction of his own race because 'he doesn't hate' other races (so fucking globalist I want to puke). He equates self preservation, the preservation of his culture and people with 'hate'. There is no way this person is anything but a mut.
He stands for, queers, niggers, capitalism because you are 'for them' if you aren't 'against them'. The only thing OP has going for him is that he might be willing to defend his country and he feels responsible for himself rather than blaming someone for his problems. But this is not something to be lauded because he has no fucking standards in the slightest. He might as well just come out and say that he is a globalist NEOCon that is pro-migrant because he doesn't 'hate'…or he 'hates' the 'proper' (I am reading government sanctioned) way not based on nigger, spic or shitskin DNA but based on some ephemeral values that he has been instructed is 'proper'.

People spend their entire life working just to buy a house, some our ancestors just built by the time they were men in their tribes. Our entire lives just revolve around work, being shekel cows for the elite. You only say it's good because those in charge let you buy a VR headset and a car with your slave allowance.

You realise because of tax laws, you can never actually own a house, only rent one?


Its why they are inherently hated in the first place. The greater society was and is too stupid to understand this. Its a reflexive natural action to find disgust for the homosexual. Most are degenerate in all aspects of their lives at every opportunity. Without exception.

Violence is for niggers, real whites vote.

What jew rag was this boomer blog copy and pasted from? Fags who write shit like this have never done anything and as such, never will. It's like the guy with 100 guns. That's the bitch who will be first in line to turn them in when the time comes and it will.

The bump-stock legislation has language in it that will ban all semi-automatic firearms in the US. It's going to state something to the effect "any apparatus that allows a weapon to fire in a repetitive manner beyond it's intended purpose" this will be purposefully vague.

Gun confiscation is just around the corner.

Why is the guy in pantyhose wearing a trump shirt ?

Trumped into Islam

Fake and gay. Violence literally solves everything.

You have a king who wants taxes you see no benefit from paying? Violence.
A coalition of countries continually raids the Mediterranean coastline taking Europeans as slaves until finally taking one too many of your own ships? Violence.
Mexicans don't want to accept the peaceful annexation of the Independent Republic of Texas into the Union? Violence.

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OP is licking the Redpill. You're supposed to swallow it you half hearted Boomer fuck. This little girl has more balls in her pinky finger then you have at the moment. wake the fuck up and do something worthwhile for the youth before it's too late

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I'm a happy antinatalist and a self-defense pacifist. You know what way of life I protect? P E A C E! "Go in peace, serve the Lord."

You know the real secret to protecting your way of life? Fight to open up the medical system. Take down the IP laws that make cancer treatments cost massive amounts of money, bring medical costs down towards chemical processing costs, and then publicly fund research in a big way. Your body is biomachinery. Heaven's gates open when conditions on Earth are paradoxical for all people. We get to Heaven when we earn it, and we won't get there with violence.