Really gets ya thinking doesnt it

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You have to go back, Muhumud

And what would you say if I was 100% slav that doesn't subscribe to any episode in the desert trilogy?

Nice try.

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Stop LARPing, Muhumud

I would say

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I see OP being a faggot again, but that's not a new problem.

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Not all, no. But the thread about evangelicals in the US combined with the reddit screen I capped really made me realize that people will defend kikes to no end - and that's a christian thing.

Yeah and if I took a picture of my skin you'd still find a way to call me brown, I bet.

As a pole myself I can attest that while poles don't want to be pushed around they're not all on the level you'd think they are. They're mostly clueless of the USA, or of "how people can be so degenerate."

Plebs who can't use anything but names to refute an argument are probably brainlet tier which makes me feel less sorry in the long run.

if you remove the brown people, Islam looks a lot like National Socialism.

I wouldn't really know, but thanks for a reply that isn't an ad hominem.

The original "Christians" (before even being codified into a religion) rejected the core tenets of Judaism. That's kinda what makes them Christians not jewz and not judeo-christians
What we have today are NPC's compliments of the Balfour Declaration and the Scofield bible; non-thinking virtue signalers that believe that as long as they believe in the chosen flock and Israel (the GPS location, not the church), no matter how bad they fucked up in life, they'll get into heaven on a technicality

I've been looking into Islam lately.
They respect Jesus and consider him like they do Mohamed.
They have a major distaste for materialism.
They're basically what Christians were before the jew infected the Religion.

Most National Socialists believe 18 is too old for breeding girls and understand the jew put that in place to fuck with whites who are attracted to 14yr old girls with perky tits and cute faces. Islam doesn't deny the natural order of things.

I honestly respect Muslims much more than I do current Christians. Christians are weak in faith and take the word of millionaire preachers above the word of God that is printed in the book they always read from. The problem is the preachers selectively pick which verses to read and which to leave out or look past.

If there is a partnership to be made, it's between the far right and the Muslims. I've yet to find anything regarding race in the teachings, so I can't comment on that. Perhaps they feel it doesn't matter since they adhere to the teachings of Allah so tightly. If that's the case, it's the only separation I can really find between the far right and Islam.

Fuck off heeb.

If you read the Koran muslims it shits on everyone else even harder than it shits on Christians and Jews. In it it says that Christians and Jews are "people of the book" and that they can be converted or killed, the rest of us are only to be killed.

That's it, im convinced. buying a plane ticket to germany and stopping by the costume store for a blonde wig so i can get gangraped by hajj.

Yes, that's what I see too. Never a discussion about the concepts, but rather something that pertains to what god supposedly said, which in modern times boils down to "you're being influenced by satan". Against the jews? Satan. Feeling horny? Satan.

Good post. Muslims also incorporated the concept of UFOs into their teachings, as jinn.
What they say about their characteristics I don't take to heart, but I've seen things that appeared metallic morph into fiery entities. Christians refer to it as the principality of the sky, but muslims are more technical in their descriptions. Christians have more philosophical backbone in their teachings, muslims less so. Pic literally related, imagine this pattern but with a radiant red glow.

Yeah they do act like goatfuckers, I agree. I wonder why some seem so tidy, while others are literal cave people. The tidy ones seem to be the more persian types.

No man no.

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And they seamlessly accepted the synthesis of the Judeo-Christianity as if this were a natural thing. They seem to believe that the Christian Messiah is the same as the coming of a Messiah for the Synagogue of Satan
Modern Christianity is like that guy that really wants his team to win the big game. So he trots out onto the field, and when the ball breaks he intercepts it, and runs as fast as he can in the wrong direction scoring a touchdown for the other team. jews and christians both need to do some introspection

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Reported for paid jewish shilling. Kill yourself immediately.

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No they don't. Kill yourself.

Reported for continuing to post jewish lies.

I feel compelled to take OP's bait here. Aisha had started puberty when Muhammad finally stuck his dick in her. Sometimes girls start puberty at 8 or 9. Fucking non-prepubescent girls isn't an indicator of pedophilia.

All he did when she was prepubescent was milk his cock using her inner thighs, but he was probably thinking of his older more attractive wives the entire time and doing this out of marital obligation.

Allah sent Muhammad dreams of Aisha but that's probably because he planned for her to lead his religion, they weren't sex dreams like in that visual novel.

Yeah, that totally makes it okay.

Your like has served your masters well, but they have come up with an even more efficient system for destroying western culture. So you are being replaced.

Christcucks don't realize Judea was a land mass, not a people. It has nothing to do with "jews" and, in fact, jews didn't even exist at the time of Christ. Only the practitioners of Judaism that were known as Pharisees, which Jesus was ardently opposed to.

Actually, that's the situation in the US.

This is what an ADL-Mossad post looks like:

They think they are so clever. What will they do, as we learn Hebrew, and shill perfectly well in their shit tongue?

The problem with mass immigration isn't "spics and doon coons", it's seriously just welfare. If welfare didn't exist then these immigration problems would miraculously disappear.

No, the problem is, in fact, that they aren’t white.

Reported for continuing to post jewish lies. Fuck off.

< sage

You do realize that islam was created by Jews to attack Christians, right? Its fucking blatantly obvious when you see the contextual writing between the lines.

but who was sabbatai zevi?
You just rely on the uninformed, don't you? you're powerless to anyone who bothers to pick up a book.

Glad I always scroll down before reading OP. Now that I know a sand-nigger wrote the OP, I will not be reading it at all.

I hate you. You are lying about how sand niggers are. They want to achieve control, and they indicate that all the time. They have no room for civil society.

This is why I'm learning Hebrew. Because I hate you.

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Fuck off, shit-skin.

Jesus was not a jew.

yes he was prove otherwise.

come on faggots prove jesus wasn't a jew

post it

"But do not be surprised that I called the Jews pitiable. They really are pitiable and miserable. When so many blessings from heaven came into their hands, they thrust them aside and were at great pains to reject them. The morning Sun of Justice arose for them, but they thrust aside its rays and still sit in darkness. We, who were nurtured by darkness, drew the light to ourselves and were freed from the gloom of their error.Just so the Jewish people were driven by their drunkenness and plumpness to the ultimate evil; they kicked about, they failed to accept the yoke of Christ, nor did they pull the plow of his teaching. Although such beasts are unfit for work, they are fit for killing. And this is what happened to the Jews: while they were making themselves unfit for work, they grew fit for slaughter. This is why Christ said: "But as for these my enemies, who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and slay them".

-John Chrysostom Archbishop of Constantinople 349-407 AD

Jesus was legitimate on his mothers side, Mariam of Arimathea (tin merchant family from Britain who supplied the Roman Empire with tin to make weapons) Married to Herod Antipater's son from his first wife Doris. It was an annoyance to Herrod that Rome refused to recognize his second marriage to Maccabean princess Mary Magdalene (THE WIFE OF HEROD; who also cut off John the Baptist's head. Mary Magdelene, mother of James and Salome, who danced before Herod.) So, because Rome had declared his son heir to the region and it was unbreakable and because he was a moral man and extremely popular with the people, Herod had him murdered.

Mary, his pregnant wife, fled the country with her brother, Joseph of Arimathea (the heir to the tin fortune of Britain) and was never heard from again until after Herod died. As a young man, Herod Antipater Grandson, he returned to the region to be crowned as king in the place of his enemies. He was listed as "the son of Joseph" to keep his head firmly attached to his shoulders until he could prove his position and be reinstated as THE KING OF THE JEWS. It didn't work out that way, but as an extra added bonus he was raised in Glastonbury near the Tor and learned all the ways of the Druids. So when he appeared in Judea and confronted the Pharisee and Herodian factions he was legitimate 'priest/king' or Melchizedek that the region handn't seen in more than 2,000 years.

Jesus was a ROMAN, of ROYAL ROMAN BLOODLINES that were opposed to the pharisee jew/edomites power structure.

When he is murdered for 'sedition' against the Roman state, it is really sedition against the jew/edomite pact that was forged in 150BC when the jewish state absorbed Edom on pain of death into the 'jewish' people and forced them to convert to the 'jewish faith.'

Welcome aboard the reality train.

Go the fuck back to reddit you low IQ monkey.

Christ may have been black, middle eastern Christianity is a lie. the only good thing about Christianity is its unification of Europe catholic and eastern orthodox Christian's repelling the fucking sand nigger muslim invaders Vienna and the Austrian empire repelling those animals for years

So your telling me that a British slave fucked a roman and made up all that shit about christ. To what end they could of got a roman woman or a more local slave woman Jesus does not come from British ancestry. that's retarded show proof asshole

Back up your claims go ahead and dogpile me but i neeed proof i dont drink you kool-aid without evidence. your shielding your kike god

Lol at these christshills. Christianity is just a shit version of Judaism.

The jews took their judaism, vomited it out, and there you have it christianity for the goyim masses.

What is 30 years war
What is the division of europe between orthodox, catholic, and protestants

those can be fixed i purpose an alliance with russia and the UK.
Put pressure on the socialist governments in western Europe I stop this commie bullshit because their power level is not deserved I want to take action

Where did you get this from and where can I get more?

there is no unification its a temporarily alliance to kill international
socialism and then national socialism can happen or everyone gets wrecked by libertarian militias and we the US

reign sumpreme

russia is an ultra autocractic nationist country a good ally. the msm is turning people agsinst russia but western europe is the real threat.

Hours and hours of piecing things together and deciphering hyperbolic scripture with literary historical textbooks.
You just have to look at the bible from a perspective of 2-3 centuries past in a time when majik still existed and getting a message from one end of town to the other was an all day event.

Nobody in their right minds thinks Herod was having the historians of his time write about a peasant and some fishermen. The only people that entered historical archives at that time were royals. When you associate the figurative with the literal, it becomes brazenly clear that Jesus was "hanged" (from a cross or otherwise) because he was to be the 1st non-jew ruler of Judea. They called them Pharisee, though, jew only became a word in 1775 through a new translation of the King James Bible to associate the modern day jews with Judea. They are Pharisees by any other word.

so the kvb is a cuck jew bible?

the king james bible was translating 1611 not 1775 kike.

In the parts that matter, yes. The teachings of Jesus are, from what I can tell, left alone but the modern day jew needed to lose the title Pharisee and paid an international interest group a large sum to reprint all known versions of the bible using the word jew in place of Pharisee. I don't think they could have changed much more beyond that without notice, though. If you can manage to find a pre-1775 bible, jew will not appear in it, only Pharisee.

The book The 13th Tribe best describes the current occupants of Israel. It's a short read that I highly recommend.

did you really need me to say "A new translation of the EXISTING King James Bible"?

there is no new king James version of the bible then its been translated from Greek sorry I don't speak kike but a pious Scottish king has more legitimacy then user fuckboys

user denotes a possibility of many. You never know exactly who you're talking to here.

The best known 18th century editions of the New Testament in English are the Rheims (Douai) Edition and the King James Authorized Edition. The Rheims (Douai) translation of the New Testament into English was first printed in 1582 but the word "Jew" did not appear in it.

The King James Authorized translation of the New Testament into English was begun in 1604 and first published in 1611. The word "Jew" did not appear in it either. The word "Jew" appeared in both these well known editions in their 18th century revised versions for the first times.

I have a unique allegorical understanding of Christianity which none of the historical practitioners of Christianity, nor any churches in history shared. Therefore all of your criticism and mockery of historical Christianity are invalid, because they do not match with my interpretation. Therefore you must refrain from criticizing them, because it was Christianity that built Western Civilization, despite never being interpreted in my way. But you can't criticize me by putting me into the same category as, say Catholicism, Orthodoxy or Protestantism or any of the churches, because I don't belong to them. Check mate, goy.

my bible is a translation from Greek to English,

that's the original purpose of the bible. here is no other language other Latin to translate from,

unless your a jew

Do you have any of those bibles from the 1500's and 1600's, or access to them that we may verify the content as written?

there isn't a new translation its the original bible but the translation can't be perfect because your going from a two language translation =

You do understand what reprinted means, right?
I assume you understand that if you were to be talking to someone who spoke English in 1550 you would quite literally not understand a word they spoke?
Things need to be reprinted and modernized for various reasons. If you can find a print before the date of 1775 that has the word jew in it, I will gladly post up 1btc in escrow to be released upon proof so long as you match it.

The books themselves are worth tens of thousands of dollars. You can try to find the archived versions online but you won't be able to read them.

like i have much choice kjb was translated from lain to Greek and then to English

implying christian is same as christcucks. real christian hate jews. there is a reason why new testament is banned in Israel, but yeah keep sucking that mohammad dick, sandnigger. read Relevation 2:9 and Relevation 3:9

anytime a single word has changed, its a new translation. I'm not going to get caught up in your jewish word salad. You are a Pharisee or an Edomite, but you are no longer favored by God and you won't succeed in killing the Christians off before they figure out you're a fraud.

Muslims and Jews need to be kicked out and the white majority must be restored.

The original Latin word is "Iudaeus" and the Greek "Ioudaios."
As you can see, neither word resembles Judea and that would pose a problem to a group wanting to be the chosen ones the bible speaks of.

there is no new translation KJV it's the best English version of god's word rather fag bible's that obstruct god's true vision

Only jews could come up with a religion cunning enough to convince people to worship some homeless man of no accomplishment or merit.

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sure fag, while I do agree about their stance on jews, Doesn't mean it's a good alternative.

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Fedora tipping D&C seems to be really successful.

if you know where I can get a Latin translated bible I will indulge. yes real Christians hate kike's but my beloved country taking orders from a Jewish nation id my problem billions of dollar's from our crumbling country throw the
jew down the well

Muslims are no better and just as bad jews to live around you will not recognize you neighborhood and it won't be safe. Mudslimes are also heavily inbred and have the same personality traits as jews since they are both SEMITIC they are the same fucking people so they both suck.

Now that said the Lutheran church, the Presbyterian are the ones taking care of the muslims and housing them in their rural White communties while partnering up with jew NGO groups who transport them. The Lutheran church is directly responsible for the Somalians mudslimes taking over Minnesota. How do think these muslims get housed in Sweden other then the government, the Lutheran Church.

Lutheran Church= Crypto Jews

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Ok what's the proper bible to have? Oh cato the elder says from the grave carthage must be destroyed.

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so my country can be free

Greek - ee-oo-dah'-yos

All bibles are latin translated bibles. We have no choice in the matter.

Most every question that you have can be answered here:

search through the site, you'll find more answers than you knew you had questions to.

thanks I just want research. oh and throw the jew down the well

oh the genisis 6 theory bullshit or real? just wantt to gage if i'm crszy or not.

All we can do is bring the truth forward and shine the light on the jew. They are parasites by it's purest definition.
Christianity is quite literally antisemitic. It sickens me to see Christians worship the degenerate tribesmen.

well they shilled our lord to death glad to see someone knows the agument..christian must not forget the lose of our cities ourr lord the jew the muslim are my enemy i want our city back

Christianity literally surrenders their money to Jews. In the modern life money is measure of opportunity for anything. Basically Christians surrender their life to Jews. But Christians don't realize this and they struggle silently like ox in teh cart who don't realize why is life so hard too.

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You need to make a clear separation of Christianity and Christians. Many modern Christians worship money above all else, but that does not mean that Christianity is the cause of that.

Christianity states that Christians are the House of Israel and that Christians are the chosen people. The Old Testament and the New Testament are the same religion. You can not follow the Old Testament without following the New Testament as well, because if one were to follow the Old Testament you would end up acknowledging that Jesus was the Messiah, and thus follow the New Testament. Anybody claiming to follow the Old Testament but rejects Christ, is not following the Old Testament, they are just following some kind of blasphemy. Christians are the direct religious descendants of the Old Testament religion.

Supersessionism is Christianity. If you don't believe in Supersessionism you're not Christian.

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Not quite. "People of the book" refers to christians, jews and samarians, and were allowed to continue to practice their religion, certain to conditions including the payment of 'jizya'.
The rest of us are only given the choice of convert or die.

Also, there is a disturbing amount of islamocuckery itt.

You're lying to say otherwise.

Real christians hate themselves, their family, life.

Other than the child fucking (seems sensationalized tbh), it seems pretty based tbqhwu famalam

Yeah, only a little sensationalized, like rotherham and over 1,000,000 british children raped

Prove the contrary without having to go back 500 years in history
For most christians, especially evangelical christians, jews are the so called "god's chosen people" because their bible tells them so.

Yes, the problem is Abrahamism.
Everyone do as Himmler did and read the Bhagavad Gita.

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Yep, thanks. Reported.

lol natsoc

can we just gas them all?

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