Why does Zig Forums hate China?

A lot of this anti-Chinese sentiment worries me, especially consider that China is the only country actually standing up to ZOG.

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chinks are anti-white and have been under kike rule since the 1100's, die

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Because they steal all of our technology and threaten us with it. Bug race, not creative.

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The only argument in this thread. Disappointing

There was a thread a few weeks ago where they literally had to nuke it because no one was buying their China war propaganda and were shitting on Kike Pence instead.

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China is the very essence of Zig Forums. Both are idealist places attempting to break the status quo by enforcing groundbreaking new laws that change the perceptions of the people.
To say that China is an evil place is to say that Zig Forums is an evil place: either neither are evil or both are evil. Any other kind of thinking is naive and bluepilled.

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LOL. I lived in China for several years. There are kikes crawling around everywhere. All the major kike entertainment studios have setup shop in Shanghai, they are all over the banking system. On the flip side literally every single person in the Party can be bought off and is regularly.

Here is what Chinks actually care about:
1. Themselves
That's it. China has never done anything positive for the world.

I wonder why Zig Forums hates chinks?

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I don't even hate the Chinese. But you deserve to be burned alive for not lurking and asking stupid questions.


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You already answered that OP. Now think which people shills in Zig Forums 24x7 and why they outnumber real members?

These are also good answer.

What happened in the 1100's?
(Might as well learn something in an anchored slide thread)

Watch out, or they'll drown you by having their
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china is the epitome of ZOG faggot
it's what you get when you hand total control over to kikes, surrender all arms and property to the state, and embrace a life of Abe's Oddesey tier industrial slavery

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china is an evil communist empire that endangers the biosphere.

China is to ZOG as Pepsi is to Coke

Zig Forums is jealous because Europe is cucked while based China actually stands up to all those terrorist islamic hordes.

i wonder why

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every time

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Anti white, anti planet, hates doggos, and pollutes everything and bunch of faggay money worshipping bug people. Time for them to be wiped out or we will choke in their pollution