Vidya: Angry Goy II

The first one released a few years ago had you go through Europe slaughtering sand niggers.

Today you can download Angry Goy II. The President is being held hostage by Communists.

Official Link:


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Couple more screenshots

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Too bad you filled it with ecelebs. This isn't a game.

Inb4 ironmarch faggots spam disinfo about it being "filled with viruses" again.

Odd. First game had Nate from Iron March to do the voices for the main character

Put it on /v/


great job. don't listen to the JIDF chairforce who insult everything. i will let you know if it works in Wine cuz i only run Linux.

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Looks good OP! We need more games like this to get younger people open to the truth.

This. I don't play games because I don't really care for them, but I can see these sorts of things have value to those that do. Put it on /v/.

The more someone interacts with media, the more it can shape them. Kikes know this and have been churning out soy games for the past two decades. Fun, well-made and good looking games can shape the political beliefs of disenfranchised white men and keep them from turning into soylents. Good job.

Is that Richard Spencer?


the gholden one

It's filled with way too many e-celebs.

It's still kind of funny. The Golden One's waving yellow hair. Come on.

you already said that christcuck

Sounds like magapede bullshit.

Yeah exactly.
It sounds awesome.

Trailer got removed.

Go the fuck back to reddit. No one likes your Zionist puppet.

We call it leddit on here.

You're not from here. Get the fuck out.

game being played right now on

Perhaps if you had a sub 100 IQ, and were a redditard kekistani faggot.

If they wanted to make the game realistic, mid way through Trump would become the enemy and you would have to fight ZOG and mossad.

Sorry, bro. I ain't jeopardizing my computers for a cheap laugh.
Open sauce that shit or go home.

Actually a bretty fun casual game.

Thanks. Looks like its good for a laugh.

On the contrary I remember being on here when the towers went down on 9/11.
We were all like lol mudslimes.


That was TRS.
Where does the time go?

You could call it

you can watch the game being played right now on:

don't know, maybe it could be made to be played on a browser without having to download it?

Only if you're a magapede with shitty talking points that nobody buys.

I think its a tiny group of people anyway.
Most people on the right didnt buy in to CNNs portrayal of Trump.



Bitchute link?

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This. The ecelebs kinda ruin it. I'll pass.

Well, what's the verdict?

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It's hard. Enemies don't drop enough health so it's a bit of a grind but it's okay. I guess…

Oh yeah… here's the character select from campaign mode at the start. Going to be hard to unlock characters with one bar of health though.

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Most people on the right didn't buy Trump at all

Can't wait to listen to some Mr. Bond while playing this

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I cant select a character by double clicking on the character select screen. What do?

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i remember some blog complaining how there was no WN art or entertainment. I made a joke saying 'the only art they'd be capable of is a story about a dude killing niggers for 2 hours'. Well here we are.

lol no

Site seems to be getting hit hard. Love all the shills screeching itt though. How dare you make video games we can't censor, goyim!

These faggots are pieces of shit, obsessed with hating e-celebs like liberals are Trump.

You can fucking play as the fuhrer and mow down dildo-throwing faggots. That voids any "e-celeb" horseshit.

There's the roster. Wasnt as hard as I thought it would be

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Anyone know the code to unlock them all at the start? Cantwell mentioned it in the show today, but I forgot the time stamp.

Oh idk I don't watch the show. Don't pay much attention to these ecelebs

Fuck this! You could have made this in fucking PyGame.

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The call-ins are a lot of fun. Just don't take it too seriously.

this game looks like a piece of garbage

this but unironically

They unlock with each play, win or lose.

Play as Tay, she's OP as fuck. However, unlock Hitler, he gets a chain gun, a delouser, and mein kampf mines.

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did you make this?

there are a few easy improvements to be made
from most important to less important

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vids might not be stored on central servers but the central server can still decide if people can watch a vid or not
then paypal will blacklist them
then the banks blacklist your paypal

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Go fuck yourself ledditkike.

Type "lovehitl3r" when you're in the character selection screen.

Thanks, user.

No problem. Happy hunting :)

Avi, Avi, Avi… when will you ever learn.

Hmmm, looks like the "London", "Swede", "Zionist" side of our movement is back. One fan even preemptively attacked Ironmarch. Good lord… why are we stuck with these poser scum. Next, they'll try promoting the 17th-19th century British Empire. You know, the one with the jewish Queen, and jewish PM. Totally based, bro! Hey, when was sweden ever great? Maybe in 1700 AD when they attacked Europe with their homosexual King Gustav. Lost the war and ran to the Ottomans for shelter? Hmmm….

Why do these faggots still believe they belong? *sigh*

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Daily Reminder: When your 'pals only promote nationalism for London and Sweden… you know you're getting jewed.



just another puzzle piece in being able to officially classify WN as a terrorist ideology.

This. Also, defending Zognald. Looks like someone got paid to make this one.

Whatever. The fact that some user making a vidya or saying anything makes this Da Ebil NoThink Thing You Never Supposta Think–how about kike governments can suck my cock instead? Fucking alphabet niggers are a joke. They would make up, say, or do anything to kill us off. NS Germany was perfect and they just lied about them anyway after they killed them. Stop cucking, niggerfaggot.

No this is great. It's a recognition trainer for spotting controlled opposition.
They only promote their own.
The Golem One is as glow as they come. He's the Swedish government's version of varg, bait to tease subversives out of the shadows so that they can be named and filed.
by the way 'he' is an FtM tranny

You get it.

Ben Garrison is not a real artist.
He is a front man for CIA psyops, a face to explain the art.
Much like "Varg" is a face to explain the various shit he puts his name to.
Behind all of these shills is the same kike cabal.


i disagree with the e-celeb stuff, but it's supposed to be a joke so ill try it.
Excellent work anyhow OP.
Funny stuff.

Absolutely agree with this.

I'm not trying to say other people shouldn't play it. Have fun. Meme/celeb references is just like 9yr old army kind of humor to me, and it's not really my thing.

It's surprisingly well made. I think Sprite Lamp would go over big for adding a more textured feel to their sprites since they bothered to put in lighting. Maybe in Angry Goy 3? It's cheap and easy to use. Pic related. Even if it's just on the main characters for when you shoot, it could look pretty nice.

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Working download link anyone ?

Could use more varied enemy dialogue don't be afraid to use lines from films like "they live" and "falling down"!, faster player movement, better bullet trails, and stuff like grenades.

Y'know, with the postal 1 source code being out for release, I don't know why they didn't go with that and rework it.

You mean
A man who did nothing wrong?
Friend sent me a link to this video, you can actually view the comments if you dont have a facejew account if you click the thing under the video that says "comments".
I dont recomment clicking this if youre too stupid to use a VPN though
Some pretty lulzy ones

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This %1000 percent

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Golden One's response.

Wtf ever became of those guys? there was a finn, a dane, a norwegian iirc

Holy fuck reddit go away.

You mean DJ AXLE and friends? They do a hilarious parody news show called SUPERNEWS

Cantwell is a subversive leftist now?
This fag states that maruading shitskin invader rapists arent the enemy
even though theyve been invading and marauding through europe for millennia, or trying to
What planet is he on?

>(((Christopher Cantwell)))
>(((golden one)))
>(((murdock murdock)))
no thanks

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Got a link?

Nobody's asking you to eat anyone's ass. Calm Down.

The left will derail anything. You could make a thread about seeing a cloud that resembles Trump and the leftists would come pouring in to #shutitdown.

Anyway here's Deus Ex.

Show us the content you made and tell us all about how it is totally kike-free and absolutely beyond criticism. We'll wait.

it's on jewtube

>the game is clearly an incitement to violence
>so if gab won't filter its content
>maybe it's time for them to be shut down
Kek, fucking Vocative is aping the worst OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN trope without a shred of self-awareness. And the NPC programming with that red highlighting is so blatant. I like it better when Zelda does it.

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There is a strong legal case to shut down inciting violence. Corporate censorship, in which private organizations can cut service at will, is a cornerstone of our free society that prevented socialism.

However, if we're to grant common communication rights, then the question of censorship will be further in the hands of federal lawyers and US Attorneys to punish companies that do not follow government guidelines as web content would be under government license.

I have no problem turning the internet into the Federal Post Office, but don't give me this OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN when you're not smart enough to use your personal judgement.

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