Kikes now trolling MySpace to dig up dirt on opponents

Bießmann, who was elected to Berlin’s state parliament in 2016 and was family spokesperson for the AfD group, told Germany’s daily national newspaper Bild that she regretted that the photograph had been taken.

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They really are grasping at straws these days.

Never apologize. I know the current (((law))) will see you jailed for promoting Hitler, but you never have to grovel.

So much for AfD being anything but kosher faux-nat trash. Shoulda been obvious when their front is a twat with a dyke haircut.

Thats just it, there's nothing 'promoting Hitler' in this case.
Its literally her having a picture taken and theres some shit on a shelf in the background.
There's no promotion of Hitler there.

This is just paramount faux-nat ziocuckoldry.

Hot or thot?

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You can use the opportunity for a false apology.
"I am deeply sorry that we live in a political climate where a picture in myspace gets more coverage than the rapes of countless european women and girls".

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Degenerate thot.

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She looks exactly like Lauren Southern.

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"Your doom is within sight when your daughter is learning politics" This was part of the reason the west died.

I guess it's time to release some fake dirt on anyone you don't like, /teuton/ anons.

At least I know it will trigger at least one idiot. Oh look what happened…

it's called irony, user


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In the year '38, it was a very good year.

what is that on her legs is she half r2d2?


This is some seriously fucky shit.

800% zoom, anyone?

She's a very attractive Frau.

Thot. Extraordinarily stupid one at that.
Shows why women have no place in politics.

That said, of course the AfD will chuck out. The majority of them are still just disgruntled koshervatives or neocons.

The kike chameleon infiltrated AFD. I guess this is useful for the braindead plebs denying it.

Looks photoshopped to be honest, probably some 4cuck prank gone wrong. I highly doubt the Third Reich made "Sieg Heil" alcohol.

This 100%. It's a great opportunity to ask why Marxists care more about a picture than the lives and safety of citizens.

They didn't, it's a retarded gimmick the Italians came up with to sell to German tourists.

I thought myspace went into the dustbin of the tubes 10 years ago.

It was an oldfag reference intentional or not but it shoulda been greentexted you're correct.


That doesn't mean whatever people uploaded isn't still around. Once it's on the internet…

And the AFD didn't need to do anything. More kike israel owned trash. deserve everything you get.

Thats why the jewish mod hasn't anchored this thread. Jews always hire "blonde women" to infiltrate groups.

MySpace still a thing?

Some richfag needs to buy back MySpace and make it a bunker. This board is near unsalvageable.

Wow, this is absolutely retarded. AfD care too much about PR. Idiots.

Fuck I remember spending so much time on Farmville. It was like Age of empires…. but with farms…..good times

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This it the way to do it. Turn everything to your advantage.

Meanwhile SJW/Lib/Left/Dem/LGBT are wiping all traces of themselves off the Interwebs (Ghost; Ford… vs Kavanaugh).
There was a selfie image of Ocasio-Cortez with a Blonde, perhaps her Partner, gone form Interwebs…
"…However, she noted that she and her PARTNER have been saving money since before leaving her job as a bartender in New York…" “…WE'RE kind of just dealing with the logistics of it day by day,” said Ocasio-Cortez."

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This. Once again they're a step ahead of us on this. they've realized all this shit can be used against them, and while the old saying goes "once its on the internet…(its out there forever)" thats not ENTIRELY true.

Yes, if you are "someone" or have some kind of name or personality attached to an avatar or user name or god forbid your real name, odds are if you piss someone off, theres some autistic sperg out there thats going to save it forever incase one day it might be able to used against you. But, if you're just a typical valley whore or something who eventually ends up starting to become a higher profile figure, you likely havent kicked any bees nests and can simply roll back the clock by finding and deleting everything you've posted, its unlikely to have been kept by any individual user if thats the case, and odds are the sites themselves arent going to go around posting that shit back up against your wishes (because, frankly, they could be sued into oblivion for doing it)

Take metokur as an example, there was audio released and screenshots from YEARS and years back, only recently released, because some sperg somewhere had it saved because he pissed that guy off and traced it around to the fag later down the line. BUT, if you aren't leaving such a direct trail from you to previous names, or just leaving no name at all like here, then you can easily wipe out your history

Which is exactly what they're doing. Because they know there is something they've done or said that in CURRENT context could be used against them.. because of course it can in this ever goal post shifting climate where what was politically correct a year ago is now "***phobic" or "problematic" by todays leftist standards, but no one has been looking for it before because it wasnt on anyones radar to lay into these marxists with and fracture their support by pointing out what a "horrible bigot" they were in the past. Just like what was done to shillary with her past statements and such.

Either way, it would be wise to actually take note of these tactics. Learn what you can from your enemy, never underestimate them, and adapt to their tactics to protect yourself.

REEEE all axis leaders must be eradicated from history because they were the bad evil side.
Worse than the devil.

Someone post her nudes already.

Expensive clothes are such a fucking retarded meme because the more expensive clothes are these days the cheaper they look. Expensive clothes used to be expensive for a reason, but you can buy the same things for a fraction of the cost and it all looks exactly the same and lasts just as long. That stupid commie cunt could buy all the exact same shit at wal-mart for like $100 and no one could tell the difference

MySpace is dead though

She is a clitlicker, but where are the images? Where are the paparazzi pic of her and her partner?
Meanwhile a myspace image from long ago ruins a career…

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Kikes will use every tool at their disposal. Hopefully the next gen will learn their lesson.

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