The Holohoax

How can you convince a strong disbeliever thats been to auschwitz that the holocaust is a lie?

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We never said jews weren't sent to labour camps
What we are saying is that the fact that 6 trillion jews were systematically killed by the Germans' is absurd

Mock them for believing things without proof.



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The shower rooms of death in Auschwitz and Schindler's List have glass windows and wooden doors.

The "gas chambers" in bunkers they claim are next to the ovens and not sealed. Zyklon-B, the pesticide, comes in pellet form and is heat activated. In the image provided is a heat blower with automatic can opener to open cans, dump pellets and blow heat on them and then air out room afterwards. It was designed by the same company that made the pesticide and was designed to make it easy to spray clothes and keep people safe. It is inside the delousing chambers, which are NOT regarded as gas chambers for industrial killing. These devices exist and were easy to get. The industrial Germans did not use them to kill people. They climbed on the roof, chiseled through their bunker roof crudely and dumped pellets, which are heat activated, into the "chamber" of the bunker to kill people. This risked their guards lives, required extensive remodelling and put the explosive gas near crematoriums. They had the ability to pipe the pellet gas into chambers with the pictured blower and could have modified it easily compared to reworking the water pipes to somehow pump the heat activated pellet gas through them and into the shower rooms or used in the bunkers instead of climbing on the roof every time.

Finally, the Auschwitz tour doesnt follow the actual path of the building. You end at the actual entrance to show the clothes and shoes and you see the delousing chamber and big steel door and warning signs. That chamber is never used and is not considered by any historians to have been used to kill people. You get the impression they were stripped, zig zag backwards through the building and then walked to their deaths after stripping by going in this order. They dont point out why they do this. They also use a building with obvious soviet construction connecting the delousing chamber to the building when it is separate in the other non-tour building. This implies its part of the building and the "end" for the jews. They dont point out the lie or fake post-war construction on the tour building nor state the delousing chamber is not considered a kill room. They show the evil showers, the piles of clothes, the final section where personal items (watches, money, etc) are dropped off (its actually where you register after entering) and the looming gas chamber door. It's theatre. Intentional dishonesty.

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Ask them what would happen if someone tried to tie a name to every body and collate all the records to ensure there isn't the same Abraham shekelstien listed 50,000 times.

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The David Cole video.



Because it's very convenient and spammed far more than any other fucking genocide.
Not to mention the countless times that jews have pretended to be a part of the holocaust, only to find that they weren't even born before 1945.

Exactly right… Convince for what purpose?. & Convince whom? .. Convince a Kike or a cuck? Who gives a shit what they believe.?

I think OP's point is "why can't you supply the info to people than Zig Forums used to supply about the holocaust?"
Surely you have infographs?

So here's something. A YouTube channel with ~750K subscribers just uploaded a video making a joke about the fact that Chick-fil-A, anime, and the NBA were a good trade for the Holocaust. Remember, a topic has to be okay to joke about before it can be seriously disassembled in the normies' memosphere, which is why kikes are always so steely-faced grim about it no matter what. They themselves don't take it that seriously, they just need YOU to.

We should consider pushing the idea that holocaust jokes are acceptable and desirable.

I'm trying to convince a close friend of mine, the thing is that its actually very hard for people that have been fed this information by the kikes countless times.

I think the reason the average person has such a hard time about the holocaust is because if you believe that it's all a hoax (which it is) that would also imply that that the whole system, all the countries in the world, the teachers, the media, the jews themselves are all lying to you.

And i think some people simply can't handle this fact and in complete disbelief dismiss everything as a conspiracy theory.

The fact that you can't have a normal discussion about it in the public is mindboggling, hell in germany and austria i could publicly say that someone like stalin wasn't that bad and it would be okay.
If i say the same thing about hitler or even having a NaSoc flag in my house or doing the hitler salute the government would immediatly put me in jail.


If you visit auschwitz and still believe the lie you are beyond hope, sorry.

I love that the official story is that they dropped zyklon b pellets into the hatches on the roof that were built after the war.
Nobody seems to acknowledge the fact that you have to heat it up to get the cyanide gas out.


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Show them that nearly 1/3rd of the first to arrive at Auschwitz survived the entire length of the war?

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be careful though when explaining this to normal people. not "all of it" was a complete hoax. millions of jews were "evacuated east" and never seen ever again. do we have absolute 100% physical proof they were all gassed, etc. ? no we don't. sure, Auschwitz was a hoax, but the Reinhardt Camps were not a hoax, and millions died. even the most important "revisionists scholars" cannot explain what happened to 3-4million jews who were "evacuated east" during the war. so be careful what you say, there is a lot of disinfo out there about ww2 generally, which is more important for people to understand the truth about ww2 and Hitler generally, IMO. of course, there werent rollercoasters into ovens, master-baiting death machines, etc. but its not like 3-4millions jews didnt die during the war. make sure you do you due diligence on the subject before trying to convince other people. lot of people post holohoax memes here, but they can be misleading, and lead one to believe "literally nothing happened" etc.

if you actually care about the subject seriously, read david cole's piece on the Reinhardt Camps - this is a good little article explaining much of what im talking about:


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Are they even worth your attention, OP? If they went to the source of the lie themselves and believed bullshit like nail scratches on steel walls or wooden doors on gas chambers, I have a strong feeling that they're retarded.

but why did they impose death penalty for helping jews then?
really makes one think

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Yeah even though the gas chambers exist and its all been documented its still fake! OP JUST POOPY IN PANTS!

Delousing chambers? Yes those did exist. Gas chambers? You must be reading too much fiction. Put down Elie Weasel for a second. No, it's just that internment camps aren't the same as deathcamps sweetie. Hell I wouldn't mind going for a movie in Auschwitz or Dachau back then or even a swim with some cute jewesses! They had it all the greedy bastards! Even now I don't have a community swimming pool nearby! If only the brits and Americans didn't bomb the German supply lines resulting in thousands of dead jews trying to enjoy the time they had at the internment camp. Internment camps? You mean what America had for the japanese?


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Thanks i will look into it but for me personally nobody should be pointing fingers for these things or who was the most "evil".
The Rheinwiesenlager where they imprisoned 1 - 2 million german soldiers and declared them as disarmed enemy forces so there was nothing to worry about in the human rights sector were never talked about in my history classes.

My point is a lot of people died in this war and the thing that pisses me off the most is how the jews are always pushing the narrative in their favour.
Israel and all jewish communitys are untouchable and every human rights violation and all the shit that happens there is brushed aside and accepted.
You can't have an open discussion about the holocaust and if the things hitler did for his country were right and justified or not.

Does not matter if the holohoax happened or not.
What matters is that IF it happened then it wouldn't have been a crime or an atrocity or anything evil because a world without jews is a better world for all the actual humans that aren't jews.

Aside from the cyclical, invallid argument that "antisemitism is bad because I say so, look at the poor jews you are evil", there is actually zero drawbacks for complete and total antisemitism.

If all jews died a horrible supernatural death tonight and a not a single one survived, not even their babies, then this would be not an inconvenience or drawback to ANY gentile in the world.

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Yes it is, there was no extermination effort
Lies. David Cole is not to be trusted, that jew jumps through his narrative like hoops.

congratulations. You have severe autism.

Thanks shill

Ask them if they believe in Jesus and his resurrection. 2000 years of people saying it happened, Turin shroud.
Obviously if they don't believe they are a filthy, anti-christ and resurrection denier.


It says there was evidence that in many cases typhus was spread by Jews who left their assigned space. Therefore, leaving said space or helping someone leave would be punished with death. It may sound harsh, but when you are fighting on multiple fronts in the biggest war known to history, you simply don't have time or resources to deal with typhus.

Hey. That's my picture.

would a 400 page book outlining the absurdity of inconsistencies help?

I've read the holocaust handbooks. Carlo Mattogno, Jurgen Graf, Robert Faurrison, Germar Rudolf, etc. etc. are just as ideological about the Holocaust as are the Jews. If you show them evidence which contradicts their narrative, they plug their ears. If you actually read the handbooks about the Reinhardt camps as well as David Cole's article, you'll see Cole simply points to facts and why the authors of the Handbooks are wrong or present basically nothing as proof. Cole still to this day believes the Auschwitz gas chambers couldn't have operated as claimed. But he doesn't deny the Reinhardt camps. Same story with David Irving and many other sensible "deniers". But the guys who wrote the handbooks don't explain what the Reinhardt camps were for or where the millions of jews went. No "denier" can. Millions of jews were documented as having been "transported east" to these camps. Millions were last seen alive boarding a train eastward in the custody of National Socialist Germany, and were never seen again. What happened to these people then?

If you really believe there weren't gas chambers or death camps in the east, see this - interview with one of the guards at Treblinka, talking about how the camp operated:

Franz Suchomel:

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I agree with you - that is a great attitude to take. The overall narrative is always more effective than sperging about details of the holocaust. Most people just dont care.

There simply is no documented evidence totaling 6 million in any way shape or form, if you have it, please provide it, because in all of axis occupied europe there did not exist 6 million jews, so what can anyone say as to what happened to million who never existed to begin with? Nothing obviously.

That is easy. Go to the /them.php and /holohoax.php sections of suppositoryrepository and give them a good whiff of truth. It will burn the light of truth into their dark deceived minds.

You can't.
And the harder you try, the more they will resist and entrench themselves in their present belief.
No one was ever forcibly red pilled on the Holohoax.
Every man alive who knows that it was a hoax, came to the conclusion through his own independent investigations. Whether he arrived there through cold logic, mathematics, a knowledge of engineering, science or human physiology, or simply by watching Youtube videos.
He arrived there without being pushed.
If you want to ensure that someone never wakes up, carry on trying to convince them.

Kek, you're not seriously trying to sound like a holocaust scholar and bringing up Treblinka the camp that "gassed the jews with a russian diesel engine?"

GTFO, you're completely out of your league here.

Eventually transported to Israel, kike-kun.
Just got this link from this board recently. Its an exhaustive, easy to scroll/read catalog of truth.

I'm not a holocaust scholar, but I've read all of the holocaust scholars you get your information from, and they can't explain what happened to 3-4 million (not 6 million) jews which were "transported East". I've been on these boards for years and was deceived by the shit tier memes claiming "nothing happened", and would like to tell anyone new here that this simply isn't true. Does that change any other truths about World War 2 or NS Germany? No it doesn't. They had reasons for doing what they did, but simply lying about it and claiming they dindu nuffin isn't helping anybody. If you get your information on the holocaust from memes, then you're a fucking moron. If you'd actually read "revisionist holocaust scholars", you'd know they have no answers on the Reinhardt Camps.

There is a forum called "CODOH" (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust), which was run by Bradley Smith, which deletes threads bringing up these topics. So some members had to create a separate forum called "RODOH" (Real Open Debate on the Holocaust), to discuss these facts. There are tons of fake and ridiculous stories from individual Jews trying to fill their own pockets or get sympathy. That doesn't mean "nothing happened", and its fucking retarded to say shit that isn't true, as it weakens all of your other arguments which ARE true.

Eric Hunt for example was a "revisionist" who made a bunch of really well produced videos on youtube about the topic (the treblinka archaeology hoax, last days of the big lie, etc.) and even worked for Germar Rudolf for some years. After 10 years, he realized he was wrong about the Reinhardt Camps and admitted it publicly in a lengthy post called "end of the line" on his website - which explains all of this in detail. If you actually care about the truth on the topic, and wish to stop conducting yourself like a fucking jew, read it:

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Pardon my asking, but were there even 3-4 million jews in the first place? If you change your statement to the 3-4 million people, then it at least counts as an argument since there is no contradiction in the numbers. It should be noted that the basis for my reasoning is census data + the Red Cross data, etc.

Treblinka is the Reinhard Camp with the most alleged deaths. There should be 900,000 bodies bureid within the bounds of the camp. Yet, multiple efforts by both debunkers and proponents have not found even one grave or evidence of ashes or bones or teeth with the single exception of some cremains found on top of the memorial that was videotaped being placed by the family of a "survivor" in the 2000's.

Among the investigations, they have used ground penetrating radar (a debunker), LIDAR (a proponent who found no evidence of disturbed ground anywhere that there are allegedly mass graves) and exploratory digs (a proponent).

Most of this is explained in this video:

Treblinka ground penetrating (pic related is results) radar article here:

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Treblinka is the Reinhard Camp with the most alleged deaths. There should be 900,000 bodies buried within the bounds of the camp. Yet, multiple efforts by both debunkers and proponents have not found even one grave or evidence of ashes or bones or teeth with the single exception of some cremains found on top of the memorial that was videotaped being placed by the family of a "survivor" in the 2000's.

Among the investigations, they have used ground penetrating radar (a debunker), LIDAR (a proponent who found no evidence of disturbed ground anywhere that there are allegedly mass graves) and exploratory digs (a proponent).

Most of this is explained in this video:

Treblinka ground penetrating (pic related is results) radar article here:>>12408734

Pics are of ground penetrating radar which shows no disturbances of the soil, LIDAR results which show no disturbances, except for two small ones and exploratory digs were done and found no disturbed soil nor cremains and the map of where mass graves are allegedly located, but digs, radar and LIDAR show nothing but millions of years of undisturbed soil.

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Eric Hunt does not deny mass killings happened at Treblinka, the guy who made and narrated the video you just posted.

Richard Krege conducted this research, but never published his findings. He was supposed to release "The Krege Report" and write a book about it - he never did, nor did he ever release his findings. The link you posted with one LIDAR image is all we have from his "comprehensive study".

Carlo Mattagno and Jurgen Graf (probably the 2 most prolific revisionist scholars of all time), were both present at Treblinka with Richard Krege when he did this study - neither have commented on the findings. This was 20 years ago, and nothing has been released or discussed by any of these guys about what was found.

They didn't like what they found. Like I said, these "revisionist scholars" act just like the Jews do ideologically, but on the other side. I have much more confidence in someone like David Irving or David Cole, who actually have a nuanced view of the Holocaust.

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Nowhere are there alleged to be 3-4 million Jews exported to the east. The number is 1.5 million and the Russian relocation of these Jews to the east is well documented.

Even Wikipedia shows hundreds of thousands of Jews deported by the Soviet Union:

pic related is the Korherr Report which, in typical German fashion, describes exactly what happened to every Jew. This is opposed to the Jewish story of unrecorded masses of people - which is just not how Germans do things. Bureaucracy was literally created by Prussians.

or here:

The Jews were so reviled by European nations that hundreds of thousands or millions of them were killed twice: first in German death camps and then in Soviet gulags and field murders.

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The biggest blow to the entire holocaust narative is the lack of teeth in all of the sites.

At the killing fields locations in Camodia, teeth turn up after heavy rains.

If all holocaust victims were adults & they had the full set, there would be 192 million teeth.

Where did all of the teeth go? They have piles of hair and shoes, but there's no teeth.

Why are leftists obsessed with using this word?

Of course he doesn't deny. He would be imprisoned if he did. Regardless, the fact stands that multiple studies have been done and not a single one has even found evidence of a mass grave, let alone an actual mass grave.

And as far as published works, perhaps they did not publish for the same reason - fear of arrest. On the other hand, Caroline Sturdy Colls who did the only archaeological digs and alleged to have found tiles from the gas chamber and promised to have them analyzed for cyanide never published any results. Strange.

I provided images of actual radar and LIDAR showing no mass graves. Do you have any evidence whatsoever for mass graves or gas chambers?

No, you don't because no evidence exists because there were never any mass graves nor gas chambers at Treblinka.

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I'd actually like to believe that the Holocaust happened because the Holocaust is a good way to rally confidence. I mean if we taken out 6 million of 'em, 8 million don't seem to hard to kill.

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I've seen mass graves in Yugoslavia that looked about the same. If those depressions are mass graves, they hold at most 300 bodies.

There is no way you could fit the ashes of 900k in there, unless those were originally shafts over 40 ft deep. No description of Treblinka has ever mentioned shafts for corpse disposal. Only massive open pits, the grounds of which have never been excavated.

But Jewish law does not prevent disturbing them. Removal to Israel for reburial is allowed under Jewish law.

Look at points 1 and 2 under disinterment 7 under reinterment

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user, the nazis so fueled by the power of hate dug straight into hell, made the jews walk 666 miles barefoot over glass and burning coal in a a circle and made the jews jump down

Shut the fuck up goy.

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But they even dug pits there to find the remains and found nothing but sharks teeth that had been there for millions of years.

Pic somewhat related. I could only find an image of them digging an exploratory pit in a marked Christian graveyard more than 2 miles from the camp and claimed to be mass graves of Jews and nowhere near the claimed mass graves.

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I remember reading that local Germans donated shoes for the internees out of kindness.

It doesn't matter where the 6 million died. They didn't have to die in the same place, or at the same time. It's only important that 6 million died, so they could legitimize their return to Israel in the eyes of Orthodoxy. Scrutiny about the narrative is at an all time high because Auschwitz has gotten all the attention, but there's some wild cards they don't tell you about. The first is the Einsatzgruppen. They shot a few thousand partisans in the military administrated zone in the East; most of the partisans were Jews because the Slavs and Balts threw their lot in with the Germans rather than with Stalin. When they shuffle the numbers they might suggest, totally and utterly without corroboration, that these commandos shot and killed a few million Jews. How many? Nobody knows goy, a few million is all we know…

The second trick up their sleeve is the Reinhardt Camps. Unlike Auschwitz, which was built for the purposes of Buna production, these were temporary camps and they were taken down before the war ended, and all the details are in the German records. Because they don't exist anymore, they are just fields, so the kikes declare that perhaps a few hundred thousand, perhaps some millions died there. They don't like being pinned on a specific number because then it can be tested with historical and scientific criticism and falsified. They don't have to provide evidence for their claims because they are Jews and nobody dares demand proof from a Jew.

Apparently these rules only apply within the Jewish community, fuck everyone else.

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It is Zig Forums law that this link is posted in every hollowco$t bread

The Korherr Report, commissioned by Himmler, written by the top SS statistician for Himmler’s eyes only, states that “evacuations” from “the territory of the Reich and including the eastern territories and further in the German area of power and influence in Europe from October 1939 or later until 31.12.1942” add up to 2,419,656 Jews.

Remember this report was presented to Himmler in January 1943 with statistics available up to 31.12.1942. Deportations and "evacuations" continued into 1943 and beyond. See the full Korrherr report in english here:

There is ample documentation that millions of jews were "evacuated east" during the war, and were never seen again. Mostly from Poland and Eastern Europe. The TOTAL number is likely 3-4million, tops. Not 6 million, but not zero. That's all I'm saying.

Do we know exactly how they died? No we don't - Rabbi's don't allow excavations of the sites for us to find out. However former Nazi's have testified the Reinhardt camps used "some form of exhaust fumes" (from some sort of engine) to fill the gas chambers at the Reinhardt Camps (not Zyklon b). And in other cases, many Jews were simply shot, such as a Babi Yar, where some 30,000 were shot in 2 days.

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There are some really good books on the subject. You won't find them on Amazon but they aren't hard to find. I've bought them for people and a few have actually read them and been convinced.

Simple, they didn't exist.

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Not enough jews died

Many of them died in the middle of Russia, where Stalin put them. Lot's died in the gulags, which we now know because the Soviet Archives are open to research. Many of them intermarried with Russians and stopped reporting themselves as Jews in the USSR's notoriously shoddy censuses. About a million ended up in Israel by 1950. Even more ended up in the USA—so many in fact that the Roosevelt/Truman Admin. stopped recording 'Hebrew' immigration to the country, instead listing their country of departure as their nationality. The Census Bureau wanted to investigate the member rolls of the synagogues and the Jews kvetched and moaned until they let up. Give or take a few 10,000s, we can account for all the Jews before and after the war. Oh yea, I forgot to mention the 6 million Jews that died in your kabbalistic fantasies.

Oh look, more 'eyewitness testimony' about the Holocaust, there seems to be no shortage of that. And yet, precious little i.e. none historical and scientific evidence that can be tested and falsified.

You'll be called an antisemite and a cold bastard by the npc's. Keep in mind that they're *that* far gone. Needs something more subtle

this is the standard "revisionist" argument - germans dindu nuffin, jews simply emigrated to Russia and Israel!

This is non-sense - the largest, most brutal armed conflict in history was being waged just some few hundred kilometers east of the death camps. Do you think the German Army allowed millions of jews to "pass through" the front lines into Russia? They were considered subversive, you think they allowed them to freely travel across the front lines? So if they weren't transportation camps, maybe you think they were work camps!

What did they make there? There are no facilities at any of these camps to support millions of people living, working or even "passing through". Germans could barely feed themselves, and you think they kept millions of Jews alive for no reason throughout the war? As I'm sure you're aware, the Germans kept documents about which Jews were recalled for labor, "evacuation east", etc. etc., with help from local Rabbi's. So we have documentation they were taken into custody of the State on such and such date - if they weren't working, and they couldn't be going into Russia during the war, what did the Germans do with them?

Your argument is a joke. The Jews of Poland and eastern Europe were "evacuated east" and given "special treatment" (Sonderbehandlung, in German). They were killed. Likely gassed (according to multiple SS guards who worked at the camps after the war).

In your warped mind, they were all lying too. Again, I'll post this video below and maybe you'll wake the fuck up and stop acting like a fucking jew.

Franz Suchomel was an SS guard at Treblinka, who assisted in burying bodies, and admits to the existence of the gas chambers and how they camp operated generally:

Franz Suchomel:

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When people asked where the 6 gorillian bodies went, the jews said "mass graves"
When no graves were ever found, the jews said "cremated"
When a terribly insufficient number of crematoriums or ashes were found, the jews said "denying our hoax is a crime"

I'm talking about Treblinka here - and the Reinhardt camps generally. Auschwitz is a hoax, everyone knows this. The problem with revisionism is everyone loves to talk about Auschwitz and the swimming pools, nobody likes talking about the other camps. Cause they don't have answers for the other camps.

The other camps were not a hoax. At Treblinka, they buried bodies in mass graves, until the summer came around and the ground started moving and the stench and gasses from the corpses came up from the ground - so they dug up the graves with excavators and cremated the bodies on huge pits on railroad ties. I agree, talking about it shouldn't be a crime, its completely ridiculous - but that doesn't mean nothing happened.

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Playing devil's advocate like a typical kike.

See here, retard.

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I'm not playing devils advocate you fucking brainlet. I'm saying the fact that it's illegal to debate creates retards like you who haven't read any of the revisionist literature, yet claim to know what you're talking about and call other people kikes for pointing it out. You get your information on the holocaust from memes on a Taiwanese knitting forum.

If I was alive back then I would have been one of Hitlers greatest soldiers. You would have been in Treblinka getting kicked into the gasskammer.

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Look it up in google images, you fucking spaz. Not ONCE will you find more than a 6-digit tattoo.
You'd be riding in the front seat on the shoah coaster for enabling such cum-guzzling faggotry, you stupid kike.

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A SHOAH [email protected]!!! hahahah

but, you do know they only gave tattoos to working jews right? they didnt tattoo jews going to Rerinhardt camps to die, that would be pointless. They started Tattooing jews at workcamps to stop them from escaping/dressing as delivery people/germans, etc. and trying to escape. So they could say "show me your arm" before letting someone out of the camp.

There weren't that many Jews "fit to work" - as you know, Jews dont work with their hands, they're useless for manual labor. Not every Jew was tatttoo'd. You do know that right? Or is your brain that small, you thought the Germans automatically tattoo'd every Jew in Europe? brainlet levels not yet thought possible

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Didn't 150000 jews serve in the reich. If they were considered subversive wouldn't you round absolutely every single one up, no exceptions. And rather than transporting them all over the place wouldn't you just slit their throats and feed them to swine? Or weren't Germans efficient back then?

Mischling Jewish/German's served. Not Eastern European Warsaw Ghetto Jews. Most German Jews were left unharmed. However, when running a state, you don't generally want people's throats being slashed in public, just as general rule of thumb.

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Game, set, match, nigger. You lose.
1/3 of the first prisoners sent to Auschwitz survived the war.

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and? I'm not talking about Auschwitz you brainlet. I said Auschwitz was a hoax 3 posts ago. I'm talking about the real death camps. Stop replying - no brainlets permitted.

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Q. How many Jews died during the war?

A. Not nearly enough

Get used to losing.

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I don't speak brainlet - what are you trying to convey with these images? what is your point? None of this is about the Reinhardt Camps, where the real killing happened.

Constantly playing devil's advocate like a Jewish shill. Your little kike-brain has stunted your overall use of logic without even mentioning the fact that the alleged "death camps" like Treblinka were liberated by the soviets who were also known to concoct fake chimneys and other propaganda. Get the fuck off, Jew. Your brainlet-tier thinking is no match for Bayesian logic

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The real killing?.. as opposed to the fake killing, your arguments are the usual jewish bullshit.
Reinhardt camps would have graves as well if millions died, which are where?… in you dreams thats where.
How come the water well in the middle of Treblinka camp was in constant use during/after the war? millions of rotting parasites in the ground but still the water is potable? Try Jewing somewhere else kike

Seems to work ok for muslims.

For anyone not in the know, these shills are known as Nizkor. #1 rule of Shoah Klub is never talk about Shoah Klub. The academics refuse to engage the historians on this topic, so Israel and their diaspora sayanim fund a group that lurks around online picking fights like this. This poster knows he's not actually arguing with me, he's arguing at me, in the hopes that someone else will leave convinced. Unfortunately, all the data is out in the open these days, thanks to the research of the historians that were harassed and bullied for years whilst they uncovered it. If anyone is interested in the data regarding the Aktion Reinhardt camps, I linked a book.

They have no proof to corroborate their claims, so they are always on the offensive. A shrewd strategy to be sure…

No no, user. Auschwitz and Treblinka were the fake camps. Did you not hear him? Those camps were smoke screens for the real camps. They were running 3 layers of deception. The work camps in Germany, the fake camps in Poland and the real camps somewhere else but it was so secret, we still don't know where they were.

Internet is slow, just go to their site, they have their books for free.

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Also you said, you think they were freely allowed to travel across the lines, and then you're saying most German jews were left unharmed. So which is it?
Your team leader probably needs to get you a replacement you aren't helping the cause.
And of course public executions just weren't a thing back in the 40's and during war. Got to think of the optics. That's why they had to burn the bodies and hide all the ash. Optics, they knew the whole world wouldn't agree with what they had done.

you literally know so little about the actual events you're talking about, its hilarious. you literally get your information on the holocaust from memes on a Taiwanese knitting forum, save them and send them to other people - but you don't even know the actual history. You're lazy, retarded and small-brained.

Treblinka wasn't liberated at all. The Germans stopped operating it themselves in 1943 and bulldozed the whole place before they left.

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I'm claiming Treblinka was one of the "real" camps. Part of Operation Reinhardt, in Poland. Along with Sobibor & Belzec.

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The brainlet levels on this thread shouldn't even be possible. German Jews stayed in Germany. Berlin still had 100,000 Jews, holding Synagogue and everything in 1945. Mischlings (part jewish/part germans) were allowed to serve in the Wehrmacht, and 150,000 did so.

Yes - as I said, public throat slashing is generally bad as a means of extermination.

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I like ask them, “where are all the dead bodies?” And the videos of holocaust victims that had fun at the camps

Look at my posts, there are like 20 of them with links. Read David Cole's article, or Eric Hunt's article. Watch the linked video. I've provided plenty.

You guys are posting 5+ year old images, which you never bothered to look too deeply into or research. You just believe what people say without questioning it like an NPC. You're worse than the general population who believes the 6 million.

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You never said WHY
Why, think of the money and logistics it would have saved. You're indiscriminately bombing the shit out of entire towns. Why the fuck wouldn't you dispose of all problems immediately, and as cost effectively as possible. Do not say optics.