Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker Once Said Jews Should Not Be Federal Judges

Have we found /ourguy/?

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You work for and suck off Matt Drudge posting clickbait like that.

He's not wrong.

He should say it again

What's his position on Israel?

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If that's true then there is now another lens to look at him through.

Don't be a nigger like me and only read the clickbait title.
He didn't say anything of the sort.

I wish.

Looks like it might be real. He's apparently mentioned this view on more than one occasion.

Title may be clickbait tier, but the fact he indirectly disqualifies kikes and mudshits is promising. Would prefer he go old testament, but can't be too choosy.

Kikes, kikes, and more kikes.

Do you post this just to taunt me?

Jews endorse anyone who attracts whites to Cucktianity.

Reported for shilling a zionist. He loves Israel.

Looks like they haven't given him The Talk yet.


ZERO Dual citizens! Fuck off now or feed the ovens!

Old testament is the torah. It is literal judaism.

You're a retard. Jews hate Christianity. They always have. They didn't "create it as a trick," they never liked it in the first place. They were using their positions in government, education and media to banish Christianity from public life decades ago for that reason. Jews are up to all kinds of nefarious shit, don't ascribe to them mythical power by placing literally everything in world history under their purview.
Just stop. You're not a pagan, you don't worship the Norse gods or the Greek gods. No one does. Not even the Norse or the Greeks.

Only if you think him being a christ cuck makes him our guy.

Yeah, we do, kikes.

In fact, the cult of Wodan, Deus are mighty and stronger than any Christ cult, which is just tradition and "business".

I agree about Muslims and Jews, but I believe this would violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. Advocating the breaking of Constitutional Law is a red flag for an Attorney General.

Deluded Abrahamites have gotten to the point where they actually think every non-Christian is a secret atheist in disguise. They unironically believe the "LARPagan" pejorative.

Yes, which is why they hate Christians, because they prefer their gross and stupid atheist/muslim/scofield golems

Christians (Scofield and non-Scofield), Muslims, Jews, and Satanists are the Abrahamites. No one else fits the bill.

Since no Christian follows anything Abraham commanded, that is a fucking stupid thing to say. Since you do not understand what "-ite" means, that should indicate to you that you are too stupid for this conversation. However, thanks to the effect described by Dunning and Kruger, you are too stupid to realize that your stupidity disqualifies you, and you will continue gibbering like a nigger.

Yeah ignore the fact that the entire theology, morality and worldview of Christianity, Judaism and Islam has their foundations in the Old Testament and all three have a born-in hostility to the Pagan world that preceded them.

Also, some quotes from the new testament
Romans 4:11-12
Galatians 3:9
Matthew 8:11

This sounds like projection. I don't want to have disputes with Christians, especially if they make an attempt to follow the example set by Jesus, but the ones who mindlessly grovel before (((YHWH))) and repeat (((His))) petty, asinine, arbitrary Commandments and assorted demands are very irritating. Like a rock in your shoe.

Of course there is hostility to paganism, because it is a futile religion for cavemen, hut dwellers, and homosexuals. Poos are pagans, teepee niggers are pagans, chinks are pagans. Why would you want to copy niggers? Oh right, because you have the IQ of a nigger.
Again, we have already established you have the IQ of nigger, but to post something that refutes your own gibberish is too much. Abraham came looooooooooooooooooooooong after the fall of man. Christianity doesn't look back to Abraham, it looks back to the FAITH of Abraham. And do you know what that faith was in? OF COURSE YOU DON'T BECAUSE YOU'RE A FUCKING NIGGER. Abraham had faith that the curse laid on the descendants of Adam would be lifted.
JESUS WAS THE LAST ADAM, NOT THE LAST ABRAHAM. Abraham was merely a person who obeyed God, nothing more. It would be less retarded of you to call Christians "Adamites," but of course since Adam wasn't a jew, that would destroy your niggerly attempt to make Christianity a jewish religion instead of a white one and make excuses to push your nigger hut superstitions instead.

Kike detected, I want to slap you for actually following the religion of low IQ kikes.

Christian Identity nonsense detected.

Behold how the Christ-kike becomes hysterically infuriated and shows his religion's deeply held contempt for anything European that's not Rabbi Yeshua and his gaggle of 12 Jews. We wuz all sodomite cavemen before Saul of Tarsus showed us the light and invented European culture! Unsurprisingly, this magic civilization-creating bible dust hasn't had a similar effect on the precious nigger and nonwhites the Christfags are always so fervently eager to 'save'.

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Who are you trying to fool?

Well of course it should be New Testament. What kind of fucking traitor and anti-Christ Jesus-hater would ever pick otherwise?,7340,L-4257174,00.html

But of course Christ's killers. Jesus is coming for them and he's not just stopping at using a whip this time.

What could have been.

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I dunno user, I don't really like the part where YHVH was going to genocide all the jews but then cucks out through Moses convincing him not to.

Yeah? Well I don't like the part where Moses is born, cuz we know he didn't real.

The Scofield Bible golems deserve to be hated, they're marching themselves straight into Hell by ignoring the warnings of Jesus on the synagogue of satan and the worst part is despite all their support for the evil kikes the jews in America favour even Muslims over Evangelical Christians. Perhaps it's because the jews believe Jesus Christ is boiling in his shit for eternity and that Mary was a whore.

How can the Evangelicals and other kike supporting "Christians" even live with themselves knowing that the jews hate them and like muslims more despite all the shilling by the Scofield Bible golems and JIDF to Christians of choosing them over the muslims? They're all condemned to Hell. The Bible is clear, Jesus is the only way and a jew can never make it into Heaven because it rejects the Messiah Jesus Christ. Not even the muslims reject that Jesus is the Messiah. Think about that. The jews are literally worse than muslims on Jesus.

Unironically Based.


Try not to conflate the fact that Jews hate everything with your assertion that they aren't using Christianity as a form of control.

Who decides which preachers are allowed on TV?

Who is the hero of Christianity? A Jew

What do you do when Jews attack you are work to genocide your race just because 'muh chosen people's

Oh right, Christianity says just turn the other cheek

This of course is all shit you already know, but I'm pointing jt out for the sake of newcomers so they can start to understand your typical D&C shill dialectic

He doesn't even say Jews should not be judges in that quote, you stupid low IQ republican voter.

John 2:15
Luke 22:36


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The only text I can read outright is the "matical" on the paper under a few in the center of the table.
That leads me to believe it says "Mathematical" as the letters are flipped on the vertical axis. That in addition to the drawing of the 3d rectangle can't recall the name with the equations to it's left and the dimensions outline on each joint leads me to believe it's math shit.

But go ahead, don't let me stop you from torturing yourself.

Try not to conflate the fact that Jews control everything with your assertion that they don't also hate Christianity.

Who decides who is allowed on Tel-Avision, whether they be news anchors, stupid shows, or peachers?

Who killed the hero of Christianity? The Jews.

Brainwashing from decades of kike exposure, perhaps?
Learn English, yid

This of course is all shit you already know, but I'm pointing it out for the sake of newcomers so they can start to understand your typical D&C shill dialectic

fuck it's painful for me to reddit space

Not from experience. White Christians always have a target on their head and Zig Forums has always been right about who the perpetrator turned out to be.