Anything we do is staving off the inevitable

White people are so dead set on "I can't be seen as a racysss!" that no matter what happens, our borders will come down and America will be lost.

I want to thank Vince at The Red Elephants for bringing this to my attention a few days ago and now I bring it to you.

The Le 56% Meme is not about a percentage of European genes in White Americans, it's the fact that by 2030 only 56% of the US population will be white and, at that point, texas will vote democrat and another Republican will never occupy the house. That means open borders to mass immigration and a destruction of the United States. It's literally unavoidable at this point.

It is unavoidable at this point. Quoting Trump, "We aren't saying no more immigration, we're saying they have to come in legally!" Legal or not, it doesn't make a difference. Statistics don't lie and the historical trend of a race is something that can be counted on. It's why the Marxists have abandoned petitioning white voters. They know it's just a matter of time. They have already won, they're just waiting for their prize.

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So either kill yourself or you admit your hypocrisy.

I'd rather kill you nigger

Amerikike needs to die. Balkanization or war.

Hundreds of nations have fallen before your. All you can do is ride Evola's tiger, and that includes preparing for survival. Enjoy the collapse.

FYI, certain hispanics are counted as "white" for the purposes of these studies and certain whites (e.g. European Cubans) are counted as hispanic. There are no demographics outside of White Europeans that vote for Republicans. Asians are 70% leftists, Mestizos are 80-90% leftist, and blacks are well over 90% leftist. If the chart in the OP was accurate there would be no red at all.

The minority-conservative-vote is the biggest fools gold in politics today. I understand where political strategists are coming from, if for instance the number of blacks voting Republican could be brought up to 30% then the effect on the voting margins would flip a significant number of seats. And it seems so easy, we just reach out to our "based blacks", show them that we are offering support for the black families and great jobs. It's really appealing and you'd think this would be an elementary exercise, except, no one has actually been able to do this. Not in America, not in any of the states, not in Europe, nor in Africa.

There were major pushes for the asian community this election cycle, republican candidates were on WeChat reaching out to communities directly. What did the asians do? They voted Democrat! They don't give a fuck about small government or making America great, they want to bring mom&dad&15 others over to America with Chain migration, put their relatives to work under the table at a restaurant while those same relatives collect welfare. The latinos are the same way.

Non-whites must find it incredible that we allow non-whites into white countries and then allow non-whites to vote away the wealth and prosperity of white citizens. Could you imagine if you could go to China, overstay your visa, grab a fake ID and have welfare money deposited into your account without you even needing to stay in the country? Then if you were caught you could just change your ID and do it all over again without repercussions.

One of the major problems with Zig Forums is that while on the surface fundamentally anti-marxist, takes on an extremely marxist view of history.

"It's inevitable because this set of socio-economic conditions says it is ! Look at the graph !"

The decline has only been a trend for 2 generations, it could reversed in 1.

no, it's the official number from 2015. including 2% jews, 1% moslems, and an indeterminate number of mutts that identify as white. considering that was 3 years ago, we'll certainly be

but it won't because the majority of the demographic change is due to immigration and the immigration won't stop because the government doesn't want it to and you can't change the government because the politicians are all the same and it's essentially invincible to other means. the US will eclipse Brazil demographically within a decade or two because of immigration

Then start with yourself.

Why don't we all move to some new location and start civilization again? It's what our ancestors have been doing every time they got flooded with subhumans.

To reverse trends you need to flip over causes that drive these trends. What causes were removed or planed to be removed? There is no even Wall.

Main cause, whites been bootlicking cucks worshiping government that acts them is absolute taboo and not even remotely touched.

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No, that means we finally get the sec9nd civil war we need. We finally get the chance to kill off the scum that has poisoned our well. It was always inevitable, from the very beginning. This is the way of things. You have bacteria and you have bacteriophages.

Nah whites are entangled with chains that they can't throw away they would just die off.

In Rhodesia the Rhodesian Front (the conservatives) tried desperately in the last 18 months before Mugabe to court the blacks, they ended up voting less than 5% for the party of Ian Smith that brought them decades of prosperity that in a continent where the average person could never afford a car in their lives, a hard working black Rhodesian could purchase two. In a continent where starvation was rampant and beef was a Christmas and birthday food, they had to put out bulletins advising the people to "limit their consumption of red meats" to do increase of heart attacks. Yet despite this, when it came time to elect a brutal White killing monster, White Rhodesians voted 15% for their killers.

Tribalism doesn't come natural to the European man, because we just created neat countries divided by political lines, almost every non-White nation outside of east Asia were just tribes and the political lines were either drawn by Whites or because of them. Politics is a racial issue, and sadly that's it…

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protect yourself and family, there's time.

Its time for forced nigger breading with your daughters m8.

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Of course you're right; does this provide evidence for the tenability of accelerationism? If our demographics are already worse than a majority, why not collapse the infrastructure (((they've))) taken, so that they can take the blame, lose political power, and then pick up the pieces afterwards?
They do. What's that Bowden quote?
The leftist worm has eaten the minds of whites and it is truly incomprehensible to most of Japan, China, Russia, and all former Soviet block states, who were brought up on a healthy dose of anti-liberal propaganda and so see our collapse as inevitable. I hope that when the ontic pendulum swings back toward illiberalism America will be left standing, but more likely is that America perishes from liberalism and the next global hegemon learns the appropriate lessons and goes full racialist empire mode imho wars of this nature will be fought between India and China in the next 500 years.
long term european strategy for defeating china should probably focus on getting pajeets into war so we have a meat shield to compensate for the pozzed state of our fighting population.

Look another /tv/ spam thread

This is why we need to start unironically killing politicians. Don't attack civilians, don't attack the beaners in their bean markets, attack the politicians who are doing this to us. Make them fear the people again.

no, attack the ones that fund the politicians

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Applied mother nature and DNA bio weapons disagree with you.

That's why I am moving to Hungary.

Who gets the nukes?

Israel first lul.

Just keep telling them that they're disappearing. Have you noticed the uptick in talk of invasions, declining populations and replacement immigration in conservative media?

The plan is literally to keep whites from smashing the panic button too soon. We need a constructive four years, then a bullish four years. After that, you can't put the cat back in the bag. Don't forget that whites have always been able to survive, and even thrive, in small numbers. As it stands, all they need is racial consciousness and some balls. We're well on our way to having real political power again. He's hamstringing every one of their tools for keeping whites depressed, isolated and sitting on couch paying for social entitlements until they die.

The last thing we need is demoralization on our end. Look how for the window has been pushed in the last four years alone. Don't make the mistake our enemies are currently making and start flailing. This can't be won overnight, although it will not take as long as it took for them to put us into this situation.

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We don't have to do much then china and india already are in a state of cold war with china backing pakistan.

This. If only we could shake off this bizarre Israel worship on the "far right".

I hate you fucking retards, the mental hoops that you jump through to think Trump is on our side is laughable.

They don't think that. They are shills.

Hypothetically what would the U.S look like if everyone cut off every urban area's infrastructure?

Neetsoc are so set on “I must be seen as rayciss in order to own the jubes.”

There’s a help wanted sign, at least for now, outside every business, asshole. Your concerns are ideological, not survival-based.

Learn to spell retard


I can easily spell retard, retard. Can you use commas?

Do you think you're on worldstar or something where people are incapable of thinking years in advance? This is one of the weaker shilling attempt I've ever witnessed.

It’s a shilling attempt to you, not to me. You have some nerve suggesting I can’t think ahead when you immediately move to shutdown discussion. Hungry people don’t have the luxury of fighting a monolithic enemy.

You can't think ahead, every country that goes majority non-white sees whites targeted for violence, you can also see it on a localized scale when you look at the areas with a high black population. Growing up in a nigger city redpilled me early in life about what exactly life would be like in a non-white United States.

I do. And I use them to nuke New York, San Francisco, Hollywood, Tel Aviv, San Jose, and Washington DC.

Chicken little assures me the sky will fall if I don’t abandon my individuality and die for muh race. Some books prove what he says, unquestionably. Forget my children, my loved ones, any and all connections I enjoy in the present. Goosestep my way to solidarity, purity, strength and immortality. Yeah, no. You’re demented.

I believe that user made some good points.
Ultimately, Trump is the President and there is nothing we can do about it. So we might as well use the time productively and build pro-White organizations or redpill our neighbors.

No, just watch how South Africa is playing out, that is your future you fucking moron.

You intentionally avoided responding to the facts that user brought up. Are you anti-White, pro-White Genocide?
Do you look forward to reducing White children to a reviled and hated minority in our own homes?

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Stupidity is thinking you can think ahead by dwelling in the past. All people are targeted for violence and murder all of the time, provided they have something to lose. You’re mistaken for thinking your fascist writers have identified the sole causal mechanism as “anti-whiteness”. Racial purity isn’t even a strategy for recapturing political power in the US much less a solution to the problem of majorities attacking minorities. You’re mentally enslaved to an anachronism.

I respond to whatever I like. You’re not my master.

White children have a right to exist. We are justified in doing whatever it takes to resist our racial extermination.

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Nah. The future can’t be determined by the clashing of political faiths. If bad people always won jews would have their Guidestone future. Inversely, it would be a snow white world filled with Europeans who couldn’t possibly have any differences or hate each other. You’re just an optimist to believe that sin always is punished.

You're mentally enslaved to suicidal ideals.
Well at least you're not one of those fools who think that voting is a path out of this mess.

What is a right? It’s an opinion you can afford to enforce. Meaningless. Whiteness includes ashkenazis more than half the time.

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No, the side that has the best mix of technology, numbers, strategy and luck wins.
How on earth have you gotten that from my posts?

Here we go again with “NatSoc way is the only way”.

Hey man, there's this thing called like the heat death of the universe. Since it's inevitable, there's no point in doing anything maaan.

It’s not always technological force. Moral force also matters. The chief problem I see with Zig Forums is that hardly anyone can understand how prusso-teutonic militancy is a turnoff to morally tenderhearted people. You advocate for eugenic policies which benefit the master race at additional peril. These things matter to people who are non-violent at their core.

What are you even doing here? Do you merely enjoy posting retarded things on a board where you clearly don't belong? I mean its clear that you're not here to argue when you don't even attempt to make persuasive points.

Were are you coming from, you seem worse than a reddit user.

Ever think this is where the action is? Or is this mostly a hugbox to you?

Kikes aren't White, you dumbass neo-con
White children have a right to exist. We are justified in doing whatever it takes to resist our racial extermination.

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Ask kikes what they think about it.

In any case, this nonsense about racial extermination is so unbelievably dramatic. You will be part of the mongrelized genepool long after you cease to have an identity. Your identity is being murdered, not your “race”. In any case, what are chemicals in the food, air, and water doing to you that fucking some mutt isn’t? And you call me a retard.

Not really, very little action happens on here anymore.
No, but I expect the other person to want to win an argument not just post dumb shit on the level of emojis as if they were on Facebook.

The sad truth is that they have to get over that or die out. If they're pacifists its not like they're going to be getting in the way anyways.
I'm actually against negative eugenics for whites, positive eugenics is the only form that I believe is acceptable.

They've already made it perfectly clear, you cum guzzling neo-con traitor.

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This board is full of stupid people who can only argue deductively from premises which they take for granted. It’s pathetic to see so many beat a dead horse all day long while telling themselves they’re protectors of the timeless truth. NatSoc truth was largely modern in character, very much a product of a specific time and place. American WN is just a bastardized Intelligence op. You defend nothing. .

I'm starting to think he's jewish with how he talks with seeming glee about how we'll "be part of the mongrelized gene pool".

More strawmanning, more pedantry.

Of course you do. You’re retarded.

You're incapable of mounting an effective argument against those premises because those premises are demonstrably true. Then you are deluded enough to think that you are not the one who is an idiot.

When the Boomers die, it dies with them.

Filtered for no effort.

Effective argument as defined by my opponent. Yeah, fuck off.

He sounds kind of like the steriotypical hand rubbing anti-White obsessed kike.

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Effective argument as defined by anyone, you've failed to make a single valid point. You've ceded the argument to me by saying that majorities will attack minorities and that whites are becoming a minority. You've then resorted to putting shit like after failing to mount successful arguments. You're a sad joke.

There are things which can be done proactively:
-kill your TelAvivision JEEBUZZ H! Who needs to be told this in 2018? It is fcuking cancer to watch the TelAvivision.
Get internet only. Develop the disciplines necessary to rely on communication outside of face-to-face discussions, by internet to a minimum
-go to church. Choose one that does not adhere to bullshit judeo-christianity crap. Fuck waht anyone else "tells" you. You decide for yourself. It's called self-determination and you do it because you want to survive, thrive and plan for the future
Okay, then use it as a networking tool, to find reliable people that are not degenerate assholes. Good, solid people with family values. People that have a great potential to become real friends. People that 'do' place importance on preparation and survival. People that you can get to know so that your progeny can find someone decent to date/marry within a church/network or similar atmosphere. There is something to be learned from Mormons regarding preparedness, and the Amish who are the most successful modern-day anarchists
-Reject Consumerism: the commies get it right with this. Your children are forced to march into hostile environments every day surrounded by biological enemies unafraid to hate on them because they're White.Non-jewish. They are fed a steady that they're the bane of all evil. They are told openly that jew and his proxies want him/her dead; wiped from history.
Okay then find a group that does home schooling and profit because your child won't be a consumerist NPC brain dead fucking zombie. Instead, he/she will be a high-IQ critical thinker devoid of Marxist/Maoist/Leninist indoctrination
Where the commies get it wrong is; a) conflating "Consumerism" with Capitalism and b) not understanding the difference between good capitalism and bad capitalism
It would be nice if the commies were not NPC's running on straight indoctrination where they actually fucking thought for themselves

By anyone in the world? You’re not even trying. Filtered.

Internet opens you up to surveillance. Why nott go analog and scour the cities for codex?

Beating up on the mentally handicapped was getting boring anyways.

SAGE a lot of defeatism threads out

You're big on emotion, but low on substance.

This. Whites have and always will run this planet. Kikes will be left with nothing but fear and trillions of dollars in the end. All their money will be good for nothing more than fire wood when we stop accepting it.

Reminder that usury and capitalism are kike mammonistic inventions, which once cast aside by whites, will break the chains that have been holding back the lion for over 100 years. Kikes will burn like they have never burned in history.

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ITT White people will be statistically a minority unless mass-deportation of legal non-whites and complete white cultural reversal is a black pill.

You morons deserve gas



Yeah? And? Takes all kinds. But pardon me if I remain suspicious as to what you think substance is as well as to you calling general disagreement being “emotional”.

By all means; share. What does this concept require? A burner phone/device. A mobile WAP. A thorough understanding of .php, some flavor of Linux/BSD, Terry Davis 16-bit Temple OS, any flavor of C, thorough understanding of telecom/IT? ….

Like what they're doing in France now? Fuck.
Anybody that unironically thinks that even one public servant/politician isn't scum needs to neck themselves immediately.


6% of the population are responsible for 80% of the gun related homicides in the US you dumb SOB? Are you fucking retarded or shilling?

Yes, race fucking matters! It matters a lot and it matters often and it especially matters now!

Aside: During the Yom Kippur war, Israel took over the Palestinian TelAvivision stations. On all channels, they transmitted porn(sound familiar?); except for one which was used for Israeli propaganda. They won the war through mental anguish at a minimum
During Bolshevik Russia/USSR; the jewish oligarchs used the same play book. All TelAvivision channels played tired, boring reruns; except for one channel which was used for state sponsored propaganda. The Russians did something revolutionary. They shut off their TelAvivisions every evening and took the dog for a walk. This would later become what was known as 'The Russian Dog-Walking Hour'. what they learned was that they're neighbors whom they had been indoctrinated to never trust, agreed with them. They actually got along, shared their thoughts without fear of reprisal, and had actual face-to-face conversations; something which is missing in the West.
The Berlin Wall was long gone well before then President Ray Gun gave his speech telling the USSR, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."

It requires you to study up on Talpiot and make the right decision for you and yours whether to use information technology. There isn’t a lot of wiggle room for infosec/opsec.

Well if our future does turn out that way, what can we do to ensure the planet gets destroyed so everything dies?

2030? Dude, the OFFICIAL number NOW is 60%, and that includes the ridiculous 11 million illegal estimate (when that number is AT LEAST 30 million), plus kikes and other misc. "whites."
You are actually deliberately misleading by saying 2030. The US is sub-50% white today.

Yes, this.

Blacks are 13-14% if that’s what you’re suggesting. Having less blacks is one solution, but crushing them utterly under the jackboot of a militarized police force even if unpopular is another. The fact that they are already here and we’re not balkanizing could weigh on your ideal solution.

As for dumb SOB, retarded, shilling, and “race matters!!!!!!!!” I couldn’t care less. Race matters in an ideal sense, but we’re not creating a new country. We already have one and no one but the extreme fringe gives a fuck about your fears regarding racial genocide. That’s just the way it is and you can continue to whine about it or find a way to make people care. So far, they do not.

Will check it out. thx

Men are the ones who commit the vast majority of violent crime so half that percentage.

Yes, that is a fantastic idea. We should all do it.

Blacks vote 90% democrat
Every time
Without fail

Why are you having such a hard time with the premise of this thread? Is it cognitive dissonance?

Moving goalposts. First the problem is that they’re feral, now it’s that they vote dem. Well, you can gut entitlements if you like, or you can reform the Party. The boomers are dying off, so there may be some hypothetical window there. There is also possibility of labor dems coming back into power, focusing on good jobs and families. But the way things are, without changing too much, you can probably count on a big war and the kind of deprivation that accompanies. Bubble economies will pop, things will slow down again, depression will return. Basically, I don’t see a reason to care much about blacks getting luxury gibs.

It’s not like there isn’t this “democrat plantation” rhetoric floating around. It’s entirely up to blacks what they decide to do. But, again, if you’re thinking you can remove them when you can’t even get a border fence repaired, I question both your sincerity and your understanding. Blacks are a permanent misfortune for the country, varying by degrees.