Natsoc goons

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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do it

Back to halfchan loser

Dang that's me

You know your propaganda *might* work if you actually understood anything about this board.
By that time you'd realize we are right and join the cause.
Its a lose lose situation shill.

The 1488ers are the NPCs in our camp, like how sjws are the NPCs on the left. If someone on the right takes a picture with a jewish person, then they are the enemy and should be worked against. Fucking worthless retards, they are a net loss.

Forge consensus somewhere else trannykike.

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Thanks for proving my point, retard.

shoo shoo trans-kun

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>muh (((republican))) vs (((cuckservatives)))
>muh (((voting))) will change things

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Hay Grandpa we're calling them wignats now

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What's amazing is that you spew jargon-filled nonsense and then call other people NPCs.

Your entire thought process is dictated by internet memes. Read a book faggot.

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Agreed. They just repeat the same shit ad nauseam. Furthermore, they refuse to acknowledge truly good fighters for our cause, people such as Laura Loomer who may have been a lolcow at one point with tiregate, but has turned into a formidable force. She fears nothing and no one, but the natsoc faggots denounce her because of her heritage.

Natsocs don't want to win. They prefer to fight a war on two fronts which never results in victory. They are an impediment to our progress in the was against the SJW left. The left will start winning bigger than ever before unless natsocs remove their heads from their asses and start thinking sensibly for once.

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What did we do to deserve this?

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goons aren't natsoc, goons are from SAF site and are demented

t. fat monkey

nat soc doesnt exist … name one thing natsoc has done?

That retarded term you americans came up, "conservative", which is meaningless and if you tried to make up a meaning from the word it is based on, "conserve", it completely fails to describe the people who it is applied to, who generally want to tear down the collapsed society they're generally in. It could make sense if it was used to ironically describe those people, but it's never used in an ironic sense.

The absolute state of the cumskin race

Why are the mods deleting threads only to let more through?
I already btfo leftypol.

a) the person is an egomaniac, attention seeker b) the person really likes jews
Have I miss one?


This is your brain on soy. NS Germany practiced eugenics, so atrocities like the thing in your maymay or yourself would have been removed from the gene pool.