Executive Order Prevents Illegal Immigrants From Claiming Asylum

Trump signs executive order denying asylum to illegal border crossers


I, for one, welcome the post-midterm, post-Sessions, post-RBG era

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He should just start spamming executive orders like Obama. That can of worms was already opened years ago.

this will get shot down by some treasonous leftist scumbag judge but this is a great move, hopefully it gets ratified by the supreme court asap.

most of these invaders are claiming asylum, if this holds they can be booted quickly.

Let me help you with the rest
That about covers it right?


This means that they’re going to be funneled to the legal entry points. You know, the places where the tent cities are already built. The places where Trump has already said THEY ARE ALL GOING TO BE ALLOWED INTO THE COUNTRY.


even if true that means the 10 million people in this country illegally are not eligible for asylum requests, ever. they would have to leave and then get sent to the tent city.

He's still allowing them to claim asylum, but they just need to go through a port of entry, which they were planning on doing anyway. This is theater.

obviously not forever they would have to lay low until this order goes away, but if ICE picks them up they get booted

But you forgot kikewar in syria, kikewar in iran, and bad orange man is anti-white in bold red

You can't expect trumpcucks to actually read anything or understand what is going on in the world, user. These are the same people who believe the wall is already being built right now.

There are 60,000,000 in the country. Don’t repeat jewish lies.

Holy fucking shit, this is what we have been waiting for

Possibly, and if so probably to cover up the dems blatant voter fraud…media & leftists will scream about this blotting out everything else.

He was a normalfag who still belivied in "democracy".

Are you being ironic, this is a yuge victory

I'm sure trump used the voter fraud to get the snakes out of the pit, now they have no where to run

I agree, but he should focus on one platform first. Would be fun to see documents come out

stop trying to demoralize us



Go the fuck away. It has already been sued. Trump will comply with the illegal court ruling.

Global report.

It isn't, mate. It is exactly what is needed to destroy the impression that the USA is a "democracy". The late Weimar Republic pretty much did the same thing - and turned into the Third Reich, thanks to a president that was willing to exploit the power of his office to the fullest extent and giving no fucks about the Reichstag. In the end, that president appointed the only viable option as /ourguy/ in the Wilhelmstraße. That president was Paul von Hindenburg, Feldmarschall a.D.

I still maintain a weak hope that Trump is the US-version of Hindenburg and that /ourguy/ is still out there, waiting for his day.

sure sure, lost a lot of political power because of it and is facing the possibilty of becoming a lame duck, but it was part of the plan…. you are as bad as those retards that idolize Montgomery whom lost thousands of men and tanks in an attempt to break out of Normandy… "but it was a ruse"

more like Charlemagne.


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Global report.

It's too late for that already. Too many niggers and spics. You can't slaughter them all - I mean, Charlemagne didn't manage to kill all Saxons, and he invested 20+ years of his life into an extended military campaign to do exactly that.

10 million? Dude the government itself estimated the number was 11 million back in 2000. Yale recently said 22 million. The Mexican government said 30 million. There are easily 30 million-60 million in the US

You’re literally retarded. Do you know what guns are?

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"unaccompanied minors" are still allowed to claim asylum.

Since Democrats are obviously trucking in ballots in Florida (or mysteriously "finding" them at a polling place school), and Arizona is mysteriously finding votes, etc., obviously there is no point even having elections anymore. And Trump will not get elected again anyway fraud or not because of the legalized 1.5 million new felon voters in FL and the tipping demographics in TX. This is the last two years EVER that ANY remotely pro-white politician might have a shot to do anything. No reason for any politician now not to go full 1488 if that's what they want. It's over for the GOP and any silly notion of reelection or even sticking to the constitution has to be thrown away if whites are going to survive.

Yeah, thats nice.
And DACA got cancelled due to EO too, right?


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who are you talking to? You look like a crazy person replying to 8 posts that do not exist.

Correct. This is consistent with the tents, as you said. The idea is to force them all through the normal checkpoints. There is no substance to this order. It accomplishes nothing. Trump has been a giant failure on immigration and everything else. It's too bad, because he was whites' last shot

They are going to funneled in and DETAINED. That is the point. Very convenient how you faggots always leave that part out.

Sure, but mass executions require manpower. Manpower that will be psychologically damaged and scarred - forever. user, I know you think that killing is easy, perhaps easier if you have to do it a hundred times at once.

Let me assure you: it's not. Not everyone is made for that kind of PTSD-loop. So yes, I know what guns are. The question is: do you know what a mass executioner is? These people will never be the same when the task is done, believe me. They will return to their families, wives, kids and regular jobs with nightmares.

It's pretty much the situation Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler faced when he was confronted with problems related to the psychological exhaustion his men endured when they did what was necessary.

You're still convinced you can easily dispose thousands of niggers, if ordered?

As I said, Hindenburg is the better comparison. He didn't give a fuck about kikes and their shenanigans.

Get out, redditor.

Every single one is being let into the country and given asylum, just like every caravan before them. You have nothing, ban evading paid jewish shill.

Holy fucking christ, MAN UP YOU GODDAMN PUSSY.
Shut the FUCK up about things you don’t understand, you fucking pussy civnat. They will all be deported or exterminated. Nothing will stop it. Anyone who says they will stay in the country will be killed right alongside them.

Say it again. I dare you.

Bullshit, jew2.

What happened? Or are you just making shit up (gaslighting)

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Reminder that Trump himself has said they are all entering the country. Nothing you have ever said in any thread has been true.

So, thinking about the potential consequences for the people who have to carry out the hard work and what kind of support they will need later is weakness. Alrighty then; continue LARPing, user. I am not hindering you in any way.

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Nope, no one said that. Keep your strawmen to yourself.

Yep, thanks for admitting it. Every single one of them is being let into the country. Trump himself said so. You’re done.


What a bunch of chumps you faggots have become. Hey remember when Zig Forums was actually radical and didn't support ZOG and its selected cronies? Those were good times. They're never coming back post-Q though.

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Yep, thanks for admitting it. Every single one of them is being held in detention, ready to be deported. Trump himself said so. You're done.


False. They are being held until they are granted asylum, which they will be.

Trying to slow down the collapse isn't a pointless endeavor, user. Every new white gun owner, every redpill gifted to conservitards, every disgruntled libertarian converted is another feather in our hat.

False. They are being held until they are deported, which they will be.

You're full of shit. Every single one of those faggots will enter legally and apply for asylum. The order only bars those who entered illegally from applying. Every single one of the roaches is entitled to a procedure under law that guarantees they may remain in the US while their asylum cases are heard, and Trump has zero–none, zero, zilch–control over what judges decide with respect to asylum cases. Conceivably, every single one of the beaners could get asylum. Trump has no control over that.

They will all receive free food, shelter, and medical care, which is much better than what homeless white men receive in this country.

Finally, any beaner who shits out a kid while housed in Trump's tents (and there are MANY pregnant roaches traveling with the caravan) will automatically have a US citizen child who can then sponsor every single relative.

Trump is a scam artist. He completely blew the last chance whites had during the first two years of his presidency to stop any of this. This executive order is meaningless. You are a faggot shill. I hope you kill yourself.

I'm not going to bother to look so why don't you go find out how many legal somalis King Cheeto has allowed in so far during his ignominious reign. If the answer is more than one, he should be executed alongside his low-IQ BASED supporters.

You implied it. Nice try at mental acrobatics. I do fully agree that niggers, spics and kikes have to be removed, altogether with their allies. But I am against deportation - they have to be exterminated. What is the point in that deportation-thing anyway? So that they can form a resistance movement outside and threaten the White race with invasion later again? One must be really fucking dense to consider that as an option in a war for survival.

However, in my autism I also look at the logistical challenges and the immense stress the individual warrior in this fight will be put under and can only state the obvious: it will not be as easy as you may think.

So, I can and will not ignore the responsibility for them. Can we agree on that, user?

The best part is that he is acknowledging that issue and has been telling it publicly that what has happened in Florida is fucked up. As of now as the midterms passed republicans and Trump realised that they've "done goofed" trusting the democrats to be clean players. My opinion is that unless he does something about this situation with the illegal voters he can kiss goodbye every red state and his 2020. The pressure is fucking real.

If we go to them, we can replace them. For example:

- If we send 20M whites to Honduras AND Nicaragua,

- Then those two countries will become around 85% White

Simple as that.

Want to have 2 Central American countries with a total population of 40M (85% of white are white)? THEN, send 20 Million whites over there.

Why do they have the Aryan spirit to PIONEER new lands, but we do not?

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Do you guys remember the endless months after Trump get elected that shills were saying that he wasn't going to do anything about spics? All you kikes screamed HE'S A NEOCON JEW SHILL HE'S NOT GOING TO HELP DON'T VOTEEEEEEEE. Now we have an executive order shutting down spics from staying here. To every single sweaty hunched over kike shill who doubted Trump suck my dick

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Reported for mass ban evasion.

Wait, why are you disagreeing with me? That’s what I said.

We don’t support the ZOG emperor here.

No, assholes, they are not eligible for the concentration camps, as those are for people awaiting their day in court to see if they get asylum.
This EO states, if they jump the border, they are not Eligible for asylum, so they can't even apply for it.

And it means the 30 million illegals already here can be immediately deported when ICE picks them up, as they cannot apply for asylum, either.
No catch and release, not even catch and go to the camps to wait…you just get booted out.

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Acting Attorney General Whitaker Statement On Presidential Proclamation
>The vast majority of asylum applications are not meritorious. In FY 2018, a total of about 6,000 aliens who passed through credible-fear screening (17 percent of all completed cases, 27 percent of all completed cases in which an asylum application was filed, and about 36 percent of cases where the asylum claim was adjudicated on the merits) established that they should be granted asylum.

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I agree, this sucks, but I prefer them detained and monitored than released into the country, never to be seen again. The majority that apply for asylum are rejected, but since they are released into the population they are difficult to find and never removed. Detention means that they will now be available for deportation.

Which they won’t be doing now. They will be going to legal entry points, ushered there by the military, and every single last one of them is being let in the country. The tent city is already built.
60 million.
But won’t be. Trump legalizes more nonwhites than he deports.

why is invidious so slow lately

They will be released into the country.

Haha. You're a clown.

I am not, just confused at the mild anger in your writing.

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Too bad, redditor.

There’s nothing mild about my anger at nonwhites, believe me.

oy vey goyim stay off tor, otherwise how would we quantize your habits?

Do you lack basic reading skills or are you just paid per post?

Good, good. Very good, indeed.

oh sorry i meant to reply to the other guy lol. look at me, being the stupid torpedo.

The day after they’re all let in, you will never post here again. Your contract only lasts until the caravan enters the country.

And when they are denied asylum, they are deported.
You always leave that point out.
And before the detention camps, they were just released, pending their court hearing, and they never came back.
Now they have no choice, and coming to the states to live in a camp is a far cry from being able to lose yourself in some sanctuary city.

Who wants to make the trip from any S. American country and across the desert, just to stay in a camp for a few months and be sent back?
They'll stop coming.
And this new EO means that if they try to enter any other way, they'll be caught and immediately deported.

Pathetic defense buddy

The ex-polvol2 searches under his bed for torfags every night.


This is probably right. I thought these guys would leave after midterms, but it looks like they're in full damage control over the caravan.

Honestly, the caravan doesn't even matter. Nothing that happens matters at this point except any attempt to mass disarm whites. Whites have to take responsibility for their own destiny and stop believing anyone can save us, or they're finished. Not much more to it.

you fucking brainwashed cow. calling literally everyone and everything a paid shill is textbook d&c. they make you unable to see beyond your own blinders thus invalidating you in the eyes of everyone who isn't a gullible retard, regardless of how true your statements might be, the culture of mistrust has decimated our capacity to effect change. you cant just go throwing accusations. use the merit of your beliefs and logical debate to shoot another down, or nothing at all. By the way. this also applies to the other torposter before accusing paid per post. obviously there are paid shills, but also obviously a good majority of it is not and is just misguided idiots who need to be brought back to the side of humanity, and it seems like both are shit at identifying what a real shill looks like.

I mean literally I was doing that 12 years ago when I was 12.

They won't get asylum, almost none do.
And shunting them directly into concentration camps is better than what was being done, pre-Trump.

And you still haven't addressed the fact that they can now boot ALL the illegals, 30 million, 60 million, doesn't matter, DIRECTLY out of the country, as THEY can no longer try to claim asylum when they're caught.


Well I guess the joke's on you buddy. I torfag as a matter of principle, as I'm sure most of the others do as well. It has nothing to do with being banned.

Yeah, activist judges are going to tie this up in the courts while the migrant trash comes pouring in.

The past has shown that commie faggots will pour out of the woodwork to fuck with EOs.

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Well, this is actually a good move, good job Trump. Funnel them to the legal entry points, then put them in tents, process and then reject their application. 90% get rejected.

Nobody cares, shill–get fucked.

Case in point.

admitting 10% of all spics that come here is an enormous number enough to demographically replace whites.

No user you misunderstand the nature of the game. You don't hide behind the core of your nature. You post 1,000 blades of grass and hide behind every single one of them. Go to contradictory websites. Validate the idea that nothing about your manufactured persona is true. Become fluid until the opportunity presents itself to become stone.

To maintain efficacy of demographic data, they filter en masse data such as mine, making me invisible unless queried. Watch the advertisements spin when you first test this out, and then watch them diminish when you become filtered: No one's going to pay google to serve me advertisements, thus google serves me less. This is all via automated system, so trick the system Vote Hillary with quippy retarded meanderings that violate demographic lines.

You people hate "Drumpf" so bad that you won't even give him credit when he ACTUALLY does something based.

You people hate "Drumpf" so bad that you won't even give him credit when he ACTUALLY does something based.

I think this caravan is as rigged as the next user, but are you fucking delusional? It isn't about 'being invaded". These numbers when compared to the nationals basically mean nothing. The caravan is nothing but the latest in a line of many distractions to take people who want to make a difference and set them on the wrong path to focus and waste their time and energy on useless and formless junk.

it posted my comment twice.

OpSec is something shills still haven't quite figured out because they don't know how to type with an accent of the region they attempt to sway. Par the boys from CICADA ofc those faggots on that wizard shit.

What principle? I had to speak with the FBI when I was 15 because they thought my mom's boyfriend was the one searching up all that CP. TOR is irrevocably compromised and you should know that it encourages scrutiny as opposed to befuddling it as described here

if you're on TOR, you're on what's known as a "watch me really closely" watchlist.